Do I need to book flights for my Galapagos cruise?

Do I need to book flights for my Galapagos cruise?

In short, yes. We recommend you allow us to book your flights from mainland Ecuador (Quito or Guayaquil) for you. This has two big advantages:

  1. it allows us to book all passengers on a cruise onto the same flight, arriving at the same time. This means you won't have any delays sitting at the airport, waiting for the rest of the passengers to arrive. More importantly also, this helps to avoid problems in case of flight delays when passengers arrive on different planes.
  2. because we block book seats we are able to get the very best prices on flights to and from the mainland, so we can save you money as well as the time to source your own flights.

If you do choose to book your own flight please beware: Some ships may charge a transport surcharge (50-80 USD) in this case. Also, if you plan to arrive at the first day of the cruise, please make sure to book the flights as detailed in your itinerary. Note: If you book different flights than the ones recommended by the ship owners and your flights experiences a delay, we cannot guarantee that the ship will wait for you. More info on this topic.

If you are already in Galapagos on the first day of your cruise, please make your way back to the airport by taxi to arrive by the same time the flight with the other passengers would land.

We strongly recommend that you make plans to depart from Quito or Guayaquil no earlier than the day after you return to the mainland from Galapagos. This will gives you at least one more night in Quito, but it will ensure that you don’t miss your international flight in case of flight delays.

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