Témoignages & opinions de nos clients

Après une croisière aux îles Galapagos, chaque client Galapatours a la possibilité de nous donner son opinion. Nous sommes heureux de recevoir des critiques sincères car chaque suggestion nous permet d'améliorer nos offres. Voilà ce que disent nos clients à propos de nos croisières: 


Galapagos cruise of a lifetime!

Thomas set up a Naturalist Cruise in the Galapagos on the Alya Yacht. The boat was amazing and the trip was actually better than my already high expectations. The decision to take this cruise was very last minute, and Thomas was able to get it all booked in a timely and efficient manner. I would certainly use Galapatours for any future travel, and I would recommend them if you are looking to travel to the truly Enchanted Islands of the Galapagos. Source: Google


We just returned from a 5-day cruise aboard the Grand Majestic, which we booked through Galapatours, and I can't even give it a high enough rating! If I could give higher than 5 stars I would! I was extremely pleased with the guidance we received from Thomas Richmond, who was very thorough and prompt answering my many questions at every step of the trip. It seemed like no matter what time of day I reached out, he responded within the hour. I know it's tricky business traveling during a pandemic, but let me say, this seems to be THE BEST TIME to go to the Galapagos... with hardly anyone else there. It was a magical experience for us... most of the places we went, we were the ONLY ship there. LOVED the size of our cruise... just 14 passengers on the Grand Majestic. PERFECT SIZE!!! The crew on the ship was remarkable... some of the hardest-working crew I've ever seen! The cruise was as luxurious as they promised... for example, you'd come back from snorkeling, step foot on the boat and they'd peel your wetsuit off of you, rinse your feet, hand you a towel and a hot chocolate and invite you up on deck for fresh-cooked snacks and fruit. INCREDIBLE FOOD, GORGEOUS ship (do you know you have a FULL-SIZE WALK IN SHOWER in your room? With a giant window so you can watch the scenery go by while you shower? DIVINE!). I truly cannot recommend this tour company or the Grand Majestic enough. We are so happy we decided to go and I will say that EVERYONE we encountered in the Galapagos and mainland Ecuador was THRILLED to have our business. Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187323-d16874500-Reviews-Galapatours-Berlin.html

Greatest diving experience!!

I will give compliments and they will be as real and true as possible. Today with great conviction I can say that I had in all aspects one of the greatest experience of my life. The Tiburon Explorer crew, the attendance, the diving guides, and the diving experiences, were unprecedented. I have traveled to more than 120 countries but this was without a doubt my best experience. Source: Direct customer feedback

Excellent Guidance During COVID Times

I worked with Thomas in booking our Galapagos cruise and it was an excellent experience! Thomas was very clear in his communication, and we booked a 5 night cruise on the Alya with him. Thomas was helpful in explaining all the current COVID requirements, even helping us to schedule someone from the lab to help us get tested at our Airbnb in Quito. He sent us all the paperwork required to enter the Galapagos so the whole experience was pretty smooth. We loved our time in the Galapagos! The Alya exceeded our expectations in every way, and it truly was the most memorable trip of our lives! We're grateful for Thomas' guidance along the way, since it is definitely challenging to travel with so much uncertainties right now. Source: TripAdvisor

Dream Trip!

We booked a 3 night cruise on the Grand Majestic which was just wonderful! Mr. Thomas Richmond helped us with the entire booking process and answered all of our questions that we had before the trip. The boat was extremely comfortable, the staff were very kind, especially Mayra and Salomão! The food was wonderful, everything was always fresh and very tasty. Every day we had activities in the morning and in the afternoon, always accompanied by our guide Gustavo, who had a vast knowledge of the islands, fauna and flora of the region. We started our trip in San Cristobal, went to Floreana, Española and ended the trip in Santa Cruz. Our days at the Grand Majestic were fantastic and we will definitely return to the Galapagos one day to visit other islands. Source: TripAdvisor

An overall wonderful experience I would recommend everyone

My wife and I decided after a long hesitation that we'd go to the Galapagos Islands. We booked the Bonita Galapagos Cruise, a new ship with not much reviews so we were quite cautious. Well... fast forward to the day we stepped foot on board, we immediately were blown away by how beautiful the ship was. It was obvious that this ship was brand new. If it wasn't for the ship, I wouldn't be able to tell it was a new cruise. The crew was very friendly and experienced, it was clear that this wasn't their first cruise.. If you're in the same boat as us, doubting whether to go or not: definitely do it. You will not regret it! Source: TripAdvisor

Fabulous experience

We had a fabulous experience with Bonita yacht. Our capitan, crew and guides were fabulous -the staff was all a significant part of our positive experience. We went in February, 29 and spent 9 days.We highly recommend this boat. The staff will make your time so worthwhile. While we were arranging our trip we had a good adviser Babett Kanalas. Source: TripAdvisor

Amazing Galapagos Cruise

We just got back from an 8 day trip aboard the Mary Anne. The boat and crew were marvelous. They went above and beyond to accommodate the special needs of several passengers Great food! Our guide, Juan Carlos, was outstanding. Because of a medical emergency, our itinerary was changed. Everyone did their best to try and make the alterations worthwhile. Sorry we missed Fernandina, but give credit to all involved for making the best of an unfortunate situation. Would highly recommend this cruise to others. Also, the support of Galapatours in making everything come together for us. Source: TripAdvisor

Worth EVERY Dollar

This cruise ship is a one of a kind. They take excellent care of everyone. We travelled the Galapagos Islands and loved every moment of our time there. MUST HAVES IF YOU OPT TO TRAVEL ON THE FLORA: Your own large sun screen. (You need LOTS of it) Waterproof pocket holder for around your neck for your cellphone or room card. (This is handy for the zodiac tenders, kayaks and snorkeling) Motrin, Tylenol or Dramamine. ( These you MUST go to the ship's doctor for and the visit is costly.) Bring something semi-dressy (Even though it is a casual learning cruise people still dress up for special nights.) A waterproof/underwater camera. (If you are amazed by what is on land you will be just as amazed with the ocean.) Baseball caps are not too functional on this ship. Many people lost theirs within the first couple days. The winds are gusty and a sun hat that has a cord is the logical way to go even if you look like a complete tourist. You are given a refillable bottle on this trip and every room has a faucet to refill. This cuts down on plastic usage which is fantastic. Anything you need they bend over backwards to do. Glamping is an add on to the cruise and you get a 5 course meal along with breakfast in your own private area. IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO SLEEP OUTDOORS ON A SHIP IN THE GALAPAGOS! You may bring 2 guests to dinner with you without an additional cost. They give you pajamas to keep and cookies and milk for bedtime. Just a few photos attached for you get a taste of what this cruise has to offer. I don't want to spoil it for you! It is a life changing experience. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Fantastic Trip

Hi, we are back home after a great adventure in the Galapagos and Peru. Not sure how to add pictures but the ship is very nice and the CAD pictures are accurate. As this is our first time to the Galapagos I really cant compare with the other yachts /Itineraries. but here is our Overview.. The ship is very well outfitted It can accommodate way more people then the 16 permitted and thus the rooms are quite spacious.Our room had a double and single bed and the bathroom had a shower and twin sinks. Lots of social areas including dining for 16, a lounge area, a smoking area and the whole top floor is a sun deck with some shade(non smoking). There are 2 tables under the shade that can accommodate about 12 people or more. There are 16 loungers that can be moved into sun or shade. There are also some clothes lines along the perimeter that were very well used. All in all a great comfortable ship. The food was very well prepared and varied throughout the trip. There was even a ceviche class. 3 meals per day and no one went hungry. they also accommodate for dietary needs. The drinks. they have a full bar. beer $4-5 wine $6-10 Cocktails from $6-12. My only complaint was that the menu reads that the prices included all taxes but we still were charged a 10% service charge over and above the listed prices. A number of people argued but there was no flexibility here so just be aware of this cost. Also know you have tips for the guide and the staff. Itinerary... We did the 8-day western itinerary that goes around Isabella Island. It was fantastic and full of activities from the day we boarded to the day we departed. We snorkeled 1-2 times every day and Hiked 1-2 times every day except the last day which was a hike at 6:30 am as we had a plane to catch. We did it all but some people elected to skip some activities. Not much free time but there was still some time to relax on the sundeck on a few days . The Guide... This is the luck of the draw as the guides do move around. We had Pedro who has been a guide for 13 years. He was excellent. Overall... a 5 star experience. Source: TripAdvisor

Great Cruise

I went on the Bonita cruise in the second week of February together with my brother and sister. The trip was very well organized and due to the very friendly and helpful staff we were able to experience the Galapagos in a perfect way. Highly recommend! Source: TripAdvisor

Wow - beautiful ship and special crew in a wonderful destination

Flora looks stunning and is probably one of the most luxurious ships in th Galapagos Islands. Most guests are here for one week but we did back-to-back weeks so we could do both Inner Loop and Outer Loop itineraries. Our experience started at Baltra airport with Celebrity staff shepherding us to the VIP area and then looked after the admin for us. We were then taken by local bus to the jetty. Here we picked up one of Flora's ribs for the transfer to the ship. This was the best rib we'd ever seen as it was purpose-built for Flora and had a landing craft style ramp with built-in steps and handrail. We were welcomed onboard Flora by the captain and his staff. Our first impression of our suite was "wow". The first afternoon is quite busy with safety drills, unpacking, issuing of snorkel gear and excursion briefings. The cruise is all-inclusive and everything is good quality. A typical day would start with your choice of excursion after breakfast which could include snorkelling, a beach walk, a long walk, a tender ride or even kayaking. You return in good time for lunch and then mid-afternoon you have another choice of excursion. You return to the ship in time to change for pre-dinner drinks in the bar/lounge. There is then an excursion briefing for the next day's destinations followed by a delicious 3 course dinner in the restaurant or on deck 7 underneath the stars. On some evenings the crew will have arranged post-dinner entertainment which is fun but don't expect Broadway shows as it is done by the crew of the ship. Each day feels different in terms of what you will see and do and in my experience was quite tiring in a good way. Flora is a fantastic ship but what makes her special is the crew. Hotel Director Paul - this is the first time in around 15 cruises that we have met the Hotel Director. In his welcoming speech he asked that if there were any issues no matter how small they may seem, we should let him know so that he could fix them. That is a great service-focused attitude and was prevalent throughout the ship. He is very personable and it always felt like he was interested in you and cared. If he saw you around the ship he would always stop and chat. At the end of the cruise he felt more like a friend than just an employee of the company. As back-to-back guests he ensured we were always looked after. He is a fantastic asset to the company and hilarious during Liar's Club. Executive Chef Roger - it was great that he was passionate about his zero miles philosophy about using local suppliers and high quality produce wherever possible. As back-to-back guests we were unable to get off the ship at Baltra on our middle Sunday and Paul arranged with Roger for us to have a traditional British Sunday Lunch of roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. It was wonderful and we felt as if we were being treated like royalty by the crew. Cruise Director Marvi - he was very welcoming and personable. When explaining the excursion options he had an excellent style and didn't overwhelm you with unnecessary information. He was very organised and didn't treat guests like a group of school children. Waiter Andres - he was always happy. My husband is not a straight forward eater and he coped brilliantly with his requests and never made him feel awkward. Waitress Zarella - it didn't take her long to get used to our lunch orders and she always brought us ice cream which was lovely on a hot day. She also ensured our favourite table was waiting for us on Deck 7 for lunch. Again, she was always happy. Suite Attendant Virginia - it took us a couple of days to get used to where she was putting things but she was always attentive, friendly and efficient. One day she deferred her lunch so she could clean our room to fit around our schedule. This is above and beyond our expectations of any employee. Bartender Javier - we loved his cocktail presentation so much so we did it twice. He has the most amazing memory for drinks orders especially when all the guests arrived at once. Chief Engineer Paul - we were very interested in the technical aspects of Flora and Paul arranged a bespoke briefing for us which we really enjoyed. He is so proud of the ship. Naturalist Martha - she stood out for us. Her delivery of information was always well-balanced and her timing of the excursions excellent which ensured you never felt either bored or rushed. Captains Patricio and Vladimir - as back-to-back guests we were fortunate to experience both captains. Whilst they have both got different personalities and styles they were both very approachable and proud of their ship. We had two interesting bridge tours, one during the day and the other at night. Vladimir invited us to dine with him one evening. Paul arranged the very pleasant and unexpected experience as we'd never dined with a captain before. I believe standards and attitudes flow from the leadership team and these two should be very proud of their crew. Overall the Galapagos Islands are amazing but what made this such a special holiday for us was MS Flora and her crew. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Amazing 8 day cruise

We had an amazing time onboard the Solaris on the B tour around the islands. The boat is lovely as are the crew who can't do enough for you. You are busy all day long with shore visits and snorkeling. The food and snacks are plentiful and the chef is happy to help if you don't like what's being served. The only problem with this boat is it does rock n roll a lot when navigating at night from island to island. I can't thank Thomas Richmond enough for all his help when we were looking for this trip of a lifetime and his help and advice after we booked. Source: TripAdvisor

Wonderful experience in Galápagos!

Beginning of February my boyfriend and I went on a cruise with the Bonita Yacht. We’re usually not big fans of cruises but this was truly the best thing ever! We went on one of the 5-days cruises taking the Southern Route to Floreana, Española and San Cristobal and all the stops along the way were so beautiful! The whole ship is pretty new, and everything was very clean. All staff was really friendly and helpful, and I enjoyed the food. I liked as well that they had vegan and vegetarian food options on the ship and a station with water and coffee available throughout the day. I would definitely take this trip again and can only recommend Bonita Yacht as well as the route to anyone who is interested in taking a cruise in Galapagos! Source: Tripadvisor

Galapagos Experience

We just returned from the Galapagos and the Celebrity Flora. everything was a big hit,,,, the weather, the ship, the staff, and the excursions small boat with big amenities every member of the service team was extra special ... most are from Ecuador and the Galapagos which was a big plus the lead team ( the captain and the hotel director ) showed us what it means to be a seriously focused management team . everyone treated us as if we were a member of their household ; the bartender knew my drink , the housekeeper knew how we liked to keep our clothes and shoes they even offered to take care of a limited amount of laundry during our cruise don't be deterred by the size of the ship; it was perfect for a place like the Galapagos our trip was late January 2020 -- the weather was sunny every day with limited clouds and no rain ----- but early summer in the Galapagos is a good time for seeing animals, birds and fish also, we got very used to not having a traditional balcony once our housekeeper showed us how the use the virtual balcony system this is not a trip for young children and for people who are not moderately active --- too many opportunities to walk, hike ,snorkel and kayak. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Amazing experience aboard the Calipso

My wife and I recently returned from the Calipso Naturalist cruise Jan. 30 - Feb. 6, 2020. We reserved well before this rebuilt boat had sailed, because we were attracted by the diverse itinerary of 10 islands. The boat has a capacity of 16 passengers though only 12 were on this cruise. The age range was from 12-70 (we were the 70) and everything in between. We wanted a small boat experience. Overall, the cruise exceeded our expectations. We were met by cruise staff in Guayaquil and San Cristobal who helped with check in and transfers in both places. The crew was wonderful-friendly, helpful and always safety-conscious. Since all of the landings (wet or dry) are by dinghy, as were all of the snorkeling trips, getting up and down, in and out safely was a regular issue. Our naturalist guide, Martin, was extremely well informed and no question was too silly or insignificant. The cabins were of good size for a small boat as were the bathrooms. Unfortunately, as a smaller craft, when seas got even slightly choppy, the boat rocked or bobbed. We did use sea sickness meds on two occasions but it was never really a problem. Most of the time, seas were calm. Food was quite good and varied, served buffet style. Lots of fresh salads and delicious fruits, as well as freshly-squeezed juices. Seafood, chicken and various meats for the main meals. There is a small bar and drinks aside from pure water cost extra. Except for one beer drinker, our group did not use the bar! The Galápagos is, of course, iconic and we loved the animals and the often stark landscapes. The itinerary allowed us to experience a wide variety of all of them. The snorkeling was really good and the water pretty clear in February. The boat provided equipment including wet suits and floatation vests at no cost. Overall, we thought the trip was moderately strenuous and could be managed by anyone in reasonably good physical condition however those with physical issues should consider a different boat Overall, we give this boat a high rating for what it offers at a reasonable (for the Galápagos) price point. Source: TripAdvisor

Excellent service for a magnificent tour

Thomas Richmond at Galapatours was very helpful and insightful when I was comparing cruises for my Galapagos trip. He was able to find me a spot on a new cruise ship that did not uncharge for single cabins (which is the exception, rather than the rule). I appreciated his professionalism and diligence, and loved my 8 days on the Solaris. Source: TripAdvisor

5 day cruise on Anahi

This was an excellent trip on a comfortable boat with an outstanding guide and friendly crew. The excusions were first class and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Source: TripAdvisor

Terrific 8-day Galapagos cruise on the Cachalote Explorer

Took a fabulous 8-day cruise aboard the Cachalote Explorer that I would easily rate a 5-star experience. Great crew and excellent cook! I booked thru Galapagostours.com as I found their website the easiest to use and most detailed with respect to information on ships, the islands, animals and itineraries. And Tom was always available when I had additional questions about my booking. Highly recommend you use them! Source: TripAdvisor

Solaris Cruise

I just returned from a cruise on the Solaris, itinerary B, 8 days. The cabins were quite roomy, our guide Leo very good, the staff helpful and food decent. It is a 1st class boat, not a sleek luxury cruise that costs upto 50% more. If you are going there to see the natural spectacle, without roughing it, it is an excellent choice. I only had 2 issues. The ride can be rough at night so it’s not clear if a catamaran might be smoother. The other issue is that the Solaris appears to be a marketing name. Almost all of the documentation on board says it’s called the San Jacinto. Source: TripAdvisor

Calipso Cruise

My husband and I were on the maiden voyage on Calipso August 8-14, 2019. We were in Ecuador for 9 days prior to boarding the ship. We had an awesome time. The boat was brand new (refurbished) and they were still unpacking. The crew was very nice. Two main dive guides at the time. One was excellent the other was safe and all but did not know how to interact with the passengers and was not as good as pointing out sea life as well as the other. He was knowledgeable but lacked in people skills. I reviewed him on their site after our trip. The food was great. Our room was fine. The diving at Wolf and Darwin were the best dives of our lives. The ship was comfortable. I would not hesitate to tell you to check out Calipso. Now that is from my trip in August 2019, I would hope that they have kept up this level of service or have been growing as any new organization would. We had a great group of people on our boat. I believe everyone was very happy. Source: TripAdvisor

Amazing trip to the Galapagos

Galapatours website is easy to use and very informative. Our point of contact was Thomas who was very helpful. There was a mix-up with our flight to the Galapagos Island when Thomas was informed he took the necessary steps to ensure that the flight was changed. Our cruise was on the Coral II. The boat was great, the cabins were clean, and the bed was very comfortable. Delicious food, great staff and great guides. We loved the visits to the different islands and daily snorkeling and saw different animals/birds/sealife every day. Definitely will recommend Galapatours and this particular ship to our friends. Source: TripAdvisor

Galapagos Seaman Journey 8 day tour booked through Galapatours

Trying to get details and prices for specific boats and tours for the Galapagos seemed somewhat confusing online. However once we found Galapatours they were very helpful. They provided information on a few different boats and explained differences between the classes of boats. They were very knowledgeable about what the boats offered and equipment provided. Plus the prices they charged for the tours seemed economical compared to some other prices I had seen. I would definitely recommend using Galapatours for booking a tour in the Galapagos. Source: TRipAdvisor

88 crew and 91 passengers -- hard to beat

I am not a cruise traveler. But, I grudgingly admit this was a great trip. Seven days in the Galapagos Islands on a new, basically luxury ship. Most days, two outings a day by "Zodiak"-like shuttles. 1 naturalist per 10-12 passengers. Most or all of the naturalists were natives of the islands, and the job requires completion of a set of real natural history courses, so a curious passenger can learn a lot. The islands, of course, are renowned for their diverse and mainly indigenous wildlife. (The islands are largely not pretty -- often, the vistas on the newer islands are like moonscapes with a bit of shrub foliage here and there.) Snorkeling is well worth the effort; all the animals, particularly the ubiquitous sea lions, are either playful towards or indifferent to humans. The ship staff were to a one helpful and seemingly sincerely nice people. We were there over Christmas, so the crew members were also separated from their families, and that made for a sort of pseudo-family environment that was quite touching. Food is good and not fussy. This was not a budget trip, but one can leave home with $100 and easily return with $50 of it left. It is not a trip for folks who place much value on on-board entertainment or swimming pools but, there is stuff to do on board. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Third time - amazing again!

I used Galapatours for the third time to arrange a trip to the Galapagos with my parents. As always, the trip was amazing, Thomas was swift and responsive and sorted out our flights and the boat. All was fantastic. The Archipell II was great, our naturalist guide amazing, and the Galapagos is incredible with new experiences every time. Source: TripAdvisor

Amazing once in a lifetime adventure

This is a specialty cruise on a luxury ship. It is not your typical, laid back cruise. So don’t expect lots of glamour, glitz or specialty dining and entertainment. This is a once in a lifetime experience that really can only be enjoyed if you participate in the excursions. This was a wonderful and exceptional cruise. The Flora is an amazing ship. It is minimalistic in its design, making it very pleasurable and enjoyable. None of the Avant Garde and extreme designs that the newer ships like Edge have but really don’t add any functionality. The Flora is extremely functional in its design, and provides a very pleasing environment for the passengers. The rooms, being suites, are exceptional. Tremendous amount of room and storage. There are two negatives for the rooms. First, there are limited outlets, especially on one side of the bed (none). Bring a multi-socket adapter for charging your cameras and phones. Second, the glass between the bathroom and bedroom is mostly clear, with some minor opaqueness at the bottom. That means that if your suite mate turns on the bathroom light, it will illuminate the entire bedroom. It needs a night shade to prevent waking up the other occupant if the light is turned on (no way to turn on just dim lighting in the bathroom unless you turn on the entire set of bedroom lights first). OK, the pros and cons of the trip. The total experience is amazing. From arrival in Quito, Celebrity is there every step of the way to get you to the hotel, take you on local excursions, and then deliver you to the Galapagos. Totally amazing service. The excursions with the naturalists are exceptional. So much information is provided that it is almost overwhelming. Seeing the wildlife up close and personal is an experience you will never forget. The currents sometimes cloud the water up limiting visibility for snorkeling, but you still get to see some of the underwater life. Wet shoes are a must as several excursions had wet landings (slippery) or wet treks. If using hiking or tennis shoes, a second pair would help. The casual environment means not having to pack formal clothes or anything special. Since luggage is limited to 44 pounds, this certainly helps. We probably took over 1000 photographs and are still sorting them out, so make sure to have plenty of storage. Even the sunsets at night are spectacular. The food is good, but nothing spectacular. A variety of ceviche was common each night, and it was excellent. There is a huge variety of food at the lunch buffet, so even the person with dietary restrictions should find plenty of choices. Service in the evening is via menu, and the staff provides excellent recommendations, and not just pushing a dish. Choices are more limited than big cruise ships, but no one should leave hungry. There were some glitches on the Flora. Weather on the TV in the rooms is for Quito and not the islands. They need to show current conditions where the ship is, and not Quito because it will be 20 degrees cooler there, and the weather is completely different. The sound for the Celebrity presentations was intermittent the first couple of days on the TV (not the other channels, only the Celebrity videos for the Galapagos). Also, the vacuum suction for the toilets quit working a couple of times and the system had to be reset. The pool was closed at first, then opened, then closed again. Not a big deal (use the whirlpool), but it was somewhat surprising for a new ship to still have these problems after six months. One of the best features of the cruise is the staff. I think we saw the Captain every single day, intermingling with the passengers. Amazing! Every single staff member goes out of their way to make sure your needs are met. They get to know you and your requests by the end of the week. The personal touch makes the Celebrity Flora cruise so very special. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Amazing cruise journey

Just finished our cruise on the Solaris, and it was fantastic. The Solaris had professional photographers on our cruise so they should have some great pictures on their website soon. The interior cad photos are accurate. There is a fantastic sun deck. This ship can hold over 20 but they are limited to 16. Suites are big and spacious. Food was great. Changed up the meals throughout the trip. Our guide was very knowledgeable. Very glad we stayed with our reservation. Just on our wat to Peru. Will try to give a better trip report shortly. You will not go wrong with booking this yacht. Source: TripAdvisor

Easy booking, great value for my Galapagos cruise

I booked my Galapagos cruise through Galapatours. I had a great experience and would book through them again. The booking process was easy and quick. The agents and company were very responsive when I was trying to book. The agents were also knowledgeable about the different cruise options, itineraries, and animals you see on each. I did the 8 day Seaman cruise and highly recommend it. The boat was clean, beautiful, spacious, and updated. The staff was attentive and professional. The food was delicious with a great variety at every meal. The cruise went to a variety of islands and we saw a large amount of different animals and landscapes. The itinerary was exactly what we were looking for. I highly recommend this cruise and itinerary. There isn't anything I would change about the cruise and itinerary as our experience was terrific! Source: TripAdvisor

Least expensive cabin on the ship was fantastic

We were booked on the Celebrity Xpedition, at the last minute (actually 3 days before) Celebrity moved us to the brand new Flora, 100 Passengers, all suite ship, Everything was top notch, the room was clean, spacious, with a large balcony with roomy chairs, Bathroom was expansive , beautiful rain shower, double sinks, fresh water dispenser. Dining area was great, good food, excellent service. Some nights you had the option of dining on deck under the stars, that was a lot of fun. All bars were open with drinks included in the fare, in fact everything was included hotel before and after, flights to/from Galapagos, all shore excursions. Speaking of shore excursions, this was not a lay on the beach cruise. You hiked, climbed, walked, swam, snorkeled every day, Beautiful. The tender/landing craft were the best, easy to board, easy to get off even on a lava beach. You got up close to the animals and your naturist guide would explain everything you needed to know. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Calipso Cruise

My husband and I were on the maiden voyage on Calipso August 8-14, 2019. We were in Ecuador for 9 days prior to boarding the ship. We had an awesome time. The boat was brand new (refurbished) and they were still unpacking. The crew was very nice. Two main dive guides at the time. One was excellent the other was safe and all but did not know how to interact with the passengers and was not as good as pointing out sea life as well as the other. He was knowledgeable but lacked in people skills. I reviewed him on their site after our trip. The food was great. Our room was fine. The diving at Wolf and Darwin were the best dives of our lives. The ship was comfortable. I would not hesitate to tell you to check out Calipso. Now that is from my trip in August 2019, I would hope that they have kept up this level of service or have been growing as any new organization would. We had a great group of people on our boat. I believe everyone was very happy. This review is short and sweat, I’m fussy about my dive trips, bottom line, they were fine on the first ever trip with real paying customers in the Galapagos. Source: TripAdvisor

What a way to see the Galapagos

This ship is fabulous. It will be difficult to ever go on another ship...the layout is perfection. Rooms are gorgeous - love the floor to ceiling window that you can open...we never shut ours. The staff is truly incredible. This was a dream trip from start to finish. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Aggessor diving cruise was great

Diving on a live aboard in the Galapagos should be considered to be on everyone's bucket list. I returned here after a decade away. The boat is great and the accommodations are comfortable but not lavish. My son and I had plenty of room for sleeping and storing our clothes. Room care was great. The food was very good. In the top quartile of liveaboards that I have been on. They had great snacks after diving which is always appreciated. Diving is now very restricted so liveaboards cannot dive in the central islands, only the north. The north includes Bartolme, northern Isabella, Fernandina, Wolf, and Darwin. We started out with a couple of days in the Bartolme area which is famous for its view. The diving in that are is full of fish and turtles. Of course, the core of the trip was in Wolf and Darwin. The Wolf conditions were quite harsh and challenging. Even at 60 foot depth, the surge was upwards of 10 feet so it was very hard to hold on. Hammers were in abundance though, so it was worth the effort. The highlight was Darwin. We saw a pair of orcas which came right along side our boat. We saw hundreds of dolphins surrounding the boat. And we got to see whale sharks underwater. And then of course we saw hundreds of hammers above and below us as well as Galapagos sharks and silky sharks. The silkies can be a little scary as they circle you whir waiting for the boat. In general, the water temperatures and visibility are not too bad. The exception are the dive sites on the NW corner of Isabela where it is freezer cold and visibility is very low. Fortunately you see lots of cool things like giant seahorses. The picture I have of the seahorse there is the most popular photp I have every taken. This is just an incredible experience for anyone who likes to dive and loves nature. From the moment you arrive and get on the boat you will have fun. It really does not get any better than this. Source: shorturl.at/noBCK

Trip of a lifetime

We travelled as a family on the TipTop V southern/Eastern cruise for 8 days. It was not cheap, but then no Galapagos cruises are. Nonetheless, it was worth every cent. The crew was kind, responsive and generous. They really spoilt us. They took us to incredible places in which we could do a wide range of activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, walking on the beach and more. Felipe, our guide, was absolutely excellent. We had a lot of fun with him as well as learning so much from his extensive knowledge about the islands. Pablo, the cruise director, always made sure everything was perfect. If your coming to Galápagos for a trip of your life time, we would say from our experience that you couldn’t go wrong with Tip Top V. Source: TripAdvisor

First Class All the Way

For people who are thinking about a Galapagos cruise, I was on the Flora August 11-18 with three nights before and two nights after in Quito, Ecuador. I’m still missing that cruise. Usually I move on a few days after I get home. I have to say it’s my favorite of all time. We were scheduled to sail on the Expedition and that cruise was cancelled a week before we were scheduled to go. We were reassigned to go on Flora. The ship, the whole crew, the naturalists and the fellow passengers were fantastic. The weather was beautiful. The water was too cold for me to go snorkeling but a few people did. It was awesome to see the animals up close and personal. They are not afraid because people don’t hurt them. Some of them were funny. We were treated first class during the whole vacation. The captain and his staff were interactive with us. The hotel director and activities director were almost always visible. On the flight to and from Quito to Baltra, we were treated like we were sitting in first class. I only wish the trip was longer. If you’re still thinking about it, do it. You won’t regret it. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Excellent Tour and Excellent Service

My husband and I toured 4 of the Galápagos Islands on Seaman Journey. The booking process was easy. I was impressed that when I accidentally overpaid, they contacted me immediately to disclose my error and reimbursed me without any problem. The tour itself was wonderful. The food was plentiful, perfectly prepared, and pleasantly diverse. The service was impeccable. I never figured out exactly when they snuck in to make beds and change towels but every day it seemed to be done before the sheets even had a chance to cool down. The tour guide was engaging, knowledgeable, and always watched out for our safety. I would highly recommend this tour without reservations. Source: Galapatours.com

Trip of a lifetime

We booked an 8 day cruise on TipTopV with Babette at Galapatours. It was really the trip of a lifetime. Galapatours were extremely helpful in all aspects of the planning. There was at one point a mix up for which we shared responsibility, but Galapatours ensured it was quickly sorted out and that we were happy. I would not hesitate to book through them again.

Wonderful boat!

The Flora and her crew turn your Galapagos adventure into a luxurious one. The food on board was just what you needed after a long day of excursions on land and in the sea to view the one of a kind wildlife. This is definitely the most comfortable way to see the Galapagos islands. Source: shorturl.at/hlxJT

Fantastic 8 days Galapagos on the Golondrina booked by Thomas from Galapatours

We booked an 8 days boat tour of the Golondrina (15 tourists and 8 crew members boat) for our family of 8 (4 adults, 4 boys ages 9-12) from July 12, 2019 to July 19, 2019 with Thomas Richmond from Galapatours. We booked in May 2019 so it was kind of late planning on our part but everything went smoothly and Thomas and Andino were prompt and very helpful, even returning our calls and emails on the weekend. We had a wonderful time on the Golondrina. Everything was easy and was as expected. The crew picked us up at the airport. We booked our own airlines as we were coming from Machu Picchu and Lima, Peru through Quito. We went on a wonderful adventure of the Galapagos on the Golondrina with its fantastic crew for 8 days, hiking and snorkeling everyday and seeing amazing landscape and animals and the kids learned so much and it was great healthy living. The ocean can be rough at night as the boat traveled for 5-6 hours across miles to get to the next island destination but you can't control the ocean and we were deep asleep after all the exercises every day anyway. Kids had no problem with any part of the trip and participated in the hiking and snorkeling in the middle of the ocean fine. We brought our own wetsuits for the kids. All the crew on our boat were fantastic. The other 7 passengers on our boat were 3 adults from Washington state, 2 from Texas, and 2 from Switzerland, and they were friendly, well-educated, fit, and engaging. At the end of our 8 days tour, the tour guide walked us to the correct bus transport at the airport (the only way to do it: bus for 5 minutes, ferry across, then taxi to town), to get into Santa Cruz town as we were staying on this main island for extra days (must do as the town is wonderful!). From the first time I emailed Thomas at Galapatours, he emailed me back and called me right away and he presented me with boat options and all the information was there to make the boat decision. I paid by credit card and everything was set and we just showed up at the airport in Baltra and the crew took care of us from there, as in the itinerary. The 8 days boat tour is the way to see the Galapagos, as most islands are far apart and boat can travel at night. As it is, we only saw the Eastern part of the Galapagos archipelago, but we saw all the animals as expected, so maybe we were very lucky (saw humpback whales too). Next time, we will do another 8 days to see the Western side and we will use Galapatours to book our trip!

Grand and Majestic Galapagos

From July 11 through July 22, 2019, my wife and I sailed aboard the Grand Majestic in the Galapagos Islands. We booked this trip through Galapatours and their agent, Thomas Richmond. In booking our trip, Mr. Richmond answered all of our questions and made sure our flights from Quito to Baltra and our return from San Cristobal to Quito were properly and timely booked. He made certain that we aware of the things we needed to do in preparation at our end. Someone met us at the Quito airport to help us through the check-in process and two people met us at Baltra to get us through the entry process onto the Galapagos and to our boat. The trip was aboard an eight cabin, 16 guest yacht that was almost brand new. The crew was always there to make sure we were safe and comfortable and got to see and do as much as possible. The food was excellent with numerous choices at every meal. It is hard to say whether the best part of the trip were our multiple snorkeling adventures (where we saw and swam with sea turtles, marine iguanas, sea lions, multiple tropical fish, rays, star fish) or the information we received from our extremely knowledgeable naturalists (Gabi and James) on our many guided walks. We cannot recommend Galapatours, Mr. Richmond or The Grand Majestic any more highly. It was a great trip.

service from organization to implementation was impeccable, excellent!

We finally had our cruise to Galapagos Island in July 2019 for 1 week. Organization by Galapatours (Andino Garcin) , and implementation by the crew of the Grand Majestic cruise (own by RoyalGalapagos) was simply impeccable, excellent! Andino was very supportive, patient and friendly, you won’t be disappointed with his service. The cruise 9 crew members + the guide were fantastic, smiling and friendly all the time. Food and service was excellent as well as the room service. I highly recommend the 2 companies.

Great diving experience

The Aggressor III sails from Baltra, which is a small island located north of Santa Cruz. We were greeted at Baltra airport by Walter and Ruben who would be our dive guides for the week. The yacht was anchored a short drive from the airport. The dive deck was clean and spacious. It has 2 fresh water showers for after dives, separate rinse tanks for cameras, storage area under each divers' station for your dive equipments and sufficient space for all divers to kit up at the same time. Adjacent to the dive deck, there are camera tables, battery charging stations, warm towels and tea/ coffee making facility. Very handy for some of the shorter surface intervals. There is a library of books, DVDs and Blu-rays in the air-conditioned lounge. There are Galapagos wildlife and marine ID reference books which were very helpful. The guest rooms are sufficient but not luxurious in terms of space. The rooms and toilets are clean, hot water shower works and beds were comfortable. Our large suitcases were stored elsewhere on the boat and there is a small wardrobe in the room for clothes etc. Basic toiletries, robes, bath and hand towels, drinking water bottle were provided. The crew leave chocolates and biscuits in our room everyday! There are fresh fruit juice, cereals, muesli and fruits that you can help yourself to for breakfast. Pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs are available as well. Lunch comprise of a starter, a selection of local and international dishes served buffet style and dessert. Dinner is a sit-down 3 course affair, starter, main and dessert. Some of the highlights were a BBQ, roast turkey, grilled slipper lobster and some popular Ecuadorian dishes. There are light snacks and warm drinks after each dive. The food were delicious and the portions generous. There are fresh fruits, chocolates, candies and various snacks available in the lounge at all times. Did I mention that sodas, beer and wine are available at no extra cost? Each diver was issued a dive flag, air horn and ENOS GPS diver locator. There are 2 dive guides for all 15 of us on this trip. One guide would lead and the other follow at the end. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive at first but there was not one dive where I felt unsafe. When we surfaced after each dive, the panga was never far. Most of the 9 men crew would always be on deck to help us get in and out of the pangas and help with our cameras and equipments. Both our guides, Walter and Ruben were attentive and were always ready to answer any questions we may have. All crew were very knowledgeable of the area and are the friendliest and warmest lot i've met on a liveaboard so far. Some of the best dives we had on this trip were at Wolf Island, Cabo Marshall and Punta Vicenta Roca. There were a lot of hammerheads and galapagos sharks at Wolf and Cabo Marshall. We saw lots of mantas, eagle rays, large schools of salemas, barracudas, sea lions, seahorses and white tip sharks at Cabo Marshall as well. There were a few mola molas, red lipped batfish, galapagos bumphead sharks, marble rays, sea lions and cormorants at Punta Vicente Roca. I really liked Aggressor II's itinerary and felt each day's diving was better than the last. 2 land trips were included in the trip as well. One of the big plus diving with Aggressor in Galapagos is you get 35kg allowance for check in luggage for your domestic flight to Galapagos. Aerogal only allow 23kg per passenger. Overall, my friends and I were very satisfied and would not hesitate to dive with Aggressor again. Total dives: 21 Water temp: 17 – 26C Recommended for: Experienced divers with 100+ dives or more Dive conditions: Mainly drift dives, blue water safety stop Nitrox highly recommended Source: shorturl.at/noBCK

A wonderful time on board the Darwin

Dear Babett We had a wonderful and very exciting time on board the Darwin. Thanks again for the good organisation in advance! The crew was attentive, the food was always fresh and well cooked. The choice was large for every menu considering that all this was prepared in a very small kitchen. Our guide gave us a plenty of information about nature and wildlife on the Galapagos. As soon as someone got seasick, the crew took care of them very well. Our cabins were small, but always clean (freshly cleaned every day). We also think it was great that each cabin had its own small bathroom. On deck there was enough space to stay and relax. All in all a wonderful time, which ended much too fast. But we will remember it for a long time to come. Best regards Tanja

Glorious days aboard the Millenium

luxurious and well designed living and deck space, good food, chemistry worked amongst 16 aboard, excellent guide which is super important, and energetic programme of daily activities with time off moving between islands and stopping points.

Wonderful cruise

We were very grateful to Thomas for organising our Galapagos cruise on La Pinta at very late notice. We had a super cruise, the boat, food and staff were all excellent. We were very impressed with Galapatours!


Wir verbrachten traumhafte 8 Tage auf der Darwin. Das Essen wurde immer frisch zubereitet und schmeckte fantastisch. Die Kabinen sind klein, aber man hat ein eigenes Bad. Der Guide war sehr lustig und wusste viel zu erzählen (Wiliam/Leo).

BEST platform for arranging Galapagos cruise with fantastic customer support!

After a long search on several German and international Websites for arranging my Galapagos Tour with the family, I always got back to GALAPATOURS.COM, it just was the most up to date, extensive and best priced offering of cruise ships for a Galapagos Tour. The team is very knowledgeable and gives just in time information on their life chat. Babett was super fast in addressing all our needs and was available also on weekends and holidays to make sure that the reservations were confirmed. We booked the 8 day west tour on ANGELITO and we are excited to experience it this summer. A big THANK YOU to Babett and Benno (CEO) of Galapatours.com Sandro

Fantastic Journey with Endemic

My son and I had a wonderful time! The accommodations, the sites we visited, the weather, the guides, the food – everything was first class and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend your cruise to anyone. As a matter of fact, I have given your name to a person who is looking to give her husband a surprise trip for his birthday. Our guide, Enrique, was excellent and the nature walks with him were full of information. He was very charismatic and handled his job with fun as well as professionalism. I honestly cannot think of a constructive recommendation. Everything was first class. Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

Great time on the Angelito

6 of us toured the Galapagos for 8 days on the Angelito & had a great time. We hiked & snorkeled daily. It was a very active trip. Our guide,Rosie, was very good—enthusiastic & knowledgeable. We definitely would recommend cruising on the Angelito.

Darwin Kreuzfahrt 5Tage/4Nächte

Wir hatten eine wunderbare und sehr erlebnisreise Zeit auf der Darwin. Abholung im Hafen von Puerto Ayora war kein Problem, da wir unseren Aufenthalt vorverlängert haben. Die Crew war aufmerksam, wir wurden immer frisch und gut bekocht. Die Auswahl war bei jedem Menü gross und man bedenkt, dass dies alles in einer sehr kleinen Küche zubereitet wurde. Unser Guide hat uns viele spannende Informationen über die Natur und das Leben auf den Galapagos weitergegeben. Sobald jemand z.B. Seekrank wurde haben sich alle wahnsinnig gut um einem gekümmert. Unsere Kajüten waren klein, jedoch immer sauber (jeden Tag frisch geputzt). Super fanden wir auch, dass jede Kajüte ein eigenes kleines Bad hatte. An Deck gab es genug Platz zum verweilen und die Seele baumeln zu lassen. Einfaches Schiff, wer jedoch kein Luxus braucht ist hier genau richtig! :-)

Une expérience inoubliable pour toute la famille

"On s'est bien amusés sur le Nemo III ! Le groupe et le rythme du voyage étaient parfaits pour notre jeune famille. L'équipage était formidable et a contribué à rendre le voyage intéressant et excitant pour nos enfants. Notre guide a fait en sorte que les randonnées soient agréables pour toute la famille et que le voyage soit un événement vraiment mémorable pour tous."

Trip of a lifetime

Everything was absolutely wonderful!! Rumy was amazing! His knowledge was fantastic and he has excellent stories and presents so well. His dedication to the park is clear and obvious. His passion was appreciated and amazing! The crew was friendly and worked so hard to make our trip meaningful. They are all top notch! We couldnt have asked for anything better. Their humor is terrific and they joined into the fun of our craziness! The food, the service, and all was amazing!! Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise


Grace aux subtiles conseils de Galapatour, nous avons fait le choix le plus proches de nos rêves. Avec la chance d'avoir vécu de très belles choses, je suis malheureusement exigeant (trop). Notre séjour sur le bateau Passion, nous avons atteint des sommets qu'il être difficile de détrôner. Confort, petites attentions de l'équipage, festins à répétition, alcool à prix normal, chambre avec bain, marbre et boiserie sont modernes et de bon goût. Les îles visitées dépassent l'entendement et surtout dans le respect des animaux. Vous vous trouverez dans des zoo inversé grandeur nature avec des animaux en liberté et vous "en cage". Parfait. Chaque jour des visites différentes et des plongées (masque tuba) avec un équipement remis par le personnel. Le grand luxe. Le seul défaut sera de trouver mieux l'année prochaine. Merci Galapatours !

A truly memorable event for everyone!

We had a lot of fun on the Nemo III! The group and the pace of the trip were perfect for our young family. The crew was great and helped keep the trip interesting and exciting for our kids. Our guide kept the hikes engaging for our entire family and make the trip a truly memorable event for everyone.

Music on the boat

What a great experience! The crew were professional and helpful, the chef prepared incredible meals, Enrique our guide was very knowledgeable and professional, and everyone treated us wonderfully. The boat is fantastic. Nice, large spaces, amenities, and a very pleasant travel environment. Would highly recommend this boat, crew, and guide. Would like to come back for another tour! Thank you for a great experience. Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

Une aventure FANTASTIQUE !

Quel voyage inoubliable ! Mon guide, Rual, connaissait très bien tous les oiseaux, les animaux et l'histoire des îles. Le terrain que nous avons parcouru était plus difficile que ce à quoi je m'attendais. Beaucoup d'escalade sur de hauts rochers escarpés avec des surfaces irrégulières était la norme. Bien que je n'aie pas participé au snorkeling, d'autres l'ont fait et ont pris beaucoup de belles photos sous-marines. J'ai vu les tortues géantes, les fous à pattes bleues et à pattes rouges, les formations volcaniques et d'autres animaux que l'on trouve uniquement sur certaines îles. 7 jours - 6 nuits, c'était juste la durée parfaite. Merci pour votre aide et votre patience dans la planification de cette grande aventure ! Judy

Un Voyage incroyable !

Les Galapagos ont été incroyables ! Les meilleures vacances que j'aie jamais eues. Tout était si bien coordonné et les membres de l'équipage ont fait un travail extraordinaire. Mon partenaire et moi avons eu la plus belle première expérience de vacances ensemble. Luis, notre hôte sur le bateau, était extrêmement énergique et très divertissant. Les guides, Victor et Enrique, étaient aussi fabuleux. Leur expérience de l'histoire et de la science des Galapagos était incroyable. Toutes les îles que nous avons visitées étaient formidables. Les vues les plus spectaculaires que nous ayons jamais vues. Notre île préférée était l'île Rabida où le sable était rouge en raison de sa teneur élevée en fer. Mon partenaire, qui ne sait pas nager, était impatient de sauter dans l'océan clair pour faire de la plongée avec tuba ! Avec l'aide d'un gilet de sauvetage, bien sûr. Les autres membres de l'équipage qui ont piloté les zodiacs ont également fait preuve d'une grande vigilance en veillant à ce que le groupe reste ensemble dans l'océan. Nous avons eu l'occasion de faire de la plongée avec tuba et de nager avec des tortues de mer, des otaries, des requins, de magnifiques poissons colorés, et même un pingouin ! Merci de votre aide pour la réservation de ces vacances magiques ! Le seul regret que j'ai, c'est de ne pas être restée plus longtemps !

amazing experience

Galapagos islands are the most beautiful place I have ever visit in my life in terms of nature. We spent 5 days in the NEMO III catamaran and it was truly fantastic. We can only say good things about it. As for activities, snorkeling was the best part of it. We recommend to anyone who love nature to visit this place.

Extraordinary cruise experience

Crew and guide extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Captain even started up engines and followed Orca's so we could see them. It was really extxraordinary. Everything was above and beyond expetations. Source: Andean Travel Company

Amazing from start to finish

I had a wonderful time thank you. Am totally exhausted!! I got to see the boobies dance and swim above hammerheads, amazing. Every sea lion was a joy and the birds were all awe inspiring. The boat and the crew were excellent and I was stoked I got such a lovely, and big, room. To whoever….thank you! Dina was a fabulous host, and a great front person. Everyone was very impressed with her, backed up by a super crew. I was also very lucky to have a really nice group of people on the trip too. Just chance but I feel very fortunate. Thank you again for making this such a special and memorable trip. It will bring me pleasure forever. Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

Greatest trip ever

I did an 8 day/7 night cruise on the new trimaran Camilla. I went in with very high expectations and this trip exceeded them. Starting with Tom who helped me book the best cruise for my interests, to Jhosellyn (naturalist guide) who was incredibly knowledgeable about the flora, fauna, geology, and even astronomy (and a lot of fun!), and the Captain of the boat who did everything possible to give us even more opportunities to explore these incredible islands. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who has this on their bucket list -- it was better than I could have imagined. Source: https://bit.ly/2X3Ovdd

This was a great cruise

Crew and guide extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Captain even started up engines and followed Orca's so we could see them. It was really extraordinary. Everything was above and beyond expectations. Source: Andean Travel Company

Thanks for this great cruise

Thanks to the captain for the extra effort to get closer to the Orca's! We will never forget this experience. Source: Andean Travel Company

Great journey aboard the Solaris

Special thanks to the captain for watching the Orca's. Great Experience! Source: Andean Travel Company

Unforgettable experience

Thanks to the captain for the extra effort to get closer to the Orca's! We will never forget this experience. Source: Andean Travel Company

Great Experience!

Special thanks to the captain for watching the Orca's. Great Experience! Source: Andean Travel Company

Great Experience!

Ruley was excellent. He was even better once i got to know him & his real life experience. HE TRULY WANTED TO MAKE OUR EXPERIENCE GREAT. Cabins were clean all day. Loved the warm towels after snorkeling. Pablo was good & responsive. He was so good. Food really good. Hapoy chef was great. Loved pango drivers Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

Amazing experience onboard!

