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National Geographic Endeavour II Galapagos Cruise

National Geographic Endeavour II Galapagos Kreuzfahrt

Eine Galapagos-Kreuzfahrt an Bord der Endeavour II

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- From huge suites to single rooms, something for all
- Full refit in 2016
- Gym, library, spa, and shopping on board
- Great exploration tools, including glass-bottom boat

Originally built as an exploration vessel for 135 passengers in 2005, National Geographic Endeavour II underwent a Galápagos refit in 2016 to make her purpose-built for the islands. Now featuring accommodation for only 96, she offers levels of luxury and amenity you might associate with a large cruise ship but in an intimate and nimble package that's perfect for discovering the wonders of the Galápagos.

With features like a gym, 30-seat library, wellness spa, and plenty of space to relax and unwind, the Endeavour II is still focused on exploration and learning about the archipelago, making her truly worthy of carrying the "National Geographic" name.

Stunning flexible accommodation to suit everyone
National Geographic Endeavour II has some of the most flexible accommodation offerings in the whole Galápagos fleet. From luxury suites to family-friendly interconnecting rooms and dedicated single cabins, everyone can find their perfect place to stay. All of the rooms aboard face outwards and feature ocean views through at least one large window. Every double room has full-size twin singles that convert into queen-size doubles - it's your choice. Naturally, you'll enjoy en suite bathroom facilities and individual climate control as standard.

For the ultimate in luxury exploration, why not choose Suite C? The largest on board, it features a vast living space with a separate sitting room including a sofa bed, allowing up to three to stay here. Beautiful panoramic windows and tasteful decor will provide you with a five-star hotel experience

Families with children will appreciate the seven sets of double cabins that feature adjoining doors - perfect for group travel. Solo adventurers have not been forgotten, as National Geographic Endeavour II features nine single cabins available without supplement. Because of the flexibility of these accommodation options, this ship's single and adjoining cabins book up quickly. To secure your places, we suggest you contact one of our Galápagos travel experts now to avoid disappointment.

A social ship to make friends, relax, learn
As part of her Galápagos-ready refit, National Geographic Endeavour II was transformed into a supremely comfortable and social Galápagos cruise ship. Her new lounge is simply stunning, with almost 180 degrees of panoramic windows and comfortable social seating. The bar is very well-stocked, and complimentary soft drinks and snacks are available 24/7. It's here that you will all gather for the daily National Geographic tradition of "Recap", where your guide will revisit the sites and experiences of the day, and tell you more about tomorrow's adventures.

The ship's library is the best in the fleet, a real treasure-trove of information. With a wide range of reference material, as well as games and puzzles, and seating for 30, it's the perfect place to learn more about the wildlife of Galápagos, or to enjoy quiet time alone with a good book. A state of the art gym offers a range of cardio and free weight equipment. There's also an on board wellness specialist who can offer a variety of stretching and yoga sessions, as well as relaxing and invigorating treatments in the spa.

Dining is always a highlight of a National Geographic Galápagos cruise, and on Endeavour II that's no exception. The dining room has been designed to seat all guests in one sitting, making meals a genuinely social and relaxed experience. Breakfast and lunch are usually served buffet style, with evening meals being served at your tables. The chefs pride themselves on using the freshest local ingredients to provide you with a stunning range of international and local delicacies - and there's always plenty to eat for hungry explorers!

Elsewhere on board, you'll find plenty of nooks and crannies to relax in, as well as ample exterior decks space for basking in the sun like Galápagos marine iguana or seeking a shady corner for a siesta. The bridge area is always open to guests (unless safety dictates otherwise) and the watch officer will always be delighted to show you how the crew navigates or to answer questions about their experience in Galápagos.

Extras that help you explore Galápagos
With all of these luxury touches, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that first and foremost Endeavour II is a National Geographic Galápagos expedition ship - exploring and discovery is her main purpose.

