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Kwai Yeok W from Singapore

Golondrina Galapagos Cruise


Juni 2024

Signing up to go to Galapagos is a dream come true and an indispensable part of the Bucket list for Biology and nature lovers like (all 8 of) us ! After scouring through the internet, we chanced upon the Galapatour with the Golondrina yacht (a small-ship cruise) housing only 16 guests which was also reasonably priced. Special mention and a shout-out must be given to Maciela Garcia the Travel specialist from Galapatour who facilitated our booking and answered all our questions. She even consented to a zoom meeting with us towards the last leg of our planning to answer any further questions and to give much-needed advice (e.g. booking the flight from Ecuador to Galapagos with Galapatour and to fly in at least 1 day earlier and also stay 1 extra night back in Ecuador before flying back home). We felt her absence BIG Time when she took leave for a few days and we were strapped with some issues concerning the confirmation of our payment. We were most gratified and reassured by her return and how quickly she rectified and clarified the whole issue. The small-sized cruise ship certainly has its merits. Being small it is much more personable and the crew was warm, friendly and helpful. The cabins while small was comfortable enough for us Asians. There were lots of storage space (drawers and small cupboard space) where our things could go into, from our luggage, for easier access. Food was adequate, balanced and delicious actually. Kudos to the chef who was creative and experienced. Little touches like having someone wait on us and also a slightly more formal dinner setting. Our dear waiter, Pablo, even wears a ‘suit’ every night to serve us. Our guide has had 15 years of guiding and could do animal calls to get their attention and to persuade them to approach us. Where necessary he also drew on the sand to explain differences between the closely related animals. He is definitely knowledgeable wrt to each animal and the history of the islands and the impact of humans on the wildlife there! He accompanied the guests during snorkeling and shared videos and photos of the fish and animals encountered during the snorkel at the end of the whole trip. Kudos also to the crew who kept our rooms clean and who accompanied us in the dinghy during the snorkel trips to keep us safe and who ferried us to and from the islands safely. And then of course being in Galapagos is really like paradise in the Garden of Eden – where animals come up close and were unafraid and even curious about us. The variety of wildlife here is not only diverse but many of them spectacular and amazing in their physical looks, habits and mating rituals etc. The feeling of awe and reverence is not even close to describing this experience that we have had for all the 8 days we were there. Enough to last us for a whole lifetime !!!


Sandra L of Eagle River

Monserrat Galapagos Cruise


Mai 2024

Les îles Galápagos sont si naturelles. Il y a des lions de mer, des oiseaux et des iguanes partout. Notre guide était originaire des îles et était très instructif. Tous les transferts depuis le navire se font en canot pneumatique jusqu'aux îles et c'est un processus facile avec beaucoup d'aide. Prévoyez de faire beaucoup d'exercice entre les randonnées sur un terrain quelque peu accidenté et la plongée en apnée. La plongée avec masque et tuba était agréable à certains endroits et à d'autres moments, elle était médiocre, avec peu de choses à voir et beaucoup de courant. Les kayaks étaient agréables. Le navire Monserrat était excellent avec un personnel formidable, une bonne nourriture et des invités sympathiques. Ne faites pas trop de bagages car vous pouvez rincer vos vêtements et les suspendre à une corde sur le pont supérieur. Hitomi Kamimura était notre guide de voyage et a fourni un service plus qu'excellent ! Elle était disponible par e-mail pour répondre à toutes les questions et faire des suggestions si nécessaire. Ses réponses étaient détaillées et opportunes. Les transferts du voyage se sont déroulés sans problème. Nous avons utilisé l'hôtel Wyndham près de l'aéroport de Guayaquil pour l'hébergement avant et après le voyage. L'hôtel a assuré le transport depuis et vers l'aéroport, les chambres étaient excellentes et le service à la clientèle était excellent. Le voyage a été très instructif et je suis heureuse d'avoir pu le visiter et découvrir la culture. Sandy du Wisconsin

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