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What is it like diving in Galapagos?

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What is it like diving in Galapagos?

What is it like diving in Galapagos?

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In a word, amazing! However, diving around the Galapagos Islands is a little more challenging because of the presence of some strong currents, slightly colder water temperatures, and the rugged undersea terrain.

All Galapagos diving is done from diving platforms or from a dinghy (known locally as a "panga"). Diving from a panga can be a physical challenge for some, although it does provide access to some of the best dive sites in the world.

Because of these circumstances, diving in Galapagos is certainly not for beginners or for those who may struggle with the conditions - most cruises will require you to have your Advanced Open Water qualification and at least 30 logged dives. However, for those who do fit the bill, it's a diving trip not to be missed - particularly thanks to the large number of sharks and large pelagic fish you will encounter.

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