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Galapagos Rice Rat

Galapagos Rice Rat

A native species struggling against its "Ship Rat" rivals

What you need to know about the Galapagos Rice Rat

Rats are the only terrestrial mammal that arrived and settled naturally in the archipelago.

Research has revealed that there were eleven different species of rats, eight of which have now become extinct. This discovery was mainly thanks to fossils found in lava caves and tunnels in Santa Cruz and San Cristobal islands, as well as historical records and recent genetic studies of Galápagos rodents.

As omnivores, their diet tends to consist of a variety of fruits, seeds, invertebrates - and even the occasional egg!

Rice Rats live on both arid coastal areas and the damper, greener highlands. When trying to spot a Rice Rat, you’re more likely to see the males as they are generally much larger than the females.

Little is known about Rice Rat numbers, but they are thought to be low due to competition with the invasive Black or Ship Rat which arrived with humans five centuries ago. The Rice Rat needs protection as they are prone to catching fatal diseases from these introduced rat species potentially causing numbers to decrease further.

While they are not the most iconic of the Galápagos creatures these endemic rodents are a crucial part of the natural history of the Galápagos, and your Galapatours naturalist guide will help you to spot them on shore excursions during your amazing Galápagos cruise experience.

Galapagos Rice Rat: Interesting facts

Santa Fe and Santiago islands are two great places to spot Galápagos Rice Rats

Rice Rats are active in the evening to avoid overheating during the day

Rice Rat numbers are thought to be low due to competition from introduced rat species

They are omnivorous, and can turn most things into a meal

Galapagos Rice Rat: Pictures from our travelers

Galapagos Rice Rat

Our trips to spot the Galapagos Rice Rat

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