To that end, she carries some of the most qualified naturalist guides in the Galápagos fleet. These experts will bring your trip to life with their knowledge and experience, often joining passengers for dinner and breakfast where they will delight in answering all your questions.

For excursions, Endeavour II carries a fleet of eight zodiacs (known in Galápagos "pangas"). This means that all guests can be transported to and from the boat at once - no waiting in line for a panga to return to pick you up, which means more time on the islands themselves. Non-swimmer? Don't feel left out of snorkeling or swimming excursions - Endeavour II has a glass-bottomed panga, giving you a unique view of the reef fish and other species.

If you want to get up close and personal to the ocean life, the ship's fleet of sea kayaks and stand-up paddleboards is available to guests. The naturalist guides will help you master paddling, and you can explore the shallows bays for yourself.

Guests who wish to snorkel will be issued with a full set of snorkel gear for your exclusive use during the cruise, which includes a 3mm shorty wetsuit and buoyancy vest if you wish.

Other exploration features include a high-definition underwater camera that your guides will use on your excursions to help with evening Recaps, and an on board video microscope - a unique chance to see the very smallest Galápagos flora and fauna that you can't experience on other vessels.

Our Comments
When you think of "National Geographic", you think of adventure, knowledge and stunning images - all of which Endeavour II will bring you in abundance! We love the fact that you get full snorkel gear included, and the glass-bottom panga is ideal for youngsters and non-swimmers - you don't need to miss out on the underwater world. The flexible accommodation is a boon for families, groups and solo travelers alike, and the whole ship looks amazing after her Galápagos-ready refit in 2016. With "big ship" facilities in a small package, we think National Geographic Endeavour II is a superb choice for your Galápagos cruise adventure.

Bilder und Deckpläne der Endeavour II

National Geographic Endeavour II Galapagos Cruise
National Geographic Endeavour II Galapagos Cruise
National Geographic Endeavour II Galapagos Cruise

Kabinen-Kategorien an Bord der Endeavour II

Kategorie 2

Doppelkabinen auf dem Oberdeck #211, 213-219, 221, 222, 224-229 Einzelkabinen auf dem Oberdeck #203-209 mit einem Queensize-Bett.

Suite C

Diese Suite befindet sich auf dem Brückendeck, in der Mitte des Schiffes (Nr. 415), mit zwei großen Fenstern, einem größeren Bad, einer separaten Sitzecke mit einem Schlafsofa für eine dritte Person und Sesseln, der größten Kabine auf dem Schiff.

Kategorie 1

Oberdeck Kabinen #201 + 202

Suite A

Diese Suite befindet sich auf dem Lounge Deck, Mid-Ship #320 mit zwei Fenstern, größerem Bad, Sessel. Verbindungstür zu #322.

Kategorie 3

Doppelkabinen auf dem Lounge Deck #311, 313-319, 321, 322, 324, 326, 328, 330

Kategorie 4

Doppelkabinen auf dem Brückendeck #409, 411-414, 416, 418

Suite B

This suite is on the Bridge Deck, Mid-Ship #420, 422 with two floor-to-ceiling windows, larger bath, convertible sofa for a third person.

Die Routen der Endeavour II

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dinner with wine

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air conditioning

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doctor's suitcase

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Stand-Up Paddle Board

shared bedroom

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Nachhaltigkeit an Bord der Endeavour II

Bei Galapatours lieben und respektieren wir die unberührten Ökosysteme und die faszinierende Tierwelt der Galapagos-Inseln. Um den Archipel zu schützen, müssen alle Schiffe auf Galapagos über ausgeklügelte Wasserfiltersysteme, moderne, effiziente Motoren und strenge Wartungspläne verfügen, um die Verschmutzung zu minimieren. Darüber hinaus definiert die Behörde des Galapagos-Nationalparks genaue Fahrtrouten, die vorschreiben, welche Schiffe zu welchem Tag und zu welcher Uhrzeit welche Highlights besuchen können, und begrenzt die Passagierzahlen. Diese Maßnahmen stellen sicher, dass Tiere und Lebensräume nicht durch zu viele Besucher gestört werden.