Amazing experience onboard. Crew were cool. Daniel was so enthusiastic and made seeing the same animals fresh and new every time. It was fun meeting new people, and I always felt welcome onboard. I love the towel animals. Thanks to the chef for AMAZING food and vor his accomodation when I had an upset stomach. ¡VIVA ENDEMIC! Soruce: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

Absolutely amazing week on the Camila

My wife and I recently got home from a 'bucket list' trip to the Galapagos. We decided it was a once in a lifetime trip and we wanted to do it 'right'. We had never spent this much money for a week trip, and we are happy to say: IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. We loved the Camila. It's Galapatours` newest boat and was in great shape. Our stateroom with king bed and balcony was almost as big as our bedroom at home. The bathroom was huge, with double sinks, and a wonderful shower with lots of hot water. We only had 12 passengers on our cruise and we were served by 12 staff/crew. Like how often do you get a 1 to 1 ratio on a cruise? Cudos to our Nature Guide/Cruise Guide Daniel and our cruise host Deena. You are both incredible people and we LOVED your customer service ethic. You took care of every need. Deena, a special thanks for our romantic dinner! It is a memorable night! Food was wonderful. Got to snorkel all but one day. Safety is job one. We loved our fellow cruisers who have become lifelong friends. Source: https://bit.ly/2X3Ovdd

It was fabulous in every way!!!

Hi Babett! It was fabulous in every way!!! The cruise itself was top notch - GREAT boat, staff, food, fellow passengers, etc. The guide was amazingly knowledgeable and patient and kept us very busy. We did 4-5 activities each day in two different locations. Lots of snorkeling in great spots, seeing rays (even a manta), sharks, penguins, sea lions, eels, lots of turtles, and a billion fish. It seemed like we saw slightly different things at each snorkeling and hiking location. The boat was beautiful and the stateroom with balcony was even nicer than expected. The boat could have accommodated twice as many passengers comfortably - lots of open deck space. I can’t recommend the boat highly enough. And diving in Puerto Ayora was great! Academy Bay Diving ended up putting me in a boat with Albatross Diving (next door) since only a a couple of us signed up, which was fine. I got lucky on the first day of diving at N Seymore - blue skies, calm and warm water, and sharks, rays and eels... even some hammerheads! Since the two dives were so good - and based on other diver’s reviews of current conditions at Gordon Rocks - I decided not to dive a second day. If you ever need a recommendation for a hotel in Puerto Ayora, we suggest La Isla. It’s less than a year old, very nice and priced well for how nice it is. The owners are very nice and helpful. I really appreciate your help and tips! You helped make this the perfect vacation!!!! Thank you! Donna

Unforgettable experience

Having travelled the world, ive been with many agencies and many tour groups, public and private. However, i can safely say this has been the best trip of my life. The crew was amazing and so accommodating for my mothers diet, and for my spanish practice. All the members of the crew helped me with this, i could not have asked for more. Best service, food and atmosphere ive seen in a long time. Ive loved every moment. I would like to highlight the guide, barman and chef for their help with spanish, their extreme talent at what they do and their great attitudes. Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

Celebrity Xpedition Galapagos Cruise

Our eight day/seven night cruise on the Celebrity Xpedition exceeded our expectations. We took the outer loop cruise, visiting eight islands during our 520 mile cruise. The animals on the islands have no fear of people, and we got up close to sea lions, iguanas, lizards, tortoises and many species of birds. The M/V Xpedition was very comfortable, with lots of lounge and social space, the food was good, and the staff and crew were friendly and helpful. Alcohol and gratuities were included in the tour price. No one got sick from either food or motion. The anchor, which probably wakes everyone on the ship when it goes down, was never dropped before 6:20 am, about when we were getting up anyway. There were four Zodiac RIBs, each carrying 16 passengers, to get us on and off shore, and the drivers were good at making wet and dry landings go as smoothly as possible, sometimes in challenging conditions. There were two different excursions (long and short) each morning and afternoon, which split the 100 passengers on the ship into two groups, and reduced wait times for loading the Zodiacs. When we landed, the people in each Zodiac stayed together as a small group, with its own naturalist. The naturalists were very knowledgeable, spoke excellent English, and were attentive to the needs of their group. Snorkeling gear (fins, mask, snorkel and wet suit) was in good condition, although opportunities to snorkel, and the variety of animals and plants to be seen, were somewhat limited (but we did swim with three sea turtles!). Procedures for arriving in Baltra to start the cruise, and leaving at the end, involved a lot of lining up and waiting, some of it outside in the sun, but Celebrity did what they could to make things bearable. The included day in Quito before the cruise was interesting and worthwhile. The Galapagos Islands are an incredible destination, and Celebrity did an outstanding job of making sure we had a good time while we enjoyed them. Our visit to the Galapagos Islands was a fantastic experience. Source: https://bit.ly/32FjCyW

Galapagos was Fabulous!

Babett - Our Galapagos was fabulous! The yacht Crew, the yacht, everything We experienced were ALL Excellent! So glad we found you and you made our trip happen! Thank you! Best regards, Ron & Cheryl

Great experience with all aspects of the trip.

Great experience with all aspects of the trip. The naturalist, Daniel Sanchez, was friendly, nice, interesting, fun and very knowledgeable. The crew, including cruise director Xavier, were all professional, polite, kind and enjoyable. Special thanks to Chef Daniel and Bartender Paul, the food was perfect and the post excursion snacks were welcomed treats! The Endemic is a lovely boat, spacious, clean (thank you Victoria), and well appointed. The meals and amenities were fantastic as was the attention to detail. And a special shout out to the captain and the panga drivers-excellent job. The wet suits were great but there was not a snorkeling mask that fit me well, hence a good vs. an excellent rating. Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

Amazing cruise journey aboard the Endemic

We presented a unique set of dietary challenges and the chef did a marvelous job! Similarly, Ruly needed to gauge his presentations to a group of varied ages and backgrounds. He, too, did a great job. His passion for the Galapagos and his encouragement for us to stay involved added to the educational value of his commentary. Xavier was the consummate professional and was always ready to help even before we asked. Pablo, Cesar and the entire crew made the trip a pleasure. The only suggestion i might make is to find a way for the guide to communicate with both pangas. This caused some frustration. But Ruly made all work. Thanks for a great experience! Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

This is a trip of a lifetime!

I did some extensive research before choosing the best ship and itinerary for the Galapagos Islands before I booked with Xpedition. I had somehow read reviews of the Inner Loop itinerary but not so many about the outer loop one so thats why I am posting a review. I think this is a trip that you should do at least once in your lifetime! We chose the outer loop itinerary since this goes to the islands that naturalists consider as the top ones: Espanola, Isabela, Fernandinha and we did a day tour to North Seymour as well by ourselves to complete the list. We only booked the cruise portion with Celebrity and arrived a day before to Baltra, where we took the gigant turtle tour to el Chato (worth going) and also went to Darwin Center (which is just ok). Now let me tell you this is an increible ship with an increbile crew, very experienced naturalists and the lady in charge Bitinia is at the top of the game here, no wonder why they have received so many awards for small expedition cruising. The food is top quality in my opinion, and they offer a dining experience under the stars as an alternative to the normal dinner as well, which includes grilled meat fish and chicken. The rooms are excellent as well, we booked the cheapest rooms I guess but the only difference with rooms which were a thousand dollars more expensive was the size of the windows. Now, for the itinerary itself: - It will let you explore some of the favorite islands according to experts - The difference with the inner loop itinerary is that here you get the chance to see albatross while in the other itinerary you can see frigate birds a bit closer - We arrived a day before and went to North Seymour, the island where you actually see frigate birds a bit closer on our last day (when the ppl on board took the tour to the highlands to see turtles) so we feel we saw all the top islands and animals. We did the highlands on the day we arrived. - If you are interested in penguins I would choose this itinerary since most of them live in the west coast of Isabela and Fernandinha island - My favorite places: Espanola Island, Isabela Island: Punta Vicente Roca (i think its better than Bartolome), Post Office Bay, South Plazas - My least favorite place: asides from snorkeling in Champion island, Gardner bay and Punta Vicente Roca there was another place where they took us where it was just ok and I would avoid doing the snorkel there, I cant recall the name but its skippable (the snorkel experiences worth doing are the ones mentioned above) - Best snorkel: punta vicente roca (dont miss) You will have options for short and long walks and for advanced or basic snorkeling so there is an option for everyone. You will meet people and make friends. The naturalists are exceptional! This is a trip of a lifetime! Source: https://bit.ly/2XVYtBU

Amazing trip, a once in a lifetime experience

I had an amazing trip, a once in a lifetime experience. The crew and guide were professional, helpful, kind, and efficient. The warm towels were the highlight of arriving back on board following snorkeling. The food was delicious – and copious! The island experiences were spectaculor – we saw everything on the top 10 list. I enjoyed the program change to see the giant tourtises and reccommend adding that to the itinerary. The kayaking was fun but would rather spend time with the wildlife rather than heading back to the boat. Overall, it was the best experience and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you! Source: https://www.goldengalapagoscruises.com/reviews-galapagos-cruise

First rate!

Adam and I sincerely enjoyed our Galapagos holiday – the ship was perfect and the other travellers were great as well. The guide and crew were also wonderful. Your service and attentiveness was also first rate. Thank you for helping make this part of our holiday so enjoyable.

Great from A to Z

Everything was great from A to Z, fantastic crew, wonderful captain, awesome guide, amazing food! You can definitely recommend it, while not as luxury in the cabins than in probably other modern boats, we feel we are in a real boat, not a floating lounge. And the crew made cabins always clean and welcoming. And last but not least: Galapagos and all the birds, lézards, scenic...a new location each day, each one more amazing than another, after a comfortable sailing. Tx-:)!

The best liveaboard I have been on so far

Dive guides are exceptionally outstanding, very knowledgeable and professional. They take care of the needs of every single one diver in the group, including the one who has special needs. Even when we were out on excursion on the second to last day, they had special arrangement for the panga and bus just for that one diver. Choice of food was diverse and fantastic, not boring at all. It's the best liveaboard I have been on so far. Source: shorturl.at/noBCK

Amazing from start to finish

This was our second visit to Galapagos, we were last there 12 years ago on a small boat with 16 guests and a naturalist who had been in the job too long and really spoilt it for us. So this time we decided to risk a bigger ship in the hope of a better range of naturalists and facilities. We hoped that the islands had not been spoilt in 12 years. We were not disappointed and we need not have worried - if anything the islands are even better protected than before. We have sailed with Silver Sea before but this was our first expedition trip and it is a winning combination of Silver Sea excellence with well organised, wall to wall activities with experienced and well trained guides, which make the most of the amazing Galapagos islands. The other guests were all of like minds to us, very keen to see the islands, very polite and engaging and a delight to sail with. You never felt as if there were 95 people on any of the trips or activities - they spaced us all out well and we still had that individual experience. The ship was everything you would expect from Silver Sea, just smaller. An executive chef who prepared the most amazing food and was humble in his approach, to the extent that he would serve you from the salad and ice cream bar if no-one else was there to do so. His ceviche class was so packed with guests even he looked surprised, but it was a reflection of the respect we all had for him and his cooking. Meal times were entertained by the wonderful Alfredo who played the keyboard but sounded as if he had a 30 piece orchestra behind him. The expedition leader Javier was calm but authoritative with a great sense of humour and you felt totally safe at all times, whether walking, deep sea snorkelling or kayaking. Jorge the professional photographer gave a great talk on taking wildlife pictures which I found very helpful indeed and he prepared an fantastic video and selection of photos which were available to buy at the end of the trip - well worth it. The naturalist guides are all free lance and there is no doubt that Silver Sea engage the best. They were funny, knowledgeable and made you feel on every occasion as if this was the first time they had seen every creature they talked to you about. They came snorkelling with us, swimming down and pointing things out. (The other) Javier and Martine in particular were a delight. The staff and crew on board ship were polite, friendly and eager to help. Lolita on reception was so helpful and arranged a cake for my husband's birthday and came snorkeling with us one day and was brilliant. The butlers were discrete but always there. The bar staff (Carlos particularly) remembered your drinks order, the dining room staff were always smiling and friendly and the zodiac drivers very professional and you had complete faith in them to ensure you safely returned, no matter what the weather. Such was the attention to safety that one day I had twisted my life jacket and the guide noticed, slowed the zodiac engine immediately and sorted it straight away. The captain was always smiling and very down to earth - sometimes you would see him walking through the ship in his overalls, from checking up in the engine room. You are given your own back pack and water bottle (yours to keep), wet suit, snorkell, flippers and a bag with your cabin number on to put them in - so less to pack. If you were not a confident snorkeller they gave lessons and arranged assistance Overall, an amazing experience - if I have not mentioned everyone it is because there is not enough room! I would also encourage anyone visiting to spend some time in Ecuador which is the most beautiful and friendly country. We did seven days in the Andes visiting rose farms, inca sights, beautiful mountains and the lovely city of Cuenca. It is also worth remembering that every season in Galapagos is different. If you go at this time of year the islands will be bare but you can see the finches etc much more easily and the birds are starting to breed. If you go in May then the vegetation is lush but there are apparently lots of bugs. It is important to do your research in terms of what you want to see. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Trip of a lifetime

Fabulous trip on Endeavour II with National Geographic. Great naturalists, excellent food, lots of activities. Ship holds about 96 passengers - nice size. But some random travel pointers for those of you who like tips: Get a room on the 3rd floor -- you're closer to the lounge and the doorway/platform for loading people onto zodiacs (the little boats), and you're in between the dining room (below) and the library (above). The ship provides water bottles and continual fresh water. Be prepared to get up early every day (including the day you arrive to get on the ship) -- activities are typically early morning and late afternoon. The ship is very air-conditioned; you'll want long sleeves or sweaters inside. For outside, expect to wear a lot of sunscreen or long sleeve shirts even if it's hot. I didn't use my sleeveless shirts at all, and everyone wore long pants most of the time. The guides help you get in and out of zodiacs, but getting off a zodiac onto an island can be tricky. If you don't have the best balance, be sure to ask for a lot of help. If you're told the walk is not on a level surface, the ship has walking sticks - grab one for support. Even though it felt like I was bringing a lot of shoes, I found that having water shoes, flip flops, waterproof sandals like Tevas, and sneakers was helpful. For those who aren't trying for professional photographs, our point-and-click camera was dandy, and the Droid and I-phone pics were fine too. (You can get very close to most animals.) The ship offers a lot of snorkeling, so if you love fish, bring a little waterproof camera. The ship provides a slide show/video of what you saw (or might have missed) at the end of the trip that's quite nice. On our trip, the group was mostly couples, average age was 60-65, with maybe 6 people under 40. If you go as a couple, it's easy to do separate activities (say, one of you wants to do deep sea snorkeling and the other wants to just swim or snorkel a little from the beach). Source: https://bit.ly/2OcV3Gs

Superb cruise experience

Superb in every way possible. We chose this yacht based on the reputation of the guides. We were referred by two Cambridge scholars who set a very high bar indeed. Our guide went above our already high expectations for the natural history content and his educational background, however we were equaled delighted with the comfort, safety (we even got a tour of the spotless engine room) and cuisine provided each day. Very memorable trip that we would even consider repeating. Source: Ship operator

Just Back from Celebrity Xpedition Inner Loop Tour

If you're looking at the Galapagos then you understand you are paying for access to one of the most remote and extraordinary places in the world. The Xpedition is NOT a high-end luxury cruise ship - it is an EXPEDITION class ship, so understand the difference and manage your expectations. It is however all-inclusive, extremely comfortable and has a crew that is phenomenal. Having just returned from this trip I can honestly say I'm extremely glad I did tons of research before booking--my family believe we chose the best trip for us. Be sure you understand the level of physical activity required---its really HOT, and humid, and you need good balance and mobility to deal with many stairs, getting on/off moving zodiacs, and hikes on various types of terrain including large, uneven lava rocks and sand. We were especially glad we chose one of the largest ships cruising the Galapagos--my husband and I got motion sickness as did many other passengers - I didn't believe it would be a problem on such a large ship, supposedly in the calmest season--WRONG. Consider getting a patch before you leave and head off any problems. Dr. Mary, the onboard physician, was great in visiting my room and providing fast-acting medication and advice: avoid alcohol, and drink lots of juice, water and soft drinks. PACK LIGHT! Our family of four each took only rollaboards and were able to keep our luggage with us instead of turning it in the night before departure in Quito and upon return on Sunday. The Laundry charges on the Xpedition are incredibly reasonable---$1 for a pair of socks and $2-3 for a shirt ,pants or shorts. Back the next day or same day with a surcharge. Total charge for all four of us for the week, less than $100--totally worth it! I'd recommend three pairs of lightweight pants with zip-off legs, t-shirts and lightweight long-sleeve shirts with UV protection. STAY AWAY FROM RED/PINK AND ORANGE clothing for excursions---some wasps are attracted to these colors! Some people changed to nicer clothes for dinner (khaki pants/polo shirts for men and capris or sundresses for women) We did not and did not feel out of place. Teva or Keen closed-toe water sandals are perfect, but if you're more comfortable with traditional hiking boots for difficult/uneven terrain, then wear water sandals for wet landings and change once onshore. The Xpedition supplies large brown towels in your cabin for snorkeling and beach activities. Do consider packing one-way snorkels if you plan on enjoying the opportunity - choppy water can quickly make you sick if you swallow too much saltwater. Recommend 2 bathing suits as putting on a wet one is difficult - Celebrity provides regular snorkels, fins, masks, wetsuits and float vests if you desire. Yes the ocean feels cold but once you're in the water the wetsuits provide excellent buoyancy and warmth--I'm very cold-blooded and I was fine. Deep water snorkeling requires good swimming skills and the crew frowns on float vests in these instances. Know your limits! The sun on the equator is unbelievably intense---take a wide-brim hat with a chin-strap you can tighten (its windy!), 2 pairs of polarized sunglasses (in case you lose or break one), water-resistant high SPF sunblock and apply it regularly, ditto sunblock for your lips. SPF 60 sunblock at the Quito Marriott was $26, and SPF 80 sunblock was $20 at the Quito airport--pick some up before your flight to Baltra. The Xpedition has a VERY limited shop onboard, mostly hats, sunblock and clothing---pack carefully since you might not visit a town until the end of your tour. Biodegradable shampoo/conditioner/body wash and bars of soap are supplied in all cabins of the Xpedition, as are cotton balls/cotton swabs, sewing kit and bath/hand towels and wash cloths. One nice terry robe and two pairs of terry slippers in our clothes closet Also necessities: Bug spray with DEET, lightweight rain poncho, and I'd recommend a small, lightweight headlamp for watching the numerous animals which are active at night around the boat (sharks, sea lions, turtles, fish, birds, etc) A Monocular (as opposed to binoculars---the ones in each room aren't that great and its much easier to focus one eye on a moving ship or zodiac than two) underwater video/still shot camera for snorkeling, small backpack for taking stuff on daily walks/excursions. At least one pair of socks to wear with boots provided for tree-planting and tortoise ranch. Can't say enough about the Xpedition's crew: their level of customer service is simply outstanding--its essentially 'whatever you want, whenever you want' There were at least 8 choices (each) of appetizer/starters, mains/entrees and desserts each night for dinner---most were very good with a few misses. Red and white wine offered with dinner but the wait staff would bring you a cocktail , champagne, soft drink/iced tea or whatever you desired. Its important to keep in mind that you are 800 MILES from the coast where much of the ship's supplies are coming from--remember this if you feel something isn't quite 5 star quality. Make a reservation to tour the bridge (interesting) and to dine under the stars at least one night for dinner, and don't miss the daily briefing before dinner where you will learn about the next days' activities and excursions and sign up for your choice. TV in the rooms offered 4 movie channels (not on-demand) and several Galapagos documentaries on a loop - the latter were excellent and added to our experience. Board games were also available in the lounge - WiFi is dreadfully slow and you should just expect to be without it for the duration while at sea/out of port. My husband got me a one-hour massage for my birthday which was fantastic - and a bargain at $90 (plus discretionary tip) Work-out room is very small, but hot tub on top deck is good size and popular! We liked our Junior Suite Cabin - which offered a full-size (NOT Queen) bed and twin-size sofa bed which was also very comfortable - nice linens and the air con sufficiently cooled the room. We LOVED our private balcony which allowed us to sit outside in the morning with coffee or at night under the endless stars on display. Would've been nice to have a coffee maker in the room but it was available from 6 am on each morning on the aft deck, just a few steps away from our room. Nice small mini-fridge which was stocked with various soft drinks and water. A small plate of sliced fresh fruits showed up in our room after the morning excursions, and a few small amuse-bouche-size appetizers appeared in the afternoon. A bottle of champagne the day of arrival and another bottle of cabernet sauvignon later in the week. Wonderful Ecuadorian chocolates on our pillows every night with turn-down service. Source: https://bit.ly/2GDzb0X

Diving cruise with Aggressor III

Firstly, a representative greeted each passenger at the Guayaquil airport - which is very helpful! My Spanish is terrible, and Ecuador isn't Mexico - not nearly enough tourism or economic overlap to bridge the language divide here. (It's not impossible, but Guayaquil is not like big American tourist towns.) From there we were herded over to the small plane, reserved as a group, to take us to Isla San Cristobal. I could go into tons of detail about the port town - Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - but suffice to say it was clean, quiet in its own little bustling way, and very pleasant. The Aggressor yacht was about what I expected, nothing more or less - roomy dive-deck where we all set up our rigs for the week, with stowage areas for gear, a smallish camera table with some shelves and a compressed air gun by the main cabin door, and an enclosed battery-charging station/closet with multiple US-style outlets. The cabins were decently sized, with comfy bunks and enclosed shelving for personal items, clean bathrooms and lots of air conditioning. The main lounge was a little tight but very comfy, with videos, books and plenty of dry snack & candies. The crew clearly knew little English, but were very helpful and friendly. The food was what I expected from my liveaboard experiences - excellent and filling. I won't go into a dive-by-dive description, but an overview: The waters are temperate, which some might say means "cold", but actually in the middle; about 65-75F, depending on currents & thermoclines. The last day at Punta Vicente Roca was the coldest, at about 60F or so; most people were cold in their 5mil suits with no hoods, but I wore a 7mil and a hooded vest underneath as I like to stay warm for the whole week - which I recommend. Better to be a little warm at first, since you'll do a lot of diving and will get progressively colder. Temperate water also usually means poorer visibility, which ranged from 60' on a good day to about 15' (at Isla Wolf - which also thrashed us with powerful surge). We didn't hit any massive currents, like I've experienced at Cocos, but it can happen anywhere so bring strong legs and strong fins. All diving is done from Zodiacs, so gear is doffed before hauling yourself out of the water - which can take a few tries, to the amusement of everyone.  It's Adventure Diving all around, which is what I liked best about it. As for wildlife, we saw pretty much everything you would hope to see (though photography proved very challenging and frustrating due to aforementioned conditions). Whalesharks, Galapagos sharks, hammerhead schools, marine iguanas, penguins, massive mola mola, seahorses, Galapagos horned sharks, sea lions, stingrays, eagle rays, batfish, sea turtles like an infestation, orcas, octopus, & almost every other fish imaginable. Even some pea-sized nudibranchs. It's one of the most jam-packed, vibrant areas I've seen, much to its reputation. My "overall value" rating is less than perfect simply because it's very expensive and more logistically involved than most other destinations. Also, as a native California-coast diver who has dived the Channel Islands, Mexico, Cocos and the Revillagigedos, the topography and conditions presented by the Galapagos are frankly nothing new. Still awesome, but nothing new; I feel that land-locked or tropical dwelling folks will get the most benefit and enjoyment from this region. I doubt I would return unless I wasn’t paying for it, but not because of the boat, crew, fellow divers or Ecuadoreans – the waters and topography are just too similar to my local area to justify the expense a second time. Source: shorturl.at/noBCK

Unterm Strich eine schöne Reise

Die Crew war genial aber das Schiff und das Essen waren "nur" in Ordnung. Quelle: https://is.gd/ppPG7h


Easy and comfortable way of travelling in Galapagos. Very high score because of the local guide. He´s knowledge of Galapagos, birds, animals and everything about Galapagos was excellent. Review from: https://is.gd/ppPG7h

Great Travel Guests and Crew!

As a semi-surprise birthday trip my husband 'planned' this trip to the Galapagos Islands since it was a dream trip of mine for many decades. We had cruised with Silversea before so we knew traveling with them would be an added bonus! The other guests were delightful and since the ship has only 100 passengers, we got to know most of them! The crew was friendly, knowledgeable and fun, too! The guides are from the Galapagos Islands National Park Guide Service and they rotate around the cruise ships - I don't know how we got all the best guides but we did! :) Knowledgeable and fun. The day trips were always informative and interesting. The animals steal the show and rightfully so! We could go on and on about the sea lions and the boobie birds, other birds, iguanas, other flora and fauna - which vary from island to island. So much to take in! Wonderful trip!!!!! This cruise had no formal nights - which was nice since we had a lot of other items to pack for the expedition cruise. Bonus: We loved having wet suits and snorkeling gear provided for us -- no need to pack that!! (We swam with sea lions and sharks! And saw amazing schools of fish, starfish, rays, etc!!!!!) It is a busy day each day as they try to make the most of your trip and everything is so top notch. We did sit out one activity on one day as there was just too much going on and we needed a bit of a break. With that said - some of the island hikes were way to slow paced. You DO always need to be mindful of your footing - it's just the roughness of the islands - rocks and boulders and such. You need the proper shoes for you own best outcome! (They also provided walking sticks for those who needed them!) But we are used to hiking and moving about more. We DID appreciate they took into account everyone's abilities and I do think that might have been part of the issue. We did enjoy many times, the ability to just stand and enjoy the animals and scenery--that's why we came! The tortoises were show stoppers!!!! Loved seeing them in their natural habitat and at the preserve! The food was great! We loved the local food sourcing!!! The chef made sure there was different offerings and all were tasty! The piano man - Alfred- was fun. The butlers marvelous....great folks all around! Pre-cruise and post-cruise hotels they booked were EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! This was an added bonus - so many times the pre and post cruise parts are nice but these were EXCELLENT, especially our hotel in Guayaquil. We appreciated the half-day room. The amenities were really over the top! If you are wondering if you should go the answer is easy; it's: YES!!! Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Wonderful boat and journey

“Our friends recommended INTEGRITY quite highly. Now we know why. The service was impeccable. The yacht was spacious and comfortable, and the crew outstanding”. Source: ship operator


We just returned from the trip of a lifetime on the National Geographic Islander (Lindblad), and since there aren’t too many recent reviews of this ship I thought I’d post a detailed one. So please excuse the length. If you don’t want to read it all, the short version is: UTTERLY FANTASTIC! A bit of background as to why we chose the Islander. My husband is an academic, and is quite knowledgeable about evolution and biology. He wanted to be sure that the quality of the naturalists and the information provided would be as strong as possible, and we had heard rave reviews about this aspect of the NG tours (this proved correct). We are not “cruise people”, and wanted something very low-key and not fancy. We also wanted a mid-sized boat. The Islander (we had 44 passengers on board, from all over the world) fit the bill. Admittedly it was more expensive than other ships, but we felt it would be worth it, and we were not disappointed. We didn’t much care which itinerary we went on, since we didn’t have anything specific we felt we had to see (other than what we knew we’d see anywhere) so we were fine with their wait-and-see policy. Since my husband is not a strong swimmer, we also wanted something that would give us options for each outing in case he didn’t want to snorkel. Long before the trip we were sent lots of information about what to pack, and about the ship and the Galapagos. Shortly before we were to leave we received a packet with luggage tags, description of the process for meeting and getting to the ship, the final itinerary, and other details. The organization of everything was impeccable from start to finish. Everything was included except our transatlantic plane fare and alcoholic drinks and sundries on board. And gratuities at the end, which you could add to your boat tab and pay with credit card if desired (the recommended amount was $180 per person, which was divided among the staff). The trip began with our non-stop flight from NYC to Guayaquil. We arrived 3 hours late due to weather issues in NYC, but there was someone waiting for us with a sign just outside of the baggage claim area. The van took us to the Guayaquil Hilton Colon (you can read my review on TripAdvisor – it was not a great hotel) where a Lindblad rep met us and gave us details about meeting the next morning to get to the ship. Baggage was to be left outside the room quite early, and was transported to the airport. The passengers met in the lobby and took a bus to the airport, were ushered through check-in, and boarded an hour and a half flight to San Cristobal, where we then took another short bus ride to the dock. We had about half an hour there, and this was our first experience of the real Galapagos. Sea lions lounged on the benches and the walkways, as well as the rocks by the ocean. They barely noticed the presence of the humans as we came close to take pictures. We were psyched and ready to go! We then took the first of our many panga (or zodiac) rides on a short trip to the Islander, where we were met with warmth and enthusiasm by the staff. Our luggage was waiting for us in our rooms, and we had a brief time to dump our hand luggage and go to the lounge for our first orientation. We were very lucky to have chosen a room on the top deck (406) with its own little glassed in “porch” area with a lounge chair, a small table, and two chairs, as well as numerous hooks on the wall for hanging our snorkeling gear, etc. The room itself was small but incredibly well designed, with a great deal of storage space, more than we needed. There was a ledge along one wall, with a small lip so nothing could fall off, a pitcher of water, two water bottles, two glasses, an outlet (we brought a surge protector with 3 outlets and two USB ports, which came in handy). Inside the closet was a built-in box with a lock, where we kept our passports and cash. There are no locks on the room doors, which was never a problem. The bathroom was extremely small but also very well-designed, with ledges and wire baskets for holding toiletries, and hooks for hanging toiletry bags. Towels were replaced several times a day. There were dispensers on the wall with shampoo, shower gel, and body lotion, and a large bottle of hair conditioner - and they were good products. I’m fussy, so had brought my own, but ended up using theirs. There was also a wall-mounted hair dryer which worked beautifully. I think the only room on the ship which was larger and had a larger bathroom was the suite at the front of the top level; the rooms on the lower levels were the same size, just without the porch area. I think there were one or two triples, which were also larger. We really enjoyed having the outside area both for lounging and for the extra space, but would have done fine without it. Everyone said you don’t spend much time in your room, and that was pretty true. You can find good pictures, including panoramic ones, on the Cruise Critic website. We had them make up the two singles as a queen; there was enough room to walk around the bed, and it was extremely comfortable. We all joked about taking the comforters home with us! Orientations were in the lounge, a lovely large room with big windows, couches and chairs. Cocktail hour was here as well, and there were usually snacks available. Also a soda machine, espresso machine, and a small fridge for beer (honor system sign-up). Vanessa, the expedition leader, gave us our daily recaps, next day orientations, and other information here. Vanessa was amazing – cheerful, warm, funny, responsive, and especially wonderful with the children on board. We had about 6 kids under 12 and about 6 teens, all of whom were delightful and a joy to be around. They really added to the fun of the trip with their excitement, their questions, and their energy. I won’t go into detail here about all the amazing things we saw – wildlife, sea life, geological formations, etc. – but do want to add a word about the 3 naturalists on board: Enrique, Gianna, and Jonathan. All are natives of the Galapagos, and their love of the islands shines. They were incredibly well-informed – there was never a question they couldn’t answer – but more importantly they were fun to be with. They each had their own unique senses of humor, were unfailingly cheerful and responsive, and never made anyone feel silly or stupid for asking a question. How they do this so well week after week amazes me – their excitement felt like it was brand new, and it was contagious. They were patient with my husband who wasn’t that confident a swimmer; they encouraged him to keep trying the snorkeling and never made him feel bad when he wanted to quit. Most days we had at least 3 different outings, one of which was usually snorkeling. Often there was a choice of snorkeling from the panga in deep water or off of the beach. Several days there was an option to either kayak or paddle-board instead of snorkeling or instead of a panga ride. There was always at least one hike, sometimes with wet landings and sometimes with dry ones (which usually meant getting out onto rocks). Everything was perfectly organized and ran like a clock. I should say that the snorkel gear they provided was in great shape – like new, and in every conceivable size. No one had a problem with it. I brought my own full length skin to wear under the shorty wet suit, since I tend to get cold. The water ranged from about 65 to 72 degrees, and with the wet suit didn’t feel cold at all. They provide a mesh bag with your room number on it for all the gear, and there are hangers on either side of the ship to store them – one side for even numbered rooms, one for odd. There are hoses to rinse things off, and even a small electric wringer for bathing suits, which helped the drying. One thing about being on the ship is that things didn’t dry very well. I had thought I’d do hand laundry but gave that up quickly (more about that later). You could always hang things on the sky deck in the sun, and we could hang bathing suits on our porch in the sun, but most other things stayed a bit damp. The wet suits, however, did dry out. Food. There was a lot of it! I have to say, though, that the food was the least good thing about the trip, though it was perfectly fine and often excellent. It’s just that everything else was A+, and I’d give the food a B+, with the occasional A. Breakfast and lunch were buffet, most dinners were sit-down served meals, with choices made that morning (usually a fish, meat, or vegetarian option at each meal). Wine or beer were extra, and they had good options. Desserts were quite good – one, the passionfruit mousse, was fabulous. There were a few buffet dinners – the Ecuadorian feast, and the sky deck barbecue (that was my favorite). Meals were all at large tables of 6 or 8, with open seating, which encouraged everyone to get to know each other and the staff. Weather. It was surprisingly cool. I had expected, and prepared for, blistering heat, but we had many overcast days which were nevertheless quite bright and comfortable. I was glad I had thrown a few long sleeved shirts into my pack at the last minute. Also, the air conditioning on the ship was very strong – several times we asked them to turn it up to make it a bit warmer in the public areas. The bedrooms all had their own individual controls. We kept it off during the day, turned it on before we went to bed, and it was cool in seconds. Although the forecast I had checked before we left called for rain each day, as per people’s comments on this forum, that was totally inaccurate, and it never rained. Vanessa gave us advice about what to wear for each outing in the pre-dinner briefings. Packing. The one thing I would have liked to have brought is a small plug-in night light. Once the sun sets around 6pm it’s pitch black, and when the ship lights are turned off it’s very dark in the room. It would have been nice to have something dim to light the way to the bathroom without having to turn on the full bathroom light. We did laundry several times during the trip – they provided a bag, and if you left it on your door in the morning it was back before night (we spent a total of about $130 for the trip, a lot, and we could have managed without it). Most people, including us, wore quick-dry pants or shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and a hoodie, fleece or light jacket over that. We were extremely diligent about using SPF50 sunscreen and had no sunburn problems. Binoculars were useful, sunglasses were a must. I never wore the hat I brought, and my husband only wore a baseball cap. We didn’t bring a whole lot, and could have done with less. I brought one sun dress, wore it a few evenings just for a change, but was the only one who did. As far as shoes go, we were surprised that the rule we had read about of taking off shoes after leaving the panga wasn’t even mentioned. I brought sneakers, tevas, and flipflops, and that was perfect. The sneakers for dry landings, the tevas for wet landings, and the flipflops for walking around the ship. My husband kept his shoes on in the ship. One note about the transatlantic flight: I was concerned about the LATAM carry-on requirements, which were slightly different from the US carriers, but no one ever checked either size or weight. Photography. One of the naturalists, Jonathan, was also a photography specialist, and for those who were into it, he offered one–on-one help and advice as well as having a few group sessions. Unfortunately we’re not camera pros, but I know we would have appreciated his expertise if we were. We did buy an inexpensive underwater camera that was fun for using while snorkeling. Otherwise we used our iPhones. There was a videographer on board, Ashley, who chronicled our entire voyage and provided a DVD at the end (which we had to pay for – a minor gripe - considering the cost of the entire trip you’d think they’d give it to us for free, but whatever….) A note about seasickness. We had none. I put on a patch before we got on board just in case, but found the side effects (dry mouth and sore throat) too bothersome. I took it off and was just fine. We could definitely feel the ship rock, but found it soothing. I slept better on board than I have in a long time. It has taken a few days of being off the ship to get back my land legs; for a while if I closed my eyes I still felt as if I was rocking. Not a bad feeling though. As far as I could tell, no one on board had a problem, and I only spied one patch. Maybe we were a hearty lot! So a quick note about what we saw: sea lions galore and of all sizes, fur seals, iguanas (land and sea and one very rare hybrid), lava lizards, sea turtles, every conceivable kind of fish, rays, sharks, starfish, all 3 kinds of boobies (nazca, red-footed and blue footed) including red-footed boobies nesting with eggs and in a few cases with just-born chicks, pelicans, galapagos penguins, flamingoes, galapagos owls (rare), hawks, giant tortoises, finches, galapagos mockingbirds, galapagos doves, frigate birds, swallowtail gulls, albatrosses, herons, scorpions, and the skeleton of a sperm whale. All up close and personal – these animals and birds have no fear of people. And that doesn’t even mention the giant cacti, the incense trees, the lava tunnels and lava-covered island we hiked, or the post office barrel (one of the most charming customs I’ve encountered). Source: https://bit.ly/2SzLv7a

Awesome & Memorable Experience!

If you're looking for the lounging around cruise where you're just laying out by the pool and stuffing your face with quantity and not quality...this is not the cruise! This one is definitely an Expedition Type where there are several hiking and nature walks around several islands. At times, you feel as though you're seeing the same stuff...."You've seen one booby...you've seen them all"! However, overall the educational experience as well as seeing animals SO CLOSE in the nature is simply amazing! Like the animals are not even afraid of humans - Definitely like you're visiting THEIR home. Although rather expensive, SilverSea does an excellent job for the value. Food quality was very good with all the premium liquor on board too - nice touch! Transportation and shuttles both arriving and departing were excellent and well organized. Great experience for our 10yr old that I'm sure he will never forget! Great personalized service and excellent cruise staff members. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Greatest cruise ever

I just got back from the Galapagos with my family (National Geographic Endeavor) and can't stop thinking about our trip! Photos and reviews are nothing like being there. It's impossible to review the experience with words. One thing I will say, as we were leaving to come home, my (15 year old) daughter said "This vacation was so different from the others we have taken. All of our trips to different beaches are now blending together in my mind - it's difficult to remember what we did in Turks & Caicos, versus Grand Cayman, Bermuda, the Bahamas, etc. For the most part, we just sat on different beaches, went snorkeling and swam at the hotel pools. This trips was SO different, and I will never forget it. This was the best vacation!!" Source: https://bit.ly/2JWYpIl

Best trip ever

The trip was exceptional. I loved it and hope I can go back. I learned so much and it was breathtaking. That itinerary, boat, crew, and naturalist were all amazing. For your part, you and everything your organized were perfect. You made everything so easy for us. The entire trip went off without a hitch. We never had to worry about anything because there was always someone there to meet us/help us/guide us/drive us. We enjoyed both of the Quito tours. Catherine, our guide, was terrific and very knowledgeable. Also, the Cumbaya day, during our layover, was lovely and I appreciate that wonderful suggestion. We went for a walk in the ecological park and then had a delicious farewell dinner. My heartfelt thanks again. Everyone appreciated all you did for us. Source: goo.gl/BX4bdH

Trip of a lifetime

This was our second trip aboard the Integrity in 5 years. This time did the opposite route and we brought friends who like us were so impressed with this yacht, crew and guide! WOW- like a luxury hotel & university course all in one. Source: ship operator

Trip report: Queen Beatriz

ITINERARY: Quito - Baltra - Santa Cruz - Isabella - Floreana - Santa Cruz (Puerto Ayora) - Espanola - San Cristobal (Punta Pitt, Kicker Rock, Isla los Lobos, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) - Quito. THE EXCURSIONS: Honestly, with the exception of the handover days, the excursions were, hands down, stellar. Intrepid/Peregrine seem to run a 14-day cycle, with stops in either San Cristobal or Santa Cruz every 4 days (to accommodate those people on a "five-day" tour). On those days, you're shuttled through yet another tortoise breeding center, and left with free time to "explore". In Puerto Ayora, that free time is quite nice. On San Cristobal, it was boring as heck. Every other excursion was great. We got lucky and saw pretty much every single creature you're supposed to see on the Galapagos with the exception of hammerheads. Most days, you're doing three or four things (sometimes more)...often two snorkels and two land-based treks. Nothing is physically strenuous--in fact, you almost wish for more (especially given how much you're eating). It takes 2 hours, sometimes, to walk 3/4 of a kilometer. That said, it's often because you're watching frigate birds steal food from a tropicbird, red-footed boobies watching their eggs. Be prepared that the southern ocean is actually quite cold. The boat provides wet suits, snorkels, masks, and fins, and most of us needed the wet suits. All of the equipment was in good condition (though some of the wet suits looked a little old). THE BOAT: Incredible. I'm not sure why, but I didn't expect how well-run everything was. The crew worked constantly. Our room was cleaned twice a day. There were fresh towels in our room almost always, and fresh towels any time we finished snorkeling. The boat was super clean. It had just been out of service for a month to be refurbished, so all the public spaces felt very new. THE SAILS and SEASICKNESS: The long sails happen at night (one of the benefits of being on a boat-based tour...This saves a lot of time and lets you do a lot more). As for seasickness: Let's be honest. You're on a small catamaran in the middle of the ocean. The "gentle" sails are still rough unless this is something you're used to. And the rough sails--essentially anything heading south, as well as the sail from Espanola to San Cristobal--are tough. We had scopolamine patches, which I'd highly recommend. They, plus some ginger pills, worked like a charm on all but the roughest of sails. THE FOOD: Also incredible. There are two (!!) chefs on the boat, and they seem to be constantly whipping up something. You have three very full meals a day, plus two snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and on New Year's Eve, we had a full turkey, carved tableside. Also, the barman makes a mean caipirinha. Source: https://bit.ly/2UzjsER

Loved every detail about this yacht

Loved every detail about this yacht- We selected it for several reason. My very nervous traveling companion researched the safety record- impeccable for this company, the high educational qualifications required for their guides and the yacht is fully stabilized too. All cabins were bigger and had large picture windows, very spacious salon and even a jacuzzi too! We were surprised by all the amenities provided, including a wet suit fitting before we boarded to make sure everyone had a perfect fit- how thoughtful. Source: ship operator

Very beautiful cruise with everything you can wish for

Just came back from a fantastic five week trip to South America. We (sister and myself, early 20s) completed a fantastic eight day / seven night cruise of the Galapagos Islands with Aida Maria. When researching our trip to the Galápagos, there were not many recent reviews of boats. Our criteria for the trip was based on dates, cost and itinerary. The Aida Maria met those criteria, so we hoped for the best and booked our 8 day/7 night cruise over Christmas. The boat was well maintained and our cabin was clean, but a little small. There was little room for luggage, so pack lightly! We were fortunate in that we had a main deck room and could open a window. I believe the rooms lower deck were noisier and smelt of fuel due to their location near the engine. We used the common outdoor areas when navigating between islands, but there were also seats indoors to use during free time. Food was plentiful and tasty, though simple. Had seafood at least one meal everyday, with lots of fruit, rice and salads on the side. Breakfast was generally eggs, cereal, toast and fruit. They made a special effort Christmas Eve with a whole Turkey for dinner. Impressive when you saw the size of the kitchen! We covered the northern, central and southern islands of Galápagos in our cruise. We saw lots of birds and most land animals. Snorkelling was a little disappointing due to poor clarity and not a lot of fish, but as Australians we have been fortunate with some excellent snorkelling experiences in the Great Barrier Reef. Most days we did two land based trips and two snorkelling trips. The boat had two pangas so all 16 passengers on board could get to the island in one trip. Land based trips generally didn't consist of long walks, but rather short meanders on the beach, with our guide stopping to tell us about the animals, history, or plants. The boats itineraries were all well organised so landing sights / walks / snorkelling sights were not overrun with tourists. Due to the large distances between islands, we were often navigating at night. The boat was reasonably small and rocked a lot when moving. If you suffer from sea sickness, ensure you pack medication. The crew didn't speak much English, but they were very attentive. Our guide was informative and helpful. Overall we had a fantastic trip. We both felt that 8 days was just the right length - any shorter and you feel as if you have missed seeing lots, but any more than 8 days in a boat would have been a little too long for us! We also both felt that a boat trip was the way to see the Galapagos islands. The distances between islands is large and by cruising, you maximise the time available on islands to see the flora and fauna. Source: goo.gl/yzaW6J

Aktiver, als erwartet

Die Kreuzfahrt war etwas aktiver gestaltet, als erwartet. Ich empfehle die Reise gerne weiter aber die Passagiere sollten fit sein. Quelle: https://is.gd/CAJSq6

Stunning sailing aboard the Mary Anne

Hanging out for a berth in Mary Anne was well worth it. The food, guide and management of the shore-trips, snorkelling etc. were all first-class. The only very slight niggle was on the first, searingly hot day, after a very early start from Quito, it felt as though we were trailling round the Darwin Centre largely to eat up time until the ship was ready for embarkation - very understandable on a changeover day, but we were all exhausted by the time we did get on board. Source: goo.gl/G1HGb6

A well organised trip

I felt it was incredibly well organised, all the communication with us was clear and gave great information leading up to our Galapagos adventure. Once we got there all the staff were so welcoming and informative. Review from: https://is.gd/CAJSq6

Galapagos student trip

I have been lucky enough to visit the Galapagos many times, mostly when taking student groups. It used to be some 8 or 9 years ago that I could take them on a 2.5 week tour, do the Amazon jungle, Andes and even a week-long cruise on the Galapagos. However, in recent years, the week-long cruises have become so expensive that my students simply could no longer afford such a trip. Sure, you could do a half-week cruise instead, but apart from the still hefty price tag, the dirty secret of those cruises is that you can't venture out far from the inner islands and those site can be visited much more cheaply with day-trip boats. So lately, I have been combining Ecuador and the jungle with a mostly land-based Galapagos experience. We stay in Puerto Ayora in a budget accomodation, visit the Sana Cruz Highlands and Tortoise Reserve, visit the Charles Darwin Station and enjoy the wonderful Tortuga Bay beach (in walking distance from Puerto Ayora). We also do a day or two of volunteer work for the Darwin Station or National Park and take day cruises to Bartolome, North Seymour and/or Plazas- all great visits that you also get when you book a long cruise. We top this off with a three day trip to Isabela Islands where we hike/ride up Volcano Sierra Negra (a highlight of the trip), snorkel and so forth. Needless to say, the students are having fun (even though they have to give talks, write a term paper etc.- after all, it's for university credit). review from https://goo.gl/zWbwwK

All in all a great trip

I liked the way we were treated by the staff and the trip was a good experience but very expensive when considering the value of the South African rand against the dollar. R13 to $1. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that we would be equipped with a wet suit that phones could be charged in the cabin. (I had not expected that) and that walking sticks were available on the boat for land hikes. Two have zodiacs closely monitoring the snorkelling was also very comforting. I appreciated that! The Guide was EXCELLENT, very responsible and considerate. Everything was well organised. The information supplied was very informative but erred on the side of being too generic. I did not need to have had : a yellow fever injection as I came via Europe. I did not need to have an extra towel, I did not need to buy water purification tablets I did not need a torch All this was superflous stuff. The cabin was comfortable but we had problems with the water in the bathroom. We were unable to flush the loo on the second day and for the last two days we had no water in the basin or in the shower apart from the barest trickle. The handle fell off the drawer of my companion but it was attended to expeditiously. the food was good although we did not know what we were eating especially the fish dishes. Review from: https://is.gd/1mWCpE

Needs improvement but we had a great time

The boat does need some cosmetic touch-ups but saying that the staff and the food on the boat was superb. Review from: https://is.gd/rbYniF

An amazing experience

The itinerary provided the opportunity to see almost all the organisms I wanted to see with the exception of albatrosses and penguins which were unavailable at this time of year. Secondly the guide and crew of the Monserrat were outstanding in that all were dedicated to our safety and provided us with amazing experiences. Review from: https://is.gd/cy41oP

Terrific cruise! Snorkeling with sea lions and penguins is amazing!

