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Where does my Galapagos Cruise start? How do I find the ship?

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Where does my Galápagos Cruise start? How do I find the ship?

Where does my Galápagos Cruise start? How do I find the ship?

All Galápagos Cruises start at the airport, as detailed in the trip's itinerary. Your guide and/or your ship’s crew will be waiting for all passengers in the "Arrivals" area of the airport, a sign with the ship’s name in hand. Transport to the ship, lunch, etc. is all included from here on.

Should not be able to localize your guide, please call the ship's emergency phone number that have we have sent you with your booking.

Important: If you have chosen to arrive independently, either already a few days prior to your trip's departure, or with another flight on the same day, then you will still need to meet the group at the defined meeting point and time. Please be sure to be in the "arrivals" area of the airport about 30 min after touchdown of the other passengers' flight. It is not possible to meet the group elsewhere, but at the pre-defined meeting point. more info about this topic.

We do, however, highly recommend that you buy your flights to and from Galápagos from us at the same time that you book your cruise. This means that we can coordinate your arrival with the boat operators directly. By booking all our passengers onto the same flight it means you will all transfer together, and you can start your cruise experience straight away!

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