About Galapatours

The Best Price. Guaranteed.

When you book your trip with Galapatours, you can be assured of the best price on the market. If you find a better deal, let us know. We will match it. How? We know each of our boat providers personally, booking directly through them. No middleman. No hassle.

Specialized Tour Operator

Galapatours caters exclusively to, and offers only cruises & tours within the Galapagos Islands. We believe this is the best way to ensure quality service and excellent experiences for our guests. Our Trip Advisors have traveled extensively throughout the Galapagos islands, and have personally experienced the ships and itineraries we offer.

15 Years of Experience

Galapatours is an enterprise by ventura TRAVEL, Germany's leading operator for South American tours. With over 20,000 happy customers and 15 years of building successful brands such as viventura.deviventura.fr and puraventura.fr, you will find yourself in the hands of a true South America specialist. 



What need are we trying to solve?

There are a vast number of cruise ships in Galapagos - currently around 80. However, no single web page lists all ships and tells you which cruise still has spaces available at what date for what price.

At Galapatours, we make the effort to regularly check with all ship owners (we call them personally!) to update the all ships and their sailing dates, available cabins, prices, discounts and routes. This way, we also eliminate the middle man by dealing directly with the ship operators and owners. This allows us to provide you with best price on the market and the highest level of customer service, putting the price comparison directly in your hands.


The Galapatours Team

We are a young team of travel fanatics and all share a common passion for Galapagos and a desire to offer the best possible experience to every client. Our love for and experience with the Galapagos Islands is what make us real experts in the field.




Benno Schmidt - Director

A true South America Enthusiast, Benno has traveled all over Latin America. While traveling seems built into his DNA, his love for Central and South America started during his university studies. For a research job for his master's thesis, Benno moved to Cuba and subsequently traveled all through Central America, before ending up in Colombia and Ecuador. During his time as marketing manager for viventura.de, he fell in love with the Galapagos Islands. Benno now works both from the Galapatours head office in Berlin and the beautiful archipelago in Ecuador. E-Mail: [email protected]



Thomas Richmond - Sales & Customer Support

A multilingual German-American, Tom has lived and traveled all over the world. He has worked as a remote based freelancer in customer support and cruise travel for over 7 years. When he discovered the Galapagos Islands in February 2017 , the animal lover and animal rights activist immediately fell in love with this island paradise. Tom is very happy to be part of the Galapatours Team.

Babett Kanalas

Babett Kanalas - Sales & Customer Support

After her vocational training in tourism, Babett moved to Spain, Greece and the Caribbean. She is an ambitioned diver and active in various programs for the protection of our oceans. No wonder the Galapagos Islands called Babett!

Antonino Segreto

Antonino Segreto – Marketing

Nino’s background is in Sustainable Tourism and Economics. A book-lover and travel addict, he has developed a great passion for the digital world in the past 6 years while working as a Digital Marketer for different Berlin start-ups. He now works at Ventura Travel as a SEO Specialist. His other interests include rock music, movies and sociology.


Pablo von Vacano - Business Development Advisor

Family, mountains, trekking and good food are Pablo's inspirations for working in tourism. From La Paz Bolivia, Pablo is our main business development advisor, which means he helps Benno and his team with his inside knowledge as an experienced tourism manager, leading the team of viventura.


Andre Kiwitz – CEO of ventura TRAVEL & Co-Founder

Andre began his first company, Viventura, a South-America travel operator, after long preparations in September 2001. He headed to South America to lead the Viventura head office and to build an extensive network of partner offices. In 2012 he returned to our European head office in Berlin, from where he has grown ventura TRAVEL as Viventura's parent company, incubating further successful specialized travel operators such as Galapatours and Puraventura. Apart from ventura TRAVEL, he is co-founder of viSozial and continues to be a very active member of the foundation.



Alejandro Monges - CFO

Alejandro enjoys playing football in the parks through the city of Berlin as well as drinking some mate, which always reminds him of the pampas of Argentina, where he grew up. Originally from Buenos Aires he’s been living in Berlin since 2004. After his studies and some work experience he started to support Galapatours in the finance area. In 2011 he became father of two beautiful girls. The twins, Clara and Elena, don’t let him get much sleep but give him a lot of happiness!


Daniel Giraldo - UX/UI Designer

Daniel has worked for 7 years in digital strategy agencies, the last 3 years working with UX approaches, UI design and AI. He likes art and technology, pen and paper, typography, 3D, photo compositing, video, art direction - anything made with concept and passion. On the other hand, he is interested in music production, playing the synthesizer and getting to know new places.


Franziska Umlauft - Director HR

Before and during her Tourism Management studies in Vienna, this born-and-bred Vorarlberger spent a lot of time in Spain where she wrote her thesis about sustainable tourism. In her spare time, she loves to travel and to climb as many of the world’s mountains and volcanoes as she can, or to simply enjoy hiking in nature in her home country. After her return from a break in Latin America, she’s been supporting the Galaptours office in Berlin since April 2013.


Robin Canela - Marketing

After his bachelor´s degree, Robin spent two years on the road discovering the beauty of the world with his own eyes. It was these adventures that inspired him to share his vision and his experiences through a green and responsible travel agency. You can find him underwater with his scuba diving tank or in a bar listening some gypsy jazz music. Robin also loves reading and fell in love with South America through authors such as Coelho, Garcia Marquez, and Neruda.


Robin Dreger – CMO

During his time as a working student in southern Germany, Robin spent all his holidays in Latin American countries. He fell in love with the people, languages, music and food. After his graduation, he decided to live and work in Mexico City for half a year. He was considering staying permanently, but he decided to come back to Germany with new recipes and new dance steps. Now he is a member of the Galapatours marketing team and is looking forward to new challenges.