I cannot say enough great things about this cruise! This was a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list trip for us. As there are so many other places in the world to see, we do not intend a repeat visit, but if we were to do so, we would definitely choose Silversea. Once you are on the ship, all food, drink, and excursions are included: no hidden fees. The guests are all pleasant and respectful, and it was a blast getting to know many of them over the course of the week. The dozen or so teens and tweens on the ship did not become overtly restless and rambunctious until the last day. This is an itinerary centered on moderately vigorous physical activity, often early in the morning to avoid the equatorial heat. There are excursions each morning, then back to the ship for lunch, then another late each afternoon. There are no repeats. This is NOT a leisure cruise with froofy drinks beside a pool, and huge buffets at every meal. There are 100 passengers, all wearing hiking clothes, wide-brimmed hats with or without neck capes, or bathing suits and wetsuits (the latter provided by the ship in all manner of different sizes) during the daytime. Hat is absolutely necessary, but the restraint cord for one's glasses, heavily stressed in the materials received ahead of time, were not. It was my first time wearing long hiking trousers in hot weather, and I was astonished how comfortable they actually were: saved a LOT of sunscreen! Would definitely recommend. Dinner garb is primarily golf shirts, long trousers, and TopSiders for men, although a few did wear Madras shirts, dress shirts and/or blazer. Women could wear similar, or a dressier flowered top-plus-skirt, or sundress. You definitely do need a light cover-up if dining at the outdoor grille, or enjoying a cocktail in the bar, as the latter is so air-conditioned as to be freezing cold. Except for a few celebrating birthdays or anniversaries, there was no "dressing up." Dinner with the crew on the next-to-last night was wonderful: we learned tons from the crewmember at our table, the Chief Engineer. Food selections are very somewhat limited by availability, so there was, unsurprisingly, a lot of seafood. Everything was very well prepared, and portions were not "over-the-top." There are always multiple small desserts from which to choose. We got to know one waiter very quickly, and he would bring us our preferred beverages promptly. We met the chef, who is young, very nice, and very careful. Salads and desserts at lunch are at a buffet, but you do order your sandwich or other entree from a menu. Much of breakfast is buffet. The outside dining grille fills up quickly, so reservations are strongly suggested if you wish to eat there. Service up there can also be quite slow. There is cappuccino and espresso available at the bar all day, if a bartender is there, and can be served with your room service breakfast, which we definitely recommend before an early excursion. The broiled peaches offered at breakfast are to die for: do NOT pass these up! Watermelon was also good. Snorkeling was offered each day but the last, and was amazing! Cavorting with juvenile sea lions, having a flotilla of small penguins zip by, seeing schools and schools of fish, dozens of slow-moving sea turtles beneath you: all quite wonderful. The coral is not as colorful as in the Caribbean, but the schools of fish were often larger than we have seen. One can use snorkel equipment supplied by the ship, or bring your own. There is a room with exercise equipment on the upper deck, with a wall of windows offering a spectacular view, but we did not use it during the week. As were other reviewers, I was very apprehensive about the Zodiacs, which are used for EVERYTHING: the main ship never docks at all. I very quickly appreciated how sturdy they were. 10-14 travelers sit on very firm pontoons on the sides, which rise to comfortable sitting height. On occasion, the seats are damp, but that was the exception rather than the rule. There is always a guide, and a motorman (not being sexist: they WERE all male) in each Zodiac. One boards them by walking down a moderately-steep but manageable flight of stairs off the side of the ship, then the guide and two additional crew help you in and out of the Zodiac. They are very shallow, which was wonderful for some of our lagoon excursions, and shore landings. In the latter, you spin around and slide off the pontoon into about 1 foot of water. We wore Keen and Merrell open sandals with toe-guards, and they worked splendidly. The Zodiacs can move pretty quickly, so cinching your hat under your chin is definitely recommended. Your main luggage is taken to and from the ship on a separate inflatable barge. Significantly mobility-impaired guests would have significant challenges with this itinerary. The official guides have a wide range of personalities and styles, and all but the youngest were very knowledgeable. By luck of the draw, you generally get a different guide with each excursion, which provides different perspectives, expertise, and senses of humor. If you are privileged to travel with Ernesto, you will have a marvelous excursion! Jason was exuberant and incredibly patient with an inquisitive tween one afternoon, who could easily have annoyed a different guide. The preview talks the evening before are uniformly informative. Daytime presentations vary in content, length, and focus. Everyone speaks English well, but is also happy to chat with you in Spanish, if you prefer. The extemporaneous star chat one night, and night view of sharks and sea lions surrounding the ship on two others, were unexpected and truly wonderful bonuses. Most of the islands are barren volcanic cinder cones, which look very stark. However, the guides are terrific at pointing out the wildlife that is there, including flamingos, boobies, lava lizards, iguanas, rays, sea lions, plus the few species of shrub. The inland excursion to see the giant tortoises was amazing, and more lush. One can easily get to the allowed 6' from snoozing sea lions, or tortoises munching on guavas. Totally amazing! We brought insect repellant packets, and only used a single one. There are no trash cans or rest room facilities along the way on the majority of islands, and the guides were vigilant about trash, straying from the trail, etc. You are provided with your own backpack and water bottle to use throughout the trip, which were right-sized. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Ecotourism in style and comfort!

While we would agree with the vast majority of travelers who describe a visit to the Galapagos as a “trip of a lifetime” that should be on everyone’s bucket list given the incredible opportunities to discover what is essentially a showcase for remarkable and unique examples of geology and evolutionary biology, our idea of a relaxing and recreational holiday from work has never included adjectives such as “rustic,” a characterization we came across too frequently while looking into the possibilities for this destination. Acknowledging that our camping days were firmly behind us, our research led us to consider the larger “luxury class” cruise offerings based on their available amenities and services, as well as the perceived stability and creature comforts of the larger vessels. We chose Silversea not only because of their stellar reputation for quality and service, but most especially because of the simple, seamless, all-inclusive booking options they offered. Christian at Silversea efficiently arranged our reservations, including all the logistics of air travel, ground transportation, and hotel stays before and after the cruise, with just one stress-free call and one fee. With the exception of the elective purchase of the video DVD and photo CD ($150 and worth every penny) made to document our expedition by Jorge the onboard videographer, along with nominal laundry charges, all beverages (alcohol, specialty coffee, etc., and not just with meals), Wi-Fi (perfectly adequate for email and messaging apps), and gratuities were included. Our flight from our home airport had one domestic stop, and from there we flew direct to Quito where we were met in the airport by a member of the Abercrombie and Kent team, the local travel representatives of Silversea. Once all our bags were retrieved, we boarded a shuttle bus to the Marriott hotel, about 45 minutes away. At the hotel, a separate express check-in table had been set up for us along with some welcome beverages. We were given our room keys and printed information about our stay in Quito (see images), all of which thankfully took only minutes since it was late and everyone was exhausted. Although Silversea, through A&K, included a complimentary evening tour of Quito on our full day there, we opted for one of the additional and reasonably priced tours. Following the included breakfast buffet at the hotel, we met our guide, David, a clearly enthusiastic young man eager to proudly show off his city and share a bit of its culture. In fact, though we signed up for a three hour tour, he tailored our excursion to our interests (see this article for some of the ideas we suggested to him: https://www.cntraveler.com/story/why-you-should-visit-quito-ecuador) and actually spent 5 hours with us. Charmingly, he taught us some Kichwa-derived Ecuadorian slang (achachai, meaning cold as in “brrr”, and arrarrai, meaning burning hot), which we would later use to the bemusement of our naturalist guides while snorkeling and hiking. Finally, David dropped us off at one of his favorite local restaurants for authentic Ecuadorian cuisine. The following morning required an extremely early start to catch our flight to the Galapagos (the plane made a brief stop in Guayaquil). A slightly more limited breakfast buffet was included prior to departing the hotel. Upon landing at the San Cristobal airport, we were met by our naturalist guides. They assisted us onto buses that took us to the pier while our main luggage was loaded separately for delivery directly to the staterooms. After allowing some time to roam the small port town, we then took Zodiacs from the pier to the Silver Galapagos along with our carry-on bags. We were greeted aboard with a glass of champagne and then shown to our staterooms. For more detail about life aboard Silver Galapagos as well as the daily schedule, please see the images of the “Chronicles” delivered to our room each day. With regard to expectations for the Galapagos, I would highly recommend reading the book, Galapagos: The Islands That Changed the World, by Paul D. Stewart and/or viewing the companion BBC-produced documentary narrated by Tilda Swinton (available on Netflix and on DVD/Blu-ray). A little advance working knowledge will go a long way toward an appreciation for what you may see while touring, and you will be better prepared to take advantage of all the experience and wisdom that the guides possess and are so willing to share. We met and had wonderful conversations with so many genuinely nice, friendly people aboard this cruise, and remain so grateful for the shared experience. Dining: Our excellent servers, Eduardo, Jhon, Carlos, and Roberto, quickly got to know our names and preferences. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet in The Restaurant each morning, featuring a wide variety of choices. Lunch each day at The Grill was a highlight, offering a different grilled fish and other grilled meat (chicken, beef), as well as pasta and pizza choices. There was also a daily soup, ceviche, and Chef’s station, featuring an Ecuadorian specialty prepared by Chef David. Other than one evening when we enjoyed the Grill for a hot lava rocks meal, we ate all our other dinners at the Restaurant, where we were always surprised and pleased by the variety (see images of menus). Of the 94 guests aboard, from the US, Mexico, China, Germany, England, Scotland, France, Israel, Australia, and even Texas [ ; ) ], we encountered only one person disappointed with the Ecuadorian-centric menus, but he readily admitted he had not done his research before booking the trip and therefore had different expectations. For our part, we thought the food was terrific. Miscellaneous tips: the advice on lightweight quick dying clothes and shoes should be heeded; full length rash-guards or thicker hydroskins beneath the provided 2. 5mm shorty wetsuits are a good idea especially if you may be sensitive to jellyfish stings, and may add a bit of additional warmth (the water temperature varied widely, but in any case we were saying “achachai” after about an hour). Alfredo, our pianist/keyboardist, was very entertaining during lunch at The Grill and in the evening at the piano bar. Ask him if he knows any Disney tunes. A quick word about return travel: we left the Galapagos through the Baltra airport, a larger facility with more amenities than found in San Cristobal, but just as easy to pass through. We were met at the Guayaquil airport and taken to the Oro Verde hotel where again an express check-in process had been set up. We had full use of the room to shower, change, and/or nap, with time also for dinner on your own. At the appointed time, we were then shuttled back to the airport and expertly guided through the crowded and confusing baggage-checking process. Even after the trip was basically over, Silversea, through their A&K representatives, cared enough about their guests to make sure we all made a hassle-free departure from Ecuador. Thank you Silversea! Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Best trip ever

Chartering the INTEGRITY was the best trip our family has ever had- period! The cruise with our outstanding naturalist was perfect for everyone from my 79 year old father to my 10 year old twins. We debated over the trip cost until we really did our research- we got MORE than what we paid for- worth every dollar spent! Source: ship operator

We had an amazing time!

We used Galapatours for a trip in April 2018 and found them to be very helpful. Both Tom and Babett were responsive and always available if we had questions. We booked somewhat last minute, and they were amazing at helping to find a boat that fit our requirements, organizing flights and coordinating all the details. We just returned from our trip, and it was like being in a National Geographic episode! The islands are enchanting, the boat (Nemo II) was perfect, and we had an amazing time. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/FJb2JN

Fantastic cruise with the Angelito

I, along with my wife and 14 friends, chartered the Yacht Angelito for a 1 week cruise around Isabela. Our naturalist guide for the cruise was Maja. I cannot say enough nice things about the yacht, Maja, the crew, or the cruise. 1st of all, the yacht. The cabins were roomy, clean and comfortable, with air conditioning and large functional bathrooms (for a 16 passenger boat). The main salon was comfortable and had plenty of room for the entire group. The sun deck up top was high enough above the water so that you could watch for marine life at a distance, but not so high that you could not see great detail when the animals swam close the the boat. As for Maja and the crew, Maja took the time to explain the history of the areas we were seeing as well as knowing what times the animals would be most active. This meant that we had to leave the boat very early on some days, but we were always the 1st group ashore, saw lots of activity without having a crowd around, and had time for the longest excursions of any of the nearby boats. We had 1 teenager in our group and Maja kept him close and made him feel special. In fact, he mentioned that he wants to be a naturalist. The crew was also exceptional. They had drinks and snacks waiting for us when we returned from snorkeling, were always polite and friendly, kept the boat very clean (especially the cabins), and went out of their way to make sure we were having a good time. They also adopted our teenager as a "junior crew member". They spent time teaching him knots, letting him visit the engine room, and I even found him one day in the galley, wearing an apron and chef's hat, helping to prepare our dinner. And speaking of food, Manuel, our cook for the week, did an excellent job of providing great food at every meal. There was a variety of food, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit as well as meat and seafood. Everyone was happy, from our vegetarian to me, the resident carnivore. Everyone aboard had a fabulous time, saying that the vacation exceeded all expectations in every way. I cannot recommend the Yacht Angelito Galapagos highly enough. Source: goo.gl/XRzwpF

I’ll be back as soon as possible

The best 10 days diving I’ve done! A tremendous holiday. The crew were fantastic and so lovely and helpful. It’s obvious how well they get on together as a team overseen by our captain Javier. The boat is clean and a great deal of hard work goes into keeping it that way. Our dive guides Jimmy-fish and Juan Carlos were such good fun, but knowledgeable and informative both on land and sea. It was a real treat to be able to dive with both of them. We were so lucky to have some wonderful guests to spend time with too; we just gelled together. The wildlife we saw both beneath and above the waves was incredible and incomparable with anywhere else. I can’t recommend this trip enough and I’ll be saving up to go again.

The Treasure is a wonderful boat

Overall, the trip was amazing. The Galapagos truly is such a special place. The Treasure is a wonderful boat. It all looked very new from the inside (probably since it was recently refurbished). The rooms were a good size with enough storage space and the balcony was an added bonus for looking out/drying clothes. So glad we chose a small boat - some of the bigger boats had 5-6 zodiacs coming and landing on the islands at one time! The Treasure was the perfect size. Only issue in the room was blocked drains in the toilet and a very loud air con. The staff were excellent. Everything thing was very efficient - meals were severed promptly on time, all the decks were constantly cleaned and the whole ship was kept in very good order during our stay. The food was delicious with a wide ranging menu. Portions were plentiful. The bar was well stocked. The guide was good. He spoke very good English so communication was clear. He was always punctual which meant our excursions ran right on time and he made an extra effort to make sure we were the only ones on the islands. I appreciated the fact that he encouraged us to help him pick up plastic on one of the beaches - gave us a good sense of how bad the plastics problem is even as remote as Galápagos. I felt his level of enthusiasm was a bit low though. Also he changed the schedule on the last day for not apparent reason ( swapped Tortuga Bay for a town visit). The excursions were generally good. Highlight of course was Española. We were the only ones there and it was truly magical. Floreana post office was not so good (didn’t go all the way to see a post office !). However on that trip we did some snorkelling with some large sea turtles which was nice. Would have liked to snorkel at devils crown (we sailed right past it) but for some reason we did not stop and snorkeled instead a little ahead ( no fish really to see but there were many playful sea lions). Santa Fe was nice for the land iguanas although we could not snorkel as the National park had apparently closed the site off due to some shark attacks. I think overall the itinerary could have included some more interesting stops - we ended up with a lot of time at the harbour (day 4 we were at the harbour by noon). Overall we are very happy - both with the trip and with all the help you provided us in planning. Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful responses. I will certainly recommend you and your company to any friends heading to the Galapagos. Cheers, Simrin

Best Expedition Experience Ever

It seemed very streamlined for the experiences we wanted. We were able to have everything organized for us & all we had to do was show up! Extremely knowledgeable staff and first class all the way from pre-cruise hotel in Quito to getting to the lovely cruise ship made it a great experience. The places we visited & expeditions we went on gave a wonderful overview of the Galapagos. We would probably have missed many of the highlights if we tried to do on our own. The small size ship made it much more personal.The very experienced guides really made the difference in it being a far superior experience than we could have even hoped for. The open air grill restaurant was where everyone wanted to be so at lunch there were never enough tables and people tried to go early to get tables but sometimes you just got back from excursions & by the time you got there the tables were all taken up. The alternative was to eat in downstairs restaurant but the outside environment was much more desired. So, only suggestion would be more space in open air grill restaurant. And, perhaps some more outdoor relaxing areas. The one area outside the piano bar with 4 lounge couches was very coveted, also. For the number of passengers there needed to be a little more deck relaxing areas. The indoor areas were plentiful but I think a lot of people on a cruise want to be outside looking at the ocean. Also, the fresh air areas were tainted quite often with smell of paint & varnish. I realize maintenance must be difficult to schedule but when paying for a cruise & hoping for nice fresh ocean air, it is a little disappointing to smell varnish & paint instead of fresh air. Those couple of minor annoyances did not detract enough from the overall phenomenal experience to not want to do it again. It was the best experience ever getting to see the unique wildlife up close & personal & to get to learn so much at same time. The guides were ALL so very knowledgeable & very personable. There were so many amazing things we were privileged to see & experience that we will absolutely recommend this cruise to others and we will want to experience another Silversea cruise in our future. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

We had an incredible time

Hi Benno, Sorry for the delay, still getting settled in. As I said, we had an incredible time. The Nemo I was a joy. The crew was kind and professional and the balance of relaxation and activities was great. Of course if we had our choice we would have chosen an 8 day itinerary that didn’t stop back at Santa Cruz to pick up new guests. We had to leave the boat and stay for a couple of hours on the naval beach. Not so nice but all in all not terrible. The advantage was that the guide for the second half was much better than the first. The food on the boat was good, not great. At first they hadn’t accommodated our vegetarian needs, but after I brought this to their attention they always supplied us with a vegetarian option. In Santa Cruz Silberstein was very nice, and of course the location is great. The problem there was they had no hot water for a an evening and morning and our first room had many ants. They did fix the water eventually and moved us to a cleaner room. Back at the Hotel Antinea in Quito Antinea they arranged a tour of the Cloud Forest and zip lining, which we loved. Thanks for the organization! Todd

The crew made it 5 stars

Great trip- boat was good but the crew was exceptional. always buzzing around making sure everything is clean and in order for our comfort. All sites were great and we had a very spectacular mola Mola 'infestation '!!! Only comment would be to change the pillows and I think few other guests feel the same. once again, kudos to the team on Galápagos master.

My friends would love it

I found the trip around the islands of Galapagos on board the Estrella del Mar to be an exciting adventure and I would certainly recommend it friends and relatives if I felt that they would enjoy such an experience. Review from: https://is.gd/NRZxia


My husband and I went on the Silver Galapagos on the March 31, 2018 sailing. We had cabin 343. In my opinion the very best cabin. We were on the same floor as the lobby and you just had to walk down one flight of stairs to get to the restaurant. You only had to walk down the hall to the lounge - where all the meetings were and where you got off the ship to get onto the zodiacs. It was very quite! There were 3 good sized oval windows although you are not in your room much. My only problem with the room was that there was not a plug next to the bed to plug in my phone. I use it as my alarm clock and I had to plug it in across the room. The ship is lovely. It holds around 100 guests. You get to recognize most people after a week. The ship is set up just right - it never seems crowded. Every evening you meet in the lounge to have a briefing for the next day. I loved this. The only issue is they had a row of sofas and then a row of chairs. The chairs were higher than the sofas so if you sat on a sofa the person in front of you blocked the screen. They need to convert all the seating to either sofas or chairs. I would like to discuss the zodiacs. Before the trip I was worried about them. By the end of the trip I couldn't wait to get on them! They seat around 12 people. You sit on the side but it is very stable and there is a rope to hold onto. Usually 3 people help you get on and off the zodiac, and there is a convenient step in the zodiac (no giant step down). Dry landings are pretty easy (and I was walking with a cane) and wet landing you swing your legs over the side and slide down (usually only about a foot). The zodiac rides were one of my favorite things to do! If you are not zipping to and from an island, you are taking a gentle drive around an island to see the wildlife. Next I want to talk about the schedule - there is a lot to do. There is not much down time. Our first day we were off the ship for a zodiac tour around the island (we could have gone on a hike up a mountain 350 elevation, but chose the zodiac instead) by 7:30 am. Then we came back, changed into the wet suites they provided (all sizes from XXS to XXXXL) and went snorkeling off a beach (from then on it was off the zodiac and there is a ladder to get back in the zodiac). Once we returned to the ship we showered and went to lunch. We had about an hour to relax or go to a lecture. Then we were back on the zodiac doing another tour of an island. Once we got back from that we got cleaned up, went for the briefing at 7 pm followed by dinner. At that point we dropped into bed. Some days are not as active and of course you don't have to go on everything. As for entertainment - there is a piano/keyboard player who is great. That is it. Your time is spent viewing wildlife and landscape. The dining on the ship is amazing. They have there own chef on board and the selection and presentation of the food is outstanding. Not huge portion sizes like some ships, but there are many courses. You can always order extra items if you you are still hungry - but we NEVER walked away hungry. The wine is wonderful and they are always refilling your glass. The viewing of the wildlife is like stepping into a National Geographic film. You can't believe how close you are to everything. You look around and can't believe this world exists. The sunsets are the best I have ever seen and I saw more stars at once than I have ever seen in my life. One suggestion is do not carry luggage onto the zodiacs. It is much to hard to handle and there is really no place to put it. I usually NEVER check luggage, but I let them take mine this time. We got it promptly and in great condition. We had Keen closed toe water sandals and they worked great. I ended up also wearing Keen sneakers - my new favorite foot ware. I would like to say that I had a pinch sciatica before the cruise. I did use a cane and sacrum belt, but I was fine. I did not have any problems getting around. If you are in a wheel chair that would be very difficult to impossible. This is a smaller ship so you do feel the waves. There was some gentle rolling but nothing too intense. As the years have rolled on I find sometimes I get a little sick on ships, but I was perfectly fine on this one. I did have a seasick patch with me just in case. Please keep in mind that this is an EXPEDITION CRUISE. Things are very casual. If you like fancy night, Broadway shows, dressing up, lounging around, shopping, and having your hair stay perfect - this is not the cruise for you. There is no showing off. It is all about NATURE, LANDSCAPES AND CONNECTING WITH FELLOW CRUISERS. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Wonderful boat and journey

Just got back from a great 8d/7n cruise in the galapagos. Thought the following may be helpful to those considering a similar cruise on the Eden ship Ship we were pleasantly surprised with the ship. The pictures do not do it justice. There were plenty of areas to sit out on the deck (in privacy or with a group) to enjoy the view if the islands. Every morning each cabin was thoroughly cleaned (including the washroom). The only negative comment I have is the cabins were quite cool at night. When we asked the crew to turn up the temperature it was ok, however every day the temperature seemed to revert back to the original. As long as you remember to ask the crew to turn up the temp each night you should be fine. Food My wife and I really enjoyed the food. Each meal felt home made and a treat. My wife and I are vegetarian. The cook did a fantastic job catering to our dietary needs. we felt a little spoiled after 8 days of great food! Tour The tour of the islands was well done. We got to see most of the things we hoped for. Snorkelling was probably the best I've done. We were lucky enough to see many sharks, sea lions, marine iguanas and even mating tortoises all while snorkelling. One thing that was slightly lacking was some of the history of the islands, information on evolution of various species and explanations on what makes the galapagos so unique. It's all stuff you can find online but I was hoping to get a little more from the tour guide. if travelling during the cooler months, and you have a wet suit you should bring it, we travelled during December and the water was fairly cool. Renting a wetsuit on board costed $40 per person. Tips - most of the guests on the boat were confused on tipping etiquite. I would suggest doing some research on tipping prior to the trip. Galápagos Islands.com would probably be a good source. Overall we had a great experience and would recommend the Eden. Quelle: goo.gl/WtN12Y

Great experience!

I just went on the past two weeks on board the sea star journey and absolutely loved it. The service was welcoming as well as the staff. The activities, well planned, are different and amazing. The rooms were just as the pictures showed it, however I must say that the whole trip is an adventure. Being n this boat however does provide you peace and relaxation after a long day of hiking. Review from https://goo.gl/GEi7jE

Professional and customer focused

One of the most astonishing destinations in the world, combined with one of the most professional, customer focused service experiences I have ever had. Review from: https://is.gd/8vNZfT


it's great travelling by boat, you reach all the nice places, the crew is professional and the food is delicious. it's like an adventure. all the activities are well planned and the guides have great experience and they take care of you and the animals and explain everything you need to know. even more! Review from: https://is.gd/h1801e

An excellent experience in the Galapagos

We enjoyed an excellent experience in the Galapagos, on the MV Evolution, in early March 2018. The boat was, we thought, perfect, with enough room for everyone, good rooms and facilities, and an expert, friendly crew. The vessel cruises around the Islands, so every day we had new places to explore on land, on and under the sea. The wildlife was spectacular, and the experience was heightened by the two experienced and very approachable wildlife experts who were always out with us. Both experts were local people who were clearly committed to the ecology of the Galapagos, very inspiring. Perhaps I should say that my wife and I aren’t regular wildlife tourists, and we found the experts very illuminating, as did several more committed wildlife guests on our trip. The bar area, and service on board was always welcoming; the food was a good standard, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables; in fact all the food was tasty and reasonably healthy. The off vessel trips were all very well organized, with careful attention paid to safety, while giving guests the freedom to experience the delights of Galapagos’ nature. There were a couple of moderately steep hikes that taxed older guests, but the vast majority of off vessel experiences were very accessible to all; and of course no one had to go on very trip.

The premier trimaran in the Galapagos

Sustainability: Camila's entire operation has been included in the offsets, from the fuel used by the engines on board the trimaran to the bus rides her crew and guides take to work. Aboard Camila, rest assured that from arrival in the Galapagos Islands to the point of departure, the impact of your carbon footprint will be a net zero. Common Areas: A highlight of the Galapagos Camila is her ample deck space for sunning, wildlife viewing and al fresco dining. Relax on the Sun Deck in the elevated Jacuzzi following a long active day on this adventure cruise. Indoors, relax in the luxurious lounge, separated from the dining room. In the dining room, enjoy fine regional cuisine while taking in scenic views. Crew and guides include the experienced captain, a bilingual Galapagos National Park naturalist guide, a cruise manager and 10 other crew members. Activities Aboard Camila: Snorkeling gear and wetsuits are available for use aboard Camila, as are kayaks for further exploring the Galapagos Islands up close, off ship. Daily excursions with naturalist guides include hikes to view points and beaches.

Best vacation ever

My expectations for the trip were exceeded. The main thing that I wanted to see in the Galapagos was the marine iguanas in and out of the water. I was able to see them on our land excursion, but nothing prepared me for the dives that we would do with them. Our dive guides carefully timed our dives for their active time in the water and gave us great instruction on where to locate them and how to approach them for photography. This was the highlight of an already amazing trip for me and just an example of how carefully and knowledgeably our dive itenerary was planned. Our trip was blessed by perfect weather and conditions, but over and over again our dive guides delivered with good planning, attention to safety, small groups, and thorough briefings. The boat and crew were also good. Everything on the boat is ship shape and the crew go out of their way to accommodate and assist the guests. This was the roomiest cabin and biggest shower we have enjoyed on a live aboard. All the attention to the details that make you feel spoiled like warm towels and a hot drink when you come back from diving were available. Each guest had a dedicated area and gear box on deck and another dedicated drawer just inside from the dive deck for hats, sunglasses, dry clothes, etc. While the food was not gourmet, it was good and all special diets were accommodated. There was always a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and I felt like I ate much healthier than I have on other trips. For photographers this boat is a dream. There are staging areas for the cameras with compressed air for drying off on the deck. As well as a fresh water tank for cameras only. Indoors there is yet another staging area for cameras with ample outlets for charging and a large gear drawer for each quest. I have never enjoyed a trip more.

Fabulous journey

The Galapagos trip was amazing. The Integrity is a beautiful boat and its crew and naturalist are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The service through out the trip was flawless. The itinerary was a perfect mix of relaxation, education and adventure, with just the perfect amount of security and safety provided by the Integrity crew. I would recommend the eight day itinerary and the Integrity to all our friends. Source: goo.gl/seb5na

The wonderful Grand Queen Beatriz

The boat was immediately fantastic, and continued to be for the entire trip... I'll just go through the boat amenities first and then the itinerary... The boat: very nice...clean, modern and spacious. 3decks.. 2bars... A hot tub (which no one used) ...etc etc...definitely luxury compared to some others I saw. Really... The common spaces were incredibly comfortable and clean. The dining area had 2 large family style tables and a large buffet as well as a coffee and tea station which was always available. All meals were served inside which I didn't like at first but totally understood after a day of watching one of the crew members hauling plates in and out of the kitchen. The bedrooms were very large and clean....and cleaned frequently. I dont know how they managed to sneak in and clean so much, but everything always felt fresh. We had a room with a private balcony that was next to the kitchen... Noise from anything other than the motor was not an issue at all. The bathroom was small and no, you can't throw toilet paper in the toilets but they cleaned and changed the trash so much it was a non-issue. The food....very good. A first, I tried to eat a little of everything. That was a mistake because there really was a LOT of food! Too much for me... I'm not used to eating three large meals a day. The selection was really good so you could just have some fruit and yoghurt for breakfast or a hot, big meal. Lunch and breakfast were buffet, dinner was plated... There was a lot of fish and meats in between. I'm allergic to shrimp, which wasn't a problem for them. There was another woman on the boat with serious dietary restriction.... Also, not a problem. Snacks, water, tea and coffee were always available. The crew members were really sweet... I speak some semi intermediate spanish which helped engage some of the guys.... Only the boat director and the nature guide spoke fluent English.. The others couldn't speak English which was fine with me... The guys who drove us on the dinghies from the boat to the islands were fun and still interacted with the non Spanish speakers quite a bit which some people really enjoyed. The only female staff member, Jessica, was really such a lovely girl who tended the bar and served all the meals... She was especially sweet and tried so hard to accommodate everyone's needs. Day to day activities.... 2 landings on islands per day and snorkeling in between. Some days had 2 opportunities to snorkel which i rally loved. Wetsuits and snorkel gear were included In The price. I wore a wetsuit one day and regretted it because the water was beautiful and I prefer to swim without one. None of the walks on the islands were hard....the terrain was rocky and uneven, but nothing was particularly strenuous for anyone in our group. It was hot, but I didn't find myself to be winded even once during the week. Unless you need ankle support, leave your hiking boots at home! I wore merrell sandals the entire trip... I never wore a pair of socks. This was totally fine for me. Sneakers would be fine, but heavy boots are a no...more bathing suits..less footwear! You can't even wear shoes on the boat... Leave them at home... Walter, our guide, was unbelievable. He grew up on the island of Santa Cruz and had so many interesting things to talk about. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting to get into all the birding...I absolutely love animals, I just thought I'd rather spend a week immersed in culture. Walter proved me wrong! He was so compelling, interested in what he was talking about....interested in us....patient for photos...even taking his own! We never felt rushed ...in fact, his pace, tone and delivery were quite relaxing. I think everyone on the boat thought the world of him as our guide for the week. My fathers favorite part about Walter was his nightly briefings about the next days activities. He'd prepare us for the next itinerary and make us go around the room and name our favorite experience of the day. This gave us a chance to reflect and hear others' experiences. It was a really nice way to keep people involved and talking about the wildlife and the landscape. We did a couple of long sails at night, so sleeping wasn't perfect but hey, it's a boat! We seemed to visit some great spots and although we didn't hit up Isabella or fernandina, we got a great sample of some incredible animals on land and under water. It was s good itinerary for what we needed...an overview. We did pick up new passengers mid way through. I loved both groups, but it would have been nice to have the same group foe the whole time. I enjoyed the time in puerto ayora and almost wished an option to stay in town for dinner was given...seeing the giant tortoises in the wild was really neat..so the Santa Cruz day was well worth it! Some other comments questioned that piece about picking up passengers.....we didn't really even notice because our day was packed with other activities. Source: https://bit.ly/2CiD1KF

Just amazing!

As I'm sitting here watching the snow fall, I am wishing it was Thursday night three weeks ago when we had finished the most delicious dinner and were laughing and frolicking onboard MY GRACE. It now feels like a dream! It was the most outstanding trip for many reasons. First, the beauty of the Galápagos Islands is indescribable as is the beauty of MY GRACE! My husband and I LOVED everything about our trip. Words cannot describe how we especially LOVED LOVED the crew! From our outstanding guides Rafa and Walter, Captain Jacinto, lovely Melissa and Nelly, fabulous chefs Vicente and Walter, charming Sau'l, the bartender, engineers Edgar, Luis Miguel and Pedro and panga drivers Miguel and Pablo...let me put it this way...I choked up as we departed at the thought of never seeing them again!! Thank you so much all of you for showing us all the time of our lives!!!! PS And wow! Everyone of them really knows how to "shake a tail feather!" Xoxoxo

The finest ship cruising the Galapagos Islands

It is not only the newest catamaran cruiser in the Enchanted Islands but also the most luxurious. The outer design is sleek, streamlined and attractive: the gentle curves of the hull and decks make the Endemic looks like part of the unique Galapagos ecosystem. An airy sundeck with lounge chairs is perfect for relaxing or enjoying a cold drink after a long day visiting the islands. Inside, the tasteful bar/lounge is a multi-purpose area where meals are served, briefings are held, stories are told, and new friends are made. Each cabin has personalized air conditioning control, a balcony, spacious private bathroom and either a king-size bed or two twin-size beds. Naturally, each cabin also boasts closet/drawer space as well as a writing desk and strongbox. The first cruise of this brandnew vessel will take place in the month of July. Contact your Galapagos cruise specialist today to book your spot!

What a beauty!

Note: This is not a customer review but the manager of Galapatours writing. We have been working with the owners of the Grand Majestic for a long time now. Previosly, the same owners operated the Galaven (www.galapatours.com/en/galaven.html), which was one of our all-time bestselling cruise ships. Now, that Galaven is retiring and its successor, the stunning Grand Majestic, is ready to start operating in late 2018, we are all very excited. Not only, because this brand-new Mega-Yacht was purpose-built for Galapagos and offers fanastic amenities, but also because the itineraries remain the same, fantastic routes as previously operated by the Galaven. We are all very excited, welcome Grand Majestic!

The Galapagos excursion on M/Y Grace…2/10 - 2/17/18

The Galapagos excursion on M/Y Grace was everything we could have hoped for. The yacht, complete with it's rich history, was delightful. Our cabin (C2) was extremely comfortable and well appointed. Every member of the crew was friendly and went out of their way to make sure every need or request was promptly addressed. Our guides, Raphael and Walter, were knowledgeable about every aspect of our daily snorkels, hikes and history of the Galapagos' world treasure. The 3 hour farewell celebration and dance party between the crew and our traveling friends speaks to the bond created during our week together.

Loved the Legend

Me and my parents recently just came back from Galapagos Island. We booked 4-Day/3-Night Legend Cruise tour through Galapatours. Our travel specialist Thomas is very helpful and quick for replying our emails. Thomas answered all of our questions and concerns before we book our tour through Galapatours. He also get us a great deal by upgrading our cruise cabin. The Legend Cruise itself is great.It's recent renovated cruise. All the staffs and guides on the cruise are so friendly and professional. The itinerary is full and well planned. Definitely worth the money.

Priceless experience

From the time of first booking the trip to the Galapagos to leaving the M/V Evolution, it could not have been a more efficient or thoughtful service. Their recommendation for the Wyndham Hotel in Guayaquil was solid. The size of the ship was optimal, I thought, especially as our fellow passengers were a genial bunch. It was comfortable, the crew were professional and the meals were enjoyable. The day tours were conceived to show the maximum amount of the wonderful islands, and our nature guides were superb.

Incredible cruise

The complete Daphne tour enables the visitor to see many of the highlights of wildlife and geography that the Galapagos is famous for. Although there are many other boats nearby, the groups rarely crossed, and the tour was not rushed, giving us plenty of time to observe and photograph. Source: goo.gl/j3DdjZ

Fabulous trip!

I also travelled on the Cachelote in summer 2017 and it was a fabulous trip. The captain and crew were amazing and our whole group really jelled and it felt like we were one big family. I have some fantastic memories of cruising along with the sails up while being used as target practice by the frigate birds, and spending some time with a magnificent blue whate. As for the Galápagos Islands as a whole, they are amazing, and a visit should be on everyone's bucket list! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/K6oXxS

Reputable Company; Highly Recommended

I was on the Yolita a week after you Hawaii girl. We had a fabulous time. Washington is definately one of the best. The boat is fabulous and clean. Staff friendly and fun. The tour is so well organised and caters to those who are really intersted and active. However if you want to be lazy you can. The food is fabulous and actually catered to my gluten allergy (celiac). I would recommend this boat to anyways. Has lovely hot showers, and a really good itenerary. Don't waste your money on 5 days. you really need 8 or you won't see everything and will be disappointed. review from https://goo.gl/MPy6pg

Best of the best: Grace Galapagos

Best of the best: Outstanding activities Elegant vessel Luxury cabin Gourmet foot Skilled and passionate staff Brilliant guide Flawless service I would return in a heartbeat

We loved it!

We just completed our trip to the Galapagos on the Sea Star this week. We were very pleased with everything and it is well worth it. The yacht is in excellent condition, clean, well maintained with an excellent staff and crew. Very impressed with our cabin: very spacious. The food was excellent; breakfast pretty standard, lots of variety for lunch and dinner. Always two types of meat, fish, seafood, meat or pork, vegetables, rice, salad and some kind of desert. Munchies and snacks all day after each AM//PM hike or snorkeling with something to drink. Every day activities were varied, fun and interesting. Well planned, organized and informative. Lots of opportunity for snorkeling, lots of fish to see, underwater wildlife and much more. Tour guide was with us for the entire trip and he was excellent: very knowledgeable, spoke excellent English and very helpful. There was a briefing every night at 6:30 PM before dinner in which the next day's itinerary and schedule was explained and discussed in detail. We knew every day what we were doing, when, where, how and why. Very impressive. Had the opportunity to kayak one afternoon; there were enough kayaks for all the guests, and it was interesting and fun. I snorkeled every day and the equipment was excellent and in great condition. We had great hikes every day and enjoyed the hills and scenery. We did the itinerary B, which covered a few of the islands, ample opportunity for snorkeling and had many amazing, beautiful landscapes. We were very happy with this boat. It is///was well worth it. If you decide on this boat, and you will see that it is excellent and you will really enjoy your trip. You won't regret it. Review from: https://goo.gl/N4c4Qr

No Regrets on this journey

We just completed our trip to the Galapagos on the Sea Star this week. We were very pleased with everything and it is well worth it. The yacht is in excellent condition, clean, well maintained with an excellent staff and crew. Very impressed with our cabin: very spacious. The food was excellent; breakfast pretty standard, lots of variety for lunch and dinner. Always two types of meat, fish, seafood, meat or pork, vegetables, rice, salad and some kind of desert. Munchies and snacks all day after each AM//PM hike or snorkeling with something to drink. Every day activities were varied, fun and interesting. Well planned, organized and informative. Lots of opportunity for snorkeling, lots of fish to see, underwater wildlife and much more. Tour guide was with us for the entire trip and he was excellent: very knowledgeable, spoke excellent English and very helpful. There was a briefing every night at 6:30 PM before dinner in which the next day's itinerary and schedule was explained and discussed in detail. We knew every day what we were doing, when, where, how and why. Very impressive. Had the opportunity to kayak one afternoon; there were enough kayaks for all the guests, and it was interesting and fun. I snorkeled every day and the equipment was excellent and in great condition. We had great hikes every day and enjoyed the hills and scenery. We did the itinerary B, which covered a few of the islands, ample opportunity for snorkeling and had many amazing, beautiful landscapes. We were very happy with this boat. It is///was well worth it. If you decide on this boat, and you will see that it is excellent and you will really enjoy your trip. You won't regret it.

Greatest cruise ever

Can’t imagine a better experience. Our captain and crew were highly professional, still can’t believe what the chef could turn out three times a day and we had some really picky eaters in our group! But the guide made the trip for sure. When our small group was ashore other groups from other yacht “wanted in” on our private lectures! The snorkeling was a highlight each day and there was kayaking too. Source: ship operator

Excellent Experience. Do it at least once, preferably when younger.

This is a great way to see the Galapagos. As I said to the Silversea rep from whom I bought the cruise, "Where else can you act like you are in your 20's during the day's activities and go back to being 70+ when back at the ship?". Caution, however: You do have to be willing to be physically taxed. Getting on to and off the ship is not for disabled, crippled or otherwise challenged individuals, because the very nature of having to get into and out of Zodiacs, which are small bobbly vessels. Staff make doing this as safe and easy as possible, but they are what they are. We were well taken care of, mostly personally, and always well from the time we got out of baggage claim in Guayaquil until the moment we passed through security on our way home. Silversea reps were all uniformly friendly, helpful and efficient. The ship's crew and hotel staff, and the guiding staff as well, were all highly professional and certainly more than willing to go the extra step to making everyone welcome, cared for, happy - and safe - the whole time. The itinerary and daily expedition parts of the cruise were extremely well planned and executed. There was something interesting and new at virtually every stop and several of the guides (Martin, Ernesto, Marco) are absolutely first class. They are intelligent, impart information without fluff or padding, know their stuff thoroughly and guide extremely well. (They also have a pretty good handle on herding cats without letting frustrations show.) On stops, passengers are broken down into Zodiac/guide groups of 14-14 and we always tried to make sure we were with one of these three. (Our experience with one or two of the other guides was indifferent, suggesting they have a bit to learn yet.) Food and drink service was uniformly good, often superior to excellent. Staff get to know you quickly, what you drink and how you like to be treated. And they do so with warmth and aplomb. A few are clearly still learning their trade and sometimes a bit hesitant or flustered, but all are willing and rapidly becoming able. Food also was very good. The breakfast spread is varied, plenteous and more than enough to satisfy anyone's tastes and appetite. Ditto for lunch on the patio and dinner in the dining room, with menus changing daily. You also have the option of reserving a place in The Grill for dinner in the evening, where the menu is a bit more limited, but beautifully served in a great outdoor atmosphere. Roberto, our waiter there was super: Knowledgeable, efficient, always friendly and extremely personable. What else can I say? If I had know that there were two different itineraries, I would have booked for two cruises back to back (i.e., two weeks). It is that good an experience. This is the best way to see the Galapagos for people who like to do things and are also old enough to want to enjoy the experience without hardship or dealing with third-world "adventure" when the day is done. Age doesn't necessarily matter: It is, however, for people who are reasonably fit and adventuresome. If you are relatively young and really fit, you will have a tremendous time snorkelling and kayaking. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Trip of a Lifetime

We recently sailed on the 12/30/17 voyage on Silver Galapagos. Our itinerary started in Baltra and ended in San Cristobal. What an amazing trip we had! This was our first Silversea experience and third cruise. I will never again go on a mega-ship and we are already trying to figure out how we can sail on Silversea again. This is absolutely the best way to see the Galapagos. We were a multi-generational family traveling together... my 72 yr old father, husband and myself (mid 40's) and two teen daughters ages 14 and 16. I was worried that the ship would be a mostly older crowd but I was very surprised with how young the group was. They said the Christmas and New Years sailings often have younger guests and this was definitely true. Out of the 100 guests, I would say 25 of them were under the age of 20 yrs old. There were many families with multi-generations like ourselves that were traveling together. If you are even considering this ship with parents, grandparents, kids, this is the place to do it! So much to do for everyone of all ages. We really got to know almost all the guests and became great friends at the end of the week. I will try to review as much information as possible because if you are like I was, I was scouring the internet for any information I could find on this cruise and Galapagos in general. Transfers: We flew 4 days early to spend time in Quito and it's surroundings. Glad we did this. We were able to see the city and also make a few excursions. There's tons to do in Quito and beyond if you have the time. We stayed at the JW Marriott all 4 nights. It was a very nice, large hotel, no complaints whatsoever. Breakfast was included which was appreciated. They also have a nice fitness area and gorgeous pool. A Silversea rep was at the airport to take us to the hotel and again at the hotel on the day of embarkation, to take us back to the airport. Once at the airport, it was a LAN flight for all guests. We touched down in Guayaguil for 30 mins to refuel and then onto Baltra. Altogether, the flight was around 2-2.5 hrs. Transfers were just fine, don't let the other reviews scare you. By the way, on LAN, you have to press the Call button to request anything to eat or drink and you do have to pay for it. Just a heads up on that. On the way home, we flew from San Cristobal to Guayaguil where we had a day room at Hotel Oros Verde. This was a 5 star hotel, wish we could've stayed the night here but only used the room for a nap and shower before our midnight flight back to Miami. As you can imagine, that was no fun at all. Embarkation: Once we were through customs (quick process), we were loaded onto buses to take us to a pier and then onto zodiacs from there to the boat. We were quickly shown to our cabins, it was a very easy process. From there, we were able to enjoy lunch while we waited for our luggage to be delivered. It was all very easy. Cabin: We had Explorer Suites on the second floor, Suites 248 and 250. The rooms were very nice and I felt quite large, especially considering our kids were in their own cabin (unlike other cruises we've done where we are crammed into one suite). They aren't overly luxurious but very well appointed. The bathroom had a nice rainfall shower. TV had tons of movies and even live TV if you have time for that. Mini bar was fully stocked and was always replenished by the butler. Although I was fine with this category of cabin, I felt being on the Deck 2 was quite loud. You could hear much of the ships mechanics and this did disturb our sleep almost nightly, especially, when ship was anchoring. I'm not sure what all the noises were but it was loud. Also, it would be nice to have a balcony if just for the sake of drying all your wet things. Our bathing suits never dried, neither did our water shoes. If you can afford it, I would upgrade to something nicer. This did not detract from our cruise experience as we are not fussy people but just want to put the information out there. Ship: The ship was beautifully appointed. They just had a dry dock in Sept 2017 so everything was refreshed and looked new. The piano bar is a nice spot to hang out in the afternoon or before dinner and play some cards with the family or your new friends. There is a nice fitness center which I only used once. I never used the spa but I heard from other guests that their massage was wonderful. I do wish they had more outdoor sun loungers. There's only a few sun beds to relax... on Deck 6 by the jacuzzi and on deck 4 outside of the piano lounge. These were almost always full. Since we didn't have a balcony we would often seek out these sun beds in the afternoon but rarely had luck in scoring one. Restaurants: There are two restaurants to eat at for both lunch and dinner: The Grill and The Restaurant (yes, that is the creative name they gave it). We would always eat lunch at the Grill which was outside so you could enjoy the lovely sea breeze and views. The piano player also would entertain here every lunch. Mostly we would eat dinner at the Restaurant which was fine dining and 5 courses. A couple of nights we ate al fresco at the Grill. In the evening, this has a different menu and features meat served to you raw that you cook on a hot stone. It's pretty cool and the kids loved it. Seafood was also served here as well. It gets a little cool, so bring a sweater but they do provide blankets as well. Quality of food at both restaurants is excellent. We only heard other people saying the same thing. There's tons of variety and I never felt it got competitive. If you like alcohol, you will also be happy on this ship! The bartenders were amazing and served the best drinks. They had quite an extensive cocktail menu that we enjoyed sampling from. They also had great coffee/tea service available 24 hours in the piano lounge. You will not be wanting for anything. I think I gained 5 pounds but it was so worth it. Entertainment: The only real form of entertainment is the piano player in the piano bar every evening. He was amazing and he would get out a microphone and keyboard if you ask and you can do Karaoke. We did this several nights and we had a blast. We celebrated New Years Eve on the ship and Silverseas put on a great party! The piano lounge was decorated with party hats, noisemakers, confetti, balloons, etc. Drinks were flowing all night and of course, a champagne toast at midnight. As tired as we were, we never thought we would make it to midnight. Some people went to bed but quite a few people stayed up and it was quite the party! So much fun. Excursions: As you now know, this is an Expedition Cruise which = BUSY. There is not much time for downtime. I was worried about my teenagers and the early morning excursions. This was a little brutal on them but they survived just fine. Just know that you can be flexible and not go on every single excursion offered. Every night at 7pm, everyone convenes in the Explorer room for a rundown on the next day's itinerary and offerings. There are things to pick and choose from. For instance, you can choose to go on a nature hike or a zodiac tour of the coastline. Or you could sign up for kayaking or deep sea snorkeling. Every day is different but most days, the first excursion was at 7:30am. They gave us a reprieve on New Years Day and started at 8:30am but a lot of people chose to sleep in that day. After the first excursion, you come back for the boat and sometimes there's a second excursion around 10:30am. Lunch is after that and usually, there's a couple hours after lunch that you can take a nap, read a book, or just relax until a third excursion around 3:30 or 4pm. Again, you can pick and choose what you want to do. I think we only skipped one morning and one afternoon excursion. We were pretty full-on but I heard many other guests choose to skip much more than that. It's totally up to you. One thing about the activity level, yes this is a busy ship but I would say you are NOT expending much energy. For instance, most of the nature hikes were LONG but SLOOOWW. We would go 2 miles but it would take us 2.5 hours to do this. That's because the Naturalist Guides would stop every 10 feet to explain something about a bird or animal. It's all interesting but after a while, there's only so much you can learn about birds. One day, they offered a speed hike and tons of people including my family jumped on that because we were actually able to get in a little exercise and not go at the pace of a snail. I think older folks may like this slow pace but it seemed to drive younger folks a little nuts. I'm not complaining as I still enjoyed the entire experience but I'm just putting it out there for you to be aware. Every day, they offer a snorkeling activity of some kind. Please, always snorkel if you have the chance!!! We always had the best time and saw the most amazing things under water. The water is COLD! Be ware of this. Shortie wetsuit, mask and fins are provided. You will want to wear the wetsuit every time, it does help. I would always wear my long sleeved rashguard underneath and that helped too. No need to bring your own wetsuit, mask/snorkel. I read others did this but it's one more thing to pack. A few times, I would almost chicken out to snorkel because of the cold, but once I jumped in, it wasn't so bad. It was really worth it. By the end of the day, no matter what you choose to do, you will be exhausted. We would still head to the piano lounge after dinner for drinks and karaoke but we would try to be in bed by 10:30pm. I think we were the exception as most people would go to bed around 9pm. Staff/Service: We had the best service by everyone on board. You get to know the staff members and they anticipate your needs/requests. Service in all the restaurants and bar were excellent. Our butler was the best! Our daughter celebrated her 16th birthday onboard. We asked if he could do something special for her so as a surprise, when we got back from our morning excursion, her cabin was decorated with balloons galore, confetti, and a delicious cake. She absolutely loved it and it truly made her birthday special. There are around 6-8 Naturalist Guides that live onboard and take you on excursions... these folks were all wonderfully knowledgeable and patient. You could tell their passion for the Galapagos is genuine. What to pack: If you are like me, you cannot figure out what to pack! I am here to help you, folks. Keep in mind, I sailed in December which is the start of the warm season but it was in no way "hot". If the sun is out (we only had full sun for probably 3 days, other days were cloudy), it can be warm and shorts and t-shirt are good for daytime walks. If it's a cloudy day, light capris/pants would suffice with a t-shirt. Bring a light long sleeve just in case but it really was very temperate at around 78 degrees every day. Rain coat is necessary. We had two days where we encountered a little rain. On boat, have a light jacket for eating lunch or dinner at the the outdoor Grill. Also, it gets cool in the evenings so again, long pants or sweater are appropriate. You do not need to bring anything fancy. Sundresses, skirts for the ladies or even pants/blouse. Men, pants and button down dress shirt. No sport coat needed. My teens wore jeans the two nights we ate at the outdoor Grill but jeans are not allowed in the Restaurant. I brought 3 pairs of shoes (so proud of myself): water shoes (Keens), athletic shoes, and sandals for evening. For water shoes, any kind of water shoe is fine. I read you needed closed toed but that's not really necessary. The only time you wear water shoes is for wet landings, and honestly, you can even go barefoot. My kids would do this several times. My keens were fine (honestly, I'm not a fan as rocks get inside them) but the rest of my family had water-type sneakers bought on Amazon for $19. Hiking shoes are not necessary!! Remember, how I mentioned a 2 mile hike took around 2.5 hours? Yup, hiking shoes not needed for that. Most of the trails are a little rocky but flat. Sometimes, you have to climb a bit to get to the flat trail but hiking shoes would be overkill. My kids wore their Nike sneakers and I had my Merrill running shoes. Pack two bathing suits as one will be wet (ours were always wet). Rashguards come in handy to keep you warm and protect from sun. My husband and I each bought those wide-brimmed dorky hats with the chin strap ($8.99 on Amazon) and I was glad to have it. We wore baseball hats sometimes, but those big hats on more sun exposed days. We didn't even go through one full bottle of sunscreen so I don't know what we did wrong. We didn't get burned either but still, be careful with that sun. Another thing I just remembered, backpacks and water bottles are given to you for you to use throughout the cruise as well as bring home with you. Most everyone used these on their daily excursions. Photography/Videography: One thing to know is that there is an onboard Photographer/Videographer. Ours was Jorge and he was amazing! He would be out on every excursion, photographing wildlife and also people. At the end of the cruise, you get to see the video he's put together and you would be nuts not to buy it. At $150 it wasn't cheap but there was no way, we were passing it up. It's so professionally done, it's like watching a National Geographic documentary but you are the star. Absolutely, amazing quality and much better than any photos you will take (at least I'm speaking for my own photography skills). Overall, although this was an incredibly expensive trip for us, it was truly once in a lifetime and so worth every penny. I cannot stop thinking about it since our return home. I'm sure we will be reminiscing for years to come about our amazing Galapagos adventure and dreaming about when we can return aboard the Silver. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Dream vacation