Aber bei Galapatours gehen wir gerne noch weiter: Wir kompensieren freiwillig alle CO2-Emissionen jeder Kreuzfahrt, die wir verkaufen – ohne Kosten für Sie. Sie können auch Ihren Teil dazu beitragen, indem Sie verantwortungsbewusst reisen und während Ihres Aufenthalts unsere Öko-Richtlinien befolgen. Klicken Sie hier, um mehr über diese Richtlinien, unser Engagement für nachhaltigen Tourismus und die Regeln des Galápagos-Nationalparks zu erfahren.

Technische Details der Endeavour II




236ft (72m)



Essen & Getränke an Bord der Endeavour II

The food on our Galapágos Cruises is among the very best you will find in South America. Most of the on-board chefs are internationally trained and have prior experience working in the best hotels and restaurants in Ecuador and indeed around the world.

You can expect a first-class selection of food, including a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced poultry and fish/seafood, rice and pasta dishes. Most boats will always include some typical Ecuadorian dishes on the menu during your cruise. If you have specific dietary requirements then these can usually be accommodated by the chef providing you have given advance notice. Please make sure you tell us about any allergies or dietary requirements you have at the time you book with us. If you leave it until you arrive at the dockside, then it may well be impossible to accommodate your needs.

Most boats serve a range of options at meal times in a relaxed buffet-style. At the first class and luxury end of the market, some boats have more formal dining where you will be served at your seat. However the atmosphere is always relaxed on board our cruises, and never stuffy or formal.

Bewertungen von Endeavour II

Peter D from Cambridge


Trip of a lifetime Fabulous trip on Endeavour II with National Geographic. Great naturalists, excellent food, lots of activities. Ship holds about 96 passengers - nice size. But some random travel pointers for those of you who like tips: Get a room on the 3rd floor -- you're closer to the lounge and the doorway/platform for loading people onto zodiacs (the little boats), and you're in between the dining room (below) and the library (above). The ship provides water bottles and continual fresh water. Be prepared to get up early every day (including the day you arrive to get on the ship) -- activities are typically early morning and late afternoon. The ship is very air-conditioned; you'll want long sleeves or sweaters inside. For outside, expect to wear a lot of sunscreen or long sleeve shirts even if it's hot. I didn't use my sleeveless shirts at all, and everyone wore long pants most of the time. The guides help you get in and out of zodiacs, but getting off a zodiac onto an island can be tricky. If you don't have the best balance, be sure to ask for a lot of help. If you're told the walk is not on a level surface, the ship has walking sticks - grab one for support. Even though it felt like I was bringing a lot of shoes, I found that having water shoes, flip flops, waterproof sandals like Tevas, and sneakers was helpful. For those who aren't trying for professional photographs, our point-and-click camera was dandy, and the Droid and I-phone pics were fine too. (You can get very close to most animals.) The ship offers a lot of snorkeling, so if you love fish, bring a little waterproof camera. The ship provides a slide show/video of what you saw (or might have missed) at the end of the trip that's quite nice. On our trip, the group was mostly couples, average age was 60-65, with maybe 6 people under 40. If you go as a couple, it's easy to do separate activities (say, one of you wants to do deep sea snorkeling and the other wants to just swim or snorkel a little from the beach). Source:

Lynn L from New Jersey


Greatest cruise ever I just got back from the Galapagos with my family (National Geographic Endeavor) and can't stop thinking about our trip! Photos and reviews are nothing like being there. It's impossible to review the experience with words. One thing I will say, as we were leaving to come home, my (15 year old) daughter said "This vacation was so different from the others we have taken. All of our trips to different beaches are now blending together in my mind - it's difficult to remember what we did in Turks & Caicos, versus Grand Cayman, Bermuda, the Bahamas, etc. For the most part, we just sat on different beaches, went snorkeling and swam at the hotel pools. This trips was SO different, and I will never forget it. This was the best vacation!!" Source:

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