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If you're looking for a Galapagos Cruise you will have quickly noticed how difficult it is to find out which ships offer spaces for a given date and price range. At Galapatours, we host the only independent database of all 82 approved Galapagos cruise ships, bringing together every departure date and every route, with daily updates on availability and pricing.


This means, if you're looking for a Galapagos Cruise, you can filter through all departures - by date, cruise length, price or even by the islands or animals you will see, and find your perfect cruise in just a few simple steps. We promise you three things:




Galapatours - A team of true Galapagos Specialists


Promise #1: We are true Galapagos Cruise Specialists.

When you inquire about a once-in-a-lifetime holiday such as a Galapagos Cruise, you want nothing but the perfect experience. The perfect ship, a route that fits your very interest, a group of like-minded people, maybe even a guide in another language. Our team of young Galapagos Enthusiasts all know the islands and many of the ships personally, we specialize on nothing but Galapagos Cruises only. Ask us anything and put our knowledge to the test!



Promise #2: We offset 100% of your carbon footprint.

Cruise ships aren't exactly famous for their track of sustainability, but in Galapagos this is a different story. Most of our yachts are no bigger than 16 passengers with a crew of around six, and the National Park's rules concerning sustainability are rigorous. To go the extra mile, we are proud to be the first Galapagos cruise agency to offset all CO2 emissions, your "carbon footprint". We offer this service for free, for all Galapagos Cruises and even for the flights you book through us. Click here to read more about the strict rules that apply to all ships in Galapagos and how we offset your CO2 emissions.


Best Price Guarantee with Galapatours


Promise #3: The Best Price. Guaranteed.

When you book a trip with us, we guarantee you the best price on the market. If you find a better deal anywhere, let us know - we will match it. Booking directly with each ship's agency or owner, we ensure to cut out any unnecessary middlemen and can offer a great price this way. If you're a travel agency representative, we will be happy to work together with your agency and share our knowledge and commissinon.





Meet our Team



We are a young team of travel fanatics and all share a common passion for Galapagos. Our love and experience around this pristine archipelago is what makes us real experts in the field. Our main office, which we share with our mother company, ventura TRAVEL, is in Berlin but all Galapatours team members are free to work from whereever they please. So, if you speak to us on the phone do feel free to ask us on the phone where we are at the moment. You might catch us in Quito. Or Costa Rica. Or maybe during one of our yearly offsites, such as in South Africa where the above picture was taken!



Benno Schmidt, Director of Galapatours

Benno - Master Brain

A true South America enthusiast, Benno has traveled all over Latin America. For a research job for his master's thesis, Benno moved to Cuba and subsequently traveled all through Central America, before ending up in Colombia and Ecuador. Although traveling to new places is deep in his DNA, when he discovered Galapagos in 2014 he immediately fell in love with the pristine archipelago far off Ecuador's coast, and there’s few places away from home he’d like to be.

Favorite Galapagos Animal: The Blue-footed Booby. Their mating dance is just so adorable!

Favorite Galapagos Island: Genovesa, the hammerhead shark kindergarten.

Favorite Galapagos Memory: Swimming with Orcas off the coast of Marchena.

E-Mail: [email protected]


Tom Richmond, Galapagos Specialist at Galapatours

Tom - Galapagos Specialist

Thomas, known as Tom to most of us, is a talented linguist and inveterate world traveler. As an animal lover and animal rights campaigner, he immediately fell in love with the enchanting island paradise that is Galapagos. Tom has lived all over the world, most recently in Costa Rica, Peru, Spain, as well as in Sydney, Paris and New York City.

Favourite Galapagos Animal: The Marine Iguana, the closest thing we have to a living dinosaur!

Favorite Galapagos Island: Isabela, the seahorse-shaped island is full of surprises.

Favourite Galapagos Memory: snorkeling with hammerhead sharks at the Devil's Crown near Floreana.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Babett Kanalas, Galapagos Specialist, Galapatours

Delphine - Galapagos Specialist

Delphine works remotely from Costa Rica as a Travel Specialist. With her knowledge of the Galápagos and her friendly customer service, she is passionate about selling unforgettable cruises to eager clients.

Favourite Galapagos Animal: The Waved Albatross, the most elegant seabird in the world.