I took a 15 day tour of all the Islands (except Darwin and Wolf which are for diving only) on the Aida Maria. Although I did a lot of research and booked the tour for the Eden, the day before we arrived we received a letter saying that it would be docked and would have to switch to the Aida Maria. I was upset after all that research to be changed but it turned out to be the BEST. The Aida Maria is more up to date than the Eden. This was an amazing vacation, especially for an environmental scientist! Our crew was great. We had amazing food and if you have specific requirements they were more than happy to provide alternatives. It was an incredibly active with hiking and snorkeling sometimes both twice a day! Bring a wet suit if you are snorkeling on the west side of Isabella island. Although you would think that the islands are pristine, they are not. there are 4 cities and like any city that have brought in invasive species that looked pretty or was brought in to solve pest problems. Each island is so unique and I couldn't imagine having been the other 16 passengers that stayed 3 - 7 days, YOU MUST DO THE 15. My one complaint would be our guide was young and didn't have a voice or "backbone" to tell the other passengers to stay on the path. It was extremely frustrating, especially one girl that would ALWAYS wonder off the path to get a great picture when 5 meters farther it would be sitting on the path. This was a great trip for the more relaxed personalities who don't mind wearing the same outfit a couple of times unlike some of the yacht goers. Source: goo.gl/dEJ2dX

Amazing journey

First, we‘d like to say that the trip on the TipTop IV was absolutely wonderful. The Galapagos Islands is an incredible place, with the all the amazing birds, reptiles, sea lions, vegetation and weird and awesome volcanic landscapes. The 8 day tour provided ample time to view the sites at each stop. We booked through Galapatours and our communication with Benno and Thomas was very smooth, helpful and timely. We got all the info we needed upfront, and their recommendation for a hotel in Quito (where we stayed two nights) was perfect – affordable, clean, centrally located etc. On the cruise we were busy - and we wanted to be! Hiking (not too hard though) and snorkeling most days, were up at 6, on the dingy by 7 and shortly thereafter on one of the islands. And that’s what were in the Galapagos for! By dinner at 7 and then a short presentation after, we were ready for sleep by 9 or so. Our guide was Etienne DeBacker – and he is fantastic! Etienne has such great knowledge about all things Galapagos, and it was a delight to learn so much from him about this unique ecosystem. With over 30 years of experience on the islands he brought more than just facts about the environment, and folded in history, culture and more. He has a very patient manner that worked well with the endless questions we all peppered him with. He was always prepared, and when he did not know something, he usually said so – a refreshing style indeed. A minor issue was that one day (on Florentina) we were asked for an extra $5 per person to go on a bus ride to the highlands – this was such a nominal charge that it would seem obvious just to include it in the cruise cost (or add it to the total) and not have a cash charge while on the tour. As for the boat, it was very clean, comfortable and the crew was great – they even glued my broken sneaker so I could wear it hiking the last five days instead of my good footwear. Definitely above and beyond. Morning and late afternoon snacks were great. At least once a day, and usually it seemed more often, the crew cleaned our cabins so that everything was spotless. Another great part of the cruise was our fellow passengers. With only 16 of us on board, it was real joy to connect with most of them and the camaraderie was terrific. We also were glad we booked an upper deck room. Visiting one of our fellow passengers on the lower deck we noticed a somewhat musty odor which was not present above so we were glad we booked the upper deck. As for the food on the TipTop, I understand other reviewers have raved about it. I don’t give it as high marks. The vegetables and salads were quite good, some of the soups were excellent. The main course meats and fish were a mixed bag. Some sauces were quite tasty, but more often than not, meat or fish was overcooked. Two other comments – the chef (probably in keeping with Ecuadoran cuisine) has too heavy a hand with cilantro. For some of us (including the two of us) cilantro can be overwhelming, especially when a dish is heavily seasoned with it. A lighter touch and its use in fewer dishes would be welcome. The second point concerns my wife who is serious about being a vegan. For the most part they respected this choice, and offered her replacements for non-vegetarian/non-dairy items, but occasionally they only paid attention to the vegetarian aspects of the diet with some desserts likely containing dairy products. And their choices for main courses usually contained some fake meat soy product. This got fairly boring. Some more imagination with vegan recipes would be great. But despite the previous paragraph this trip was fantastic. We were on the cruise to experience the wildlife and scenery of the Galapagos and indeed we did. In every regard, and much more, we fulfilled this vision.

Incredible cruise

Integrity did everything possible for us, starting by accommodating my vegan, dairy free, gluten free meals- including a surprise birthday cake to the exceptional knowledge of the guide. He knew every star in the sky at night and detailed answers to everyone’s’ questions including all he plants, rocks and of course the animals. Crew was very professional & attentive but not intrusive. Source: ship operator

Solid experience

This cruise has been extremely good. It really has been better that we expected. Everybody had a great time onboard, from 4 years old until the 78 people. The boat always is clean, the food is succulent, the crew is very kind and attentive, the guide is excellent. Everything has been so good. This trip has been one of the better trips that I have had in my life. I´ll definitely talk to Journey Latin America, and recommend you

Fantastic Majestic

We just returned from a 9 day excursion on the Majestic (Galapatours) and it was fabulous. If you are looking for sitting on the deck and watching the Islands while sipping a drink type cruise, look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you want an intimate look at the Galapagos, and want to combine hiking, snorkeling, and exploring with an experienced guide (sprinkled liberally with excellent food), then look no further, Benno Schmidt organized our tour and provided transfers, transportation and guidance throughout. The crew of the Majestic were seasoned sailors and could not have been kinder or more efficient. You could barely leave the room, without having the bed re-made and room freshened. Safety was a huge concern for the crew and all aspects were covered. The lynchpin of the trip was the guide, Roberto Quintana King. As with all guides, he is contracted, but if you can request him, do so. He was a former high school teacher, has a background in biology and zoology and is a native of the Islands. He was energetic, knowledgeable and an excellent host. You will not need dress clothing for meals, as all are casual. It is difficult to explain the sensation of walking within meters of large iguanas, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies and sea lions in their habitats in this protected and secluded place. We had sixteen (16) guests on our ship with nine (9) crew which gives you an idea of service you will receive. The captain was friendly, available and there to greet us each tie we came back from an excursion.

Amazing experience

Just returned from spending Christmas week on the Angelito. The weather was spectacular - the animals co-operated - the rest of the travellers were delightful - food was awesome - we had a fabulous week. We saw everything that was advertised - sea turtles, land tortoises, dolphins, whales, blue footed boobies, sea lines, marine iguanas, land iguanas, lava lizards, sally lightfoot crabs, herons, flamingoes, hermit crabs, a snake or two, and more. The food prepared by Felix was scrumptious and plenty. He even baked a birthday cake. Homer was the bartender and cabin steward - and he is in fact a real angelito (little angel). He was awesome. The only sour note was that our guide Fabian was somehow in a bad mood - maybe because he worked Christmas week. He was rude and pushy. He could not answer questions not on his 'script' and several times made us feel like our being on the boat was an inconvenience. I recommend you try to go when Maja is the guide - she is reputed to be a much better guide than Fabian. Maybe because her English comprehension is better, maybe her personality. When I met Maja I found her to be a lovely person. Source: goo.gl/up5LSN

Exceeds everything seen before

The Infinity Luxury Yacht exceeds everything seen before. This ship ffers high performance, unrivalled comfort, respect for the environment and stunning style. The Infinity will now be available for reservations for cruises starting in September 2018.

We had an amazing vacation on the Grace.

We had an amazing vacation on the Grace. The staff were incredible, the food was delicious and the chef was a great guy. He was very accommodating with everyones food requests. Our guide was truly amazing... Raffael was the best guide ever!! The boat was beautiful and the experience in the Galapagos was magical. Those who are considering this vacation are in for a treat!

Amazing trip of a life time!!!

Amazing trip of a life time!!! We have a daughter with severe anaphylaxis to dairy, nuts, and peanuts. The crew on the Evolution served us safe and delicious foods and even stocked the ship with dairy free snacks! Only complaint is that we were unable to take home a blue footed boobie. I think if we could just taken home the baby sea lion with whom we swam, it would have been a perfect trip :)

Fabulous once in a lifetime journey

It was a trip of a lifetime! The Galapagos visit has been a dream of mine for many years and this trip far exceeded my expectations. The Grace was a fantastic ship with an excellent crew. We saw everything from sea turtles to sea lions and giant tortoises and so much more! Snorkeling each day provided an additional glimpse into this remarkable world. But the best part of this journey was our fabulous naturalist guides. They made the trip what it was with their knowledge and passion for this very unique part of the world. I can not recommend this trip highly enough!

Totally enjoyable trip

The trip was fantastic. I can't fault the guide or the crew, and the other passengers that went on the cruise were great fun as well. As mentioned, it was a fairly young crowd, which is quite different from a lot of the other cruise ships that I saw. The accommodation itself wasn't luxurious, but it was clean and perfectly fine for this sort of cruise, as the main attractions are definitely elsewhere! The showers had hot water and the food was good (and there was plenty of it). Source: goo.gl/22LfaE

Can not ask for more!

I was on the Seaman II in December of 2017 and absolutely loved it. I did the same itinerary as once before. The guide Geoff was awesome, very knowledgeable and gave us lots of information about the islands, wildlife, etc. The staff were just awesome, great service. The snorkeling was amazing, along with the day trips on the island. You will absolutely love it. Everyone one our trip had a great time!!

Galapagos Trip Report - Eden Yacht

After finally making it to Antarctica earlier this year and having it exceed all our expectations, my wife Laynni and I, along with her parents, were pretty excited to embark on our 8 day Galapagos trip at the beginning of March. We had originally planned to pick up a last minute trip as we had heard that was the way to get the best deals but in the end our planning natures wouldn't let us pass up the trip we found earlier that seemed to meet all our criteria for timeline, price and itinerary. After much deliberation we decided on an eastern route which started at the Baltra airport and included Genovesa, Bartolomé, Floreana, Española and San Cristóbal as the highlights. Basically all the trips include the main island of Santa Cruz (including ours) but the major islands we missed out on were Isabela and Fernandina. Obviously I can't speak to what we may have missed out on but I can tell you the following as far as itineraries go: 1. Bartolomé had the most impressive viewpoint of the entire trip. 2. Devil's Crown off Floreana was probably our best snorkelling experience (plus we had dolphins chase us in the zodiacs). 3. Kicker Rock (called León Dormido, or Sleeping Lion, in Spanish) off San Cristóbal was the best combination of unique scenery and amazing snorkelling. 4. Genovesa might have been the best all-around island for us, and definitely would have been if the snorkelling hadn't been murky (which could change daily). It was a big part of why we chose the route we did as very few itineraries include it, probably because it is so far from everything else and involved 2 night journeys to get there and back. It was an amazing experience for our first significant landing (we had a brief stop at Playa Las Bachas on Santa Cruz the first afternoon). It had beautiful scenery and had a ridiculous variety of birds and wildlife. The ship we were on was called the Edén, which is classified as "tourist superior", and held a maximum of 16 passengers (although we never had more than 15 at one time). The Edén, like most of the ships, does two different routes, one east and one west. One couple on our trip did both so were on for a full 2 weeks, but of the rest of us about half did the 8 day trip like us and the other half just did 4 days. When we arrived at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz halfway through we had a bit of a changeover. Obviously money and time are going to be determining factors but in our opinions 4 days would not have been long enough. Better than nothing but just a taste of what is available. If you definitely can only do 4 days I would recommend the Floreana, Española and San Cristóbal leg. The couple that did 2 weeks found that just a bit too long and said they were having a hard time keeping up the necessary energy and enthusiasm towards the end. Be prepared, this is a busy trip. Up early every day and squeezing in as many activities as possible every day. All of which are terrific, but exhausting. If you really want to see it all and time is not an issue I might recommend doing one week, taking a break to relax on one of the islands for a few days or a week, then doing the second itinerary. Our guide was Rubén Montalvo and he was great. Very knowledgeable and entertaining, and he worked tirelessly to make sure we saw and did as much as we could. The Edén crew of 6 was also outstanding, making our time on the boat as enjoyable and efficient as possible. The ship itself was small but comfortable and had a wealth of good lounging areas (in sun, shade or air conditioned, depending on your preference). The cabins were tiny as you would expect from a boat this size, but they were comfortable and everything worked well. We noticed that on some other boats of equal size, it looked like the rooms were bigger but they had fewer common areas (i.e. the 5 loungers in the shade) and since we spent most of our time in these areas we preferred them to having slightly larger rooms. There was a large area to hang up wet clothes at the back of the boat which very handy considering the number of times we snorkelled. The very top of the boat didn't really have seats (or good railings) but was great for having coffee/tea and watching the sun come up or a pre-dinner drink and watching the sunset. There was air conditioning in all the rooms which you controlled by opening or closing the vents or, in one case, stuffing a plastic bag in the vent to not have any air conditioning at all and keeping the window open. The door of the cabins didn't have locks but this wasn't a problem for anyone on our boat. When it comes to choosing a room, the top floor rooms (where we stayed) are closest to the shaded loungers (which were in high demand during down times and travel) and have big windows that open so were bright and breezy. They had bunk beds and a few people complained about having no railing on the top bunk, which made it feel a bit precarious while crossing some of the rougher waters at night on the way to and from Genovesa. The top floor also has more movement so if you have sea sickness issues the lower floors may be a better choice. The 2 rooms on the second floor have 'double' beds which are really in between a North American single and double. Pretty close sleeping arrangements for a couple. The rooms on the bottom floor have two single beds but not a real window (just a porthole, I think). That floor is the most stable in rougher seas but the people in those rooms mentioned the noise from the engine and the anchor dropping on the nights that we travelled while sleeping (3 nights on our itinerary). Each type of room has their pros and cons but we chose the top floor rooms for the light/windows but Laynni's mom ended up moving her top mattress to the floor on the nights we were travelling to feel more secure. There was a fairly roomy dining and lounging area where we took our meals, bought drinks ($2 for pop, $3.50 for beer, $7 for a glass of wine or cocktail, $40 for a bottle of wine) and enjoyed our nightly briefings with Rubén. He did an excellent job of preparing us for the following day's activities and making sure we knew what we needed to bring for each outing. I also thought the food was exceptional, especially considering the tiny kitchen and minimal kitchen staff. And they generally had snacks and juice waiting for us when we came in from snorkelling. Water, tea and coffee were free and always available. In general, we were fed vast amounts of food early on but for a couple days later in the week the portions became a bit limited. Still enough for us but only barely. Probably a good idea to bring a few snacks just in case, or pick some up in Puerto Ayora on changeover day. Quelle: goo.gl/NwKB8C

You don't have to worry about anything

The tour was well organised and we didn't have to worry about anything. They staff and crew were amazing and friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Review from: https://is.gd/SaAXqr

Galapagos Cruise: Anahi Catamaran

We did a 10-night tour on the first class Anahi and we thought it was a terrific boat. It accommodates 16 passengers, in addition to the crew. We wanted to be in a smaller group and we believe this was definitely a good choice. They offer four cruise itineraries, two 7-nights itineraries (A2 and B2, see the Anahi link below) and two 3-night itineraries (A1 and B1). We did the A1 and B1 itineraries, which did not overlap (be careful because some of them do), which seemed to be the best ones, and which were in any case wonderful. The itinerary was carefully thought out and was wonderful. Every morning and afternoon we had a full schedule of one or two activities that were usually hikes or snorkeling, but that also included visits to nature centers and optional kayaking. Every evening before dinner we were briefed on the activities for the next day so that we could prepare ourselves mentally and bring proper clothes and footwear. We were able to visit some very remote locations including on Fernandina and the west side of Isabel. The only major islands we missed were Santa Fe and Genovesa; we definitely had the feeling that we saw almost everything there was to see in Galapagos. Long-distance traveling between islands was done mostly at night so as not to take time away from sightseeing during the day, but occasionally we traveled during the day to see whales and dolphins or when the schedule made this unavoidable. The boat has been operating for many years and therefore it has the right to visit some select locations that we were told newer boats do not because access licenses are limited. There were several places we visited where we saw only two other boats and there was one place where we were the only boat, so this seems believable. The food was very good and plentiful. We are adventurous about food, and unfortunately the food on any group tour is going to suffer from a lowest common denominator quality, but we were nevertheless happy. Every meal included meat and fish. All hot dishes were thoroughly cooked. There was always an excellent selection of salads, though some of them became repetitive, and occasionally there were local dishes served. A couple of times when the schedule and weather permitted we had a barbecue on the deck. We would have liked to eat more local dishes, particularly fresh seafood and cevice, and some rare or less cooked options, but tour operators have to be cautious because they can run into finicky passengers. A couple of times we got the other passengers together and had the captain buy for us gigantic lobsters at the markets on shore. Then the chef grilled them for us and we were out of our minds with happiness. The layout of the boat is excellent. One of our favorite features was that the windows are fairly large and can be opened. We traveled in September, the coolest month, and always slept with the windows open. There are two suites which are huge and nice, but have the disadvantage that the windows open onto an upper walkway that is not heavily used, but still you do not have full privacy if you open the windows, and actually we’re not even sure that the windows in the suites could be opened at all. In the ordinary rooms the windows open directly onto the water, so they can be left open all night, when getting out of the shower, etc… without privacy concerns. Most other boats that we saw either had windows that didn’t open, or they opened onto a walkway so you wouldn’t have full privacy, or in some luxury boats they opened onto a balcony, but the balcony might not be fully private and even if it were you might not want one between your window and the water. It was great to wake up in the morning or even the middle of the night and just stick our heads or cameras out. Most boats seemed to have rooms that were accessed from outside by an outer walkway. Our rooms were accessed indoors by a central hallway, which was much better. The beds were big and comfortable. Unfortunately, only the two suites and two of the other double rooms have double beds. The other four rooms have twin beds, which is a shame if you are a couple, though the twin bed layouts are slightly more spacious than the ordinary double bed layouts, especially in the bathrooms. (Note that the boat layout in the link below which shows that all standard rooms have twin beds is not quite correct.) There are two good tall storage closets and a safe in each room, and there was enough extra space in the small hallway inside our room to store our two large suitcases. There is a small desk, with power outlets where you can charge camera batteries and plug in electronic devices and also a power outlet on the night table between the beds. The bathroom is large and comfortable, with plenty of hot water in the shower and with soap and shampoo dispensers. You get one small bottle of drinking water each at the start of the trip, and there is a water cooler in the common area that you can fill it from as often as you like. (We had an extra bottle that we brought with us, which was convenient.) The dining room and relaxation area are each large enough to accommodate all 16 passengers comfortably at the same time. There is lots of space on the decks to sit in the sun or outside in the shaded bar area. If you go during the hot season and everyone wants to sunbathe at the same time there won’t be enough long beach chairs for everyone, but if that is an issue then why not save money and go to Miami instead of Galapagos, and anyway the sun in Galapagos is brutal, so you really shouldn’t be sunbathing at all. We went in September, a cooler month, and there was always plenty of space on the decks. There is a whirlpool bath, but it is filled rarely because the sea has to be calm and it has to be emptied again before cruising otherwise the bathwater would spill everywhere. Our guide was the famous Roberto, who we see has been mentioned many times here on TA. We thought he was great. He indeed appears to be one of the very best guides in the Galapagos. My wife sometimes lagged behind our group to take pictures and heard some of the other guides speak; she said they were not nearly as good. We have seen Roberto mentioned in association with Anahi, so there is a good chance you will get him, but he must take breaks as well. You can try asking if he will be there, but that information might not be available, especially if you book in advance. A good guide is important; there’s no internet access in Galapagos, so you can’t just look up Wikipedia on your smartphone if you get a clueless guide. All of the other staff were terrific as well. I cut myself on a rock snorkeling and they were very helpful about cleaning and disinfecting the cut and then keeping it properly bandaged. They were also generally friendly and cheerful and were helpful with a number of miscellaneous favors that we asked. Source: goo.gl/Ja2cXo

Fantastic day trips--highly recommend

We took two trips--Bartolome and Santa Fe--both were outstanding. A few in our group are vegan, and on the first trip they made an effort to accommodate us for breakfast and lunch. By the day of our second trip they truly had it figured out and our lunch was fantastic! That was an unexpected treat. I echo what others have said about our guide, Diego. He truly loves his job, is knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions, but he also leaves time and quiet to appreciate the surroundings. I can't imagine the number of times he has given the safety demonstration, but he made sure we all understood what to do in an emergency, didn't just rush through it. Likewise, how many times has he stood in the dinghy trying to point out a giant sea turtle or other fabulous creature to people snorkeling, but he did it with complete attention and for our increased enjoyment. I was also thrilled to see how seriously all of the guides take the welfare of the animals into consideration, letting us know when we got too close. On the second trip the sea was quite rough on the way out to the island. I opted to stay on top (though that meant getting thoroughly soaked)--it was the only place I didn't feel seasick. Members of the crew checked on the few of us up there many, many times. I appreciated that. We paid from the US ahead of time, and it was a lot of money for the 8 of us, but rest assured, this is a great company to book with. https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowUserReviews-g297533-d10190954-r544894122-Yacht_Santa_Fe_III-Puerto_Ayora_Santa_Cruz_Galapagos_Islands.html# Review from https://goo.gl/AdCcKF

I cannot say enough to praise the amazing wildlife experience

We visited Galapagos the first time in 2013 with my wife, we stayed at the Sol y Mar and did a hotel based program which was really nice, yet we felt we had missed out on the more remote islands like Fernandina and Isabela. The big issue was that we get seasick, yet we fell in love with the Islands and had to return. We contacted the same travel agent and they booked us on the Sea Star. This time we were joined by my son and his wife. We just got back, we did a 6 day cruise from March 2 - 7th visiting the Western side of Isabela, Fernandina and Santiago islands. We had a wonderful time, the planning from our agent was excellent, this time of year the ocean is a bit calmer so it was perhaps the only window we could have and enjoy the western side of Galapagos which is known to be choppier. Another plus of this time of the year was the warmer water for snorkeling, for us it is a big deal, we live in Florida and are spoilt for warm seas. I cannot say enough to praise the amazing wildlife experience, we got to spot everything from orcas to penguins. Swimming alongside both was exciting and really an unexpected adventure. Having our guide in the water with us while we had our surprise encounter with an orca was a small reassurance as well being close to the zodiac to climb out as a precaution. The amount of marine iguanas, sea lions, blue footed boobies was much larger than at visitor sites closer to Santa Cruz. We also enjoyed seeing the flightless cormorant and learning about its evolution process. The difference from staying at a hotel was large, the cruising experience allows for more time efficiency as we did not have to transfer across an island and then navigate back and forth to a visitor site. By cruising we experienced at least 5 hours per day of time exploring the premier wildlife locations of the island vs 5 to 6 hours transfering back and forth from the hotel and then 2 hours of exploring a location and having to cut it short in order to get back. The downside was that we did get seasick, yet in the end with the help of pills we overcame it, it was the price we paid in order to have the superior experience that is cruising around the islands. In regards to our yacht the Sea Star, it was very comfortable, well kept and met our expectations. Cabins were much larger than we expected on a boat. The captain was nice to hold back navigations until meals were finished and tried his best at anchoring inside calm bays to avoid movement, this was the advantage of being on a smaller yacht. The food was really good, we loved learning how to prepare ceviche Ecuador style and appreciated the good amount of food, at first we were worried it might be too gourmet, yet in the end the portions were large and having the buffet for lunch allowed for seconds. All in all I would recommend using the Sea Star, just note that it is also known as Domenica, at first we thought it was the wrong boat but once we walked around it matched the pictures and specifications. I hope this information helps, we had a memorable holiday. Review from: https://goo.gl/GEi7jE

One of our best vacations ever

I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for your help with our Galapagos trip. It was truly one of our best vacations ever. We spent a day exploring Old Town Quito and really liked our visit to the Intinan Museum at the equator. The Archipell II crew and our naturalist were outstanding in their service. The wildlife and the islands were amazing to see and we learned a lot. We snorkeled with sharks, sea turtles and sea lions. We saw penguins, dolphins and many land and marine iguanas and many birds. We loved spending the day in Puerto Ayora. We stayed at the Galapagos Suites which was outstanding - very spacious, very clean and the manager was so helpful! I would highly recommend them. We went to the local outdoor food stalls and had fresh lobster for dinner! Besides the Charles Darwin Research Institute, we visited a private facility and were able to visit with giant tortoises in their natural environment Amazing creatures! FYI for future passengers - the Archipell II cabins have a safe in each room and a hairdryer. Our itinerary changed a little and the naturalist said it was based on the National Park discretion. It may be helpful to let future passengers that this can happen.

Sky rocks!

The overall the experience was fantastic and the marine life was like no other I have previously experienced. Tons of Hammerhead sharks, Silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, Marine Iguanas, etc., etc. The area has more wildlife than can be expressed in this review and it is by far the healthiest ecosystem I have ever had the privilege of diving. The Darwin dive site by itself is worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, Whale sharks were out of season and we did not see the Mola mola or Giant Manta, but that didn’t take away anything from the experience. Diving in the Galapagos Islands is truly amazing and impossible to express in a review. I would caution that some of the dives can be quite cold and the current is very strong at times with relatively low visibility, so new divers or even semi-experienced divers should do their research before booking. There is an expected level of ability that the dive masters will expect you to have both on deck and in the water and it can be very frustrating for the entire group if one person’s inexperience holds up the group. That said, the dive masters do their best to make sure everyone gets the best of what the Galapagos has to offer. The Galapagos Sky and crew were great. The ship and state rooms were comfortable and clean and the staff was always courteous and professional. The ship was well maintained and the sun decks were great for lounging between dives or having drinks at night. They crew bent over backward to make sure we had everything we wanted and were comfortable at all times, including hot towels and fresh baked snacks immediately after every dive. Despite diving 3 – 4 times a day, I think I actually gained weight on the trip. The biggest downside is that the trip is expensive. Once you get past the sticker shock, the rest of the trip quickly falls into the “once-in-a-lifetime” category. I would definitely recommend this trip and the Galapagos Sky to anyone.

All went really well!

The trip went well with all flights leaving on schedule and the Millenium crew very accommodating and friendly with two excellent naturalists giving guidance for 2.5 days each. The food was tasty and adequate.

Wonderful boat and journey

We were on the Daphne in May 2014 and had a great time. It's a great boat with a great crew. Our trip was amazing. We lucked out and had the suite on the upper deck. The guide was great (they rotate) and the wildlife amazing. The food was good, but too much eggs for breakfast for our tastes. They provide masks & fins for snorkeling, but I recommend bringing your own mask if you have one. We booked it as a last minute deal while in Quito about two weeks before and do not regret it. Source: goo.gl/Ny8BaK

Review of M/V Evolution boat tour of Galapagos Islands

We just returned from a week aboard the M/V Evolution touring the Galapagos Islands. My wife and I had our two girls ages 9 1/2 and 12 with us. There were 30 passengers aboard in total with 18 crew. The pictures you see capture only part of the incredible beauty of the islands and the wildlife. The Ship The M/V Evolution is set up with three decks (search the web for all the images and deck plans). We were in cabins A1 and A2 on the top deck. A1 was large and had windows on both sides of the ship. A2 was the double room and had two windows on one side. The cabins were comfortable and well kept but not fancy. The food was wonderful. The day begins with a great breakfast buffet (hot items, fruit, cereal, etc). There is a mid-morning snack most days in between morning excursions. Lunch is always on board about 12:30. Another great lunch (we had a little wine each day too), with fantatic desert (they have their own pastry chef). Then a siesta and then excursions in the afternoon, back on board 5-6PM for cocktail hour, then a brieifing about the next day's excursion, followed by dinner (more great food). Competent wine list of mostly Argentinian and Chilean wines with some Spainish thrown in. Dress It is warm and humid. Pants that have the zip off legs (such as the ones at LL Bean) work very well. The sun is intense, esp from 10-2. It's nice to shower and change for dinner, but I wore the same thing each night. The dress is very casual (many people wore what they had on during the day). The Excursions All of them were very interesting. The naturalists do a great job of explaining the wildlife and the geology of the islands. The ability to stand right next to the birds, iquanas and crabs is wonderful. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. As they say, you can't take a bad picture in the Galapagos. The land excursions are done by taking the "panga" (Zodiac style boat) to the shore (either on the beach or on to a rock), then hiking. There is a fair amount of hiking on uneven terrain, so Keene's are the perfect solution. The snorkeling is great. Sharks, sea turtles, rays, pengins, all kinds of fish. If it is worth it to you, I'd recommend bringing your own 3mm wet suit to ensure a good fit. if you are sensitive to the sun, get a full length (as opposed to half or 3/4). The snorkeling is done when the sun is right overhead). They have stuff on board, but the fit isn't guaranteed).

Anahi Cruise

We arranged this 7 day cruise with the Anahi. The information and communications were very good. An agent met us a Quito airport, and another in Baltra. The guide, Roberto, and the crew were excellent. The meals were ample and good. Drinks are expensive. Anahi is a catamaran, probably less stable than a single hull, but faster from place to place. There were 2 or 3 events per day - walks, snorkeling, panga rides. Kayaking was offered twice, but there were no takers. Source: goo.gl/KnwJjU

Loved this ship and crew!

Robert our guide the Captain and crew have all helped make this a fantastic experience- thank you! Excellent food! Will definitely recommend ANAHI! Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Absolutely amazing

Galápagos was absolutely amazing. Of the two best things we have seen in our many travels, African game viewing and the Galápagos Islands are top of the list. We are going to find it hard to better them. Our guide was fabulous and the staff on the Daphne marvellous. Don’t go for less than a week or on a big boat. The snorkelling was the absolute highlight and we were given many opportunities to be in the water. Thank you for a truly memorable experience. Source: goo.gl/j3DdjZ

Can't get any Better

Silver Sea serves up another faultless cruise. And this one, an Expedition Cruise, if far more difficult to make work than their more conventional offerings. The Galapagos Islands are one of the worlds most magical places. Silver Sea sails it with their expedition ship, the Silver Galapagos, which has a maximum capacity of 100 guests. This gives guests the best of both worlds. Its staterooms, food, service, everything is up the to the high standards Silver Sea sets. And yet the ship is is configured for outdoor adventure. The ship is an older ship that was completely overhauled in 2013-14 so it’s age is not a factor, it is nearly as good as new. This trip is all about nature. Do not expect broadway shows at night. But do expect standing on the aft deck looking at the millions of stars that seem to light up the night sky. Every day there are 2-3 field trips, usually one hike and one snorkel. The Galapagos are virgin and pristine. It is like stepping back into prehistoric times. The Ecuadorian government deserves great credit in keeping it so. The number of visitors is strictly limited, the Silver Galapagos is right at the limit of 100 set for passenger ships. Nearly every island is deserted. These are not lush, green and flowered, think more of the desert in Arizona. Each island shows the remnants of volcanic activity, there are dormant volcano cones nearly everywhere. And it seems each island has its own species of wild life. There are of course the giant Galapagos tortoises, colonies of thousands of marine iguanas, more elusive land iguanas and thousands of sally light foot crabs. And birds everywhere, the famed blue footed boobies, red footed boobies, flightless cormorants, penguins, and giant red throated frigate birds that will gather by the hundreds in feeding frenzies. But, for me, the real action is in the water, snorkeling, just atop mild swells. There the giant green turtles leave the beach to mate, it is hard to maneuver your way through them there are so many that are otherwise occupied. There are sea lion rookeries, with so many of these mammals sensitized to humans that they come out to play with you, diving under you, over you, and somehow never colliding. Then there are the coral reef fish, thousands, like the Caribbean used to be a couple of decades ago before reef death started to take over. Brightly colored coral teeming with thousands of fish everywhere you look. Now for the most helpful tips I can offer up. The rear of deck 3 is the snorkeling center. Silver Sea, provides all the gear you need, mask, fins snorkels, and half wetsuits. You will need a wet suit. Even though the Galapagos sits right on the equator the water is not as warm as you would imagine because of the convergence of three Atlantic currents in its vicinity including the Humboldt. I brought all my gear and found I could have left my wet suit and fins at home. I would bring or invest in a really good mask for your personal use. With one exception all snorkeling expeditions are made from a zodiac. Zodiacs will be your primary source of transportation on this trip. The ship’s staff are extremely skillful in getting clients in and out of these small boats (capacity about 16). Just carefully follow their instructions and you will be fine, you grip forearm to forearm and then step in. I did not see one accident while on the cruise. Do not be put off by these logistics. The majority of those on my cruise were 60+ and they were game for just about anything. To their credit, they proved a much more seaworthy group than I would have first thought. The crew are pros and take extraordinary care of you. You will absolutely need to invest in a pair of closed toe water shows. Manufacturers like Keen and Merrell make them and they cost about $100 a pair. These are necessary because you will be making both wet and dry landings form the zodiacs. And in a over the top Silver Sea service, your butler will dry your shoes when you return from you your day’s activities and leave them on a tray in your room all ready for the next adventure. Really. I would also bring a sturdy pair of broken in hiking shoes and one pair of loafers for the evening. You will absolutely need one of those jungle hats with the wide brims to keep the sun off. Make sure you buy one with a chin strap that can be tightened or it will blow away in the zodiacs winds. Bring layers of lightweight clothes, for both warm and cold. There is no predicting what the weather is going to be. I made a mistake, reading that the islands are on the equator, and I opted for almost all warm weather clothes and this proved a mistake, for it was chilly outside start gazing on some nights and I wish I had some warmer gear. Do not bring jeans, they will get wet and heavy. Again, visit your local REI store and invest in some technical lightweight pants, shorts and tops. Unlike other Silver Sea cruises, this is not a fashion show, and because of the weight limits imposed by South American airlines you should travel as light as possible. Sports jackets for men are not required or needed. Save the packing space. One of the best things about this trip was the quality of the expedition team leaders. Each is responsible for bringing ashore, or into the water, the passengers of one of the zodiacs. I should name them all but since they vary I will save the space and believe they are all as good as the ones we had. These men and women all possess degrees in botany, biology, naturalism, undersea biology, ornithology, in short they really know their stuff. In addition through years of experience, they all possess great sets of eyes, able to pick out carefully camouflaged birds, animals and sea life. The guides too, treat the islands with the utmost reverence and respect. If any sort of stray object appears on a trail, even a Kleenex they will pick it up and dispose of it later. Lastly, this trip may seem daunting or intimating to older travels. But do not let this dissuade you. There were a number of people in their mid 70’s with walking sticks and canes who came through with flying colors and for whom I have a lot of respect. One final tip, and let this be a Cruise Critic insider. When you get through snorkeling you come aboard on deck 3 aft. You will be chilly. Quickly peel off your wet suit, just drop it and pick it up later, and hurry your way up to the whirlpool on deck 6 (there is only one with a capacity of 6) and sit there in very warm water while the rest of your fellow snorkelers shiver their way to their showers. This is Silver Sea, and it is expensive. But it is worth every penny. Get there and do this before El Nino, Global Warming, or man ruins it. You may never get a another chance to visit deserted prehistoric islands again. Carpe Diem. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com


It was excellent. The ship is very very nice. The staff is extremely helpful. My wife had a little disability and they help her all the time. The food was excellent. We will definitely recommend you. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Aida Maria Yacht - Great Crew!

We completed the 8 day cruise on Aida Maria’s itinerary B which started on San Cristobal, visited Santa Fe, South Plazas, Santa Cruz, Isabela, Fernandina, Rabida and North Seymour Islands before ending with a transfer to Baltra airport. Aida Maria and Eden yachts are both owned by the same family from Puerto Ayora. Aida Maria is owned by the sisters Aida and Maria. The Eden is owned by the brothers of the family. The Aida Maria crew rotate a fortnight on the yacht and then a fortnight off. Aida Maria uses freelance Naturalist Guides so each trip may vary with quality of information provided, organisation and schedule. The boat crew did an excellent job, ensuring safe and efficient transfers to/from the yacht in the dingy(s). Food quality was also excellent considering the small galley and included significant fresh salad, vegetables and fruits. Drinking water and coffee were available at all times. Alcoholic drinks were available for purchase at reasonable prices. Cabin beds were made up every day and bathrooms cleaned. The itinerary provided a good opportunity to see all the iconic species that we expected at the time of year we visited, most on multiple occasions. We visited in March to take advantage of the warm water. Snorkeling was comfortable without wetsuit. Water clarity was, however, worse than we expected ranging from slightly to significantly cloudy at all but one of the snorkel sites. The clearest water was at Rabida Island which was excellent. Twice, at other sites, we snorkeled with playful and inquisitive sea lions, a highlight for us. The boat carries 16 passengers in 8 double cabins over 3 decks. All cabins have A/C. For the two cabins on the upper deck the a/c units are wall mounted. We found ours to be very noisy and opted for an open window instead whenever possible. A/C for the other cabins appears to be from a central system so there is no noise issue but passengers in those cabins advised that they could not adjust it (although stuffing a towel in the outlet apparently worked just fine). Cabin space is as typical on small boats at a premium so cabins are compact but functional. To maximise sightseeing opportunities during the day, the boat moved between islands overnight several times. The lounge/dining area on the boat provides a comfortable communal space and an opportunity to talk with other passengers. The itinerary maximises the opportunity to experience the islands and is quite fast paced. Typically there were two walking visits and one or two opportunities to snorkel each day. Landings for the walking visits were a mix of wet and dry. We found bare feet worked just fine for the wet landings which were all on sandy beaches and simply carried our dry shoes to put on on the beach. Others used sandals. Some of the trails are quite rocky and we found solid shoes worked better than sandals In March, when we visited, the sun was hot and shade on most of the islands is limited, so take more sunscreen than you think you will need – you’ll use it. The naturalist that accompanied our cruise was OK. Information provided was relevant and interesting but a bit repetitive and delivered in a rambling manner not readily compatible with standing in the full sun. Overall, we felt that Aida Maria cruise delivered value for money and met our expectations. As such, we’d recommend it. Source: goo.gl/tRrF74

A great experience

A great experience, flexible itinerary and a crew and guide always ready to help, friendly and welcoming. Thanks so much! Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Best vacation ever

What a wonderful 8 days guide was very knowledgeable a passionate with great personality. Crew so helpful specialty Carlos helping Colin to walk on shore. Many thanks! Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Bestes Erlebnis

Wir hatten die 8d/ 7n Reiseplan C Tour auf dem Seemann Reise Katamaran. Da wir unterwegs waren unabhängig, wir brauchten eine separate Vorkehrungen für die Abholung und Abflug, statt ihrer Standard Praxis der abzuholen oder zurückzubringen am Flughafen. Er organisierte für uns am Hafen, in Puerto Ayora und geliefert zu treffen der Rest der Gruppe im Tortoise Ranch in den Highlands. Nach der Kreuzfahrt zu Ende war, er organisierte für uns zu übertragen werden zurück nach Puerto Ayora. Das Schiff ist ein 16-Person Katamaran und ist gut gepflegt, mit komfortablen Zimmern. Wir hatten eines der zwei größeren Doppelzimmern auf dem oberen Deck, was mehr Platz als die anderen mit nur 2 Einzelbetten. Es ist auch noch weiter von den Motoren so bekamen wir von dem Lärm nicht hören, wenn in der Nacht unterwegs ist. Alle Zimmer verfügen über eigene Badezimmer, obwohl jeder sich darüber beschwert, dass sie Probleme mit ihnen hatten, da die Toiletten haben oft verstopft. Sie sollten entweder Adresse dieses Problem oder statten alle Luxuskabinen mit einer Saugglocke arbeiten. Es gab 3 gemeinsame Terrasse Bereiche. Man kann sich aus und genießen Sie die Aussicht auf dem obersten Deck, einen Raucherbereich auf der Rückseite auf dem Boot, oder in der Sonne auf das Netz zwischen den dürfen Rümpfe von der Boot an der Vorderseite. Die Innen- die öffentlichen Bereiche waren komfortabel, und bestand aus den großen Esstisch, Lounge und Bar. Während die meisten der Hütten durch diesen gemeinsamen Raum erreicht wurden, hätte sie ziemlich ruhig gewesen, da alle in Bett von 9 Uhr abends war Der früh einschläft üblich war wegen der Schnorcheln, Wandern zweimal am Tag, und das Essen so gut. Ein Reiseführer ist die 16 Passagiere zugewiesen wurde, und unser Reiseführer war ausgezeichnet. Er hat eine tolle Arbeit, bei der Flugpreis uns auf den Wanderungen, beobachten und für unsere Sicherheit als wir im Wasser waren. Zu allen Zeiten, beim Schnorcheln war es immer ein Schlauchboot in der Nähe für unsere Sicherheit. Wet Anzüge sind vorhanden für Miete, für diejenigen, die das Wasser zu kalt. Aber diejenigen von uns aus Kanada, waren recht komfortabel, ohne deren Ansprüche neoprenanzüges. Während wir während der Saison als das Wasser rauer sein soll, wir benutzten seekrank Patches und hatten keine Probleme. Es gab einige Grenzübergänge für den Schienenverkehr, dass ziemlich rau waren, und wir konnten aus dem Bett verfrachtet werden - aber selbst dann, wir waren in Ordnung. Man kann zwar einige der Inseln auf eigene Faust besichtigen, sind diese beschränkt sich im Wesentlichen auf diejenigen mit Gemeinschaften (nur praktisch zu Besuch 3 Inseln, und selbst dann begrenzt zu wandern oder Tauchen in bestimmten Bereichen). Wir fanden die Kreuzfahrt zu sein eine fantastische Art und Weise zu wirklich alles, was die Galapagos zu bieten hat. Es war ein fantastisches Erlebnis! !!

Very good team on board

It´s been fantastic. The food was really great. You have a very very good team on board. We really love them all, and we appreciate all the hard work they do. Also, the guide is a very good guide. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Lovely ship and crew!

Lovely ship and crew! Everyone was so helpful and friendly, especially the barman, he guide and Carlos who saved my sunglasses. Thank you so much! Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Does not meet up to expectations!

Just came off a cruise on the Sea Star. Does not meet up to hype and expectations. Crew great and work hard. Ship not fully functioning. Be cautious on your expectations, good food but not great-and not the selection you expect with the reviews, no TV's, No mini bars, no Wifi, bar tabs hand kept, hard to dispute. ALSO fees must be paid in cash with no record. Tip recommendations seem excessive. Great Crew, they did better than the best they could. The ship was not ready from rehab. Tours can be strenuous, we had several people fall, thank God nothing serious, not always clear what is going on, just be prepared Review from: https://goo.gl/N4c4Qr

WOW, just wow!

WOW! What a week aboard the m/v Evolution. My husband and I have wanted to travel to The Galapagos Islands for a long time and finally made it happen. Our 7 night cruise was the ideal way to go. Our Naturalists, Sam and Boli, were outstanding "hosts" every day. They were warm, smart, accomodating and professional. Their senses of humor were perfect for our fun-loving cohort of ship mates. Our hotel manager Steve, Dr. Isaac, bartender Dr. G, the chef, panga drivers and all other staff/crew worked tirelessly to make our trip run seamlessly - it was comfortable, informative, fascinating and memorable. The ship itself was renovated recently and is lovely. I spent every free moment upstairs on the open air deck - a magnificent spot! One area I would improve on is the food - while plentiful, varied and beautifully presented, I found it lacking in taste. (Keep the make-your-own omelette and cereal options at breakfast!) That said, we are already talking about going back aboard the Evolution to do the other itinerary in the future. Thanks to all for a phenomenal week - one we will not soon forget!

An awesome trip

My husband and I and our two children just returned from an awesome trip on the Sky. I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful the crew on the boat were. Everyone from the captain, the panga drivers, kitchen and engineering staff, the chap who looked after the cabins and of course Gonzalo who took care of us at meal times etc., were topnotch. We had a cabin with a king bed and it was very comfortable. My kids shared one with two twins. The food was delicious and plentiful and the tea and hot chocolates and snacks on the dive platform were more than appreciated. And now the diving!!! Totally awesome but not a walk in the park but any means. We wanted to see whale sharks (which we did and they were incredible), so it meant winter time! The water was cold, vis not great and there were strong currents. I am a warm water diver and it took some getting used to the 7ml, all the extra weight, gloves, hood, etc., but it was well worth it. We saw thousands of sharks. Schools of hammerheads that resembled schools of the silversides I am used to seeing, Galapagos sharks which I think are truly beautiful, silkies, etc. We were kept amused by playful sea lions and on one safety stop had a very friendly mother dolphin showing off her newborn! It really was the trip of a life time. I would suggest that you bring as much of your own gear as possible (I really wish I had my bcd with integrated weights, etc) and I think that some diving in current, cold, etc., would be good experience prior to the trip. My kids are in their twenties and we all have a goodly number of divers but mostly in the pristine conditions in the Cayman Islands so this was a whole different experience. Highly recommend the Sky to anyone considering this trip! Review from: https://goo.gl/9X2MQs

it was PERFECT

We traveled on Galaven in March 2017, and it was PERFECT. The staff was friendly and very attentive. Our boat had 2 naturalist guides, which made for very small excursion groups. Food was fantastic. (We are Vegan, so the chef made special food for us also!) Cabins and common areas were clean, modern, and immaculately maintained. This cruise was the highlight of our trip and was well worth the cost. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/LZ1edf

Best cruise ever!

We enjoyed every minute of our trip with the Treasure of Galapagos due to the professional, welcoming and knowledgeable guide and crew. Thank you!!!

