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Unsure which 2024 Galapagos cruise to pick?

At Galapatours, we are proud of the fact that we work directly with the owners and operators of all the ships in the islands. This means we cut out the middlemen, and it also means we can offer you the most extensive range of cruise types for Galapagos 2024.

As well as specialist diving cruises on dedicated liveaboards, we offer a complete range of naturalist cruises to suit every pocket.

Our 2024 luxury cruises offer you the chance to see the Galapagos in superb comfort and style, with facilities a 6* hotel would be proud of! For a touch of luxury with a more affordable price tag, our first-class Galapagos 2024 cruises are superb value. A perfect balance between facilities and price, our mid-range Galapagos cruises are incredibly popular. And finally, our budget cruises are perfect for those looking to travel to Galapagos in 2024 who are willing to sacrifice some space and creature comforts to experience the amazing wildlife and habitats of the Galapagos.

Whatever you are looking for from a 2024 Galapagos cruise, Galapatours can help you—it's our specialty! Speak to one of our expert travel advisors today, and we can help you plan and book your perfect Galapagos adventure for 2024.

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When is the best time to book my Galapagos cruise 2024?

Right now! Because of the limited number of ships that operate in the Galapagos, demand always outstrips supply. This means the earlier you book, the more likely you are to be able to get the perfect ship, the perfect itinerary, and the exact dates that you want.

By using our unique filters, you can search for your 2024 Galapagos cruise dates now, and select the budget you have, class of ship, and any other features that would make the perfect Galapagos cruise for you.

Booking your 2024 Galapagos cruise with Galapatours means that you only need to pay a 20% deposit now to secure your perfect Galapagos cruise. The final payment is not due until 80 days before your departure date, meaning you have plenty of time to budget now for your 2024 Galapagos cruise adventure!

If you need more information or additional help to find the ideal Galapagos cruise for you, contact one of our Galapagos travel advisors today. They have access to up-to-the-minute listings for all ships offering a Galapagos cruise in 2024, and they can advise you on the perfect itinerary for you.

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When is the best time of year to visit Galapagos 2024?

Any time of year in Galapagos will give you a wonderful experience! Thanks to their position on the equator, the Galapagos Islands are the perfect year-round destination, with good temperatures and wildlife activity every month of the year.

The Galapagos climate and weather is another of the things that make it unique, and we have a couple of recommendations about the best time to visit Galapagos 2024 if you have some specific activities in mind.

If you are prone to seasickness—then avoid September in Galapagos, as this is the month when the seas tend to be roughest.

If you enjoy snorkeling—then you'll have a great time any month on a Galapagos cruise 2024! However, note that water temperatures are warmest between December and May, but there is more abundant undersea wildlife in the cooler months of June to November.

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