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As independent agents, we at Galapatours don't have any ties to specific operators. We won't shy away from giving you recommendations based on your interests, fitness level, budget, or age.

How to Pick the Best Route and Ship?

There are currently more than 70 different ships offering expedition cruises to the Galapagos. Each ship has its own philosophy and operates under a licence from the Galapagos National Park that only allows them to visit certain parts of the archipelago at certain times. The key to finding the best option for you is to find a Galapagos expert who understands your wishes and can advise you on the best routes and ships to suit your needs.

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A good place to start planning your trip is by scheduling a free video consultation with us. Alternatively, you can also write us a message (scroll further down).

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Cynthia Guerra

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Micaela Garcia

Spécialiste des Galápagos

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Paola Vasco

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Hitomi Kamimura

Spécialiste du voyage Galapatours

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