Amazing Expedition Cruise to the Galapagos Islands

A few caveats before I begin this review. This was my first cruise - so I don't have the points of reference to other cruise experiences as others might. From what I understand, this cruise (Expedition-style) is very different in both format and experience from a typical cruise. That said, I'm very well-traveled - having been to nearly 70 countries including staying at some of the nicest hotels and lodges and dining at great restaurants-- so I can definitely compare this experience to those, if not other cruises. Finally, we are adventure-vacation people. It's far more our style to use our vacations to explore than to lie on a beach (though I like beaches, too!), so this was right up my alley. Pre-cruise details/info: This was the one part of the experience I found a bit lacking (though it doesn't affect my review at all). I found that the info I requested wasn't entirely consistent. For one thing, I was told that we'd get free internet for only 1 hour per day. It turned out to be complimentary throughout (don't get me wrong, this was a nice surprise! But I would have stressed less about leaving work if I knew this beforehand). My request to get my Marriott loyalty number to the JW Marriott in Quito did not go through. I also did not get many details about day-tour options in Quito before embarkation. When we arrived, we were presented with a list of options. Would have been nice to have this beforehand to plan (instead, I booked a tour directly through the Marriott -- anyway, worked for us since it was much less expensive than the Silversea arrangements). Finally, at the airport in Quito, we were told that our checked luggage would go directly to the ship. That is not the case. Once you land in the Galapagos, you must claim your luggage and bring it to the luggage truck that delivers it to the ship. Overall, these didn't really impact the experience much, but would have helped some things go smoother. Pre-post hotels/travel package: Because of the great value, we booked the pre-and-post cruise travel packages. The JW Marriott in Quito is lovely. Nice area with some restaurants you can walk to and restaurants/bars on site as well. There's a nice pool area with a hot tub. The Hotel Oro Verde we stayed at in Guayaquil was just OK (though rated as 5-star, it would be closer to a 3.5-star in my opinion) - though I do think it may be the best option in that city and is just fine for a short layover (but I was glad we weren't spending an extra day here). The ship: To me, inexperienced cruiser, the ship was the perfect size. Big enough to have a few options for places to hang out, but not so overwhelming as the mega-ships seem to me. There's a piano bar on the 4th floor with some days beds and tables/chairs set up outside and a jacuzzi area on the 6th floor with more daybeds (facilities, size, passengers). Also on the 6th floor is a small (but beautiful) spa and a fitness room. There's also a separate area to store wetsuits and snorkel gear. Due to the itinerary, there's not a ton of time for just lounging around the ship, so I found it to be really perfect. A few times, I was the only one in the jacuzzi area and nothing ever felt too crowded. The food - I read several reviews complaining about the food, so I went into this vacation not expecting much (especially since I'm a vegetarian). I was so pleasantly surprised. The portions are not huge and there are no massive (or midnight) buffets, but everything is incredibly fresh and of very good quality. There are two restaurants. For breakfast, only the lower level Restaurant is open -- it's a buffet with a variety of hot and cold items as well as fresh juices and baked goods (the french bread is awesome). For lunch you have two options - the Restaurant is open (buffet) - we had a look one day but never dined there for lunch since we always wanted to go outside. And the Grill - great outside atmosphere with live keyboard music. They have daily specials (pizza, pasta and some fish options), daily soups (these are great), a Chef's special station, salad, and a variety of desserts. You will not go hungry. The pesto pasta is amazing. For dinner, both venues are open. The Grill is reservation only (hot rocks - meat-focused dining). I do not recommend it for vegetarians but if you're with someone that loves meat (as I was), they can bring up other dishes from the main restaurant. Dinner at the main Restaurant felt more of a gourmet experience to me -- specialty wines every night (though you could always request others), and you can potentially order 6 courses (appetizer, soup, salad, sorbet, entree, dessert). Everything was good and there was always a vegetarian option highlighted. Entertainment - There's not a ton of entertainment. But not really a need. You have such early wake-up calls, so I think things like casinos and shows would be a bad idea! I was totally happy with this. There's some live music in the piano bar (the great piano player let us grab the mic and do karaoke a few nights!) and there are a few cocktail hours scheduled pre-dinner (i.e. Captain's Welcome) and the bar is always open pre-dinner anyhow. It was plenty for me. There are also lectures every afternoon. I always was more interested in relaxing during those times, but many did attend them. Service - Service was really high touch all-around. Kudos to the great crew! I couldn't have asked for anything better. Excursions - This is a very active itinerary. Again, it's what I like. But it may not be for everyone. You get up early (often for excursions starting at 7:30am), have breakfast, go on an excursion or two, have lunch, relax for a bit, go on another excursion, get ready for dinner, maybe have a cocktail, go to the briefing (where you're told the next day's itinerary and your options), have dinner, go to bed, repeat. Excursions are of varying levels of 'difficulty'. As relatively young and fit people, this was not an issue, but there is some hiking involved (one was 2 miles) as well as snorkeling and of course getting into/out of the Zodiacs. There are various snorkeling excursions and they'd always tell us when the current was expected to be strong. I'm not a strong swimmer, but was able to go on three (and so glad I did) without problems. I skipped the last two as the current seemed very rough. They have life jackets if you request. I strongly recommend bringing your own wetsuit if you intend to snorkel at least around this time of year (late August). The wetsuits on board were mainly short-sleeved and short-legged. I was so happy to have a full length 3-2 wetsuit as the water was really cold (and with the wetsuit I did not feel cold one bit). The islands - The islands themselves are not lush (don't expect it to be like Hawaii or the Caribbean). They are quite arrid and not populated for the most part. But the wildlife is amazing. I felt like I was on a safari. We saw giant tortoises, snorkeled with sea lions, saw penguins, tons of iguana...it's like no other place. This isn't a great beach place, though - we did have a few stops on the beaches, but it's really not an idyllic-beach set of islands. There's much more to see than that, but don't go expecting to lie on perfect white sand. Overall value - This was not an inexpensive trip, but I found everything well worth it. I'm excited to take another Silversea Expedition cruise - hopefully sooner rather than later! Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Fabulous journey

The Mary Anne was wonderful. All I could have hoped for. Excellent weather, food, company. I could not have improved on it. It was a memorable trip which I will recommend to everyone. I had always wanted to go on a cruise on a boat like that so the trip ticked several boxes and lived up to expectations completely. My room was a double with an en-suite bathroom. It was air conditioned and a welcome cool spot from the brilliant sun. Source: goo.gl/fQ3vbV

We were very well taken care of every step of the way

We were very well taken care of every step of the way, from the hotel transfers to accommodations with food onboard the Origin, to help with getting into wet suits, to wild and wonderful facts about Giant Tortoises. The captain and crew were wonderfully pleasant and accommodating, even when folks were demanding, ill, or just in need of a different kind of wine. From the panga drivers’ uncanny ability to spot sharks to the various crew members’ good humor and playful spirit, every thing on board The Origin was top flight. It was hard to say goodbye! I came away with a thorough understanding of why the Galapagos are unique on this planet, and why we must support research in the region and protect the islands and the natural park.

The yacht was wonderful

The yacht wonderful, crew very professional and friendly, the guide knowledgeable and experience on his job, we understand every Little detail. Mirely seems to know all the guests and attend to everybody Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Best service on a cruise ever

The service on this cruise was the best out of any cruse we have taken. Every crewmember went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. We chose this cruise for the experience seeing the wildlife, and we were able to see a lot. We spent several days in Quito before, and enjoyed the city. 2-3 days and the highlights can be seen. The Flights to and from the ship are the drawback. Lantam is a budget type airline. A single cup of water is all you get(and some did not even get that) Everything else is extra. We bought our airfare from Silversea. The cruse line should give a voucher, or provide a snack bag. that would make the flight more tolerable. The airline had special rules that you had to be in your seat during refueling. I have never run across that before. The flight attendants were awful. Thy tried to hide for most of the flights. If you leave from Quito, there is a stop before the Galapagos you are on the plane for 4 hours. The airline uses exterior stairs, one Silversea passenger fell down deplaning and was hurt. Dining was better than I thought it would be. The Ship has limited menu items because of Galapagos import laws. It is not ultra fine dining, but thy did very well with what they had. My wife has a shellfish allergy, and the staff did a fantastic job keeping her safe. The bar selection was not up to the standards of other Silverseas ships, but I think it may be due to import taxes. Entertainment is only a piano player. Lectures and briefings are the things you will spend time on. Early mornings and active days put most people to bed after dinner. On night they did turn off the lights on part of the ship. A naturalist gave astronomy lecture outside with a lazer pointer. The Ship did change its course during the cruise so passengers could whale watch. This is a trip that if you snorkel, you will see much more wildlife. The ship has half wetsuits. We brought our own full suits. I was able to stay comfortable much longer in the cold water with the full suit. I had gloves and dive booties. The Natualists onboard are all good, but some are better at different things. I did not see a way to chose who was guiding your outing. When we check off more items on the bucket list, I would like to go back and do the other islands in the Galapagos on Silverseas. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

Overall a great tour

We were worried the 5 day tour on the discovery itinerary was going to be to short, it turned out to be a fantastic itinerary, we saw a lot of animals, my wife saw the blue footed booby she wanted to see so much,and the 5 day tour was the perfect amount of time for us. facilities were clean and comfortable, the guidance was exceptional...overall a great tour we took home some great memories! the booking process couldn't of been easier, we contacted Galapatours for a very last minute booking, they provided us with some options, when we narrowed it down to the Darwin we were able to pay with credit card, and 2 days later we received confirmation and tour documents! we couldn't be happier with the outcome of our tour. Source: goo.gl/XMsCjk

Seaman is the best

Absolutely 5* from the fabulous food, incredibly attentive but unobtrusive staff where every detail is thought of and planned for. The cabins are a good size with ensuite and good storage. The inside and outside space is well maintained, smart, comfortable and provides areas to sit and read, watch the wildlife, chat, eat and drink. The staff are friendly and helpful and the naturalist knowledgeable. We went as a family group of 7 from 12 to 72 and we all thought the Catamaran and its team were outstanding, and thats before we mention the wildlife and islands. We did 5 days and 4 nights as I was not sure about seasickness for us all but even the youngest who had felt the most queazy at the beginning complained we should have gone for longer. The trips each day were interesting and varied the first day into the heart ot the giant tortoise reserve on San Cristobal was a rather major hike but we saw a number of huge wild tortoises. All the other walks were interesting, varied and full of wildlife as were the snorkelling sessions and we even saw humpback whales from the Catamaran in Espanola and watched the Frigate birds soar over us as we moved from site to site. Highly recommend this boat to anyone looking for fabulous wildlife sightings on a wonderfully comfortable small cruise.


The Nemo I and its crew were incredible, kind, friendly, willing to assist and just plain efficient. Capt. William made himself available at all times. We will definitely come back!

The Odyssey is the best Galapagos experience

The Odyssey exceeded my expectations by its comfort and luxury. The food was delicious.

It was simply great

My wife and I have been traveling around the world for 40 years and myself for 60 both of agree this was one of the best experiences we have ever had. I was lucky enough to spend 8 days on the Alia-- This is an experience of a lifetime. Figured that this boat would have the best guides and they did Maria del Carmen Ramos is the guide you want for any trip to the Galapagos. They use induction cooking so some of the protein is firmer than it needs to be but just sitting on the top deck and having a brandy or port before dinner is heaven on earth. Please don't let the nit pickers of this world ruin what will be a incredible life changing moment in your's. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/5bfmPZ

Absolutely thrilled with every aspect of our cruise

My 15 year old son and I went on a six day cruise with the Millennium in August 2017. Originally we were not going to book a cruise but we are sooo glad that we did do so last minute. We were absolutely thrilled with every aspect of our cruise. I can higly recommend it. We were able to see many things people are not permitted to see unless they are on a cruise. And it didn’t feel crowded and touristy. In fact, our group of 15 was always the only group at each site. They time the trips that way on purpose and it works. In six days we say 3 boats out at sea and no one ever on land. And our group of 15 really felt like a family within a few days. First of all, this is not an adventure for people with limited mobility. Our first task was to learn to transfer from the dingy to the boat in really choppy water. There was always a crew member to help, but I can see it being a problem for people with limitations such as bad knees, bad back, or poor physical condition. We also spent a lot of time hiking (sometimes up really steep volcanoes) and snorkeling, where you have to get in and out of the dingy from the water. There was a ladder for getting back on but even then it was a little challenging. This is also not an adventure for people who have unmanageable sea sickness. The boat really rocks and rolls due to the rough seas, especially in the first few days. I mean the kind of motion where you have to hold onto the walls and furniture. Taking a shower in those times was a particularly amusing challenge. We did a lot of traveling at night so we all mostly went to bed early because you can’t do much when the boat is rocking like that. You can’t read, play cards, or drink. This also is not an adventure for people who don’t want to get up early. We were usually up and out by 6 and the latest we ever slept was 7. But since we went to bed so early it really was not a problem. Additionally we saw amazing things that early in the morning and it was always worth getting up for. The Millennium is 16 passenger boat with 9 crew- pretty impressive ratio. The staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and polite. Most of the staff spoke some Englsih and our guide spoke excellent English. All of our meals were served either in the dining room or on deck and were delicious, though a little repetitive. This is not a cruise where there is food all the time- meal times were pretty much sacred. Snacks were few and far between so if you are a snacker, you should bring your own. Our guide, Ghandi was amazing. His English was excellent and he is a naturalist with unbelievable knowledge. He knew the name and behavior of everything we saw as well as the geology of the islands. He is very connected with nature and conservation is clearly his ultimate goal. He has a sense of humor and playfulness that made everything we did fun. Our cabin was simple and clean and had everything we needed, except shampoo which is not provided. Our room was cleaned up each day and one day the housekeeper folded our towels into the shapes of animals we saw on the trip. Our shower had an amazing window over the sea. Through snorkeling, walks on the beach, hiking and dingy rides we saw penguins, blue footed boobies, three kinds of sharks, two kinds of rays, thousands of fish, flamingoes, flightless cormorants, amazing plants, sea lions, turtles, giant tortoises, iguanas, hawks, starfish, an owl, corals and much more. If your goal is to see lots of wildlife, this is the place for you Feedback from: https://goo.gl/5vaRRZ


Amazing experience! Staff is great, naturalists are wonderful. Went with Tauck. Lovely time. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/McedHj

Daphne cruise was wonderful

We just got back from a 4 day trip on the Daphne around Santa Cruz, Floreana, Espanola, and San Cristobal. It was a wonderful no-frills boat with an excellent staff and guide (Jose). The food was great, and they do provide snacks when you come back on board after every activity. They had wetsuits to accommodate every size of person. You do end up getting wet going to/from the Daphne as a lot of places in Galapagos don't allow large boats to dock - they drop anchor and you take little dinghy boats to/from shore, so bring lots of plastic bags and protection for your electronics. Source: goo.gl/jDCn5P

Great cruise

We travelled on Integrity in May 2017 and highly recommend it, especially the guide Richard Polatty. His knowledge and presentation skills were outstanding. The boat was extremely comfortable , the service from the crew was excellent and Richard's highly informative guiding all contributed to a wonderful trip. We travelled on the Eastern route. Source: goo.gl/XvLvsf

I so enjoyed this trip

We were on this yacht Feb. 9-16, 2014 and had a really great experience. The yacht itself was renovated recently and it is comfortable, clean, and more spacious than we expected. The crew was absolutely fabulous; always available to help us getting off and on the dinghy, always helping us at every opportunity. The food provided by the cook, Manuel, was delicious, plentiful, and had great variety. Every time we returned from a hike or snorkeling, there was juice and a delicious snack, usually something made especially by Manuel. Also fresh, clean towels available after snorkeling. The naturalist, Maja, is married to the co-owner of the boat, so this is a family run business. That means they really care about how well-run everything is, and how much the passengers enjoy the experience. She was such a knowledgeable and charming person, with so much interesting information about everything including Ecuadorian culture and life. She is Swiss but is married to an Ecuadorean and has been leading trips for 27 years, yet she is still very enthusiastic and engaging. Source: goo.gl/mTiSMF

Well run boat, with excellent variety of dive sites , great food and comfortable cabins

Great trip on Galapagos Master: Diving was fantastic - whale sharks, hammerheads, silkies, galapagos, white tip reef sharks, mola mola, marine iguana, sealions.... the list goes on. Dive guides were knowledgeable, fun and hardworking (also very knowledgeable about the wildlife on land) Good trip to Seymour island to see the frigate birds and blue footed boobies Very comfortable and clean cabins Lots of nice touches - e.g warm towels to climb into at the end of a cold dive.! Consistent gas mix Great food What more can you want from a liveaboard? From https://scubatribe.com/profile/galapagos-masters

This trip will remain with us for a lifetime!

Thank you to Benno at Galapatours!! He was so wonderful to deal with while organizing our trip! He always responded quickly to our many questions and was very kind and professional! I think he was as keen about our trip as we were! The Tip Top II is an amazing catamaran! We had a few rough sea nights, but the ship was stable and no one had any issues! The crew was wonderful…always smiling and happy! The food was good and plentiful….you won’t go hungry on this ship! Three buffet meals a day, as well as snacks and appetizers. Tea, coffee and juice were always available. The rooms were spacious and the bathroom and shower were huge! The beds were very comfy and we slept every night with our window wide open….feeling the breeze blow in and listening to the waves. Heaven!! Galapagos is a very special place. It is unlike anywhere else on earth. This trip will remain with us for a lifetime!! Thank you again to Benno and the crew and guides of Tip Top II! Lisa and Dan

We had a great time!

We just returned from a 4 night 5 day cruise and had a great time! Staff is very smiley and helpful although they spoke very little English. Food was good with lots of variety - some stuff better than others but certainly never left the table hungry. They noticed and even made a special grilled cheese sandwich for my son when he wasn't feeling well and missed a meal, which was very observant and thoughtful. Our itinerary included 3 snorkel outings and at least one island hike a day. Our guide Maria was fantastic, her English was very good and her passion and knowledge for the animals and various islands was outstanding. The boat was in decent shape, things were a bit worn and tired, but overall clean. Our room was bigger than expected with our own bathroom and private balcony. Bar drinks were very expensive, and hot tub was only filled once. Overall we had a great time and had a wonderful group of other vacationers which made it all the better! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/nj2XaM

An amazing experience!

We had a very enjoyable time, the crew and guide were incredible, impeccable service. Thank you for an amazing experience!

Great ship and staff

Excellent staff and cabins..........great time..........did the 5 day, 4 nights April 2017........plan to return in the future for a longer stay...If you want a great ship and staff book the Santa Cruz II........... Feedback from: https://goo.gl/hRBSdh

Great family cruise

The Mary Anne is a special way to see the Galapagos aboard a wonderful vessel with a warm and dedicated crew and our guide Desiree brought the entire trip to life because of her knowledge and especially because of her ability to connect warmly to our family. Everything was well coordinated with an equally competent and warm guide and the crews great hospitality worked well for our family members. I can highly recommend the Mary Anne for a family memory that will last a lifetime. Thanks Detour, The McDonald Family Source: goo.gl/ZMzpRv

A great experience

I took an eight day trip on the Anahi catamaran (described by the guide as the most beautiful boat in the Galapagos) with five other friends. I can't recommend this trip highly enough. The boat itself is very comfortable and even in the heaviest seas we encountered I had no trouble sleeping. The cabins and food are all excellent as is the support crew. Special mention must be made of Roberto, the guide. He's an ex school Principal and we often thought that anyone who had him as a teacher would be extremely lucky. He took us to places that many travellers miss. One of the best parts of the cruise was the snorkeling. I don't usually swim unless it's 45 degrees but the wet suits provided and the promise of amazing sites got me overboard twice each day. The underwater scene I found most interesting were the sea iguanas which feed underwater and use their tail to propel them. On land and sea, the abundance of animals is amazing and you get to see what is suggested each day. I don't know whether we just got lucky or whether it happens every trip, but we struck the most interesting and relaxed group of people. There were many different types of people (16 is the ship's complement) but we all got on well and at the end we made an open invitation to visit Australia and also made an email tree for future communication. Source: goo.gl/D5Jm95

Treasure is a real treasure!

Excellent range of activities. Saw most if not all the wildlife you come to see. Everything ran very smoothly, all the crew knew their roles and were very good at them.

5-star performance

Thanks for the recommendation - this cruise was perfect for us! The crew and guide were full of smiles throughout, the cabins are small but comfortable, and the yacht was modern and well-maintained and cleaned. A 5-star performance! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/2EHcA1

Highly recommended. Everything we'd expected and more.

We found the ship to be an ideal size 24 rooms each with a large window, 48 passengers and a total of 32 ish crew (including crew members and naturalists). The food was very good, the staff accommodating, the naturalists ranged from passionate to capable. Safety - of the passengers and the wildlife - seemed of the utmost concern to every member of the team. Excursions were many and varied and we recommend you take as many as you are able. Initially, we'd had some reservations about the level of activity that would be required of us. The spirit of adventure captured and transformed us into hiking, snorkeling, kayaking Grandma and Grandpa to no ill effect. There was one daily event that was awkwardly timed: Regrettably, the educational talk given in the bar area at the top of the gently rocking ship came after a physically active morning and a full meal at lunch. Even those eager for the information often lapsed. We did not take our grand-kids - Feedback from: https://goo.gl/6vrDXP

The boat was very nice!

The Galapagos islands where on our bucket list for a long time. So many people have recommended we visit the islands we could not keep up with the pressure and decided to make the trip. Our usual cruise choices include a Silversea voyage from Athens to Istanbul, we learned all that is sunny about sailing the high seas. We specially loved the camaraderie onboard, the ease of relaxing in large areas without hauling luggage between hotel rooms, and the ocean breeze. When we finally made the decision to come to the Islands we narrowed down our choices to Latin Trails and the Sea Star Journey yacht, we were excited to be in a cabin again, yet we felt a bit adventurous for choosing a smaller boat than usual, my wife and me do not have problem with sea sickness so this was not a concern, although we were risking our comfort zone it just felt right to explore the islands on a smaller boat. To our surprise, the cabins were extremely large for a small 16 passenger boat. We noticed few similarities between our yacht and her distant Med megaship cousin. The remote nature of the destination lends itself to a more all-inclusive experience — excursions, snacks and meals are included in the price, wines were not inlcuded and a bit expensive I must say. The size is intimate — Traveling with only 14 other guests plus crew really made the difference. The Sea Star has just three decks, there is no elevators. The dining room is located on the main deck, breakfast and lunch are served buffet style while dinner is served a la carte. Meals where not gourmet, they were actually more on the hearty side, which was actually good due to all the physical activity involved. Our cabin was located on the second deck and was made up of a king size bed, a small lounge area and our bathroom. Very spacious with ocean views. The only thing that was a set back was that we had to throw toilet paper in a bin and it could not be flushed, I guess this is the norm. Our cruise director Mirely did explain that it is due to the boat having a black water processor that separated elements and would not be able to take in the paper... don't know if I can believe this bit, yet it was a minor disturbance compared to all the positives. The third deck was our favorite — a sun and shade deck, an outdoor lounging area with two jacuzzis, loungers and day beds. Every evening we sipped down cocktails and enjoyed the views of the islands. On the first day of our itinerary, we set off early for an afternoon walk excursion. our guide Hansel gave us all the instructions about abiding the Galapagos park rules, which left me feeling like I was back in school with a teacher leading us, I guess it is the necessary trade off in visiting a nature sanctuary. We landed on Dragon hill, our objective was to find land iguanas, we spotted 2 of these creatures, yet along the trail we found dozens of Darwin's finches and the scenery was just breathtaking, between dry forest and the sea. The next few days were just full of wonderful surprises we explored black turtle cove, Genovesa island with thousands of sea birds flying around us. I was amazed by the Galapagos owl, as we spotted a couple in the cracks alongside the trail. This trail was perhaps the highlight of the entire trip, dozens of masked and red footed boobies. We loved walking up Pinnacle rock on Bartolome island and enjoying a view of the volcanoes and lava fields. We snorkeled with penguins and sea turtles. When we thought it could not get better, on the final day a pod of whales was feeding just next to the boat... we almost lost our transfer to the airport since we just kept on watching and could not draw away... All in all the boat is very nice, the service great yet the highlight was the wildlife and the scenery. The Galapagos are truly magical. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/vZugEZ

Unvergessliches Erlebnis

Die Nortada ist ein kleineres Boot mit Platz für 8 Taucher. Es ist kein Luxusboot, dennoch hat es uns an nichts gefehlt. Die Crew war sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit und das Essen war stets lecker. Unser Tauchguide hat sehr gut Englisch gesprochen und war mit Begeisterung bei der Sache. Unsere Erwartungen unter Wasser wurden mehr als erfüllt. Wir haben die schwangeren Walhaie gesehen, hunderte Hammerhaie, Galapagoshaie, Seidenhaie, Mola Mola\'s und sogar Delphine. Eindrücklich waren auch die vielen Thunfisch- und Makrelenschwärme. FAZIT: Tauchsafaris auf den Galapagos sind zwar teuer, man kriegt dafür einmalig viel Grossfische vor die Linse, ein unvergessliches Erlebnis. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/5C5CXa


The crew - Gustavo Barba, our Galapagos National Park Naturalist, was fantastic! He made the trip fun and interesting for a wide range of ages - from my sixteen year olds to retirees on the trip. He had a great attitude, encyclopedic knowledge and seemed to know the best spots for everything from locating mating blue footed boobies to swimming with sharks, turtles and sea lions. Our Cruise Director, Jose, was warm and friendly, and loved to share his Ecuador with all of the guests. Captain Pedro Rocafuente and his crew were remarkable, in part because they maintained the boat in an immaculate condition, seemingly all at night when we were sleeping or when we were out on the multiple excursions each day. I am already missing Chef Carlos' wonderful cooking, which highlighted many Ecuadorean dishes, and despite a very active six days, I feel I gained weight. It may be expensive, but I feel I will likely only do a trip to the Galapagos once or twice in my life and this more than lived up to our expectations. A wonderful experience made possible by the fantastic crew, naturalist and facilities available on the Petrel.

Fantastic cruise

Fantastic cruise. The activities were fun the food was delicious and the guide and staff were knowledgeable, fantastic and always helpful. Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Fantastic Cruise of the Galapagos Islands

We chose the Silversea Silver Galapagos because we wanted an all-inclusive cruise around the Galapagos Islands. It was fantastic! No complaints at all. A word of advice, be prepared for a jam-packed vacation. Don't plan on sleeping in. Every morning and afternoon has an activity planned. This trip is especially great if you snorkel and/or kayak. Plenty of opportunities to swim with large green see turtles, blue-footed boobies, and Galapagos penguins, as well as all the colorful fish the islands are known for. The butler, Danny, was just wonderful as well as all of the staff. The food was excellent and each night they has a couple of local cuisine items to choose in addition to the normal fresh food. (They accommodated my lactose intolerance every day and night with no problems.) You get to choose which types of pillows and how many you want on each bed. They also fill your in-room refrigerator with drinks of your choosing, including white wines, fruit juices, sodas, beer - whatever you want. They provided several bottles of red wine over the course of the cruise, also. I was especially impressed with the bottles of champagne they placed in the cabin, which I only requested once, but they noticed when we finished one off and resupplied one for us. Again, a wonderful experience for a first cruise. I believe they have spoiled me for other cruise lines. Source: https://www.cruisecritic.com

We had a fabulous time and the catamaran exceeded our expections

Our family of 16, ages 10-77, has just returned from a week aboard the Galaxy II. We had a fabulous time and the catamaran exceeded our expections. All of us were sad when the visit was over. The entire crew worked very hard to care for us, their guests. The food was abundant and delicious. Our rooms were refreshed and clean. Our naturalist guide, Carlos Palma, was superb. He was relaxed, fun, kept us moving without rushing us and took every opportunity to make sure we saw the animals and geography of the western islands. Any person or group would be fortunate to have him as a guide. There were many special moments on the cruise. Two whales, a sperm and a fin. A visit from Neptune, compliments of the crew when we crossed the equator. Delicious juices and treats after each snorkel or land visit. A game of charades with some of the crew participating. Swimming with turtles, penguins, rays. Having the frigate birds catch the draft of Galaxy II. Watching pelicans and boobies dive for dinner. Beautiful beaches and stark lava fields. And, when not watching all of this there were wonderful moments to read or watch spectacular sunsets. The crew of the Galaxy II was excellent. I wish I could name and compliment them each. They deserve it. We would love to return, aboard the Galaxy II with the same crew and the same naturalist to tour the rest of the islands in the future. May it be ! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Kfyqco

Glad we chose catamaran versus a regular boat!

We really enjoyed our trip! I thought the Nemo experience was really fun. I was really glad we chose a catamaran versus a regular boat - I liked the open layout of the boat. Thanks for all your help! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/2EHcA1

I would highly recommend the Millenium Catamaran!

My girlfriend and I had an amazing 6 day cruise to Isabella and Fernandina (itinerary D) at the end of May. We had decided to try and find a last minute deal when we got out to the islands. As soon as we had checked in to our hotel we headed out to compare prices at the agencies in Puerto Ayora. After a few hours of looking around we decided to book the Millennium which was leaving the next day and was doing the itinerary we wanted. We paid $1350 each and the travel agency agreed to throw in snorkel gear and wetsuits (if you hire them on the boat it'll be $5 per person per day for each).(...) When we showed up the next day at the dock we were apprehensive because of the problems others had had on this boat. We needn't have worried. The Millennium sleeps 16 guests but we had a group of 12. The boat itself was great. The cabins were nice and all have private bathrooms with separate toilet. The shower is next to a big window so if you want you can watch the ocean as you shower. One day there were sea lions playing next to our window. The rooms also have private balconies. The living area is huge and includes couches, a bar, a library and a dining area. On the second floor there is an outside dining area where we had breakfast every day. Finally, there is a large area on the top deck with sun lounges and more couches where we watched the sunset most nights. It's also great for trying to spot whales. The boat also has two zodiacs which means that there's no waiting around when you go on shore excursions. Yes the boat is older than most out there but it seemed well maintained and looked like the interior had been freshly painted. It's also the most spacious of all the 16 person boats. Now the food. It was amazing. Breakfast lunch and dinner were all served buffet style with lots to choose from. We had two vegans and a vegetarian in our group and the cooks went out of there way to make sure they had good quality food as well. The crew also provided morning tea every day and afternoon tea about half the time. I would recommend bring some snacks though as the time between lunch and dinner is quite long. The crew were great as well. They were all really friendly and helpful. William, one of the zodiac drivers, was hilarious. Everytime we saw an animal he got so excited. One word of warning, if you leave anything out in your cabin there is a good chance that Dulce the cabin lady will tidy it away somewhere. She cleans the rooms three times a day. Our guide Alex was amazing as well. He knew everything there was to know. He was only temping though as the boats regular guide had recently passed away. The itinerary that we did was one of the best for those who don't have a specific animal they want to see. On the trip we saw blue footed boobies, flightless cormorants, frigate birds, marine iguanas, Galapagos snakes, reef sharks, tortoises, sperm whales, manta rays jumping, hundreds of tropical fish, turtles, sea lions and so much more. Other than the stop in the main town on Isabella we didn't come across any other cruise ships or people the whole trip which was also nice. We had an amazing time on the Millennium and would highly recommend it.

Amazing trip!

We had an amazing trip on the Isabela ll and would highly recommend this trip Feedback from: https://goo.gl/LsCTUz

Perfect Galapagos experience

No complaints at all. Everything was perfect. The rooms and the common space were always clean, food was delicious, crew was truly amazing and friendly. Johan is extremely personable and knowledgeable and made the trip as interesting as it was fun. We have nothing negative to say. Thank you all so much!!!

Will contact you again for our second trip!

Thanks Benno! I will recommend you as " the man to contact" for Galapagos tours and travel I am actually at work now, bummer, but wanted to thank you for a great trip and helping get our luggage back (airline had lost luggage). It finally showed up at our hotel in Santa Cruz the day before going home. My wife was still excited to have her own clean clothes. The cruise was fantastic. We got a little spoiled with only 5 adults and 2 small kids but it was great. Victor Rizzo did a great job as Naturalist/Excursion guy. The food was excellent and the crew did a great job with the only down side a little rough ride in the evenings headed to the next Islands. When the rest of my family is ready to go to the West tour of the Galapagos I will certainly give you a call!

The Nemo I rocks!

This was an amazing experience! We couldn´t have imagined a better trip. The crew was fantastic, the boat was incredible and we wouldn´t change a thing. We are looking forward to coming back for the full 10 days trip. Thank you so very much!

Want to go back on Danubio Azul

Guide George excellent. Very informative and always available. He got on well with all of us and was a good diver and snorkeller. Food. How the chef made us meals I do not know. They were excellent. After every trip ashore there were little snacks and juice waiting. Boat. Nice comfortable boat except on night cruising. You need sea sickness tablets. It's a small boat so probably moves more than a big one. The rooms were cleaned every day. Captain Wilson. Very pleasant and always on the look out for interesting animals. Crew were very pleasant and helpful. Trips to islands. Always very good with tons to see. Snorkelling at Devil's Crown was outstanding. Only issue was getting back on Panga after snorkelling as there are no ropes and being hauled on board was not dignified We had a Taxi laid on from Puerto Ayora to the boat. Free. Make sure you tip well. These guys and ladies deserve it. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/3rcHFG

Excellent journey on board the Origin

The Origin was beautiful and so comfortable and had the perfect amount of cabins, and people which make the trip very unique! All of the employees were remarkable! Our guides on the Islands were fantastic. Gabriela (Gaby) was so awesome, and knowledeable. She was so much fun to be with and listen to everyday. This makes a big difference when you are entertaining kids! The chef on the Origin was fabulous!!! The food was delicious!

Want to go back on Danubio Azul

Guide George excellent. Very informative and always available. He got on well with all of us and was a good diver and snorkeller. Food. How the chef made us meals I do not know. They were excellent. After every trip ashore there were little snacks and juice waiting. Boat. Nice comfortable boat except on night cruising. You need sea sickness tablets. It's a small boat so probably moves more than a big one. The rooms were cleaned every day. Captain Wilson. Very pleasant and always on the look out for interesting animals. Crew were very pleasant and helpful. Trips to islands. Always very good with tons to see. Snorkelling at Devil's Crown was outstanding. Only issue was getting back on Panga after snorkelling as there are no ropes and being hauled on board was not dignified We had a Taxi laid on from Puerto Ayora to the boat. Free. Make sure you tip well. These guys and ladies deserve it. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/3rcHFG

Great ship

My wife and I did a 4 night cruise on the Galapagos Legend last month, from May 1 to 5. We opted for the cheapest cabins on the lowest level, and of course this was still the most expensive cruise we have ever been on. We were in cabin 39 on the Sea Deck. The cabin consisted of two single beds separated by about three feet, with a narrow space at the foot of the beds. There were a couple drawers, a small closet and a small but workable bathroom with shower. We had two non-opening portholes for light and view. All perfectly functional but nothing luxurious. Preferences and budgets vary, but I would not recommend paying for a larger room for the simple reason that you will spend so little time in the cabin. We were awake at 6:00 AM every day (the ship goes by mainland time, so this is actually 5:00 AM Galapagos time). Breakfast was at 7:00, and we boarded the zodiac boats at 8:00 for our first outing of the day. Other than a couple hours of "free time" after lunch each day, we were always busy with something. And even during that early afternoon break, there are many pleasant places on the deck to hang out, so I don't see a need for a private balcony. The Legend is one of the largest ships in the Galapagos, and can carry 100 passengers. We were fortunate with our shoulder-season timing, because the ship only had 59 passengers for our cruise. Our decision to choose a large ship was primarily driven by concerns about seasickness. I know people that bobbed around on a small boat for a week and were sick the whole time. My wife is particularly susceptible to this - in a large group she will usually be among the very first to feel queasy. We also timed our trip for a period when sea conditions are usually fairly mild, and as it turned out seasickness was never an issue for us or any other passenger on that trip. However I think there are other advantages to a large ship. The Legend is 301 feet long, with several decks, so there are lots of places to wander around, or to hang out and chat, or to find a secluded spot to read or enjoy the view. They have a large dining room, and well-staffed kitchen. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style, which we prefer since we can focus on just the foods we like. I am not the one to give a food review, but I found the meals to be very good. Although I doubt they would particularly impress people who are used to the Holland America style cruises. A Galapagos cruise is much more about the destination than the shipboard experience. There is a significant down side to a large ship, and that is the potential for crowds to disrupt your interactions with the natural Galapagos experience. According to National Park rules, each group at a Galapagos site must be limited to 16 people and have an offical guide. So if you are on a small boat with 16 passengers, you will land at each site with just your guide and that group. Your group will be the only ones there. But with a larger ship, there will be multiple groups each with their own guide. Since we had 59 passengers on the Legend for our trip, there were four different groups. Each group departs the Legend in their own zodiac boat, so they get staggered a little in their arrival time at the beach. But you will typically have one group not very far ahead of you, and another not far behind. And you may end up on a beach will all the other people, which can disrupt the experience somewhat. I found that having the extra groups roaming around was a small negative, but not terribly serious. This is because the wildlife you are viewing are not shy - they don't run and hide when the first group passes by. I think each group ends up getting a similar experience. But this is something to think about if you would like to feel a bit more isolation in your visit. I felt the Legend was a pretty decent ship. It seems well maintained (it is an older ship but recently refurbished). The crew did a good job making the cruise a good experience. Things were well-organized and made good use of our limited time in the islands. I would definitely recommend the Legend to someone who makes a well-thought out decision to choose a larger ship. In summary, we were happy with our choice of the Legend. For us, the advantages of the large ship outweighed the crowds. But we were lucky that the ship did not have a full complement of passengers.

Best cruise on the best yacht

Die Astrea-Yacht hat die höchstmögliche Bewertung verdient. Wir verlebten im Rahmen der Naturalist Cruise eine wunderbare Woche, wurden von einer tollen, sympathischen Crew rund um die Uhr hervorragend versorgt (besonders vom Koch, der eine super Arbeit geleistet hat). Unser Guide war Jimmy, der einen tollen Humor hat und alles über die Insel wusste und unserer Gruppe dieses Wissen in angenehmer Weise vermittelt hat. Täglich sind wir 1-2 an verschiedenen Stellen an Land gegangen sowie außerdem 1-2 täglich schnorcheln gewesen. Jede der Inseln ist eine Welt für sich und sehr sehenswert. Man begegnet Eidechsen, Leguanen, Vögeln, Seelöwen und anderen Tieren hautnah und kan beim schnorcheln Schildkröten, Rochen und auch Haien begegnen. Das Schiff an sich ist ebenfalls super, die Kabinen sind klein, aber fein, jede verfügt über ein eigenes Bad. Es gibt ausreichend Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien (überdacht und nicht überdacht), neben dem Speisesaal gibt es eine kleine Lounge mit Fernseher und Büchern. Es sind maximal 16 Passagiere an Bord, sodass es keineswegs überlaufen ist und man ausreichend Möglichkeiten hat, sich der fantastischen Natur zu widmen. Wir würden diese Reise jederzeit wiedermachen, es gibt keinen vergleichbaren Ort auf der Erde und die Astrea Yacht hat uns dieses Erlebnis besonders versüßt.

Best cruise on the best yacht

Die Astrea-Yacht hat die höchstmögliche Bewertung verdient. Wir verlebten im Rahmen der Naturalist Cruise eine wunderbare Woche, wurden von einer tollen, sympathischen Crew rund um die Uhr hervorragend versorgt (besonders vom Koch, der eine super Arbeit geleistet hat). Unser Guide war Jimmy, der einen tollen Humor hat und alles über die Insel wusste und unserer Gruppe dieses Wissen in angenehmer Weise vermittelt hat. Täglich sind wir 1-2 an verschiedenen Stellen an Land gegangen sowie außerdem 1-2 täglich schnorcheln gewesen. Jede der Inseln ist eine Welt für sich und sehr sehenswert. Man begegnet Eidechsen, Leguanen, Vögeln, Seelöwen und anderen Tieren hautnah und kan beim schnorcheln Schildkröten, Rochen und auch Haien begegnen. Das Schiff an sich ist ebenfalls super, die Kabinen sind klein, aber fein, jede verfügt über ein eigenes Bad. Es gibt ausreichend Sitzmöglichkeiten im Freien (überdacht und nicht überdacht), neben dem Speisesaal gibt es eine kleine Lounge mit Fernseher und Büchern. Es sind maximal 16 Passagiere an Bord, sodass es keineswegs überlaufen ist und man ausreichend Möglichkeiten hat, sich der fantastischen Natur zu widmen. Wir würden diese Reise jederzeit wiedermachen, es gibt keinen vergleichbaren Ort auf der Erde und die Astrea Yacht hat uns dieses Erlebnis besonders versüßt.

Galápagos Sky Live Aboard

Diving Overview Experience of current diving, negative entries and backward rolls from pandas (ribs) are essential. Nitrox certified whilst not essential given how far you are from the nearest recompression chamber is highly advised especially with up to 4 dives per day, also makes it easier for the crew refilling as they only have 1 gas to contend with Water temperatures range from 17 to 22 degrees (at least 3 dives were 17 degrees for the full 45 minutes) and dives are limited to 45-50 minutes which works well as that generally ensures the whole group (max 8) ascends at the same time. I used a 6.5mm semi dry in May for every dive with Lavacore hood & gloves (mainly for holding on to rocks in the current) and nearly all the other divers used similar protection or 2 piece wetsuits, don't underestimate the cold as you can be stationery for some time. The Boat Fantastic service, the food is extremely good and not repetitive at all, the crew work extremely hard to make sure you have a great experience and the camaraderie between them is obvious and makes for a great week. Rooms were fine and after 3-4 dives a day sleeping was not as issue, water always warm too. After every dive there are dry towels, a hot shower available on the dive deck and one of the crew waiting with hot drinks and nibbles! The Diving Truly amazing, the Galápagos exceeds expectations; after the week we tried to come up with our number 1 experience of the week and failed, there were 5-6 outstanding moments and everything else wasn't too bad either. 19 dives in all including 1 night dive with 11 of them at Wolf & Darwin, these 2 islands are the main reason for going and stand head and shoulders above the other dives. Always luck of the draw but we saw over 20 hammerheads in one school, loads of Galápagos Sharks, Silkies, 10 metre Whaleshark, massive shoals of tuna & jacks being fed on, snorkelling with dolphins. The other highlights were interactions with Sea Lions, Red Lipped Bat Fish, Mola Mola and the Marine iguanas. Safety was taken very seriously with comprehensive briefs and all divers issued with GPS trackers and air horns that attach to your bcd hose The crew and dive guides often went the extra mile with little things such as the snorkelling with dolphins & silky sharks and a panga ride to some caves, though we were blessed with some pretty calm seas making this possible. I suspect this isn't offered every trip as it depends on the crew and importantly the nature / behaviour of the guests towards them.

An unforgettable holiday on board the Odyssey

Everything was excellent, more than we expected.

Wonderful cruise and experience

Just an update - we booked the Aida Maria in March for our vacation, and it was wonderful. Heather was correct that it was not a luxury ship, but it was excellent and the crew was wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone looking at staying on a smaller ship. We had 16 people on board and really got to know each other over the week. I've talked to people who booked a larger ship and while they may have had entertainment and such, I think that takes away from the joys of the islands. Would go back anyday. Source: goo.gl/GFfjyD

Totally enjoyable trip

My girlfriend and I just spent 8 days on the Daphne Yacht on a Western itinerary. To give you some idea of our expectations, we are both about 30 and normally travel mid-range. 1. The Daphne boat was great. Tourist superior class was fine for us and for the others. Water was hot, the 'bunk-bed' cabins were big enough, and everything was comfortable 2. Snorkel equipment was fine. I am 6ft3, and my girlfriend 5ft, and we both got a wetsuit and fins that fit. If you need a small mask then you may wish to prepare for this yourself. 3. The boat crew - worked really hard and were polite. Excellent staff 4. Food - great! 5. Great mix of other tourists, all like-minded and we got on really well. 6. Some of the things we saw were fantastic! Loads of turtles, sharks, rays, sea-horses, octopus, sea snake, crayfish, and of course loads of iguanas, sea lions, birds and many many others. Source: goo.gl/Ny8BaK

Great voyage

Our family did a 8 day cruise on the Archipell II in March and we have nothing but good things to say about this boat. We saw no evidence of cockroaches and were very pleased with the boat and its accommodations. It is very comfortable and has a great partially covered over upper deck that was great to sit out on and still be protected from the sun. The crew were attentive and accommodating and the food was plentiful and good. From what we saw during our cruise I would have to say that the Archipell II looked like one of the best boats out there. I would highly recommend it!

Excellent Trip!

Excellent Trip! Very well balanced! Great activities, great crew! Thanks!


I will highly recommend this trip to all my family friends etc. The Crew was helpful, caring + I cannot say enough good things about them! Excellent!!!

Incredible experience aboard the Tip Top III

Just returned from an 8 day cruise aboard the Tip Top III. We went on the western route, and saw so many incredible sights. The crew was very solicitious and took great care of us. There were only 11 of us on the boat - really nice small number. Although this is a smaller boat, the service is much more individualized. We encountered several larger cruise ships, and I was so glad I had booked on a smaller boat. The activities were more physicially demanding than I anticipated, but doable. We hiked on the lava fields, was difficult at times, but we all did fine. We also went up and down stairs, around boulders, up hills, and in and out of the "pangas" or zodiacs each day. I really enjoyed the physical activitiy, but again, was more demanding than I had previously believed. Anyone that has physical limitations, should probably not book this tour. We had several opportunities to snorkel, would recommend, but definitely need a wet suit. The water was rather chilly, but worth it. The brochure provided by Wittmer listed more snorkeling opportunities that we did not get to take advantage of, so that was really my only disappointment. Also, they only offered beer and wine, and was a little on the expensive side. The Galapagoes Islands are so interesting and the wildlife is abundant and diverse. After visiting I can see how they are named "the Enchanted Islands". Was such a great trip, would highly recommend. And would recommend the Tip Top boats.

Best Vacation Ever

We just returned from a trip on the Reina Silvia. It was one of the best vacations we have ever had. The crew was excellent in so many ways. My husband and I have a food allergy and they took great care to offer fabulous food that did not contain milk or cheese. The dinghy operator that took us out on the snorkeling trips always had a smile and was ever so helpful getting us in and out of the dinghy. But, what made the trip absolutely exceptional was our guide, Alejandro. His passion and knowledge of the islands was inspiring. At the beginning of the trip he quickly accessed the group and then gave us a trip of a lifetime. Most days we snorkeled twice a day and hiked twice a day. Every day far exceeded any expectations we had due to the crew and Alejandro's enthusiasm to share with us all that these beautiful islands had to offer.

Fabulous cruise!

I highly recommend this cruise. The staff and naturalists are outstanding. The food is top notch all 3 meals per day and some of the dinners were truly works of art--coconut fish and crab stuffed fish, for example. The desserts were not at the same level and way too heavy on the mouses, but the meals were so satisfying, it didn't matter. The Galapagos are a treasure and seeing the wildlife was unforgettable. The excursions are well organized and there are often several options (panga ride vs kayak vs snorkel). You really can't get the most out of the trip if you can't walk on uneven ground (including climbing large stone steps, hopping over lava crevices, and dealing with loose gravel) and/or snorkel. This is not a criticism of the cruise, just a warning for those with mobility issues that this might not be the optimal choice. For those of us lucky enough to still have 2 good knees, it was a blast. We saw birds and animals present nowhere else right up close and had plenty of time to take it all in. I hope to come back someday!

Fantastic cruise

Just completed the 7 night itinerary C trip on the Seaman Journey. It is a 16 Pax Catamaran. Trip was exceptional and totally as advertised. Crew were great and meals first rate. Got to experience the Wolf volcano eruption first hand at 02:00 when it first started and only 7 miles away! Cannot fully express in words the excellent quality of service from Latin Trails representative at the Quito Airport. Highly recommend this bucket list trip but be prepared for physical activity to fully appreciate the experience and all the trip has to over when it comes to hikes and snorkelling.

Astrea Yacht offered us an amazing cruise experience

We booked the Astrea last-minute May 2017 while in Puerto Ayora for a six-day cruise. Due to the sudden breakdown of another boat originally booked by a group of 12 friends, the Astrea was picked as replacement. Since the Astrea hosts 16 beds, four spots were idle that my friends and I conveniently filled last-minute. Due to this replacement, our itinerary (not a diving one) and crew at that time are not really representative for the Astrea. That is why I will only be commenting on the boat itself, as that will be the only known variable in the Astrea equation. Note, however, that the (special) itinerary and (temporary?) crew/guide were outstanding and we would love to have them back. Overall, I must say we are pretty happy with the Astrea cruise. The boat really delivered to its mid-range status. The 8 cabins are small, but appear renovated and come with comfortable beds and own bathrooms (incl. hot water). Unlike some budget and other mid-range cruises, we did not pick up any fuel fumes in our cabins near the engine. However, the anchor is quite rusty and makes an insane amount of noise when let down for circa 5 minutes. The two nights we sailed, I understood almost everyone woke up to this. As one can expect from a boat normally geared towards diving, the snorkeling gear and other equipment was plentiful and relatively new. Don't expect luxurious sunbathing/chillout upper decks. The upper deck has a built-in bench in the front that can sit six people, whereas in the back there's two wide benches that can sit everyone. The food tasted decent, but was not always plentiful. Perhaps that is what you can expect from a mid-range boat, but after a day full of activities, I usually find myself extremely hungry and the three-course meals simply did not suffice. Lastly, the inside social area is limited to a lounge room with a c-shaped sofa next to the dining area. Not super cozy, but it does the trick. To end, we believe the Astrea certainly is a decent mid-range option one should seriously consider. When picking a cruise, just keep in mind that "you get what you pay for" does not hold more true than in Galapagos. Cheaper is rarely better.

