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Ready for Check-In?

Some steps to prepare your departure

1. Check-in for your upcoming trip

You will soon start your trip with us. To ensure that your trip runs smoothly and that we also have all needed information in case of emergencies we would like you to respond to the following questions below. Thank you.

Be sure to write your full name exactly as it appears on the passport. Your data is safe. Here you can find our privacy & data protection policy

2. Where does my trip start? Do I need a visa?

These are just two of the most common questions we get when the trip comes near. To answer all your questions in full detail, we have put together a page with the 80+ most commonly asked questions and provide a comprehensive answer to all of them. In the link below, you'll find detailed answers about arrival & departure, entry requirements, customs regulations, national park entrance fee, trip preparation etc. etc. But, best see for yourself!

3. Your travel documents

30 days before departure, you will a travel booklet from us via e-mail. It contains a recommended packing list, recaps the information of your trip and the exact itinerary, emergency numbers, the most important answers to frequent questions and much other information about the trip. Your flight tickets, if you have booked any flights us, will reach you approximately one week before departure.

4. Pre-departure call

Can't wait to travel? Still have questions? No need to worry. Three to five days before departure, your Galápagos Specialist will call you to make sure you have everything you need and that all your questions are answered. We will contact you to set up the call. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can always write us or call us. Or, simply click below to make an appointment for a video call!

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