Favourite Galapagos Island: Espanola, a wonderful combination of stunning beaches and remarkable vistas.

Favourite Galapagos Memory: Seeing sleeping Whitetip Reef Sharks while on a diving cruise.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Antonino Segreto, Marketing, Galapatours

Nino – Marketing & SEO

A book-lover and travel addict, Antonino, aka Nino, has developed a great passion for all things digital in the past 6 years while working as a Digital Marketer for different startups in Berlin. He now works at Ventura Travel as our SEO Maestro.

Honey Kumar, Lead Developer, Galapatours

Honey - IT Guru

Honey studied Computer Science at Kurukshetra University, Haryana, and he is the mastermind behind all our pages’ fantastic features. When not writing awesome code that makes our Galapagos cruise portal work flawlessly, he loves to sing and to ride his motorbike - sometimes at the same time!

Andre Kiwitz, Founder and CEO of Ventura TRAVEL

André - CEO of ventura TRAVEL

Andre began his first company, viventura, a South America travel operator, in September 2001.He headed to South America to lead the Viventura head office and to build an extensive network of partner offices. In 2012 he started ventura TRAVEL as Viventura's parent company in Berlin and began to open new travel destinations for our guests, including Central America, Iran, China and Japan. Away from ventura TRAVEL, he is a co-founder of viSocial and continues to be a very active member of the foundation.

Katharina Neimög - Head of Finance, Ventura TRAVEL GmbH

Katharina - Accounting Director

Katharina loves tricky tasks and has turned her hobby into a career. As director of accounting, she ensures that all the numbers are always in the right places. Every time. She is also known as our resident permanently-smiling coffee-lover.

Mariel Arroya - Finance, Ventura TRAVEL GmbH

Mariel - AR Accountant

Mariel was born in La Paz, Bolivia and grew up in the midst of the region's majestic snow-capped peaks. In 2011, she followed her heart and made the decision to move to Berlin. She loves spicy dishes, dancing, and parading at the Carnaval de Oruro.

Pedro Lima, Finance, Ventura TRAVEL GmbH

Pedro - AP Accountant

Pedro is from Fortaleza, in the northeast part of Brazil. He moved to Budapest, Hungary in 2014 to pursue his Master's studies and find new career opportunities. Four years later, he decided to take up a new challenge with Ventura TRAVEL and moved to Berlin. Pedro is passionate about meeting new people from diverse cultures.

Franziska Umlauft, Head of HR, ventura Travel GmbH

Franziska - Head of HR

Before and during her Tourism Management studies in Vienna, this born-and-bred Austrian spent a lot of time in Spain where she wrote her thesis about sustainable tourism. In her spare time, she loves to travel and to climb as many of the world’s mountains and volcanoes as she can.

Robin Canela, Head of Marketing, ventura Travel

Robin – Marketing Master Brain

Robin is often found underwater with his scuba diving tank, or in a bar listening to gypsy jazz music. He also loves reading, and fell in love with South America through reading the works of authors such as Coelho, Garcia Marquez and Neruda. 

Louis, Marketing, ventura Travel

Louis - SEA Mentor

A specialist in performance marketing, he is a big fan of sports and gastronomy. After being awarded an MBA in Paris and working in Berlin, he decided to move to Asia for several months, and took Japanese classes to help immerse himself in that amazing culture. Now he has moved back to Berlin and has been expanding the marketing team of ventura TRAVEL.

Susana Ceron Baumann, CSR, Galapatours

Susana - Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

Voluntary social commitment and working in the tourism industry are Susana's two great passions. She has been working in tourism since 2000 and has been involved in various international projects, including a soup kitchen for the poor in New York, a development project in India to provide access to education for 35 chaste girls or initiativess for refugee aid in Berlin. At Galapatours, Susana helps us with identifying and offsetting all CO2 emissions caused by our trips and runs regular sustainbility checks for all our ships.


You have a question about Galapagos cruises?


No wonder! After all, there are over 80 different Galapagos cruise ships, over 20 islands to visit and around 150 visitor points in the Galapagos! The resulting options for routes are practically endless.


We are at your disposal with our expertise - simply contact us via live chat, phone or email. We also recommend our database of over 80 frequently asked questions and answers. Here are a few particularly frequent questions:




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