Astrea Yacht offered us an amazing cruise experience

We booked the Astrea last-minute May 2017 while in Puerto Ayora for a six-day cruise. Due to the sudden breakdown of another boat originally booked by a group of 12 friends, the Astrea was picked as replacement. Since the Astrea hosts 16 beds, four spots were idle that my friends and I conveniently filled last-minute. Due to this replacement, our itinerary (not a diving one) and crew at that time are not really representative for the Astrea. That is why I will only be commenting on the boat itself, as that will be the only known variable in the Astrea equation. Note, however, that the (special) itinerary and (temporary?) crew/guide were outstanding and we would love to have them back. Overall, I must say we are pretty happy with the Astrea cruise. The boat really delivered to its mid-range status. The 8 cabins are small, but appear renovated and come with comfortable beds and own bathrooms (incl. hot water). Unlike some budget and other mid-range cruises, we did not pick up any fuel fumes in our cabins near the engine. However, the anchor is quite rusty and makes an insane amount of noise when let down for circa 5 minutes. The two nights we sailed, I understood almost everyone woke up to this. As one can expect from a boat normally geared towards diving, the snorkeling gear and other equipment was plentiful and relatively new. Don't expect luxurious sunbathing/chillout upper decks. The upper deck has a built-in bench in the front that can sit six people, whereas in the back there's two wide benches that can sit everyone. The food tasted decent, but was not always plentiful. Perhaps that is what you can expect from a mid-range boat, but after a day full of activities, I usually find myself extremely hungry and the three-course meals simply did not suffice. Lastly, the inside social area is limited to a lounge room with a c-shaped sofa next to the dining area. Not super cozy, but it does the trick. To end, we believe the Astrea certainly is a decent mid-range option one should seriously consider. When picking a cruise, just keep in mind that "you get what you pay for" does not hold more true than in Galapagos. Cheaper is rarely better.

Amazing dives

Dive schedule, only 8 people, Manta Rays, Hammerhead Shark, Whale Sharks. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4PrG8o

Nice experience, the Odyssey!

Guide was attentive, informative & Patient. Covered topics very well. Crew were efficient, courteous, punctual. Overall a very well run cruise!

What a great ship!

We had an incredible time exploring the islands. Crew, Captain, as well as Guide were friendly, efficient and a joy to be around. Thanks for the awesome moments.

A Grand Adventure

As anyone who has travelled on this vessel can tell you, this is not a traditional cruise. It is a port intensive, early wake-up call, adventure to some very unique islands. First, embarkation does not involve issuance of your cruise card -there are none. Instead you are transferred to the dock by very helpful ship-based staff members. Once at the dock, you don your life jacket and head to the ship via "panga." Pangas are zodiacs boats- rubber vessels with flexible flooring and an outboard motor. These pangas, you will soon learn, are an essential part of the cruise. Virtually all the islands lack docks or even approachable landing areas other then some rock formations that allow for a rubber boat to beach. Without the pangas, there is no cruise. In fact, all the ships supplies, and your luggage as well, will be transported via panga. The adventure begins within hours. Each time we boarded a panga in groups (by language) and headed ashore with our naturalist who walked us through the trails and let us know what we were seeing. Each shore visit lasts from about 2.5 hours to about 3.5 hours and there are no bathrooms on most of the islands. Meals are served in the main dining room, buffet at breakfast and lunch, and waiters at dinner. The captain and his staff always have a table in the dining room as well. There are several choices at each meal. At about 300 feet with about 100 cabins, the Santa Cruz II is one the largest vessels in the Galapagos, but you can be back in your cabin from any part of the ship in a matter of seconds. There are no elevators and the stairs are quite steep. Hold on please! Now the magic. Since the animals in the Galapagos are protected by law from people, and since they have no natural predators and are isolated, they have absolutely no fear of people. As a result, the seal will lie in your path and not move. The iguanas will not bite you or even pretend to be aggressive. The birds will not fly away on your approach.

Unforgettable cruise

My family just returned from an 8-day cruise on the Angelito, and it was fantastic. The crew and captain of the Angelito did a great job handling all of the details. The food was excellent. The naturalist, Efrain, was outstanding - very knowledgeable, dedicated to conservation, and fluent in English. We did Itinerary B, which took us all around Isabela. We hiked twice and snorkeled once every day (with sea lions, sea turtles, penguins, sharks, rays, etc.), and each time we returned to the boat we had delicious juice (different kinds every time) and lovely snacks. The upper deck is a great place to relax. If you're looking for a nice boat in the medium price range, you can't do better than Angelito! Source: goo.gl/pXuZNU


Overall trip rating: Excellent Overall trip comments:thrilling experience. we felt like kids. each day brought something new. we ran out of unique words to describe it. travel agent was great. Anahi crew was fantastic. and of course the Galapagos ...well pick the best adjective you can think of. Guide Rating: Excellent Guide Comments: Gallo was excellent. He has a perfect combination of traits. He is so enthusiastic. He is knowledgeable about the island, the geology, the people, the history, the wildlife. He is flexible. He would let us linger at specific areas that were interesting to us. We didn't feel rushed. If we wanted to spend 30 minutes sitting and watching an animal, he let us. Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Great cruise

We went on the 8-Day/7-Night tour, and had a itinerary. You will see the eastern side of the islands. If you want to see ALL the islands, you'll need to take the 15-day tour. This catamaran was recently renovated with new furniture, bed linens, etc. The wooden deck is not new, but is still in good shape. Rooms are spacious and clean, and each has a decent size washroom with shower. The cat is definitely more stable that a regular boat, and because it's wider it offers more space on-board. The public areas such as indoor dining room, indoor lounge/bar, 2nd level open air eating area, and 3rd level sun/shade deck offer ample room for 16 passengers. There are usually 9 crew including your naturalist guide. We found the daily itineraries enjoyable....usually 2 landings per day, plus 1 or 2 snorkelling outings per day. Food and service were absolutely amazing.

Mary Anne cruise was incredible

We were amazed by the attention to detail Galapatours put into coordinating our Galapagos cruise. They found the perfect itinerary for our family. (son, daughter-in-law, husband and me). The activities were invigorating and exciting. The literature, packets, and recommendations they sent before the trip was very much appreciated and helpful in preparation. The S/S Mary Anne was a perfect choice for our family of sailors. We very much enjoyed the crew and guides. One of the high lights of our trip was to help pull up, set the sails, and helm. A crew member took us out in the panga to take pictures of the Mary Anne under full sail. It was magnificent! The itinerary was outstanding except for one major EXCEPT. What I do think you need to be aware of is the one day (Nov.7, 2012) we went back to Baltra to drop off 10 passengers and pick up 4 new passengers. A good portion of the day was spent with refueling the boat and briefing the new passengers. We were terribly disappointed. This was our only disappointment, but we lost a day of our vacation. Source: goo.gl/8svbiR

Wonderful nature experience

We had an amazing time in the Galapagos! We wished we could have stayed longer, but we only had a short time in Ecuador and had to get back to family. The cruise, the Darwin, and the crew were great. Very friendly and good food and accommodations. The guide was very knowledgeable about the Galapagos. We saw many animals, from the Blue Footed Boobie to Turtles to penguins! It was great. Thanks so much for your help in finding and securing the cruise and flights. Source: goo.gl/XMsCjk

Fantastic experience

The whole experience was fantastic thank you. Everything ran very efficiently, without any problems. The crew & guide were brilliant, always very helpful when you needed it, and left you alone when they weren’t needed. The food on board was excellent, enhancing a truly once in a lifetime experience. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Mp5hGS

Wonderful boat and journey

I just returned from this yacht last week. Believe me, it worth it! The yacht is in very good shape, it has great facilities on board. The cabins are like it is shown on the website, and very spacious. I was surprised by it. Also, it was very clean, and they always make very nice figures with the towels, and at night they make your bed, just to jump on the bed. The food was really nice. It has a great variety of dishes. Always two types of meat, and most of the time one was fish or seafood. I love it! I has the opportunity to kayaking in a single one, but they have enough kayaks for all the guests, I snorkeled and the equipment was good, and I hiked the hills. I did the itinerary C, which visited the Isabela Island, and has a lot of amazing landscapes.

5 STAR Vacation!!

HI.. We just got back from a five day Galapogas tour on the Sea Star Journey yacht and it was 5 stars!!! The staff was wonderful, our guide was incredible and the accommodations and food were fabulous.. The yacht has 8 cabins so the experience is intimate and personalized. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we plan on returning next year for the 6 day voyage. Review from: https://goo.gl/DBbwxt

5 STAR Vacation!!

We just got back from a five day Galapogas tour on the Sea Star Journey yacht and it was 5 stars!!! The staff was wonderful, our guide was incredible and the accommodations and food were fabulous.. The yacht has 8 cabins so the experience is intimate and personalized. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we plan on returning next year for the 6 day voyage. 5 STAR Vacation!!

True Sailing

My wife and I did the "southern" islands from April 24th to May 1st. Fabricio was also our guide. He's incredibly knowledgeable and he makes every effort to make sure we have the beaches/trails to ourselves or with few others. We were more than happy to get up early to have the best experience possible. I also have to say that the crew were extremely helpful and considerate. Mauricio was our general helper on the boat and he was amazing. I would highly recommend the Nemo I. We only have 2 quibbles, neither of which is directed at the Nemo I. First, we found the pace was a little slow. The park regulates which islands we can visit & when and so we had to stick to that. We found, however, that we spent quite a lot of daylight hours just navigating from one island to another instead of exploring. Second, an "8 day" cruise is not completely accurate. The first day is just a quick snorkel near the airport and the last day was limited to a 45 minute zodiac/panga ride so we could be at the airport by 8:30am. Our "8 day" cruise was really only 6+ days of exploring. We considered a "5 day" cruise but, in retrospect, I'm glad we didn't do that!

once in a lifetime experience

"Once in a lifetime experience. It was a fun trip, helpful nice staff, lovely informative guide who helped the whole group out, thanks so much Golondrina staff!" .-Ned Greeley – USA Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fG1wc9

Archipel II - Galapagos Cruise

This was the most amazing trip we have ever taken, Although it is a "Barefoot Cruise" and nothing like an ordinary cruise. The crew on board Archipel II were very friendly and helpful. The guide Dario was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The food was very good. We were worked quite hard with 2 - 2hour hikes a day and 2 - 2hour sessions on a beach with swimming and snorkeling. What is amazing in Galapagos is that the birds and animals have no fear of man and you can be very close although you are asked to stay at least 2m away from them. When swimming the sea lions often join you. There are 12 islands although only 2 are inhabited. Several have species unique to that island like the giant tortoises. It was good that we usually sailed overnight to the next island. We booked our cruise at the last minute with Galacruises and saved 50% but even then it is an expensive trip by global comparison.

Tip Top III Itinerary 2 Review and Advice

I am posting this because there was little information on this ship and its itinerary. Just got back three days ago. Overall the trip was great. Largely because the Galapagos Islands are amazing and we lucked out to have so a fine group of fellow travelers. The Tip Tip operations are very smooth and professional. Everything went smoothly. Staff helped as needed are were always on top of things. I will say as my fellow travelers agreed the crew was great, but never seemed happy. It took about five days of the eight day cruise to see a smile. No big deal. They took care of us and everything we needed. Beds were made and rooms cleaned up while we were at breakfast. They were always looking out for us. That was most important. Then accommodations we nice. We had the upper level double bed. A little tight, but great views out of window. It was adequate. Had to "step" over your bed-mate if you are sleeping next to the hull. For many reasons, you don't want to be in the room more than to change and sleep. The noise and movement of the ship at night were a problem for some, but not for others. Location on the ship didn't matter. Its just how light a sleeper you are. I slept well. Food was okay. If it was a local restaurant, I wouldn't go to it. I am a food snob living in a major metropolitan area. Given the circumstances, I was satisfied. Food was fresh, tasty, and ample. The pasta was cold one night. Food is not the main feature anyhow. They serve beer and wine. If you want harder stuff, BYOB. The guide, Angelika, was great and very knowledgeable. Even though she has been doing this for 30 years, as she will remind you, she brought such enthusiasm and joy just like it was the first time.

Excellent cruise ship with great itinerary

This is a review of a five day Western Islands cruise with the Galaxy I, I took in May.The boat was almost at full occupancy(15/16) THE BOAT The Galaxy is extremely comfortable and well maintained,We had an upper deck cabin which was spacious (compared to the dive boats we usually use)had twin beds (which we only found out on the last morning could have been configured as a double)and a reasonably sized shower/wc(again by dive boat standards). Common areas are also spacious and well furnished with a large bar/lounge/restaurant,part covered sun deck and other part covered seating areas. With the exception of safety equipment(see below) the boat is quite well equipped with two Pangas,sufficient wet suits etc,points for recharging cameras etc THE BOAT CREW Efficient friendly and helpful with particular mention to Angel who ran the bar/restaurant. THE ITINERARY Obviously the reason for taking a Galapagos cruise is to see wildlife and scenery not accessible from day boats.Our trip departed Puerta Ayora and sailed south-west round Isabella stopping at Concha Perla Lagoon,Elizabeth Bay,Urbina Bay,Punta Espinoza on Fernandina which was the highlight of the trip,Tagus Cove on Isabella,Santiago including Puerto Egas,Espumilla Beach and Bucanero Bay,on the last morning before the drop off at Baltra Airport we visited Black Turtle Bay on Santa Cruz. This itinerary was a good mix of boat trips ,snorkelling and land trips.We felt we had seen everything we had hoped for including snorkelling with sea lions and a penguin!

Amazing experience

The trip was perfect. Crew guide was excellent. Really enjoyed that Captain Antonio joined the group snorkeling. Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Great, but...

We where on this 5 day cruise. Everything was fine except the end! They will ask you for tips before dinner on the 4th day without telling you that you will have to get up and off the boat with all your luggage at 5 a.m. No way to get around this because they need to clean the boat for the next group. The fifth day is just a kick off the boat with the only option to visit a turtle farm on the bus ride to the airport. Review from: https://goo.gl/DBbwxt

One of my best

all has been very great! Galápagos are still the best destination for diving in the world for me (third time here)! Recommended for: small group (8 guests on board ), very nice & comfortable liveaboard, huge hug to all the crew! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4PrG8o

Großartiges Schiff

Die Kabinen sind sehr geräumig, alle mit eigenem Balkon. Das Essen wird in Buffet-form präsentiert und schmeckte immer fantastisch. Das Schiff wurde exzellent besetzt von Marvin und seinem Team, alle waren sehr professionell und hatten Ahnung,von dem was sie taten. Die Reiseführer Harry und Morris waren absolut spitze. Falls jemand darüber nachdenkt auf die Petrel zu gehen, kann ich das demjenigen nur empfehlen! Für etwas mehr Geld bekommt man eine großartige Leistung und viele Tagesaktivitäten geboten. Am Abend kann den Luxus an Bord genießen und den Sonnenuntergang vom eigenen Balkon aus mitverfolgen. Quelle: https://goo.gl/QHrZDL

Nemo II Review-March 31 to April 7

We went on the Nemo II catamaran the first week of April on the northern route and have nothing but great reviews for the boat and the crew. The boat was immaculate, the crew was friendly, courteous and very efficient. It seemed as if they were always working, but willing to take time to talk if we initiated a conversation. We did find out that the crew rotates about every six weeks so there is no guarantee that you will have the same people each time, but I don’t think it matters too much since they all seem to enjoy what they do. I will say this is not a luxury boat, but they don’t sell themselves as such. The cabins are small, but you don’t spend much time in them so it doesn’t matter too much. My husband and I had cabin 3, which has a top double bunk and a lower single. We mostly used the lower one for storage although our daughter did sleep in it one night when she was ill. She mostly stayed in cabin 5 with her aunt, which has two single upper bunks and some storage below. We also had two other friends traveling in our group who had cabin 6. Their cabin, with one upper and one lower bunk, was near one of the engines and a bit smaller than cabin 5. The common areas are spacious, with a lounge inside and covered dining outside. It was never an issue with bad weather, although it did rain a couple of times, mostly at night. The upper deck area was always available to sit on and did have a couple of awnings that were open to provide shade most of the time. It was amazing to sit up there at night and look at all of the stars in the sky. We found the shower to be inconsistent in our cabin, some days the water would be warm, others downright cold. My sister-in-law always had hot water in her shower and we never heard anyone else complain about cold showers. We joked that since our cabin was right across from the galley that the dishwasher must be using all the hot water on that side of the boat. We never did ask anyone to see if it could be fixed as it wasn’t that big of a deal for us. It was hot outside and most days the cool shower felt really good. Our guide, Graciela, was extremely knowledgeable, having worked in the Galapagos for over twenty years. She obviously cares about the islands and knows the history and wildlife well. While she was nice, she did not go out of her way to be overly friendly. We did notice that we would never see her before breakfast and she always seemed to disappear into her cabin immediately after dinner each night. During any down time we had, she was pretty much no where to be seen. I don’t know if this is common with other guides, but we found it odd. The last afternoon she did join us on deck as we were moving to the next island. Each night before dinner she would explain the next day’s itinerary, and we found that on a few occasions she gave erroneous information, getting us mixed up with a different boat that she sometimes guides. It was confusing but we get it sorted out eventually. I don’t know how often she works on the Nemo II, but one crew member did tell me that whenever they have children on board (there were three girls aged 8-11) the owner tries to make sure they have a female guide. Overall, we were extremely happy with this boat. As I said, it’s not a luxury boat but we didn’t want that. The passenger to crew ratio is 2:1 and the attentiveness of the crew is amazing. We were lucky to have Antonio, Mauricio, Jorge, Ernesto, Daniel and Victor helping us this week. When our daughter became ill for a few days, I was amazed at the concern they all showed for her and how happy everyone was when she recovered. Victor (the chef) even prepared chicken noodle soup for her, something I’m sure wasn’t originally planned for the week. Some people have said that they have problems with crews because most of them don’t speak English, but it wasn’t really a problem for us. I speak a little bit of Spanish and as the week went on I tried to learn more, and the crew appeared happy to help me with this. Mauricio helped me quite a bit, plus he speaks English pretty well, much better than he realizes. That seemed to be the case with most of the crew; they do understand English even if they don’t speak it much. It certainly doesn’t hurt if we try to speak a bit of Spanish either! I would highly recommend this boat to anyone interested in touring the Galapagos. The smaller size may put some people off, but I think the size played a big part in our total experience. You get to know your traveling companions pretty quickly and there is much more interaction with the crew. Our immediate group made up half of the passengers, plus a family of four from Canada and a younger couple from Australia. We all meshed fairly well, plus our daughter was excited to have other girls her age to play with. I don’t believe it’s typical to have children on board, but everyone (crew included) seemed to enjoy having them there. Most of the crew members have children themselves and they were are very patient with the girls. The bottom line is this: the Nemo II is a good boat, has a friendly and attentive crew. The cabins are small, but you don’t spend much time in them. The food was surprisingly good, especially given the small area the chef has to work in. They work hard to ensure you have a good time, but you can also tell they enjoy what they do. I would not hesitate to travel on this boat again if we return to the Galapagos, but next time on the southern route.


Hello Galapatours - My husband and I were also on the Alia - 8 night cruise ending in San Cristobal, and I must it was exceptional. We thought everyone on the Alia was wonderful, including, if not especially Lisette. We thought she did a marvelous job with everything! I thought the ship was beautiful and well appointed. We have been on our share of boats and traveled extensively around the world and we feel that our needs were catered to. We also thought Maria our naturalist was exceptional, she was very knowledgeable about the islands. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who might want to leave some of our common comforts behind and just enjoy being submerged in nature. The ship is hardly roughing it, but it is a ship. I loved it and I especially thought very highly of Lisette and her dedication to making all of us comfortable.

Spectacular cruise with many surprises

We had a spectacular time. We went on a 7 night tour. I wouldn't go on anything shorter to see the variety of life on the different Islands. The Coral I has 36 passengers , the Coral II 20. They won't guarantee which boat you will go on. They usually travel together but the Coral II was in dry dock when we went. Being on this size boat gets you into places where the bigger boats aren't aloud.So only a total of 36 people split in 2 groups. My upper deck cabin had 2 single beds, a bathroom, and opened to a walk way. I would recommend this size. The cheaper cabins are smaller and open on to a inside corridor. My Sister an husband who sail liked them. The food was good served buffet style. More than enough food 3 times a day. The best was the bar-b-que on the tip deck. The staff was great especially Mosquito and Alex. One thing I liked is that an announcement would come over the speakers to give you time to get ready for the activities(getting up, eating, activities) We had two hikes a day( easy, stop a lot) but wear good shoes and walking sticks are available when need to walk over the lava fields. Also 1 -2 snorkels a day. A typical day is get up 7 am eat breakfast, go for a hike come back, snorkel, eat lunch, siesta,hike, snacks , drink, dinner, Itinerary, bed. You can participate in as much or little as you want. Everyday there was a new surprise.We saw Orcas, Minke whales, Galapagos sharks, penguins, blue footed boobies, & Iguanas to name only a few. I traveled with my husband,27 yo sons,& sister & husband

Top notch cruise

The Mary Anne was everything we hoped she would be, and more so. What a beautiful boat! Whenever we came back from a land trip on the panga we could not believe our luck that we were staying on her, she looked so lovely rocking gently in the bay. And when they put all the sails up, that was just fabulous, we felt like Pirates of the Caribbean. I thought the crew were excellent, they all worked so hard, and the chef produced such yummy food, it was a highlight to eat out on deck so much - we were so lucky with the weather. Source: goo.gl/DEKamz

To my knowledge the best yacht in the Galapagos

I had the pleasure of the 5 day / 4 night itinerary on the Sea Star Journey and it was incredible - 10/10 on all counts - service, food, excursions, knowledgeable guide. I cannot fault anything it was the experience of a lifetime. I am a travel consultant specialising in Latin America and this is the best 16 passenger luxury yacht in the Galapagos to my knowledge. Review from: https://goo.gl/DBbwxt

Loved it

Hello- My husband and I were also on the Alya during this week, and I must say we have a different view of the 8 day trip. We thought everyone on the Alya was wonderful, including, if not especially Lisette. We thought she did a marvelous job with everything! I thought the ship was beautiful and well appointed. We have been on our share of boats and traveled extensively around the world and we feel that our needs were catered to. We also thought Maria our naturalist was exceptional, she was very knowledgeable about the islands. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who might want to leave some of our common comforts behind and just enjoy being submerged in nature. The ship is hardly roughing it, but it is a ship. I loved it and I especially thought very highly of Lisette and her dedication to making all of us comfortable. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/T6HKZi

This trip was out of this world extraordinary!

My husband and I went on an 8 day cruise on Natural Paradise. We were the 3rd cruise. Yacht is shiny and new. Staff r all professional, smiley, accommodating and present everywhere. This trip was out of this world extraordinary! No regrets just bring Dramamine. I took a 1/2 a pill every night. Since it's not a ship, u will feel rocking a bit more on this boat. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fXKm7k

Excellent Service

The Danubio Azul has great service and complies with everything that is mentioned in the Itinerary. The staff is well trained for any circumstance. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/AoMvZP

Well trained crew

Excellent service, I will return very soon to for another cruise on the Danubio Azul. The crew is very well trained and the Captain is incredible, they are all great people. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/1KPh4v

Excellent cruise, service and staff

Excellent service, I will return very soon to for another cruise on the Danubio Azul. The crew is very well trained and the Captain is incredible, they are all great people. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/1KPh4v

Archipell II - Galapagos cruise beyond expectation!

We have just spend a 7 night/8 day cruise on Archipell 2 in March 2017 and loved every minute of it! When we did our research for booking a cruise, I felt we had sufficient information about the itineries, what to see, etc., but few recent reviews about the boat, the guides, and the booking process, so I will focus on the latter. The Archipell 2 is a very comfortable boat, and from the very first moment onboard, we appreciated the extremely caring crew. They prepared delicious and plentiful meals three times a day, tidied the rooms daily, took immediate care of any technical problems (the a/c stopped working a few times), and in general did their best to make our stay as pleasant as possible. The boat has 2 double and 6 twin cabins, and there were 14 guests in total (maximum: 16). We slept well during overnight cruises in our stern cabin. (There was quite a bit of noise though, but that was largely caused by the power generator at the lower deck; so it was never really quiet during the night, even if anchored.) For the excursions, there are two dingies that transport the whole group ashore. The snorkeling gear was good and included in the price. The comfort of our room (including the bathroom) was beyond what we expected. For a boat, it was extremely spacious, had plenty of storage, and was perfectly tidy. Since I am pretty tall (1,98m), I was glad I could both sleep in the bed and stand upright in the shower without any problems. Plenty of towers were provided (and regularly changed) - different ones for use within the room and after the snorkeling. For our taste, our naturalist guide Giovanni Quintero was a personality with the perfect mix for this job: He is friendly, funny (but not silly), polite, speaks very good english, and has an in-depth knowledge of the geology and botany of the archipel, which he shares in enjoyable portions. His nightly briefings were very informative and supported by custom-tailored power point presentations. During the last night, we even got a professional review presentation of our trip (with pictures of every day), which he worked on every night and just gave to us! The whole trip was organized well and without any hassle. We would immediately choose the Archipell 2 again!!


went for 13 days in February, and it was great! The hotel is clean and the rooms are very comfortable. The staff was kind and always helpful, and the food was beyond delicious; I hardly ate outside of the hotel. I'm definitely coming back with the rest of my family sometime, hopefully soon! If you're looking for an easy, comfortable hotel to stay in while you travel the Galápagos islands, this is the one. Plus, the travel agency that owns the hotel offers a lot of travel packages/trips so you can decide what you want to do and get the most out of your time on the islands. review from https://goo.gl/u9YwGX

A wonderful holiday

We booked a 7 night cruise on the Alya catamaran. We knew the boat only went in to service in 2017 and could find no reviews of it. We wondered if the whole thing was a scam. It wasn't. Everything worked exactly as we had been told it would. We were met at Baltra airport by our naturalist guide (the wonderful Maria) and were taken to the boat. The Alya was lovely, we had a fantastic crew, everyone from Lisette (the hotel manager) to little Angel (head waiter and barman) to big Angel and Andre on the zodiacs provided outstanding, friendly service. This was truly the holiday of a lifetime, thank you Grace, Maria and all our crew. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/jQsLEZ

It was a wonderful trip and we would love to go back

We enjoyed a 6-day cruise on the Cachalote in July 2017 on the Fernandina Itinerary. The Cachalote has a 16 passenger capacity, but there were only 9 of us. Everyone was great and we all got along well. There were also 6 crew and one naturalist guide. The Cachalote was clean and comfortable. My husband and I had the 'matrimonial cabin' on the main deck. The bed wasn't long, but we managed. The other two in our party had bunks on the lower deck, and everyone slept fine. Our room was cozy and the bathroom was adequate. Everything was very clean. We had brought our own shampoo and soap, but there were dispensers for soap and shampoo in the shower and soap by the sink. Two towels were provided per person (white for on board and blue to take on excursions to dry off after snorkelling if desired). The linens were changed several times. Air conditional controls are separate for each room, and kept us cool. (Windows/portholes didn't open). There was a plug for charging electronics; we had brought a "splitter plug" to handle multiple devices. There was adequate storage in closet and a bit under the bed. As we expected, the boat was noisy, so we had brought ear plugs for sleeping, which worked fine. Yes, it was quite noisy when the anchor was raised or lowered, but it doesn't last long. And although our cabin was right beside dining area, never heard crew working there, setting up, etc. On the first night, traveling west from Puerto Villamil, the ride was a bit rough and some people were sick, but after that we were sheltered from the waves by Isabella so there were no more problems. The lounge/dining area was comfortable; outdoor sitting areas were good, especially on the upper deck. Clothes pins were provided for hanging bathing suits and laundry on railings at back on upper deck. On the first day, we participated in an emergency drill, so we knew what to do and where to go in an emergency (fortunately we did not experience one). This gave me great confidence in the professionalism of our awesome crew. Food was great and always fresh with good variety. Two of our party had food restrictions (one ate no red meat, one ate no seafood) and these were accommodated with no problems. Breakfast was cereal, toast, sliced cheese, cold cuts, awesome fresh juice (I loved the passionfruit!), and a hot item like eggs, pancakes, or french toast. Lunch and dinner were plentiful with salad, veggies, starch and protein, plus dessert (often fresh fruit). After snorkelling there was always a snack. An urn of coffee and another of hot water for tea were available all day, beside the drinking water dispenser. There was a welcome cocktail where the crew in their in spiffy uniforms were introduced on first and last evenings. Our typical daily schedule was: breakfast, walk, snorkel, lunch while cruising to the next site, then another walk or panga ride and another snorkel, briefing, dinner. At the briefing we'd hear where we'd go the next day, what to expect, and what to bring. We removed our shoes after shore excursions, and they were disinfected and cleaned (mine ended up far cleaner than I had seen them in a while!) The crew was fantastic, helping us in and out of the pangas, pointing out wildlife to us on the pangas, and the captain even pointed whales out to us while he was driving! Outings were great: land walks, panga rides, and snorkelling. I have snorkelled in Hawaii on several trips, and in the Red Sea. Snorkelling in the Galapagos was different from other places, but still fantastic, and beyond my expectations. We swam with turtles, penguins, sea lions, flightless cormorants, boobies, pelicans, octopus, marine iguanas, sharks, and of course, tons of fish (I even saw a sunfish!). No, the water wasn't always crystal clear, and the coral wasn't the most colourful I've ever seen. But the tameness of the sea life was incredible. Being the 'cold' season, we brought our own wetsuits (3 shorties and one long). But being hardy Canadians, I only used mine twice; others used their all the time. We also brought our own snorkels and (prescription) masks, so we knew they fit and could use them before and after the cruise. Others on the boat had no trouble with the equipment provided on board. There was no hassle over tipping: on the last day our guide explained lightly that tips were appreciated, and where to place tip envelopes. On arrival we had received a booklet of information which included suggestions on tipping. Overall it was a wonderful trip. We'd love to go back and see the islands we couldn't fit on this trip. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/2sdsRz

Most wonderful time of our lifes

My husband and I travelled on the "Galapagos Legend" from 26th Feb. to 5th March. At the suggestion of our Aurora Expeditions' travel expert in Sydney, (who arranged everything for us) we booked Tours B & C, because it fitted in with our other travel itinerary, and also went to most of the islands. The choice of small or larger boat was not available to us - the two small boats were fully booked. We travelled with 98 people on Tour B, and 45 on Tour C. I definitely recommend more than one tour, because every island is different, either because of the island itself or the animals on each. We were split into groups of 16, and the zodiac landings were very well organized - in no time, everyone was either on the island or riding along the coastline. We were never inundated with other groups being in the same place, and had plenty of opportunities to observe and enjoy the animals - no rush to get from place to place. All guides were very friendly and knowledgeable, and keen to give us the best experience they could. We had many landings on the islands, and snorkelled in both deeper water or near the beach, sometimes swimming with sea lions or large turtles, and seeing many varieties of fish, starfish and also a few Galapagos penguins. We saw a marine iguana feeding on the bottom, and reef sharks and rays. We slowly moved along the coastline in the zodiacs, seeing such a variety of animals and birds - brown pelicans, blue footed boobies, marine iguanas, sea lions, turtles, flightless cormorants. Sullivan Bay, on Santiago is a spectacular lava flow, as far as the eye can see. Very little else to see, except Sally Lightfoot crabs, maybe a small lizard or two, and we saw a small cactus growing out of the hardened lava. So interesting and unusual. At Urbina Bay on Isabela, we saw lots of Galapagos tortoises and land iguanas, then on to Tagus Cove, where we walked up to Lake Darwin - beautiful view. South Plaza was so different - lots of large cactus growing, with land iguanas that eat the cactus. Beautiful colours of low-growing plants - reds, browns, greens. On Santa Fe, there were many sea lions and babies on the beach, as well as mockingbirds, finches, iguanas and Galapagos doves. Pitt Point on San Cristobal was spectacular - we walked to the top of a volcanic tuff - it was like being on the moon - stark landscape with fabulous views. Some travellers didn't go - "there's only a view" they said - didn't they miss out!! One tip - don't say no to anything - you'll have a great experience, whatever you do. As for travelling on the "Legend", we had a wonderful time. The food is amazing and plentiful - the evening meal is as appealing as anything you'd get in a good restaurant (with choices for main meal and dessert), plus 2 other courses. Breakfast and lunch is buffet-style - again, very nice food. We were very happy with our cabin, and we were upgraded for the second tour - keeping a smaller number of people closer together, I suppose. All staff and guides were very friendly and efficient. The transfers for the whole trip were perfectly organized - we were never left standing and wondering where our driver was! We had a wonderful time in the Galapagos Islands - the animals are not afraid of humans, so we were able to observe them closely. The tour boats are very strictly regulated, so we had the islands to ourselves when we landed - not sharing these special places with lots of other people. What a bonus! Thank you to everybody who made this trip unforgettable.

Excellent experience

Crew very welcoming, good timetable and excellent selection of sites, delicious meals and snacks, we are happy we spent our honeymoon with you. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/aAFeSA

Make it 15 days if you can!

My husband I have been on the beagle just a week ago. Overall, I can say it was really the trip of my life. We both liked the ship, the crew, the food and our guide. A few details: Because we couldn't decide which itinary to choose, we booked two weeks on the beagle. First week was the west itinary /Genovesa, Santiago, Isabella, Fernandina, in the second week we visited Florana, Espanola, San christobal, Barolome, North seymor. I was really glad, that we booked two weeks, because, as it is a motor sailor, they try at least at one time to give you a sailing experience. So half a day of one week you are just sailing, not visiting an island. For us it was fine- I loved it. Sitting on the boad, watching the marine life (dolphins, birds ect..). But for persons who are only for one week on the boat it might be a "waste of time". (Nobody on our tour complained about it, everybody was happy). Both itiinaries are good. Personally I liked the first week more than the second. The west route, when you go to Genovesa, Isabella and Fernandina, is less "crowed". There were other boats as well, but we rarely saw any of other groups. In the second week, sometimes we had the big lindblad ship beside us, which means that either before us or after us, 90 people were vistitng the place. Our guide tried as best as she could, but on one island we had to wait, until the group from the other ship were moving, so that we can walk, than we had to wait again...and so on. On both itiniaries you see all animals, and you have kind of the same ecological development (young and older islands). The landscape might be a little bit more "spectacular" on the south itiinary. But basically it depends what you want to see. I really wanted to go to fernandina, while my husband wantet to see espanola. The other reason why I enjojed more the first week was because of the group. The beagle has place for 13 people. In the first week, my huspand and I were one of the youngest people on board (we are both in the early 30ties). The other guest were mostly retired, but very experienced couples. From the very first day everything went really smooth, because everybody was very aware of this special place. For the second week I am sorry to say, but there were people on board which belong for me to the sort of galapagos tourist, who should stay on the mainland, because they went only to galapagos because it is "cool". Our guide had a really taff job in the second week to keep the people on the tracks and to protect the environment from their ignorance. Interesting in the second week there were mostly young people on board. One example: We were on a panga ride, very early in the morning into the mangroves. Sunset, manta rays beside our panga. Two young ladies (the same age as me) were talking about hair colouring)....Our guide was not very good in hiding her dislike, but I cannot blame her. But this was not really professional. So there was a little bit of tensions in the air. Our guide had a really good knowledge, and what I liked her, she was really taking the time to explain and to show the beauty of the islands. Especially in the first week, she knew nobody would walk off the tracks, she didn't mind, when I was a little bit behind the group because I wanted to take a foto, or when two guys were walking in front of us looking for animals. Her english was quite good. At the end of the first week, when the other guest were leaving for the airport, we got for half a day another guide and a special program on santa cruz, so we didn't had to wait on board until the new guests arrived. The crew was really, really nice, attentive and courteous. On the second week there was one girl with a broken foot and one elderly lady, and the whole crew including the guide did everything they could so both could also enjoy the trips on the islands. The food was excellent. We were told that some of the fruits wich are served are directly coming from the owner's farm. The owner of the beagle is coming on board every last day of a week to look if everything is ok. One thing which differs from other boads is, that the beagle has a big sitting area outside, we had every meal outside and were only for sleeping inside the boad. The cabins are ok. It was clean and we had everyday hot water. The snorkeling gear was also very good nevertheless we brought our own gear with us. Sorry for any mistakes I hope it was helpful, and I am happy to answer more questions. (When I have more time I will write a more detailed review about our trip). Last thing I want to say, I am very happy that we spend 18 days on galapagos. First we thought about the "typical" trip, one week galapagos, and two weeks on the mainland. But the more we read, the more we wanted to spend the whole time we had on the islands. These islands are so special, and I dreamed since I was a child to go there.So for us it was the right thing to concentrate on the islands. The last 3 days after the boat trip we spent in a nice small hotel in puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz. This was the perfect. combination.

Wonderful Time In A Wonderful Place

We were very pleased with the boat, crew and fellow passengers. Morris was a very knowledgable guide and accomplished photographer/underwater videographer, as well as friendly and excellent english spoken. Carlos did a great job bartending and serving meals and spoke english well also. Almost all of the crew we had contact with could communicate at least somewhat in english and were very friendly/helpful. We had a great mix of people aboard (22 to 60's) from various countries/locations. Food was plentiful and varied. Our favorite were the two barbecue lunches on the top deck including the last lunch of grilled fish, octopus, lobster and prawns plus baked potatoes, salad, etc. After each excursion there was generally fresh juice and a snack waiting as well, such as chicken wings, empanadas, fried yucca with honey, etc. We did Itinerary A which went to many locations on Isabela island, Santa Cruz, South Plaza, North Seymour, Santa Fe and San Cristobal. Saw a wide variety of animals including blue footed boobies, sea lions, many types of iguanas, penguins, dolphins, rays, etc. Snorkeling 4 or 5 times was our favorite. Snorkeled with penguins, sea lions (santa fe had whole colony swimming with us), rays, sharks, dolphins, turtles. Galapatours also helped us with some information beforehand (what to bring, cultural differences etc), which made the trip completely perfect. I highly recommend the Petrel cruise!

CruiseCritic Review of the Isabella II

40-passenger Isabella II is an expedition yacht offering year-round cruises in the Galapagos Islands. The former supply ship was built in 1979 and reconstructed for Metropolitan Touring in 1988. Like its sisters, the ship is regularly refreshed; the most recent dry-dock occurred in September 2012. Here's what you can expect aboard Isabella II Galapagos cruise: Cruise fare: what's included. The cost of the cruise includes excursions (island treks, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.), all meals and snacks, lectures and snorkeling equipment (masks, fins, snorkel). Three-millimeter "shortie" wetsuits, which are recommended during the June/July to December cool season, can be rented onboard. Wi-Fi, which is available in Isabella II's lounge and small library, and sodas/adult beverages are also extra. Expedition essentials. Passengers cruise with one expedition leader and two naturalist guides. Other expedition accouterments found on Isabella II include sit-on-top sea kayaks, a glass-bottom boat, and three "pangas," the omnipresent water taxis that facilitate ship-to-shore transportation in the Galapagos. A doctor is also stationed permanently onboard should passengers run into any minor issues with the equatorial sun, wasps or seasickness. Cabins. Isabella II features 18 139-square-foot inside cabins (Classic), one 128-square-foot inside cabin (Standard) and one 170-square-foot Master Suite Cabin with picture window. (These snug accommodations are par for the course in expedition cruising.) There is some variation in cabin configuration; the Classic cabins feature either fixed twin(ish) beds that run parallel or fixed twin(ish) and singles that form an "L." The one Standard features a twin-sized bed, and the Master Suite has a queen. Cabins amenities include hair dryers, telephones, safes and 110-volt, U.S.-style outlets. Dining. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served open seating at designated times in Isabella II's dining room. Breakfast and lunch are buffet-style while dinner is served course-by-course. The occasional meal is also served alfresco on a top-ship (covered) secondary venue. Post-excursion snacks (juice and pigs 'n blankets, say) are offered daily. Public spaces. The social hub of the yacht is the comb bar-lecture room, which is used for evening briefings, video presentations and as a destination before-and-after dinner drinks. An adjacent mini-library houses a pair of Web-ready computers and a collection of books about South America, the Galapagos and wildlife. (Wi-Fi is available in the library and bar/lecture room.) Isabella II's lobby features a small boutique selling logo hats, shirts and jackets, as well as a variety of travel essentials for forgetful passengers (sun block, aloe, sunglasses). An exercise room contains a bike, elliptical and treadmill. The yacht's sun deck features a smattering of wicker loungers and a jacuzzi with room to comfortably accommodate six passengers.

You won't regret it

I just returned from this yacht last week. Believe me, it worth it! The yacht is in very good shape, it has great facilities on board. The cabins are like it is shown on the website, and very spacious. I was surprised by it. Also, it was very clean, and they always make very nice figures with the towels, and at night they make your bed, just to jump on the bed. The food was really nice. It has a great variety of dishes. Always two types of meat, and most of the time one was fish or seafood. I love it! I has the opportunity to kayaking in a single one, but they have enough kayaks for all the guests, I snorkeled and the equipment was good, and I hiked the hills. I did the itinerary C, which visited the Isabela Island, and has a lot of amazing landscapes. Hope you decide this boat, and you will see that you won´t regreat it. Review from: https://goo.gl/GEi7jE

Great five day cruise on board Nemo II

We did the 5 days Galapagos Cruise in August 2016 and honestly we had an amazing experience. The boat looked brand new, extremely clean, the staff was very nice and food very good. We even had home-made snacks twice a day with fresh juices. Cabins were nice and big (i mean bigger than on the other catamaran cruise i did) with good shower and modern toilet (again from a catamaran point of view !). Even the snorkelling equipment was very good quality. So if you have to book it, go on, it totally worth it!

Great cruise experience

I was on the Majestic in February with my cousin, and it was a wonderful cruise. Our guide Harry was fantastic. He was so knowledgeable, extremely friendly, and he made us laugh a lot too. It seems to me that the Majestic contracts some of the best guides in the islands. My cousin and I both agree that the little extra we paid for the Majestic was well worth it, and if you are indeed looking for a more high-end posh cruise, the Majestic is my recommendation without a doubt.

Galapagos is the best place I have been

Hi, we were onboard of Sea Star Journey on May 2016. Since that, two of our friends, my brother and his wife had been on board of this ship. We really loved it!! We analyzed many options to choose the cruise, we are sure this was the best option. We had a great time and a lovely itinerary. I was surprised that the food was so good. Every meal was fantastic. Galapagos is the best place I have been, I keep talking about this experience to my family and friends! Review from: https://goo.gl/GEi7jE

Man bekommt das wofür man zahlt...

Ich weiss nicht ob ich noch mal mit der Merak fahren würde... Zugegeben, der Preis war extrem günstig, Galapatours hat uns einen super Last Minute Deal verschaffen können! Auch die Route war klasse, wir haben echt viel unternommen. Die Kabinen waren aber wirklich klein, es gibt kein AirConditioning und in meiner Kajüte ist dann auch noch der Ventilator ausgefallen... Der Guide wirkte uninteressiert und der Platz war insgesamt recht wenig... Trotz alledem vielen Dank, Galapatours!

Highly recommended!

Thank you all so much for an amazing 8 days. We saw and experienced more than we could have imagined. Increiblde guide, cook, captain + team on board that had everything clean and tidy for us. Amazing food every day from that tiny (mucho calor!) kitchen! We had so much fun and will never forget out Galapagos experience - hope to be back! Look us up if you're ever in New Zealand! Starsh + Jess

Great service

The Danubio Azul has great service and complies with everything that is mentioned in the Itinerary. The staff is well trained for any circumstance. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/AoMvZP

Great itinerary for Nature Photography!

Apart from the Flightless Cormorant, we really saw everything one might expect on the Galapagos Islands: Red footed boobies, blue footed boobies, sea lions (lots of them!), galapagos sharks, white tip sharks, black tip sharks, frigate birds, hawks, even hammerhead sharks!!... I can highly recommend the Archipel, although the ship seems to have seen its best days about 10 years ago :) Still, very nice and the crew was fantastic!

Wonderful time!

Both of us had a wonderful time and the whole Galapagos experience was amazing! The chef made delicious meals that catered especially for my food allergies, our guide had lots of experience and was funny and entertaining too, and the cosiness of being on a small yacht helped us to develop many new friendships. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/PcipZS

Good experience

I was on a Fragata cruise in february. I liked it. We had a great guide, we were usually the first ones to be on the islands. The boat was good, everything worked well although we had some problems on our way (one broken leg and broken aggregator). Food was good and staff was humorous.

I highly recommend this trip with The Seaman Journey!

My family of 4 just returned from doing an 8 day Galapagos tour onboard the Seaman Journey. We did itinerary "C" which covered the Western Islands. Without going into too much detail I will say we had an amazing trip. The boat was very nice, clean, well maintained and stable. It holds 16 passengers, there were 15 on our trip from 5 different countries. It was the perfect size to get to know each other but there is also quiet spots on the boat too. The crew and guide Camilo were amazing! We were well fed, kept safe and had lots of fun. The food was great and plentiful! My family really appreciated the attention to detail from the towel art to accommodating my daughter's vegetarian diet. The land excursions were great, filled with lots of animals as well as great information from our guide. The snorkelling was the best we have ever done. We swam with turtles, sea lions, penguins, sharks, rays and many tropical fish. This was not a cheap trip but if your family loves adventure, animals and an active holiday I highly recommend this trip with The Seaman Journey!

Trip Report - Isabela II Galapagos - Amazing!!!

The boat was really nice. It was a 40-passenger boat, but there were only 33 people on our trip, so we had a little extra space. The bottom floor had a bar / big lounge where we did our evening briefings about what we would see the next day. It also had the dining room, gift shop, and hospitality desk if you needed anything. There was wifi on board and it could be accessed on this floor. I believe it was $15 for the week (that could be wrong), but there was also a little computer lab if you didn't want to pay that and needed to get online. The second floor had all of our rooms. Although not huge, the room was actually a little bigger than I expected. We had two beds, a little couch, a desk, two small bedside tables, and a closet. There was an outlet under the desk and one in the bathroom which we used to charge our phones and cameras. The third floor had an open deck with another bar, a hot tub, workout room, and a place where you get all of your snorkeling equipment to use for the week (mask and flippers are free; wet suits can be rented for $15 for the week). Food: The food was really amazing on this boat. We had buffets for almost every meal, and there were several options for entrees (multiple types of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options). You could eat as much as you wanted and everything was very tasty. In between meals, they served hot appetizers when we came back from afternoon adventures and gave out free juice and water. Drinks from the bar were extra -- sodas were $2, beer was $3, wine was $8 a glass. You just tell them your room number and you settle up the tab at the end. Passengers: My friend and I (both mid-30s) were a little worried that we might be the youngest people on the boat. We weren't. We were actually pleasantly surprised by the nice mix of people on the boat. There were some older retired couples, a few families, other 30-somethings, teenagers, etc. We actually really enjoyed getting to know the fellow passengers on our boat and didn't have anyone annoying on board! Illness: I was really scared that I was going to get seasick on this boat. I've had experiences where I've been really ill on other boats, so part of why I chose this one is because they had a 24-hour doctor on board. I brought two packs of dramamine with me too. Didn't need any of it! The boat was very nice and I didn't feel sick at any point. Didn't even need to take the dramamine! Snorkeling: I was scared to death of snorkeling before coming on this boat too. They ask if anyone is new at snorkeling and helped me through everything. They fitted me for the equipment, helped me get a wetsuit, taught me how to clean the mask so it wouldn't fog up, and the guide let me stay close to him the entire time I was in the water. As it turns out, snorkeling is amazing. We saw tons of cool fish, sea lions, sharks, sting rays, etc. in the water. At the end of the trip, a sea lion swam up to my face and smiled at me before swimming underneath me and disappearing. I really appreciated the guides helping to teach me how to overcome my fear on this trip! I owe them a lot! The day-time adventures to the islands were really fun and we saw tons of animals. I made a 5-minute video of the animal footage I captured if you'd like to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eadFvdBKiNs On the last night of the boat trip, they served us a farewell cocktail and showed us a slide show of our adventures. I believe they're going to post all of the pictures on Facebook, so you can download them later if you didn't bring a good camera with you. We also had a karaoke party on the last night and all of us sang and had a great time. This was probably the best vacation of my life. John, Carlos, and Mariuxi were amazing guides. I would highly recommend Isabela II to anyone I know.

It was a dream come true.

I loved the Sea Star Journey, I went with my two daughters 2 years ago and they enjoyed the cruise and the animals. It was a dream come true. The guide Hansel was incredible, the crew very good and the yacht itself excellent. We have plans to return to Sea Star Journey next year to visit the islands we missed. Review from: https://goo.gl/DBbwxt

Uma viagem para lembrar a vida toda!

Esteve no Sea Star Journey nas Galapagos em janeiro de 2016 com a minha familia, me ofereceram como primeira classe mas quando a gente chegou o iate era muito mais luxuoso. A tripulacao foi mais que prestativa e a comida saborosa. Uma viagem para lembrar a vida toda!!!, agora tenho a certeza de que a nossa escolha de este barco foi a melhor eleicao. A unica coisa que esteve mal, foi nao ter ficado mais tempo :) Review from: https://goo.gl/DBbwxt

Exceptional trip

Hi everybody, I was onboard the Sea Star Journey in beginning of march 2017 and I can really recommend this wonderful cruise. We had a main deck matrimonial cabin, which was really huge! The food was great, as well the crew and the guide. The best thing were the activities to see the Islands. I always wanted to go to Galapagos...the snorkeling was the best experience I ever had - it was incredible to see so near the animals! It was really fantastic :)

Unforgettable trip

We visited Galapagos the first time in 2013 with my wife, we stayed at the Sol y Mar and did a hotel based program which was really nice, yet we felt we had missed out on the more remote islands like Fernandina and Isabela. The big issue was that we get seasick, yet we fell in love with the Islands and had to return. We contacted Galapatours and they booked us on the Sea Star. This time we were joined by my son and his wife. We just got back, we did a 6 day cruise from March 2 - 7th visiting the Western side of Isabela, Fernandina and Santiago islands. We had a wonderful time, the planning from our agent was excellent, this time of year the ocean is a bit calmer so it was perhaps the only window we could have and enjoy the western side of Galapagos which is known to be choppier. Another plus of this time of the year was the warmer water for snorkeling, for us it is a big deal, we live in Florida and are spoilt for warm seas. I cannot say enough to praise the amazing wildlife experience, we got to spot everything from orcas to penguins. Swimming alongside both was exciting and really an unexpected adventure. Having our guide in the water with us while we had our surprise encounter with an orca was a small reassurance as well being close to the zodiac to climb out as a precaution. The amount of marine iguanas, sea lions, blue footed boobies was much larger than at visitor sites closer to Santa Cruz. We also enjoyed seeing the flightless cormorant and learning about its evolution process. The difference from staying at a hotel was large, the cruising experience allows for more time efficiency as we did not have to transfer across an island and then navigate back and forth to a visitor site. By cruising we experienced at least 5 hours per day of time exploring the premier wildlife locations of the island vs 5 to 6 hours transfering back and forth from the hotel and then 2 hours of exploring a location and having to cut it short in order to get back. The downside was that we did get seasick, yet in the end with the help of pills we overcame it, it was the price we paid in order to have the superior experience that is cruising around the islands. In regards to our yacht the Sea Star, it was very comfortable, well kept and met our expectations. Cabins were much larger than we expected on a boat. The captain was nice to hold back navigations until meals were finished and tried his best at anchoring inside calm bays to avoid movement, this was the advantage of being on a smaller yacht. The food was really good, we loved learning how to prepare ceviche Ecuador style and appreciated the good amount of food, at first we were worried it might be too gourmet, yet in the end the portions were large and having the buffet for lunch allowed for seconds. All in all I would recommend using the Sea Star, just note that it is also known as Domenica, at first we thought it was the wrong boat but once we walked around it matched the pictures and specifications. I hope this information helps, we had a memorable holiday.

NEMO III- perfect galapagos cruise for family!

We just returned from our 5 day galapagos cruise with NEMO III. We were a group of 5 adults and 2 children and we had a wonderful time of the boat and learning about these amazing islands. From Monica who was very helpful in booking the cruise and answering all my questions over email in the week leading up to our vacation, to the crew who completely spoiled us, to the naturalist guide who answered all our questions and didn't mind if a 1 hour hike took two hours because of all our questions, they all made this once-in-a-lifetime vacation perfect for us. Some highlights: The food was amazing! In addition to it being delicious and plentiful, my children (10 year old twins) loved it too! And the birthday cakes that Fabrizio made my girls (they turned 10 on the trip), and my husband (we were celebrating his birthday too) were amazing! There wasn't a bad or even mediocre meal the entire trip. If the boat sold a 'cookbook of recipes served this week' I would have totally bought it! The cabins were great! We are a sailing family and expect to not have a lot of space or comforts on a boat, but on NEMO III we were pleasantly surprised. Plenty of space for our things, and our kids loved sleeping in the upper bunks. It was also nice to be able to rinse down after snorkeling with a hot 'shower' (although we rinsed quickly to conserve water). The crew and guide- again, they were all very nice and made our trip the great experience it was. Alexis our guide taught us so much! Carlos and his crew kept the boat moving, but turned us around if there were dolphins swimming off the bow to show us! Overall, we are already thinking about the next time we will take this 'once-in-a-lifetime' trip because even though we saw and learned so much, there is more to see! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/xUYgkX

Eden Yacht - March 2017 Review

Just finished 8d/7n cruise! Why a cruise? Because land options take too much time to get to the fun activities! On land, you catch a speedboat where you want to go (say, Kicker Rock). So you leave at 9am - or whenever all of the scheduled guests arrive at the pier. You spend time getting to the site. After you are done, you get back on the speedboat for the ride back to the pier - and you are wet and itchy the whole time. Contrast to a cruise: You awake in the morning to a great breakfast and you are *already at* your morning spot. You do your activity (hike, snorkelling, etc.); when you're done, it's back on the boat for snacks and a shower and some relaxation / journalling as the boat takes you to the afternoon location. At which point you do the afternoon activities - and, when finished, you are able to clean up immediately (and eat a delicious dinner). For me - no comparison. It's a cruise every time. Boat - Pictures do not do the boat justice. Our stateroom had plenty of room, the common room is large and comfy, there are two different large outdoor lounge areas (both shade and sun), and the crew was so very nice and helpful. I never felt I was on top of the others on the boat or they were on top of me - there was always someplace I could go if I wanted some alone time. Plus, showers were always hot and the room always clean (thank you Alejandro!!) Food - Vegetarian / vegan options (we had both on our trip). Food was delicious! Passengers - This is a smaller boat (max 16 persons) and caters to a more budget-oriented crowd - this basically means you can count on folks who are active and intensely interested in getting the most out of their vacation. Which worked out great for us! We had U.S. folks, Australians, Canadians, Brazilians, Germans - and all very friendly. Activities - Everything happened on time, we were kept active on all of the islands. And we had such good times - hiking up Sierra Negra, swimming in the rain on the beach at Isabela, the oh-so-excellent snorkeling at Santiago, watching blue-footed boobies *mate* on North Seymour, hikes up in the Santa Cruz highlands (where we got to see a huge tortoise at the end of mating)...so many great memories (and pictures!). I'll write about the guide separately - Che-che, you are awesome, my friend. Cost - The overall trip was extremely affordable, and our request to the Eden for an extra 3 days would have been only $200/day per person (which I believe is a *substantial* discount over the pre-booked price and reflected a "last-minute" cruise deal price). Based on what others told me, I think the pre-booked price is around $350/day per person - and even at that price is well worth it! Tipping - You get two envelopes, one for the boat crew and one for the guide. For the boat crew, the suggested amount is $12-14 a day. For my 8d/7n cruise I tipped $110 to the crew, and $80 to the guide. For the two of us, that came out to $370 total in tips. Finally - should you prebook or do a last-minute deal? As I pointed out above, our last-minute request to extend our cruise by 3d got us a quote of $200 / day which I believe is a great last-minute price. However - you can only get a last-minute price if you are willing to wait to the last minute! During the high season this means you probably will not get the boat you want and you may need to be very flexible. In effect, you are arriving on San Cristobal or Santa Cruz, heading down to "el Centro", and checking with each tourist agency to find a last-minute cruise you want. In our case, it was worth the extra money to have everything setup ahead of time - all we had to do was get to Galapagos and we were taken care of from start to finish. Quelle: goo.gl/UUQhMk

Perfect boat size, perfect trip

I don't even know where to start. The crew of Coral I, made this short cruise of 8 days an unforgettable experience. The food was delicious, the cabins comfortable and the service unparalleled. Most importantly, however, our two guides made this probably the nicest vacation we have had in... ever? Thank you, Benno and Galapatours, for the great customer service and making the reservation process so seemless!

First Class trip on the Grace

My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a trip to the Galapagos Islands. We flew to Quito from New York City, spent a day touring Quito and the famous Otavalo Market where the indigenous people exhibit everything from animals to handicrafts. We then flew to San Cristobal where we were met by the naturalist from our tour company, Quasar Expeditions. We spent a week on The Grace, a lovely 16 passenger yacht which formally belonged to Princess Grace of Monaco. The yacht was recently gutted and renovated. An upper deck was added during this renovation with four additional cabins. It's a lovely 145' yacht (luxury class) with 8 cabins - 4 on the top level and 4 on the lower level. What really made our trip was our naturalist, Raphael - a second generation Galapagos Island resident from Santa Cruz Island and a trained ornithologist. Some quick observations for those of you who are considering a trip. Type of Boat: This was a special trip for us so we were not too concerned about cost. If cost isn't an issue for you, definitely take the luxury yacht. While the exterior of our yacht was dated (it was originally built in the 1920's), the renovation was well done. Our cabin was spacious for a boat and quite comfortable. The "living room" area was lovely as was the dining area. There were two beautiful decks in the back of the boat - main level and upper level. In the front of the boat, there was a jacuzzi - nice at sunset time. Size of boat: If you want personal service, take a small boat - 16 passengers. Definitely don't take the 100 passenger boat unless you really can't handle the motion of a smaller one and you need to have more services on board such as a doctor/medical services. You cannot all go on the islands when there are 100 people and it diminishes the experience. What we loved was the intimacy of a small group. I know there are 32 passenger boats so this is probably the largest I would recommend to healthy, physically fit people who are not too concerned with getting seasick. Food: The meals prepared by our chef were excellent - every meal was different - 3 course meals at dinner - always started with a delicious soup, buffet style main course with several selections, and homemade desserts. Excursions: We snorkeled every day and sometimes twice a day. My husband is not a great swimmer and he didn't go snorkeling the first day. Our guide convinced him that if he didn't snorkel, he'd miss half of what there is to see. So, my husband wore a life jacket and came with us on the second day and thereafter. He absolutely loved it and admitted that it would have been a shame had he missed the beauty of what was under the sea. We also hiked on land at least once a day and the hikes were amazing. A one mile walk might take 2 1/2 hours because our guide had so much to point out along the way. The birds are not afraid of people since they have no natural predators - hence - they haven't learned to fear people. While you are warned not to touch any of them, you can walk right up to them and they will just look at you like you're the oddity. The day we went to Santa Cruz Island, we were on land the entire day. We visited an ancient caldera that was now overgrown with trees and took a nature hike followed by a visit to a lava tube, then a tortoise farm where these giant creatures could roam freely in order to get to their nesting sites. After lunch at the tortoise farm, we went to the Darwin institute and then spent a couple of hours in Puerto Ayora - did some shopping and visited the fish market (great photos of sea lions and pelicans trying to steal some fish as they were being filleted). Again, the advantage of the smaller boat is that you get to do far more than on the larger boats. What really made the trip for us was our naturalist and the people we met on our boat. We were 15 in all and everyone got along extremely well so I have to say that we were quite fortunate since this doesn't always happen.

8 day 7 nights on Nemo II cruise

Just returned from a 12-day trip to the Galapagos. Spent 3 days in Puerto Ayora and 8 Days and 7 nights on the Nemo 2 catamaran. It was a wonderful experience to see the wildlife of the Galapagos. Just as you have read you are often only two or three feet from the wildlife. They have no fear of humans. Our hotel for three days before we left on our cruise was the Pelican Bay. It was clean and two blocks from great restaurants, bars and shopping. The crew on the boat. were exceptionally qualified to cater to the guest needs. The catamaran was kept in immaculate tip top condition. We had a great cook and every meal had two or three meat choices several vegetables and salad and dessert. When we would return from an island trek or snorkling snacks and juice would be waiting for us. The food was healthy and fresh. The 12 quests on the trip quickly bonded and all ageed the Nemo exceeded their expectations. Our guide Oswaldo was a wealth of information on not just the wildlife but on the formation and history of the Galapagos. It was the best vacation in my 75 years and I managed it without any problems. If it has always been your dream go before it is too late. The whole trip hotel, food, airfare, cruise and permits was less than $5000.

The trip was great, would definitively return

Loved the diving. However that's more a highlight of the Galapagos themselves. The Humboldt shines because it spends more time at wolf than the other liveaboards. So many Hammerheads <3. The food was good. You will look forward to it every time the bell rings for meal time. The desserts are however we're meh. Except for some yummy tree leches and s delicious chocolate and passion fruit mousse. The crew is friendly but more to themselves. They are happy to interact if interacted with but will not impose on you. They were great. I love non bunk bed cabins and the cabins are cozy, the AC amazing. And the baths had a good amount of space. I was in cabin 3. The only cons are that the first day and half are kinda meh. Day one is a 15 minute 5 meter max check out dive. It's useful but I wish they just bulked it in with the second days itinerary to make a full day. I would prefer the boat to have had one more dive guide so that it wasn't 2 groups of 8. And would've liked that the guides have a pro camera for underwater pictures. But that is something I felt spoiled with on a previous liveaboard. Other than that my trip was great! Would definitely return. Open bar (liquor included) was so sweet. Bring your own gloves and get a reef hook. You will be so thankful you brought one. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/YTJuEB

Wonderful stay on a beautiful yacht

We recently went on an 8 day cruise of the Galapagos on the Galaxy yacht and thought I'd leave a note for those looking for a ship. It was a wonderful stay on a beautiful yacht. There were six of us on the 16 person yacht. It was in very good shape, well maintained with air conditioning in our rooms. The beds were comfortable and the bathrooms were pretty nice with plenty of power outlets everywhere. There is a TV and DVD player in the main room but it doesn't play region 1 discs (north america) and all of their movies are in Spanish. The food was interesting. It was very well prepared and very tasty but the portions were small and it was obvious that they always used the cheapest ingredients such as chicken legs as the entree. That is the biggest thing I'd change. The zodiacs were nice and the crew was very friendly though the rooms were only cleaned once a day. Our guide, Juan Carlos was great too. It did get thrown around a bit on some of the choppier nights but I think any ship this size would have. It was nice to basically have our run of things and I'm glad we did this over one of the larger ships. I would certainly recommend this ship for anyone thinking of a Galapagos cruise!

Highly recommended, thank you Galapatours!

Mr. Wittmer would be proud of the professionalism, courtesy, attention and environmentalism of his crew aboard the TT3. His legacy lives on!

I loved this ship

In terms of comfort, the boat was really above expectations. The jacuzzis and the sundecks are quite comfy as well. The guide was Cristian and he was super informative and funny. The food was sometimes different but tasty and I indeed did the southern islands in the 5n/6d, the biodiversity is out of this world. Although I do want to check the northern islands and more of Isabela as well next time. Anyway, when it comes to the nature and wildlife, everything will be above your expectations for sure!

The Galapagos Master is a fantastic Dive Boat

This was a great Dive Boat to do a Dive trip. The staff were really professional. The Boat was very safety conscious with regular Emergency Practice sessions. The Diving set up was excellent and the Dive crew were really helpful. The food was amazing and each meal was a delight. The Captain of the boat was really competent and I felt we were in good hands. Every staff member was helpful and friendly. I loved every minute of the trip! From https://scubatribe.com/profile/galapagos-master

An unforgettable holiday

Thank you Galapatours for making this dream holiday come true! My wife and I spent 8 days on the Cormorant and are still raving on about how great this holiday was! We absolutely loved the snorkeling with the sea lion cub, this is going to be a memory we will both take to the grave with us! Thanks again, John and Mary

All very good!

Food:healthy and good variety. Crew: very willing and accommodating - all of them. Elizabeth: very knowledgeable and was attentive to all questions (adults and children), never dismissed a question. Was a good company

Staff is wonderful

Excellent service! One hundred percent great quality guaranteed. Good attention from all staff

Smaller Boat = Bigger Experience

My Wife and I did this cruise at the beginning of December 2012, we weren't sure what to expect but we know someone who had already done this boat a few years ago and it was recommended. The Galapagos Islands are truly AMAZING!!! When it was all over we where extremely happy that we had chosen this boat over bigger ones. The first part of our tour (A) there was a total of 8 people, the (B) portion only 5. This boat has the capacity to hold 12 guests. 1st recommendation, if it's over 8 guests people are going to be tripping all over each other. Some guests complained of engine noise, we didn't find the noise to really be an issue. The boat does rock around a bit when moving, we had a gravel tabs and took them a few nights out of 9 on long sailings. Pretty whipped out every evening and passed out easily. The Crew on the boat are all awesome super friendly guys. They made the trip very enjoyable. For the first portion of the trip we had a fill in guide who we where not impressed with. He was very knowledgable about wildlife but didn't have fantastic people skills. Sleeping in past activity departure times doesn't fly. Conditioning and fitness was also an issue for walking on Islands. The full time guide (Juan) who works off this boat is amazing and gets in the water with snorkeling. He was AWESOME. The quality of food on the boat was AVERAGE overall. It was HIT and MISS, quantity was UNSATISFACTORY!!!!!! They seem to take reviews seriously so I'm curious if someone after this can comment to see if "SCUBA GALAPAGOS" the owners of the boat buck up a few extra dollars to provide a few extra spoonfuls of food for starving guests. Take some extra snacks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, SMALLER BOAT EQUALS BIGGER EXPERIENCES.

This is not luxury

We have just completed the 4 night 5 day cruise. The staff and our guide were fantastic and the place you are in is fantastic but unfortunately this covers the inadequacies of the boat. Luxury this is not! We arrived and had to wait 1.5 hours at the airport before going to the boat. We had to carry our own bags to the boat. There was no soap to wash your hands in the bathrooms and for the first 3 days we had no hot water to shower. The food is only ok and although there is so much to see you feel like a rat on a wheel having only 2 hours a day to relax. Every second of the day is made up of activities, going backwards and forwards instead of having large chunks of time out so you can be more efficient with your time. It's fine to wake up early but every morning we were dragged out of bed at 5 or 6 and went 12 hours a day. It would have been nice to have the afternoon at leisure. We were supposed to have a relaxing trip to recover from a strenuous hike but ended up feeling worse and totally exhausted. If you are young and want flat out then this is probably good. Otherwise I would not recommend this trip if you want to see the Galapagos while unwinding.

Staff is wonderful

Excellent service! One hundred percent great quality guaranteed. Good attention from all staff

5 Stars with best diving ever

Overall I am now going to give 5 stars, I would have gave 3 but everything was sorted in the end by Dennis, his response time I found to be very good.The actual trip represented good value for money as I got an inclusive deal. The diving overall even with average visibility was out of this world. The guide Luis was good, the food was very nice and the crew made a lot of effort. ACTUAL DIVING : I can only say that Wolf and Darwin Island is the best diving I have ever experienced in the World for "Big Stuff" ..massive schools of Hammerhead Sharks, Galapados Sharks, more Turtles than you can shake a stick at :-) Playful Sea lions with unreserved energy and beautiful eyes dancing through the water. The best underwater experience with 8 or 9 Dolphins, we could hear them before they torpedoed through the water... and more and more life everywhere. Then the ultimate underwater arrival that literally landed on us at 30 m @ Darwin island was a giant female Whale shark ..the biggest fish in the sea... she gracefully said her hello and was gone within less than a minute, aqua gliding away with no chance of keeping up in the current and depth. Words cannot describe this week of diving and the connection to this raw beauty in this volcanic wonderland. This was worth all the $ and effort to get here. Put it on your bucket list and if you don’t dive, perhaps consider learning but make sure you get your experience up or maybe the Wolf might swallow you whole. I can say hand on heart, I will have to return some day.. it was that good

Felt like a private yacht for ourselves

My wife and I have just returned from a trip on the Nemo I. We traveled to the islands comprising their "northern" route. The Nemo I is a small catamaran, probably one of the smallest boats in the Galapagos fleet. It carries 16 passengers, but we only had 10. I can't begin to tell you how many times each of us on the trip said how glad we were that we were on a small boat and not on one of the big passenger ships. I want to give special recognition to our naturalist guide, Fabricio Carbo. Fabricio has been guiding in the islands for 28 years. He speaks excellent English. His knowledge of the islands is remarkable, as is his vast knowledge of things in general. One of the very special things that Fabricio did was to ensure that we were not in contact with other groups. On several days, we saw no other groups at all, and on days when we did, two or three groups would be making a landing as we would be completing our hike. Avoiding other groups sometimes meant getting up very early in the morning, but we were glad to do so.

5 Stars with best diving ever

Overall I am now going to give 5 stars, I would have gave 3 but everything was sorted in the end by Dennis, his response time I found to be very good.The actual trip represented good value for money as I got an inclusive deal. The diving overall even with average visibility was out of this world. The guide Luis was good, the food was very nice and the crew made a lot of effort. ACTUAL DIVING : I can only say that Wolf and Darwin Island is the best diving I have ever experienced in the World for "Big Stuff" ..massive schools of Hammerhead Sharks, Galapados Sharks, more Turtles than you can shake a stick at :-) Playful Sea lions with unreserved energy and beautiful eyes dancing through the water. The best underwater experience with 8 or 9 Dolphins, we could hear them before they torpedoed through the water... and more and more life everywhere. Then the ultimate underwater arrival that literally landed on us at 30 m @ Darwin island was a giant female Whale shark ..the biggest fish in the sea... she gracefully said her hello and was gone within less than a minute, aqua gliding away with no chance of keeping up in the current and depth. Words cannot describe this week of diving and the connection to this raw beauty in this volcanic wonderland. This was worth all the $ and effort to get here. Put it on your bucket list and if you don’t dive, perhaps consider learning but make sure you get your experience up or maybe the Wolf might swallow you whole. I can say hand on heart, I will have to return some day.. it was that good

Great itinerary, not so great boat

The itinerary on board the Merak was fantastic. Don't expect much comfort, however! The Merak is a small sailing boat and not originally though for as many people as are fitted onto this boat nowadays, I'm sure. Space and Comfort are scarse but for us that was no problem for a couple of days. I wouldn't recommend this boat for elderly travellers, however for young folks it's a great deal!

Santa Cruz II made our trip special

Visiting the Galápagos Islands was one of those significant and pivotal lifetime events for me and the staff, crew and naturalists of the Santa Cruz II made it all the more special. They went out of their way to ensure everybody got the most out of every aspect of the cruise and this very special part of the world. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/XEau6E

The trip was excellent and very relaxing

Did 8 day route A with my wife in January 2017. Loved the trip. Naturalist, Hernan, was great. Funny guy and very knowledgeable. All the staff/crew on the board were very nice and accommodating, especially Sebastian and Luis. They always had a smile on their face and happy to help you. The itinerary was a bit repetitive but I was already expecting this for the Galapagos. The company doesn't choose your itinerary - the national park does. It is a very protected park and you'll pretty much have the same itinerary with any cruise company in the Galapagos. It is mostly snorkelling and short walks around islands to view wildlife. You're not going to be doing any extreme activities and there is nothing strenuous about the walks or snorkeling. My wife doesn't know how to swim and was able to snorkel every day without a lifejacket during the trip. The wetsuits help you float and wtih the mask on, you don't really need to know how to swim. Doggy paddling can get you around. They will also be keeping a close eye on you from the two panga's and come help you if anything were to come up. We saw a ton of tropical fish, rays, starfish, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, sea turtles, sea lions, and a Galapagos penguin while we were snorkeling. Food was great. Always plentiful and a good variety. Nothing fancy but it was good. There were a couple nights where we had barbeques on the sun deck, and there was steak and shrimp. There was always snacks after returning from excursions. Coffee, different varieties of tea, and water was always available 24/7. Hot tub on the sun deck wasn't available 24/7 but was decent for the most part. The water doesn't really get hot enough but this was acceptable given the heat of the sun anyways. The rooms were cleaned and tidied up like several times/day. We had a balcony suite but didn't really end up using it much because we were outdoors so much already - and the sun deck is nice. Shower pressure was alright and there seemed to be enough hot water most of the time. At night, you can see a ton of stars so make sure to go on the sun deck at least one night. Our fellow travel shipmates were all great and that's also a very important factor of what will make the trip memorable. Of course this is just luck of the draw but we happened to be lucky. Overall, the trip was excellent and very relaxing. My wife & I are relatively active people and usually dont like cruises. We usually go backpacking and plan out our own itineraries but you can't really do that in the Galapagos. In my opinion, this cruise was a perfect combination of light activities, sightseeing/photography and relaxation. There's not going to be any adrenaline situations here but we still enjoyed it. Feel free to message me if you have any questions! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/12ciUJ

Great fun for everyone

We had a great time and many friends and relatives LOVE the pics we took on our trip! Thanks for organizing the fabulous trip for us - we look back fondly on the wonderful memories!

Great crew & Naturalist. Highly recommend

Wonderful trip. Snorkeling and hikes with abundant turtles, birds, etc. Very professional crew and naturalist. Excellent food. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/xUYgkX

every aspect of the trip was amazing

Amazing sights and the crew, ship and every aspect of the trip was amazing! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Laa8aX

Amazing trip of a life time

Amazing trip of a life time, truely affordable , awesome crew, amazing food and unbelievable sights and enjoy the finest accommodations.!! Truly a 5 star vacation.!! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/P4YtAm

Trip Report - 8 Days on the Majestic

We just returned home from an 8-day trip to the Galapagos on the Majestic. We started planning and booking in January because I'm impatient and I love to plan vacations. Also, once I decided on the Majestic, I wanted to be sure to reserve the cabin I wanted. And planning so far in advance allowed us to find airline seats that were upgradeable using miles and points -- not so easy to do these days. I didn't realize there was such a thing as a land-based trip to the Galapagos. All I was familiar with were cruises. So I looked for the type of cruise I wanted: 8 days at sea, small boat, newish boat. There are so many different boats that all seemed similar after reading for a while, and there are positive reviews here about most of them. I didn't find any one outstanding boat in the Trip Advisor forums. The Majestic had giant windows in some of its cabins, and that's ultimately what persuaded me to choose it. And, quite luckily, there was a promotional discount rate on some of its November sailings. Perfect! The morning of departure for the islands we were driven to the airport (insanely long drive, as everyone here can confirm) and immediately met by a representative of the Majestic who took us straight to the front of the line. She already had our boarding passes in hand. Couldn't have been easier. Pleasant flights to San Cristobal. Same plane, but you touch down in Guayaquil for some more passengers, then continue on to the islands. In San Cristobal, our guide/naturalist from the Majestic met all 16 passengers, put us on a bus, and drove us to the pier where zodiac boats took us to the ship. The Majestic experience was fantastic. I've never spent such a long time on potentially rough water, so I brought some scopolamine patches with me just in case. Despite lots of rocking and swaying, I never needed any medication. Our cabin (#9) was very large. King sized bed. Room to keep both our suitcases open on the floor. Nice large shower with a giant window for watching the scenery go by while showering. The large windows were just as nice as seen in the pictures online. The boat has plenty of room to mix with the other passengers, or to be alone. The food was really tasty, with many options at each meal. The quantity was large. 3 large meals daily, including desserts. And each time we'd return from an excursion, there were tropical juices and baked goods waiting for us. The staff were fantastic, from the men who drove the zodiacs, to Ivan who was in charge of the service staff, to the chefs who magically produced these meals from someplace below deck. Our naturalist, Fatima, was excellent. She knew everything about everything. She made sure to include everyone when she was talking. Her nightly presentations advised us on what to look out for the next day, and broke down what we'd be doing, where we'd be going, what we'd need to bring for the day. We did the Majestic's Itinerary B which included some of the western islands not always visited by cruises. Our small boat allowed us to anchor fairly close to each island, requiring short zodiac rides to shore. I enjoyed every island, though North Seymour stands out for being so barren of plants, yet so teeming with animal life. I loved the pace of getting out early for a hike or snorkeling, then returning to the ship for lunch, then resting before going out again in the afternoon. The hiking and snorkeling are not very strenuous, but it's still nice to have break times for reading or napping. Some of our passengers skipped staying in Quito before the cruise, starting instead in Guayaquil. I'm glad we had our time in Quito. The Old Town was charming and pretty, and surely worth seeing. Our last night was spent in Guayaquil. Can't say much based on only 5 hours, but it seemed much noisier and faster-paced than Quito. Seeing things I've never seen before is what makes a trip so memorable. Our trip to the Galapagos was filled with one new experience after another. If I ever return I'd consider spending some time on land, if only to experience something not found on a boat tour, but I really did love being on a boat for so long!

Amazing Galapagos Adventure

This was our first experience with small ship sailing--30 passengers, 4 Naturalists, crew/kitchen staff and a physician! The cabins were comfortable--with AC and heat (not needed)--and it seemed that the cabin staff kept refreshing our room (with clean dry towels, esp.) every time we stepped out of the cabin! Most of the snorkelers enjoyed the hot tub after the afternoon dives, and the upper deck had a small fitness room, comfortable tables, chairs and lounges. Dining was buffet style for every meal--with a salad and fruit station for lunch and dinner, fruit and cereal/yogurt stations at breakfast--but other selections included eggs, breakfast meats, sometimes french toast/pancakes at breakfast; always a fish, pork/chicken and beef choice at lunch and dinner, lots of vegetables, and various versions of rice and potatoes. And of course, a dessert table, which offered fruit and other temptations! Food was simple, plentiful and delicious. My favorites were the Ecuadorian choices, the lunches with 3 types of ceviche, and the dinners on the top (patio/lounge) deck where we could watch the sunsets. The dining staff also provided juice and snacks each afternoon, after the activity--a welcome treat after snorkeling or kayaking! There was a full bar lounge in the lower deck, as well as a small shop (t-shirts and small souvenirs). There was never a dull moment--each destination/island was unique and beautiful. The Naturalists were knowledgeable, personable, and with us 24/7 (it seemed) to answer every question, and provide insights into the culture, history and ecological challenges of the islands. They were enthusiastic, passionate, experienced and attentive. Each day provided 3-4 activities: a 1-3 mile hike on a new island to note animals, geology or historical sites, deep water snorkeling (and a couple of days of beach snorkeling), glass bottom boat tours, sea kayaking in sheltered bays (but still challenging!), and zodiac/panga cruising along the coasts of the islands into coves and caves too small for the Isabella. We had two "lectures" by our published naturalists--one on the fish of the Galapagos, and the other on Darwin--They were interesting, informative and educational--beyond the reading/video list that was offered prior to the expedition. While we did not travel with children, one family travelled with three boys, ages 10, 12, and 14. The staff were especially attentive and ensured the safety of the children--who were great swimmers and did everything with the adults. As an observation, I would not recommend this trip for younger children, as the activities were rigorous. The trip description was accurate--one should be in good physical condition to embark on the activities, though we found the hikes usually less difficult than described. We have been pleased with the quality of the merchandise and found the packing lists helpful (though I tend to OVERPACK for every trip, I am amazed at those who can bring all their essentials in a backpack!) The ship did provide wet suits and snorkel equipment, if needed.

Everything was superior

We cannot recommend this cruise highly enough. Everything was superior. A real once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Feedback from. https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Galapatours is great!

Galapatours.com was a great helper to find the right cruise for our needs. We had a wonderful time. I cannot think of a thing to change. Everything was fantastic -- naturalist Carlos, tours, crew, food, other guests, etc. They had a nice celebration for Tony's birthday too. The only sort of mishap was our ceiling leaking onto the bed one night, but the crew worked hard to get that fixed. That boat gets a lot of work I'm sure. Your service was great. Thank you again for arranging a perfect trip and for changing our pick up point when we came a day earlier. We very much appreciated the nights in the Swissotel as well. It was a really lovely place to stay while we saw Quito, and everyone at that hotel was extremely nice. Best, Laura

Everything excellent

The company can be proud of the crew and the guide. Everything excellent Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Perfect Trip

I just wanted to write and thank you for all your help in setting up our trip to Ecuador which was absolutely perfect. It was flawless! Our cruise....all I can say is WOW! The crew was wonderful, the food delightful, our fellow passengers were a delight and our guide, Vanessa, was absolutely fantastic. She couldn't have been more enthusiastic and knowledgable. Her love for her home islands was evident. It was also fun because she liked to be spontaneous which we all loved as we raced off in the pangas to chase orcas or to catch up with dolphins to swim with them. Martha and Greg

We had the most amazing trip on Yacht La Pinta in February 2017

We had the most amazing trip on Yacht La Pinta in February 2017. To say it was spectacular was an understatement, Galapagos was everything we expected and Yacht La Pinta was absolutely the perfect way to experience it. When we arrived on board the expedition leader told us this was not a cruise but an "expedition" and he was right! To our great pleasure the activities were endless - we kept busy from our 7am wakeup call right through to our 7pm de-briefing every night. We were in the water snorkelling nearly every day, sometimes twice a day! We snorkelled with a wide range of animals, from turtles and sealions to penguins, flightless cormorants, sea iguanas and even hammerhead sharks. The yacht is small, only 24 cabins which is a nice number to get to know your fellow travellers. The food was superb, set menu with options some nights and delicious buffet on other nights. The guides were excellent, friendly passionate and knowledgeable. We booked two consecutive cruises together, 4 day Northern followed directly by the 6 day Western itinerary. A special thanks to Grace for looking after us so well in the transition between cruises. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Yacht La Pinta and crew for a memorable experience of Galapagos Feedback from: https://goo.gl/dLnpuf

An unforgettable holiday

Thank your for an unforgettable holiday! Our stay on board the Tip Top iV counts as one of the nicest - maybe THE best holiday - we have ever taken. The crew was wonderful, the food delicious and our guide Marian was fantastic. Just a great mixture between active and relax, above and inside the water! We highly recommend Galapatours to every friend who considers going to Galapagos.

Trip of a lifetime

Excellent. This was the trip of a lifetime! The crew on the Anahi (Octavio, Adid, William, Tony, Daniel, Coco the chef, and our guide Roberto) were phenomenal and super attentive. This entire trip far surpassed our expectations. From snorkeling with sharks, sea turtles, sea lions and penguins to exploring white, black and red sand beaches and hiking volcanoes and across lava fields, we learned so much about the islands and saw how Darwin's theory of evolution manifests itself. So amazing and we are so grateful to have been able to take this trip! Source: http://www.yachtanahi.com/testimonials.html#2017

Thank you for this great trip, Galapatours!

The trip was fantastic! The boat was beautiful and the guides really knowledgeable. Excellent food and service!

CruiseCritic Review

Santa Cruz II is a replacement for the much-loved Santa Cruz, which plied the waters of the Galapagos for 36 years. It is not a new ship; it was built in 2002 and sailed as Mare Australis under the Australis cruise brand, operating expedition cruises around Cape Horn and to Antarctica. Metropolitan Touring bought the ship in 2015 and completely refurbished it, launching it as Santa Cruz II in October 2015. The five-deck ship looks and feels brand new, from the public areas to the cabins and bathrooms, all of which have been given a stylish, contemporary design by experienced ship designer Richard Nilsson. Santa Cruz II is an expedition ship, not a "cruise" ship in the traditional sense, so do not expect a cruise director, a show every night or a casino. The emphasis is on what you see and experience off the ship. Having said that, you certainly won't be roughing it; the ship offers very high comfort levels, superb food, outstanding guides and excellent facilities. One of the real stand-out aspects is the service, which is unfailingly polite and friendly. It might be a cliche, but the atmosphere is like that of an extended family that welcomes you in. It's not surprising: Most of the crew have been with the company for 10 to 20 (and in one or two cases, 30-plus) years, and all served onboard Santa Cruz. The ship's eco-credentials are second to none. Metropolitan Touring pioneered recycling both on land and at sea, with a program set up in 1979. The environmental message is emphasized at every briefing, there are different bins for recycling in all the public areas, water is all recycled and you are encouraged to reduce and reuse as much as possible.

Very good service onboard!

Everything has been good. Like in every group, there are some people that are more affected than others by the sea movement or the sun, but everything was excellent. The vessel is so pretty, the crew is so helpful, and the guide is so good. The food was so good, and everything, in general, was excellent. Very good service onboard! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Fantastic trip

Loved seeing all the schools of hammerheads and other sharks. The diving was out of this world, best dive trip of our lives. Currents are strong. We were relative beginners at only 25 dives but in decent shape; and this was definitely very challenging for us. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/YTJuEB

The cruise exceeds my expectations.

The cruise exceeds my expectations. I had a high expectation, and the cruise exceeds it for far. The thing I like the most is how much attention the staff and everybody has for every detail to satisfy all the guests. Mr. Leo (the guide) is a teacher for me not only for his knowledge of the Galapagos but also for being a teacher for me on the snorkeling. I haven´t done before, and thanks to him I did it. Thank you! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw


Thank you very much for the effort with the vegan food. Wonderful tower sculptures. We really enjoy the kayaking Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Time of our lives

The Galapagos cruise was absolutely incredible. The crew was spectacular, the boat clean and the food excellent. James, the naturalist was personable and extremely knowledgeable. He was very patient as we had several older people on the trip. I would definitely give this cruise a 5 star rating. We had the time of our lives. The staff that moved us from the hotel to the airport was excellent. I found your group easy to work with and helpful in making the arrangements also. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/vtrzqR

Can't ask for more!

The crew was very polite, friendly and helpful. Maria was very knowledgeable and made the tours interesting and engaging. We had a wonderful time!!!

It was a fabulous trip.

It was a fabulous trip. The crew anticipated all the time what we need. The guide is superb, the food was delicious. The Galapagos speaks by itself, but the cruise really enhances it. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

An absolutely fabulous trip, great planning!

My group of 4 had a wonderful time on South America! Your itinerary was jam-packed with a variety of locations and activities. Some days were more 'athletic' than expected, but we managed to do everything. All the guides were good, the Galaven yacht was good, every hotel was a unique, small, boutique style property in ideal locations, with very nice staff. Overall, it was a fabulous trip, thanks to your planning.

Galaxy II cruise was an incredible experience

Galaxy II (also,called Eco Galaxy) is a new boat and we were on it for 7 days in February. This is a review of the boat and some helpful tips. I won't review the islands and wildlife as it has been covered well in other reviews (magical and wondrous sums it up). We did the western islands (itinerary D). We booked through Galapagos Natural Life and price included airfare from Quito or Guayaquil. Very happy with the agency. We spent two night in Guayaquil before flying to Baltra. Not one of our favorite cities. Tip #1- get to the airport early. It took us1-3/4 hours to go through the three lines, Transit Control, Agriculture Inspection, and airline check-in. These three lines are all side by side. First is Transit Control. We were told we could save time by registering on-line ahead of time and we did this and printed out bar codes to present, but they just threw these away and typed in the info. Not sure if the computers were down. Maybe it sometimes works. We were in line for this for 45 minutes. When we reached the front of the line two guys asked if they could jump ahead of us as their flight was boarding. We agreed and then saw them in the cafe an hour later. (Not sure what the moral is here. Don't be nice? Ask to see boarding pass?). Anyway, this is where you pay the $10 fee. Then you get in the Agricultural line and have bags x-rayed. Although we didn't figure it put until it was too late, one person can get in the agriculture line while the other takes the passports and money and goes through Transit Control. This speeds things up. After Agriculture you can check in for the flight. We flew from Guayaquil, but the plane originated in Quito and everyone from our boat was on the same flight. We were met at the airport by our guide, Raphael. Tip #2- From the airport you have a 10-minute bus ride, short ferry ride, 45-minute bus ride, and panga rode before you get to the boat. While in the airport, run to the bathroom and grab a bottle of water. The boat is beautiful. There are 4 cabins on the main level and 4 on the upper level. Main floor cabin advantages might be less motion, not having to walk up stairs when it is rocky. Disadvantages may be more noise when anchor goes up and down and the kitchen staff below deck starts banging things early. Our cabin was huge. King bed, more dresser and closet space than you can possibly use, 20-foot wall of windows, big bathroom. There was plenty of hot water and a big shower. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, and hair dryer provided. The bed is very comfortable. Good reading lights. All cabin lights can be controlled by switches near the bed. AC works great and is on a remote. Big mirror in the cabin. Cabins were cleaned 2-3 times daily. We were very comfortable in the cabin, so my negatives are pretty minor. I wish there were more places to hang wet towels, bathing suits, swim t-shirts, etc. There is one hook in the bathroom and one small towel bar. The closet doors have cut-outs of leaves and everyone was using these to stuff things in to dry and using hangers in the cut-outs. This will eventually damage the doors, but there were no other options. The drawers are poorly designed with no knobs or lips and hard to open. There are no rims on the bureau and night stand and during a particularly rocky night all of our stuff from the top was thrown to the floor and rolled under the bed. There is a large living room/dining room area with two tables that seat 8, two couches, and a bar with 4 bar stools. There is a large-screen tv which I think could be for watching DVDs but no one tried it. There is a cabinet with board games and we did play cribbage and backgammon. A shelf with some good books, mostly about the Galapagos. Tip #3- There was not a lot of drinking done as no one stayed up very late, but the bar was used. Check the price list. We did not. Beer is $3.50. Wine and drinks are $10. We did drink wine and should have been buying it by the bottle and not the glass but did not know that was an option. Our mistake as the drink menu was on the bar and we never looked. They ran out of beer on Wednesday (which was a little odd as no one had been drinking much). Several people complained to the guide. He called the captain and they sent a panga to get beer from a nearby boat. The front of the first floor is a meeting room with two TVs that were used nightly for our discussion of the next day trips, what to wear/bring, etc. Some of the crew played video,games and watched movies here in the afternoon. Tip #4- if you go out the door in the meeting room to the front of the boat on the main floor there is a stairway to the bridge. This is a great place to sit on the steps, watch the scenery, and get a little alone time. The top deck has a lounge area with astroturf-like grass, lounge chairs and benches with tables. There is a canopy over the center if you want to avoid the sun. Great place to go after dinner to see the stars and to watch birds diving during the day. Bars on the back of chairs are good for drying clothes and we just put things on the 'grass' and they dried quickly. If I were going to be nit-picky, i would have to say that this area is somewhat poorly designed. The lounge chairs are not adjustable and work for lounging but are not comfortable for napping or reading. The bench seats are not particularly comfortable and the tables don't have rims so you need to make sure your drinks don't slide off. One of the first days when we were all in the dining room at lunch the cushions from the top deck blew off and had to be pulled from the water. If one of the crew had not happened to see that, we would have had very uncomfortable benches for the rest of the week. There is coffee, tea,and water available 24/7. We were given Galaxy II water bottles on board, but they were leaky. One of our passengers liked iced coffee and taught Eduardo, the bartender, how she liked it and he delivered it to her daily. Tip #5- Use the Galaxy water bottle for water in the bathroom for brushing teeth and bring your own water bottle. I had one with a loop on the cap that clipped to my pants so I could have my hands free for camera/balance on the islands. The food is good. Breakfast and lunch are buffet, dinner is served. There are always plenty of options. Heavy on the fruits and vegetables. Breakfast always has some type of egg and another option (pancakes, etc.), bacon or sausage, cheeses, cereal, yogurt, toast. Lunch is their biggest meal of the day, also with two main dishes and plenty of sides. Lunch and dinner always include soup and dessert. After the first night we were given a menu at lunch to choose our evening meal with three options, always a chicken, beef or fish plus a vegetarian option. The beef was never very good. Fish and chicken were always good. On Friday they served Ecuadoran specialties and the chef showed us how he made ceviche with fish, squid, and shrimp and that was our first course. The first two meals are unlimited buffet, dinner is served. A teenaged boy and some of the men on board felt like dinner wasn't big enough (especially the night everyone got one chicken leg), but it was fine for us. The crew were great. Helpful, friendly, attentive. Could not have been better. Our guide, Raphael, was good. He told us the guides are mostly freelancers and skip around a lot. The snorkeling was at least once a day and often twice a day, both off the beach and off the back of the boat. The gear did not look new and some people had problems with masks leaking, but I think by the end everyone got fitted correctly. We brought our own masks and snorkels. They had wetsuits to rent, but no one used them. Our first two snorkel spots the water was quite cool bit all the other stops it was fine. (On the other hand, those of us snorkeling were from the Northeast US and Switzerland, so maybe we are more tolerant of cold water.... ). The snorkeling is great- we snorkeled with sea lions, turtles, and penguins. Bring a lot of sunscreen. One of our fellow passengers was very burned in Quito before he arrived. I found my lips very dry and tingly and had SPF lip balm and applied often. A decent pair of sneakers is fine for the walks and dry landings. There is a lot of walking on lava on the Western Islands. There are walking sticks on board to borrow but no one did. They were all one size and quite tall. A couple of people had folding walking sticks which were great for two of the walks. The important thing is to just watch your footing and stop when you want to look around. Don't walk and gaze at the same time. We had 1-2 activities on the morning, back on boat 11:30-2:30 while we sailed to a new location (and avoided mid-day sun) and 1-2 activities after lunch. It was a great schedule as we were busy but also had time to rest. Tip #6- There are two shower hoses on the back of the boat. If you swim/snorkel in the morning and are going again in the afternoon just use the outdoor shower to get the salt off and save the real shower for night. After the first day you realize the whole trip is a bad hair day and don't care. You really don't need to bring many clothes. I saved one 'clean' sundress and wore it every night after I showered. I try to avoid sun and had a pair of trekker pants from LLBean with multiple pockets and clip for water bottle and wore these daily with a quick-dry t-shirt and an SPF lightweight long sleeved shirt. Cotton T-shirts never really get dry. I wore a Lands End SPF swim T-shirt over my bathing suit and liked that. You need something on your feet on the ship as the decks and 'grass' on top deck get really hot. They provide those hotel slippers but no one really wore them. Flip flops or light sandals are great. Hats are a must. Wide brim. Mine had a flap in the back to cover my neck (yeah, with the long pants, long-sleeved shirt, and hat with flap I looked crazy bit came home with no sunburn after a week on the equator!) Tip #7- If you are going to buy a hat for the trip, Galaxy sells them on board (navy or beige, with or without flap), so you could get it on board and have a souvenir hat. The people aboard our ship were a varied bunch, 4 from England, 3 from Switzerland, a family with two teens from New York, 1 from Massachusetts, and us (Maine). A very well- traveled group with very interesting stories of past adventures. We all got along very well and we will stay in touch with some of them. I saved the negative for last. There are some safety issues with the boat. It has only been operating for 3 trips and hopefully some of these were left unfinished and will be completed soon. We have not been on other similar trips, so it could be that the safety standards are not as strict as we might expect in the US. One couple aboard was quite vocal about the issues and I am sure the owners will be aware of the problems soon. There is no hand rail to the second deck. The stairway is steep, curving, and often wet. After complaints the crew did hang a rope to grab onto, but it was difficult to go up and down. Also, if you happened to fall down the steps at night you could roll right off the boat as there was no gate or webbing on the two stairways down to the platforms on the back of the boat. There is no ladder off the back platforms (or even a ladder that can be lowered), so after swimming or snorkeling off the back of the boat it is very difficult to get back up to the deck. All in all, we loved this boat and had an amazing vacation. Very highly recommended. We have been back a few days now and it just seems like a dream.

7 night cruise

Just finished a 7 night cruise on the Nemo 3. Beautiful boat. The crew is amazing. From Raoul the barman. But so much more than just a barman . Daniel and Diego 1st and 2nd mate safely shutting us to all the islands. Wet and dry landings. Carlos the captain. Juan the chef ( excellent food ) our engineer kept the boat running smoothly. Our naturalist / guide was Byron so good. Kept us informed on everything very knowledgeable about everything. Everything was great except cabin 6 we were told it was the best even though we wanted another cabin. We went with what was told to us by the owners. What a let down. The cabin was so noisy we couldn't sleep. The generator ran 24 hrs a day. And your head vibrated on the too hard pillows. We were lucky and we're moved after 4 horrible nights.cabin 3 was so much better. Quiet and so much better. We could sleep soundly. Our thanks to the crew. Great boat but cabin 6 is horrible. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/xUYgkX

Amazing experience

We enjoyed an amazing 8 day cruise ( western route ) in this well equipped catamaran. We were surprised at the space in our cabin which afforded a very comfortable stay. With a maximum of only 16 passengers this was an ideal size. We were well looked after throughout. The crew were attentive and friendly. The food was plentiful and good. Our National Park Guide was knowledgeable and a great communicator. Her knowledge meant that we saw everything we could have hoped for. Amazing experience. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/aCnfNo

Great experience

I have met very nice people during the cruise and am now the biggest Galapagos fan! I can definitely recommend to go on board with Floreana, because they are very caring, friendly and helpful. My personal highlights were the snorkeling trips. The food on Floreana was the best food I have eaten in Latin America!

Unforgetable trip!

The crew and guide were all very accomodating, making this trip unforgetable! Some of the walks were a little long in the heat / sun, but overall we were very very pleased Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Summary of our trip with the Millennium

We chose Millennium because we wanted a western itinerary for no more than five nights, and we also wanted a double bed and not two twins. We also aren't the 'super luxury' type of traveler. We got one of the two master suite cabins on Millennium (it also has six twin bedded cabins). The master suite was very spacious with a lot of windows, and a balcony. The suite has some nice touches, but this was obviously an older boat that could have been substantially improved with some minor changes - including a shower curtain that completely encloses the shower, pillows without mildew, and a bed cover without brown stains. One thing I can confirm is that the large jetted tubs shown in pictures available online in the master suites do not exist anymore; the bathrooms in the suites have been reconfigured so that there is now only a shower stall. It may also be helpful to travelers to know that shampoo and conditioner are not supplied - nor are hair dryers. Large bars of soap are supplied however - one by the sink and one in the shower. There were plenty of electrical outlets in our suite, too, so it was easy to recharge our numerous devices. As with most smaller boats, on Millennium you should not flush toilet paper down the toilet, but instead place it in a little trash can next to the toilet. Our guide told us this and I had experienced it before on other boats, but there were no signs over the toilets to remind one and I had to be very careful to remember this each time. The boat has two engines but one was down during our trip, which to me was more evidence of an owner who is not putting enough attention in to maintaining the boat. There is also some slightly sloppy record keeping by the Millennium office. They had us down for the incorrect departing flight, and they also had that snorkel equipment was not included in our pre paid package. (After I showed them my voucher which clearly stated that snorkel equipment was included in the price we had paid, they let the issue drop. Bring your payment vouchers and other travel details!) The sixteen passengers ate in the dining room on four tables that seat four each, and we quickly settled on 'permanent' tables and dining partners for the trip. Regarding alcohol, the crewman who served the food also doubled as a bartender. The alcohol was kept locked up - no honor system here. The only 'included' beverages were coffee, tea, and water; mixed drinks were $8-10, beer was $3 for Club and ~$6-7 for Corona, and wine was by the bottle only with prices >$30 per bottle. I bought fruit juices for $3 and used mini bottles of rum that I had brought with me. Because the bartender had double duty preparing the dining room, he wasn't around very much - I think they would have sold more drinks if he had been available more. Finally our naturalist guide was very knowledgeable but was overly talkative - he would repeat himself quite often, and interrupt himself during one point in order to expostulate for a long time on another. He obviously lost people's interest quite a few times including when he was introducing the crew members, which was unfortunate. I often found myself struggling to keep track of what he was currently talking about and to understand what point he had just made. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the suite and our time on the boat and in the Islands. The crew of nine, and our guide, were very friendly and the food was good. After we arrived at the boat the first day and brought our luggage to our cabins, we had a very late lunch on board. After lunch we took the pangas back to Puerto Ayora, and re-boarded the same bus which then took us to the highlands in the western part of the island so that we could see the tortoises in their natural habitat. We rode back to Puerto Ayora, had some time to browse around the town, returned to the boat, had dinner, and then weighed anchor for Isabela. Our second day was spent with the boat anchored off Puerto Villamil. We took pangas to the dock, and had to pay $5 per person when we arrived at the dock. We visited a tortoise breeding center, saw flamingos at a brackish pond nearby, then returned to the town and had some down time on the lovely beach (I thought the town was very nice and wouldn't mind returning some day!) We left civilization that evening and motored around the southern tip of Isabela to an anchorage at Punta Moreno, where we spent our third day. Our fourth day was spent around Bolivar Channel, and included our only shore landing on Fernandina at Punta Espinosa. As we were preparing for our shore excursion, we were boarded by Parque rangers. Our naturalist guide said that they were checking the guide's credentials, as well as that of the crew. The rangers didn't interact with us at all nor did their presence affect our itinerary. I was glad to see evidence of enforcement of Parque rules, particularly on the uninhabited part of the islands. In the late afternoon that day we motored around the north side of Isabela, passing the equator en route. We gathered on the bridge as we approached the equator and watched the GPS latitude readout as it counted down towards 0. When it reached 0, the captain set off an alarm and stopped the boat as we all shared a toast and took pictures from the deck with an equator sign on Isabela in the background. We woke up on our fifth day anchored off the north side of Santiago, and had a shore landing and snorkel trip there, then motored to Sombrero Chino for a shore landing and snorkel trip there. On our sixth and very short last day, we took an early morning panga ride through the mangroves at Black Turtle Cove on the northern part of Santa Cruz. The cabin steward had left two envelopes in our room, one for crew tips and one for guide tips, as well as a survey for each of us to fill out. There were placards in the room suggesting a tip of $15 per person per day for the crew (which they would then split). Some of our fellow passengers had received guidance from their agents that the guide should receive an amount equivalent to about half of what is given to the crew in aggregate, i.e. ~$8 per person per day, which is what we did. Our guide asked us to hand him his envelope directly rather than to put it in the "TIPS" box in the dining room, where we left the crew tip envelope. The bartender/dining room attendant showed us our tab that morning and asked us to settle up in cash then too. We returned to the boat for breakfast, then six of us packed up and took pangas to the dock at Baltra and then the bus from the dock to the airport. Going back to the mainland our TAME flight left 15 minutes early (and no departure fee, contrary to what some of our fellow travelers on our boat had been told).

Greetings to our guide Alex!

We just got back from an 8 day cruise on the Golondrina. (January 3-10, 2017) It was really good! The cabins are very small, but adequate. The galley had plenty of room and the food was good. The crew was polite and efficient. There were books about the Galapagos on board, which helped with the history, animals and geography. The boat navigates to the different islands mostly at night and the noise of the engines can be bothersome - bring ear plugs. Also, we got the behind-the-ear seasick patches, just in case. We were perfectly fine. Two people in our group got sea sick, but they did not have any anti-sickness prevention medication. Bring sunscreen for the day treks as well as lounging on the boat. Bring hiking boots, as some treks are over very rough terrain. Also bring a hat, sunglasses and insect repellant. Bring your bathing suit for the almost daily snorkeling (equipment available for rent at a very reasonable cost). Do not forget your camera and an extra SD card!! We met some people who paid $1000 more on a different boat and I can't honestly think of anything that could have been added to our existing trip that would make me want to pay that much more. Our guide (Alex) was absolutely awesome, but he is a freelancer and not always on the same boat.

Fantastic trip!

Fantastic Trip, amazingly wonderful. The staff was so attentive, always help, help, help. The food was outstanding. The cook did a great job. The boat is clean and so good. The guide is terrific, she taught us so much. I´m a teacher and I really appreciate her attention and information. I already took her a picture to show her to my students. I´m leaving so happy and with many of information. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Absolutely fabulous

Hello guys, I have to agree with all good comments I have read on Tripadvisor about the Nmo I: she i superb in every way (the crew members are fantastic, always trying to please you in everyway, food and service and of course a big smile on their faces). The boatis spotless, very comfortable yet small enough to feel you are in your own private yacht. And since it's a catamaran, the rocking is minimal. You'll hardly find any better destination to have adventurous and great dives, yes the water is cold (better take a 5mm, hood and gloves anytime of year), there are currents, some of them strong, but if you are a responsible diver you don't have to be afraid of anything, on the contrary, destinations like this will give you more self confidence afterwards. All in all, I cannot recommend Nemo I enough!

An absolute dream vacation

Thank you for the unforgettable experience during the cruise. I have learned and seen so many new things I never expected. This was a dream vacation. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us!

A great buget deal !!

My experience: The Nemo III is an excellent yacht for more adventurous travelers less concerned with space and amenities. I did quite a lot of reasearch and can guarantee you that you will be hard pressed to find a yacht that only carries 14 passengers these days. Also, I really liked that they really used their sales, something that other yachts don't we were told! If you want to experience sailing in the Galapagos this is probably your best bet. Apart from the mentioned lack of amenities and space, I was really really happy. The food was great, the crew welcoming and Pablo, our guide, was inredibly knowledgeable! I would highly recommend this boat to anyone!

Shame that guides are rotating

The Beagle is a good choice and I would certainly use it again. Our guide was good but they do move around from ship to ship on a weekly basis so its unlikely you would have the same one. Those doing the 2 week cruise had a change of guide midway. This was a shame because we really loved Eddie, our guide on the first week. The second Guide, Jonas, was also great but we would have loved for Eddie to stay on board! There is little difference in wildlife viewing times between ships as most walk the same set paths. With larger ships you may get some groups doing shorter trails. They were flexible enough to stop and launch the panga when we spotted a pod of dolphins - we were able to enter the water ahead of them and swim with them. Note that the Beagle does alternating iteneraries each week so check which islands you wil visit on the week you are going. The bed arrangements are one double with a single bunk above. Many people find the double rather narrow and hence end up using them as upper/lower bunks. They have one even smaller cabin that is offered as a single with no supplement. The food is good quality but no choice. Let them know in advance about dislikes and you will get special meals when required.

Lovely cruise

The Astrea is a very lovely cruise and almost perfect. I didn's really enjoy the cabins, but that is just a matter of taste, I guess. All in all, spectacular nature, informative guides and great food!

Lovely cruise

The Astrea is a very lovely cruise and almost perfect. I didn's really enjoy the cabins, but that is just a matter of taste, I guess. All in all, spectacular nature, informative guides and great food!

Wonderful time!

We had a wonderful time! More use of outside dining. Dining room is little noisy when the boat is navigating, but is ok. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Amazing Time on the Darwin

We had an amazing time. The boat and staff were great, guide was fantastic, and we were well catered for as vegetarians. We had a cabin at the top of the boat which was great. All in all, it was a good choice for us. Source: goo.gl/22LfaE

Great experience

I just went on the past two weeks on board the sea star journey and absolutely loved it. The service was welcoming as well as the staff. The activities, well planned, are different and amazing. The rooms were just as the pictures showed it, however I must say that the whole trip is an adventure. Being n this boat however does provide you peace and relaxation after a long day of hiking.

Unforgettable vacation of a lifetime

We are a couple who travelled around the Western islands of Galapagos on board the Reina Silvia in Nov 2016. This trip more than met our expectations and prompted us to write this review. We bought our cruise just 4 days before embarking on it, having researched that prices go down nearer the date of the cruise. We secured a 50% discount though I believe it's possible to get an even better rate shopping really last minute in Quito. As for the cruise itself, we were lucky to have a total of only 8 passengers on the Reina Silvia, a boat that usually accommodates 12. We were always well looked after - cold towels after our land trips, snacks and refreshments, free flow of soft drinks, tea and coffee, and beer! Our rooms were made up twice a day. Very impressive since there was only one person in charge of this: Ronald did a brilliant job, and also mixed the best cocktails. The rest of the crew were efficient and friendly. The chef must also be commended. One of us is pescaterian and there was always something suitable prepared. Great pains were clearly put into presentation, and the food was hearty and wholesome - I'm still not sure how they managed to whip up 3 course meals in that space. We stayed on the lower deck which was comfortable and spacious compared to other boats. The Reina Silvia is not the newest of boats, but it has been extremely well maintained and is very clean. It has a retro vibe with lots of wood trim and warm lighting. Staterooms on the upper deck come with windows ; while on the lower deck we got portholes which was more than sufficient. There is a small library of Galapagos-related books which we browsed in-between activities. The Reina Silvia also has a long bow which we found handy on the days we observed Orcas and Dolphins! The highlight was the activities. We felt that the Reina Silvia's Western itinerary was good because it included Fernandina, the only place we could observe marine iguanas and flightless cormorants in the water while snorkelling. We had 2 land tours and at least one snorkel every day. Walks were between one to three km long and snorkel sessions were an hour each, which was just nice. The activities were interspersed with a siesta to help recuperate between activities. For a relatively active couple, this was perfect. There was no time to be bored, although on one of the days, we had a longer siesta. We appreciated that as it gave us time to relax and reflect on what we had experienced so far. The wildlife was amazing. We were greeted by at least one different animal everyday. We snorkelled with penguins, sea lions, turtles, rays, fur seals, galapagos sharks, flightless cormorants, marine iguanas (as mentioned of the highlights of this itinerary was that it brought us to Fernandina where we could swim with marine iguanas. Not many itineraries offered this), reef fish, even a mola-mola, just to name a few. On our walks, we came across lots of sea lions, land iguanas, tortoises, blue footed boobies, frigates, finches, mockingbirds, and many more. We also saw a pod of orcas from our boat at Canal Bolivar near the northern tip of Isabella, on 2 consecutive days - it was one of the most awe-inspiring moments. The crew was also great at pointing out wild life from the boat, and would accommodate us by stopping or going to where the action is. We had common dolphins and bottle-nose dolphins come right next to the boat a couple of times. We had not fully appreciated how important the guide is despite reading similar comments on this forum before, so it was fortunate that we got Jan Post as our guide. Knowledgeable and patient, he answered our questions (even the most inane ones!) and kept us enthralled by his descriptions of the animals' behaviors. The Galapagos Islands attract people who are interested in wildlife and in the concept of evolution, and Jan shared lots of information in that respect. He also gave talks spanning geology, the Coriolis effect, and Darwin's life, all of which we appreciated. His easygoing demeanour and fascination with the animals (despite probably having repeated the same information hundreds of times before) helped stoke our own enthusiasm as well. Tips were suggested for the 7-man crew as $150-$180 and $60-$80 for the guide. This was far above the tipping range others have mentioned on this forum and definitely impacted our budget, but we followed the guideline believing that the crew deserved it. Overall the cost of our Galapagos holiday was high but at least the experience turned out to be commensurate with the price - we got what we paid for! Our cruise turned out to be a magical experience and probably the best vacation we have taken so far.

The trip was fantastic

I traveled through the Galapagos on the NEMO III in June of 2016. The trip was fantastic! The gourmet meals kept our energy up as we went snorkeling and hiking. Our naturalist guide, Peter, had to be the very best in the area and the crew especially Jime made us feel at home. It was hard to leave. The wildlife that we saw and swam with was out of this world. I am planning another trip with my family in the future and plan to travel on the Nemo III again. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/V4U4K1

Great voyage

Everything was perfect on the Santa Cruz II. They welcomed us at the airport in Guayaquil, welcomed us again in Baltra, helped us to the pangas (boats) which took us to the ship, and everything proceeded point perfectly from then on. Our cabin was spacious and comfortable, always clean (crew comes in three times a day!). The food was excellent with tremendous choice, including juice and a snack when we returned from a trip off the boat. We had many activities from hikes to snorkeling, kayaking, glass bottom boats, and more. The explanations were perfect, briefing us on the day's events ahead of time, and all of the options open to us. The guides were all well-informed and spoke in many languages to accommodate the diverse group. We also loved meeting all the other guests who were from around the world. I can't think of a thing that didn't go well. Everyone was friendly and helpful from beginning to end. I HIGHLY recommend Galapatours.

Unforgettable trip

Exceed it my expectations. The crew was very good and so attentive. Definitely, this cruise is a First Class boat. Everybody is very friendly and helpful, and they certainly make this trip unforgettable. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Everything has been excellent in this vessel.

The cruise has been perfect. The food has been so delicious. The excursions have been so pretty and clean. Everything has been excellent in this vessel. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

George is the best guide!

Just back from an 8 day cruise aboard the Cormorant. Had a fantastic time. The Galapagos islands are truly a once in a lifetime experience. George(otherwise known as Lonesome George) our naturalist was amazing and we can only speak highly off all the staff on board.

Very cheap, Quality OK

Me and my husband stayed on board the Merak in December and had a wonderful time. We particulalrly liked the food and the wonderful deserts! The cabins are really small and hot but we were okay with that.

Great cruise experience

We really enjoyed our trip on the Natural Paradise (late October 2016). Accommodations were excellent. Good sized room (cabin #2), very comfortable beds, huge bathroom by cruise ship standards. Not much drawer storage, but large closet for hanging clothes. Food was excellent. Dinner main dishes included filet mignon and lobster. All meals were fresh, tasty and presented well. Our naturalist, James Barreno, was outstanding— extremely knowledgable and personable. Snorkeling equipment was in great condition and there were no extra charges for its use. Cell service was pretty much always available, but data faded in and out depending on proximity to inhabited ports (no onboard wi-fi provided). Itinerary was better than advertised. We did not expect to visit the giant land tortoises in the Santa Cruz Highlands, for instance, but it was added to the itinerary and we got to see the amazing site of the giant tortoises roaming freely. Re ship's stability, there was some rocking and rolling at times, but no one got sea sick, even people who thought they might. A couple of the cabins in the back got an occasional whiff of fumes from the engine room, though. Our cabin had no issues in that regard. At the end, as a bonus, James offered to provide everyone with all kinds of take-home materials, including a movie about the Galapagos, if they had an SD memory card with some room to spare. Just a few important notes: 1) Bring 3 pairs of shoes, one of which you will keep onboard at all times. The others can't be used on the boat after they're dirtied on land. For shore walks, a pair that can get wet and will dry quickly, as well as a more rugged pair (hiking shoes or sturdy sneakers) are what you'll need. 2) In the Galapagos, no paper can be put in the toilet. A small waste can is provided for that purpose. 3) There is no pressure regarding tipping the crew. On the last day, you are given a couple of envelopes, one for the crew and one for the naturalist. A card with suggested tipping guidelines is provided. They recommended $22 per day to cover the crew (which they will split) and $10 per day for the naturalist. All-in-all, we enjoyed the itinerary, the good company of the other passengers, the amazing wildlife, the highly committed crew, and the ship itself. We would highly recommend the Natural Paradise for your Galapagos adventure.

Visiting the Galapagos on the Santa Cruz 2

We enjoyed a 5 night cruise on the Santa Cruz 2, and it surpassed our expectations. The crew was extremely friendly, our naturalist guide was highly knowledgeable and interesting, the food was delicious and our cabin was very comfortable. I enjoyed the sun deck as well as the gym on board. We had a variety of outdoor options- snorkeling kayaking, nature walks, biking, swimming, glass bottom boat. I found the itinerary to be fun and varied. I would highly recommend Galapatours, especially this ship, to others.

Great catamaran

Took a 12days cruise with Seaman Journey Catamaran in April 2016. Every island visit was beyond expectation. The crew is outstanding in delivering first class service. Food by the chefs is also very good. Always had biscuits and chocolates on the lounge coffee table. Our guide on board is call Leo, he was always on hand to help with anything. Always briefing us on what next, what to expect, what to wear, what we will get to see. Always in the water with us pointing us in the right direction. Only downside for me is during the night when we are not cruising and just sitting on the water, do not understand why they do not switch on the light at the stern at night. As we all know that the lights will attract many marine species.

No complaints at all. Highly recommended!!

I know, this information will not be useful for you anymore, but for everybody else who is thinking about the Encantada. We just came back from a 4n/5d cruise on the Encantada, and it was incredible. FANTASTIC. We weren't sure about this tourist class option, but it was the only one that fitted our schedule and it went to Genovesa, the island we were hoping to visit. Everybody told us, the guide and the food will be bad on a tourist class boat, but it really wasn't! The food was very good. Every single day, something different, something tasty!! Juan was our guide for the first day, but he needed a holiday, so Samuel was our guide for the rest of the trip. He knew a lot about the Islands and the animals, and could answer all our questions. The service of all the crew members was amazing. The cabins were just fine, the mattresses were perfect. Take sea-sickness pills though, because it can get very bumpy, but I guess other boats will have that problem too. Hot showers during the whole trip. No complaints at all. Highly recommended!! Not convinced yet? Take a look at our pictures on www.intomundo.com

What an unforgettable trip!

Was a truly enjoyable experience would recommend to anyone who was considering a visit to The Galapagos Islands. Loved the Legend. perfect size.

Thank you Galapatours

Absolutely incredible week!! The rooms were spacious with huge windows and large beds. We had superb food the whole time--they even carved sea creatures out of vegetables! The crew was super friendly and accommodating. 100% will recommend to anyone I know. Thank you Galaptours! Tuvimos una semana absolutamente increíble! Las habitaciones eran grandes, con amplias ventanas y camas gigantes. Tenemos super buena comida toda la semana. La tripulación del barco era muy amable y servicial. Cien por ciento estará recomendándolos a todos mis amigos. Gracias a Galapatours !

Great and easy liveaboard experience!

The crew members are fantastic. They made sure that I never had to "work" on this vacation. The dives were great, but a bit cold. It would be nice if there are warmer gears for rent. The visibility wasn't great. These are to no fault of the dive company, of course. The food was great and having warm towels after every dive is a great idea! The toilets should be upgraded though - the time it takes to flush, the reliability that the flush would work, and the stench from the toilet was awful. Other than that, everything is great!

Loved it

We spent 8 days aboard it at the beginning of October. It was wonderful. Boat is new, spacious, comfortable, the food was brilliant and the crew were amazing. Definitely one of our best holidays. We met other boat tours at different points and most had grumbles about their boat or crew, but we had no such problems. It was luxurious, fun and friendly. Loved it. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/o9CDPe

Incredible Service

The food & service were incredible. Victor especially was very polite and went the extra step to make sure everyone was taken care of. We would absolutely recommend this ship to anyone.

Everything went smoothly!

The food was just delicious, the room lovely with a large window, and everything went smoothly. We saw the islands I wanted to see (Fernandina and Isabella). Highly recommended! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4Lmcrd

If you are considering this ship, I would recommend it

We just completed the 8-day A itinerary cruise on this boat and we had a great time. The boat was very comfortable, the crew were wonderful, the other travelers were all super-nice people and the food was very tasty. We had agonized over the itinerary. Friends we planned the trip with ended up going the week before us because they really wanted the B itinerary. Well, we have compared notes now and we saw pretty-much the exact same things on both itineraries. The only difference was they saw albatrosses and we saw red-footed boobies. Other than that, the nature sightings and experiences were very much the same. So I would encourage you not to stress over the itineraries and go with the best schedule. As far as the boat goes, there are a few minor things they still need to work out, like not having effective storage spaces in the huge cabins. And I took another reviewer's advice and brought a clothes line and clips - and was really glad I did. We strung it up and used it the entire time. Not sure how things would have dried otherwise. Cabins - we had the Jr. Suite cabin with the small balcony, and decided it was one of the nicest cabins on the boat. Having the balcony was great, and well worth the added price. They were designed to be sheltered from the wind, so we could sit out there under full sail (which you can't do on the top deck) and do star-gazing and sea life watching. We saw sharks, dolphins, jumping rays and birds from the balcony. And the best part was we could leave the balcony door open at night (love fresh air and water sounds while sleeping). This was in December, so AC was not needed. Time of year - we were on this cruise from Dec 6 - 13, and we really didn't know what it would be like that time of year. It is a shoulder season and not the favored time (which I understand is May). But the air temperature was perfect (around 72-26 degrees). It never got too cold at night and was comfortable all day. We never used the AC. I could see how the hiking on the islands would be very hot and uncomfortable at other times of the year. The water temperature was cooler, but the wetsuits took care of that. I love to snorkel and spend as much time in the water as possible. And I don't have a lot of body fat, but once you got past the first rush of cool water jumping in, I never noticed it after, and never got cold. The hot drinks they greeted you with after snorkeling helped, too! So we decided Dec was really a perfect time for the adventure. Getting Seasick - this ship did tend to sway a bit going through some 2 - 4 foot waves (mainly on the trip out to Genovesa), so I would come prepared with seasick meds if you have that tendency. Apparently the waves almost never are higher than that and are usually minimal, so the ride would usually be fine. Food - we liked the food. Lots of fresh vegetables and different salads with every meal. They alternated between some extravagant items like Filet Mignon/shrimp/lobster and more usual things like chicken, fish and pasta. And they did regularly have some nice Ecuadorean additions to breakfast, lunch and dinner. No complaints there. Typical Day - they keep you busy!! Wake-up call typically is around 6:00AM, They serve a full breakfast and then either send you out snorkeling or hiking for an hour or 2. Then you return, change clothes quickly and go back out for whatever you didn't do earlier - either a snorkel or hike. Then they feed you a full lunch and you may have an hour or so to relax. Then you do it all over again - two afternoon activities swapping a snorkel and a hike. Then back for snacks and after a while, dinner. There was only one day that didn't follow that itinerary. The boat moves to different places at night, during lunch or whenever it needs to get us to a different landing site. We all were so tired by the end of the day that we did very little socializing in the evening after dinner. And the alcohol was expensive, so our group did not hang at the bar much. Apparently the group the week before did. So you never know. If you are considering this ship, I would recommend it. The Naturalist (ours was James) was very knowledgeable and adapted the itinerary to our group's abilities (we had a group with no beginner snorkelers, so he let us snorkel in some places they might not have gone to otherwise,stuff like that). The crew were very attentive, they did a great job keeping the boat and our rooms clean, and were a lot of fun to be around. All-in-all, it was a great trip and a great boat. One final tip - if you are planning on traveling somewhere else right after the cruise (like to Peru), be aware that you will have DAMP clothes and shoes in your bags when you leave the boat. So plan accordingly. Our friends went to a hotel which dried everything for them before they headed out on the next leg of their trip on land. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/o9CDPe

Fabulous time

We did the 8 day cruise on the Millenium on 26 October 2016 & had a fabulous time! The Captain, crew and guide were all great. Yes, the boat is getting older and needs some maintenance especially in the bathrooms but it was clean, spacious and the showers were hot and good except when everyone tried to shower at the same time! The food was really good and we ate far too much! We did the Western route and had most places all to ourselves which was amazing. We saw so many things that there are too many to list but we saw everything on our wish list. It was the absolute highlight of our trip to South America. We understand the Millennium is going to have some work done on her this January so maybe this will solve some problems that others seems to have had. We can certainly say we had no problems and had a wonderful adventure. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4Lmcrd

The trip was great

The trip was great, the cabin, and the food too. We already paid for the wetsuit Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Thank you very much for an unforgettable vacation

Dear Galapatours team, Now it's more than a week when we returned from the cruise on Reina Silvia. We got some time to get the impressions from the trip settled a little bit. We want to thank you, for this super trip. The Reina Silvia, the Crew the guide, everything was matching or exceeding our expectations. On top of this the support before and after the trip on the airport Quito helped us a lot. To say it in one word. We are absolutely satisfied and will recommend the service of your company and the ship to fellow travelers.

Everything was absolutely perfect

All I want to say is that EVERYTHING was PERFECT! Honestly, nothing could have been better!! At the hotel the people, the pick-ups at the airport, the hotel,the rooms - simply perfect. Our guide, Angelika, was amazing - her knowledge of everything was astonishing. The crew on the boat was terrific. The only 'problem' I have now is: I want to go again !!! Thank you very, very much for your role in making this such a fantastic adventure.

Service on board is perfect

We made à cruise on this boat last September. The boat is quite New. The service on board is perfect.The trips on the islands is formatted as on the other boats . 16 People on board .The cabins are fine .a jacuzzi on the upper deck. It was m'y second cruise on the archipel ago. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/KraRVc

Great diving for those who like it big!

Hundreds of hammerhead sharks at the divesides Darwin and Wolf divesides where planned in the group safety was very important (radio transmitter) very good briefing landexcursions with the guides who had a lot of knowledge was excellent staff was working hard to fulfill all our wishes after a cool dive it was great having a whirlpool to warm up All in all, we would do it again, on the Humboldt Explorer Feedback from: https://goo.gl/YTJuEB

Amazing journey

I went on an 8 day cruise November 22-29 on the Natural Paradise and everything related to the Yacht was amazing. The food was gourmet, the rooms were clean and comfortable (cabin 2) and the staff were nice and friendly. I would highly recommend this boat and the staff.

Absolutely memorable experience

The Mary-Anne was the perfect choice of ship for our tour of the Galapagos. The Galapagos trip was the most memorable experience and I have nothing but praise for Mary-Anne, and its delightful crew and for our guide, who put so much effort into making our visit to each island both a pleasure and an education. Source: goo.gl/WXx9Fz

Really excellent experience!

Really excellent experience, wonderful ship and crew, brilliant organization and delightful guides.

Wonderful ship, crew and itinerary... we loved this trip

Just back from a wonderful week in the Galapagos Islands aboard La Pinta. It was a wonderful trip. The ship is perfect sized - large enough to accommodate more passengers (most ships this size do) but they keep it feeling small and intimate. The cabins were much bigger than I (as a first time cruiser) expected and were very comfortable. The common spaces were generous and there were three separate spaces on board where all the passengers could meet at once (bar/lounge, the outside dining area and the inside dining area). Linens were clean, comfortable and plentiful. The ship itself was terrific. If the ship was terrific, the staff was even better. The staff to passenger ration was very high and we were pampered at every turn. Every time you were away for a meal or an excursion, you would come back to a tidy cabin. The wait staff was wonderful and Lois did an outstanding job watching over us with our many food allergies. Finally, the itinerary was perfect. We saw great sights and the naturalists were fantastic (especially Carlos). All five that we had exposure to on the trip were exceptionally knowledgeable and caring and flawlessly bi-lingual. The trip was everything we wanted and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend La Pinta. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/t6D4ik

Really enjoyed the cruise!

We had a wonderful time on our Cormorant cruise, from the boat itself, the crew, the food, and our terrific guide Carlos. All your arranged connections and the hotel worked perfectly. I would especially like to thank you for all the arrangements that you made and the way in which you always replied promptly to any emails and queries. Regards, Peter

It was a very good trip

It was a very good trip. Leo is very good, he let us explore the islands. He told us nice stories, and he´s very knowledgeable. We enjoyed very much this cruise. Also, Jorge is very good and attentive at the bar. The captain took the time to let us approach the dolphins, and the panga approaches them so we could see them. The crew is very good and the cooking was fantastic. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

The boat was wonderful, clean and new

My Husband and I went on the 8 Day Itinerary A on Nov 22-29. The boat was wonderful, clean, and new. It felt spacious. We had a room on the main level of the deck and were very happy with it. We also happened to see the rooms with balconies and they were beautiful. The spa was open only on days that we were docked or anchored-so 2 days out of the trip. It was nice to use and the upper deck space is wonderful. Maybe a few more lounge chairs would be good. We ate dinner outside one evening which was a fun treat. Don't expect a hot meal if they do this, it would be impossible for them to keep it warm!!! The food on the ship was top notch with plenty of options! Fresh juice and omelette bar every morning! The crew, for the most part, where very nice. The beginning of our trip we felt more pampered than the last part and we couldn't figure out why the "extra Mile" service stopped. For example hot tea and towels waiting for you as soon as you come out of the water from snorkelling. Snorkel gear was awesome. Snorkelling twice per day so if you are not a water person you will really be sitting on the boat while others go out! maybe that is not so bad though because it was a beautiful ship. Contrary to some of the other guests, we really loved our guide. We thought he was professional. He was dealing with 16 people and sometimes he was interrupted frequently. I felt he handled himself professionally but he preferred to continue his educating/speal and then take questions after. I felt that he was incredibly knowledgable. The boat was great. I would totally recommend it. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/X1mNdM

Thank you for this wonderful trip

We had a wonderful time at the Seaman. We spent the last two weeks onboard, and we felt part of the family. Thank you for this wonderful trip. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Decided for a Cruise above Island Hopping and don't regret it!

I have dreamed of coming to the Galapagos Islands. When we were then staying in the Hotel "The Roof Galapagos" Enno, the Hotel Manager of, recommended us to book a stay on a boat if we wanted to make most of our stay in Galapagos. His hotel was booked out anyway, so we contacted his friend Benno (the names!) and he found a great Last-Minute Deal for us! We don't regret it at all, this was such a magical experience! The Boat itself is a bit older and the cabins are small but me and my wife enjoyed the fact that we could also do a few dives. Apparently, this is not possible on other boats at all, who would have thought! Thanks again, Benno, for the organization!

Decided for a Cruise above Island Hopping and don't regret it!

I have dreamed of coming to the Galapagos Islands. When we were then staying in the Hotel "The Roof Galapagos" Enno, the Hotel Manager of, recommended us to book a stay on a boat if we wanted to make most of our stay in Galapagos. His hotel was booked out anyway, so we contacted his friend Benno (the names!) and he found a great Last-Minute Deal for us! We don't regret it at all, this was such a magical experience! The Boat itself is a bit older and the cabins are small but me and my wife enjoyed the fact that we could also do a few dives. Apparently, this is not possible on other boats at all, who would have thought! Thanks again, Benno, for the organization!

The cruise was just perfect

The crew and staff of the Santa Cruz II you were all great fun and work so hard to ensure that every single person enjoyed their time on and off the ship. The cruise was just perfect and surpassed our expectations. I cannot praise it enough it was truly a trip of a lifetime for us both and one that we will remember for the rest of our days! Thank you! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/pV21KU

Once in a lifetime!

Our trip on La Pinta was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The entire crew, from Denzel, the sailor, to Patricio, the captain, was extremely friendly and helpful. The food was among the best we have eaten in South America so far and the nature, of course, was blowing our minds every single day. Thank you, Galapatours for making all this possible!

The best holiday so far, without a doubt (Review from TripAdvisor)

Ecuador Galapagos was without any doubt the single most impressive holiday I have taken so far. At first, I was hesitant because especially Galapagos (the main land not so much) is quite an expensive destination but friends convinced us and Benno of Galapatours found a great last minute price for us on board one of the Archipels. I can say we don't regret it a bit. The crew, the food, the cabins - all was first class! Esteban, our guide, was very helpful and even considering my sea sickness during the first night I consider this the single best holiday so far. Thanks, Galapatours!

Our review of the Fragata Yacht

We recently returned from a trip to the mainland and the Galapagos. On the islands we took a 4 night cruise on the Fragata Yacht. My wife and I were slightly put off right from the beginning by the $56 fee per person for not booking our flights with the yacht's company. On top of that, the nickle and diming tactic of charging for snorkeling gear and wet suits when those (at least the snorkeling gear) are pretty much essential to the experience, was very different from most of the other boats in their supposed quality level. We arrived a day early so we returned to Baltra airport at the time we were told, 10:30am, for our tour only to be told that we would be waiting for people to fly in. We got started closer to 1. We were notified by the company the night before at what time we would need to be there. I'm certain by the night before they were well aware of the flight schedules of the people arriving the next morning. Our guild, Julio, proceeded to be quite rude to the last arriving guest who wanted to run to the bathroom, yelling at her that we were all waiting for her. The moment she rushed off, he turned to us and told us we would be waiting at least 15 minutes for the next bus to the harbor, which basically meant that he had yelled at the poor girl for no reason whatsoever. These were our first impressions of the boat and the company, and we had yet to set foot on the boat. Boat: Once we arrived on the boat we were shown to our cabin, 6 which is on the upper floor, and were pleasantly surprised. It was clean, the bed was comfortable, and the bathroom was perfectly within reason for a boat. There were minor issues with stained pillowcases and whatnot, but I didn't make an issue of it and I think that they were clean, so it didn't really matter. As for the overall boat, it was in pretty good shape, the top deck was very nice, it's half covered by a sun shade, and was were I spent literally 3/4 of the time on the boat (I even slept up top one night because the stars were fantastic and the fresh air helped with my sea sickness). As for those of you who get sea sick: bring meds! It is to be expected on smaller boats that you can get sea sick and I would say around half of the guests were sea sick at some point or another, I was probably the worst off, but that is not the boat's fault. The quality of the boat was about where I expected for the price point, but I would not say it's a first class boat. The one thing I will say is everyone was very happy we were not on the sister ship the Golondrina as it looked much worse off than our boat. Food: This was a big one. While there was usually almost enough, we ran out of more the half the items every meal time. We had only 12 people on the boat, but most of them were tiny girls. If we had more men and less women it would've been a serious problem, instead we just sorta made do with what we had, and everyone was polite and managed their portions. I would say that there was not a single meal where I had as much of what I wanted as I would have liked. The food quality was mixed. While the ingredients were decent, they were poorly prepared. Often the salads and fresh foods were over seasoned (as in salty) to the point of being inedible and the cooked fish, shrimp, and meats were all cooked like they were prepared half an hour or an hour early and left in an oven for the remainder of the time to keep them warm rendering them so overcooked as to be rather unenjoyable. It might sound like I'm a picky eater, but I'm really not. It was generally agreed on by the other members of the trip that the food was far too little and not well prepared. The crew was friendly from the get go, although not a one of them spoke a word of English, which is generally fine, but if you're going to have a bartender on a yacht that caters to mostly English speaking clients, it might be nice if they speak a couple words in English... Overall we were really happy with our crew! The guide: Julio started off poorly with his first impression, but he was very knowledgeable when pressed for information. The consensus from the people I spoke with on the cruise and my opinion, as well, was that he did the bare minimum a guide can do while still doing his job. He walked along the paths, pointed out the obvious animals, but really gave surface information. He ignored almost all plants, he ignored any birds that were not penguins, boobies, or the Galapagos hawk, which I understand are major players, but there are so many other birds on the islands. In the water he made a bit more effort and helped out one of the guests that had some fears and issues, which was very sweet. Overall he did recover from the first impression personality wise, but his lack of effort overall made it so we didn't even tip him in the end because we were that disappointed (which several other guests asked what to do, because they were torn over how little effort he put in). The itinerary is the real reason we picked this tour. We had purchased our plane tickets before we arrived on the mainland so were looking for a tour within a certain time frame and this was the only itinerary that allowed us to get further away from Santa Cruz and do things that are not offered for free on the main island. It was a great itinerary, and we enjoyed that very much. Snorkeling: This was the real highlight of this trip, we snorkeled often and the equipment was good enough. The zodiac would stick around close by giving a feeling of comfort to those who are not as good in the water/wanted to get out a bit earlier. My wife had hoped we would do more hiking, but I enjoyed the snorkeling and saw many more interesting things in the water than we often did on land. Hikes: The hikes were all low stress, very easy. One involved going uphill for maybe an hour, but at a leisurely pace. Some of the ground around the volcanic areas can be quite uneven which could cause problems for much older people, or people with difficulties walking, but generally the boat's rocking would cause similar if not worse issues for people in those situations. Our group was fortunate that almost everyone was in very good shape and we could move at our desired pace, but it should be a consideration for elderly folks considering this trip. Overall the islands are great and the wildlife viewing was amazing, but that has nothing to do with how good the boat was. While we were not upset with our tour for the money, we thought that all things considered we would try a different boat if we were to do things over again.

No Luxury but such a lovely ship

We just came back from a 6 day / 5 night tour on the Encantada. We did itinerary A (Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, San Cristobal, Española and Floreana). Everything about the tour was amazing and we truely loved it! The Encantada is such a lovely ship, the crew very good and Juan, the guide, really outstanding. Juan has 30 years of experience as guide and divemaster and he knows everything about the animals and islands. Even the food was very good including plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, the cabins were spotlessly clean. We would highly recommend a trip on this ship. Please note that the Encantada is not one of the (many) luxury cruises in the Galapagos. However, it is not the cheapest and most basic option either. We felt that it just offered the right amount of comfort we needed to really enjoy ourselves. We think that compared to other boats it is really good value for the quality you get.

The boat was great

The boat was great. We were very happy with a catamaran: stable for travelling (no sea sickness!) and lovely having a small group of people. Plenty of places to hang out on the boat too. The crew were fantastic: helpful, happy and lovely to be with. The food was great: fresh and plentiful (though not very good vegetarian options available, which didn't affect us but there were other people in our group who were vegetarian and didn't have much in the way of protein for many meals.) Feedback from: https://goo.gl/2EHcA1

Wonderful trip

We cannot stop talking about our trip and how wonderful it was. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/StLcso

Disappointing experience. Consider another boat!

Unfortunately our experience on The Beagle wasn't that great. The beds were tiny, the crew seemed moody and our guide was knowledgable, but couldn't be bothered putting in any extra effort. The cook was the only friendly person and the food was plenty and most of the time good. The hot water stopped working on day 2 and the crew did hardly make any effort to repair it or even apologise for the situation. At theend of our trip the owner of the boat showed up and also acted completely unprofessional and rude. As always whether you have a bad time or a good one depends on your guide and the crew. In my opinion The Beagle is over prized, shop around for other boats here on Galapatours before you commit! The Galapagos, however didn't disappoint!!

Best way to see the Galapagos

This must be the best way to see the Galapagos. You couldn't fault the boat, its crew, our guide and the amenities. Loved the food which again was VERY PLENTIFUL!! If you like fish and seafood you are in for a treat. Just don't expect to go home weighing the same as on the way out. We saw other boats around but none of them had the character of the Beagle and none seemed to have dining facilities with just the right amount of open air and shelter. Brilliant supply of wet suits and snorkel gear to Feedback from: https://goo.gl/rmaur9

Great time and we would do it again in a second

Our family of 6 just returned from a 4 night cruise. We had a great time and would do it again in a second. A few things which may be helpful for future guests: Staff goes out of their way to assist and help. Food is excellent (surprisingly) and plentiful. Though they provide unlimited filtered water, i would highly recommend drinking all bottled water (something I'm told id VERY important on any ship) as 5 out of 6 of us all experienced some level of GI distress. The guide spoke perfect English and often interpreted for the rest of the crew. Note about cabin selection: we paid extra for the junior suite cabin which was enormous, with two balconies, a huge sitting room with a large L shaped couch HOWEVER the anchor is located directly below the bed in this room. The ship sails at night, thus the anchor comes up anywhere between 1am-4am and is lowered around 5-6am. Let me warn all future guests in this room: the anchor is LOUD. Loud like metal on metal chain links being scraped against each other for a solid 10 minutes. There is no possible way anyone, no matter how heavy a sleeper, could remain sleeping through the noise. Other than than and the occasional void of hot water, I would highly recommend this cruise. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/EuUKoV

Great choice!

The Fragata was a great choice as we felt very well taken care by the extremely friendly crew and captain, the Galapagos Islands are truly a paradise for nature lovers. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/7kE6SV

Outstanding service!!!

Thanks so much for assisting our family on one of the BEST vacations we have ever had! You were attentive, available and very informative. I would like to send a letter of recommendation about your excellent attention to detail, availability and hard work. We have traveled globally and have yet to have a travel advisor as excellent as you! Thanks again! All the best! LM

Truly a unforgettable cruise experience

While on our flight to the islands we read in the Angermeyer booklet that we were going to have an “experience of a lifetime”. Although we know a bit about the islands already before we left home we thought that this was just the usual exaggeration marketing folks are famous for. However, now, back at home and back at work we feel strongly that this was indeed no exaggeration at all – for us this Galapagos trip aboard the Mary Anne was really the outstanding experience of our life and it will be very hard if not impossible to see anything what will come close to this. It’s not easy to describe all the detail, but really every piece of the trip was perfectly fitting and thus contributed to the exceptional value the sail had for us. Starting with the very smooth organization behind the scenes, the way we were welcomed at Baltra airport and the vessel, the luxury of the boat and cabins, the fine (and healthy) food served there, the organization of the trips which were so well balanced that one never felt exhausted or hurried and on the other hand never felt idling. I’m not able to describe the islands – one really has to see them. In fact one of the last paradises to experience, if not the last paradise on this planet. The geology, the marine life, the wildlife on the islands. The peace. Just amazing. At one point in time we would have liked to transform our selfs into sea lions just to be able to stay. As already state above Alejandro, or guide on the boat and the islands was also very exceptional in many kind of ways. For his knowledge about every aspect of the islands: history, flora, wildlife, conservation efforts and problems, for his ability to share his knowledge and to convey to us the value of the fragile life on these islands, for letting us feel how dear the islands are to him, for his humor and not at last for his charisma. Then of course the captain and the crew whom not only kept the ship going but catered all tastes behind the scenes with charm, warmth and friendliness. Very professional. And far beyond that one would expect – for example turning this big ship around completely shortly before sunset just to allow us to watch a bunch of lovely dolphins. Source: goo.gl/8svbiR

Thank you

Everything was just very good, the guide, the crew, all. Thank you! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Lovely yacht

We thought the Fragata yacht was lovely ... having seen some of the cheaper boats at Galapagos we are very glad to have booked something a bit fancier. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Q5uR2Z

An absolutely amazing week on the Galapagos Islands

An amazing week. The crew are all splendid, watchful, helpful and caring. Thank you!

Trip of a lifetime

Got back from the Galapagos and I would like to personally thank Galapatours for everything. Out trip on board the Mary Anne was really great and we had a wonderful time... Thank you for being patient with me, with all the changes I had to do and all the details that you had to take care of. I liked Hostal Macaw and I felt safe traveling alone especially because I was picked up to&from the airport. Thank you so much. It was a trip of a lifetime. I will not hesitate to recommend you anytime. Source:goo.gl/WXx9Fz

What an unforgettable trip!

When I travelled on board the Nemo III, the age range of travellers was generally late 20's to mid 30's, with some older people (50-65's) also. There were 6 crew, including our amazing guide, Wilo. I was taken aback by the boat itself - very clean and modern and defo felt luxurious. There was the jacuzzi, a sun deck, you were able to lie out on the nets at the front, and the indoor lounge area was air-conditioned (as were the bedrooms) if you wanted to cool off. I was impressed by the bedrooms - I haven't travelled on boats overnight before so I don't have anything to compare to, but I thought the space was small, yes, but well planned. There was adequate storage space, private bathrooms with great hot shower, and skylights and port holes for fresh air. Rooms were cleaned/ made up every day with accompanying towel animals. Food was plentiful and outstanding, with lots of snacks and juices - way beyond my expectations. As I mentioned, the guide was fantastic as was the rest of the crew and the itinerary. There was a good balance of walking and snorkelling (2 of each activity per day) and the long sails were done at night. Nothing beats sitting on the top sun deck beside the captain sailing into the horizon with the moon as your only source of light. The guide did a briefing every night, reviewing the day showing the photos and video footage he took which he happily copied to your SD card on request (no charge!) and explaining the plan for the following day. There was no breakdowns as some reported (this was huge concern of mine before I boarded) and the sails were used several times. As you can tell, I absolutely loved this trip, as did everyone on the tour, and cannot see how anything better could be offered elsewhere. I would highly recommend this for solo, couples, friends, and younger and older active people alike.

Everything was wonderful.

We had a great time. We had a lovely itinerary. I was surprised that the food was so good. Every meal was fantastic. We didn´t expect that. Everything was wonderful. We´re very happy Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Highly recommend this cruise

Highly recommend this cruise! Far surpassed all expectations! The staff is amazing- from the top (captain!) to the chef and naturalists plus all in-between. Thank you! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/5nERBg

Very very good!

I was able to book just a couple of days before the cruise started, because my trip was very spontaneous. And I don't regret a thing! Those islands are amazing! The cruise was lovely, the staff were more than friendly to me. I loved the unique animals, the food (!!) and the guides, who were very informative. Totally recommend it!

Highly recommended!

My husband and I booked the 5 day/4 night trip very early, and paid a lot more than those who paid later. But regardless of this the whole trip was amazing, the crew went out of their way to ensure that our every need was meet. The food was superb, as was all spaces on board the boat. The days were well organised with both a morning and afternoon excursion, with a few hours each afternoon for a rest. We saw an incredible amount of animals, birds and fish, and were taken to a variety of different islands, nothing was repeated. The whole trip was very worthwhile.

Once in a lifetime trip

Best trip of my life! I am still very thrilled about the decision to go the Galapagos Islands. I chose the Astrea (Naturalist Programme) because of its size. It was a cozy boat with everything you need. Staff was very friendly and spoke very well English. The food was very delicious and more than filling!

Great trip

The Darwin was lovely, and the crew were all extremely professional, friendly and well-organised. It was the most enjoyable 8 days and I can find no fault in the trip whatsoever! Source: goo.gl/22LfaE

Great trip

I went with my wife and son on the Naturalist Cruise of the Astrea. We all loved it so much and hope to be able to come back to the islands one day. My son still thinks he saw dinosaurs! Nature there is magnificent. The Astrea is a relatively small boat compared to the other ones you can find around Galapagos, but we didn't mind at all. Everyone was very nice and helpful. The food was great and the kitchen could deal with my wife's allergies (nuts and certain fruits). If you want to get to know the Galapagos Islands on a lower budget, I can definitely recommend the Astrea Cruise!

An unforgettable holiday

Me and my wife booked an 8 day cruise on the Tip Top IV through Galapatours and are still raving on about this cruise to all our friends! The food, the cabins, the naturalist excursion, our guide Juan, the blue footed boobies! This was such an unforgettable holiday! Our highlight was snorkeling in Marchena! Highly recommended!

Wonderful boat and journey

We have enjoyed the trip very much! It was the dream trip and we are recommending it to all our friends. The boat Darwin was nice, the Staff also very nice and the best was our nature Guide Tamara. Very environmentally aware, very Knowledgeable and passionate. Source: goo.gl/uHrt94

Tip Top II (catamaran) - AMAZING!

We have just come back from our incredible journey in the Galapagos with the Tip Top II catamaran. This boat is absolutely amazing - first class all the way. The boat is stunning and brand new, and the crew and food were just phenomenal. We highly recommend this cruise if you are heading to Galapagos. We could only do 5 days but could easily have spent another 10 days on this boat. The best experience of our travels thus far. Thank you Tip Top Team!!!! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/mCcbmt

Very recommended yacht

I was really impressed with the whole experience. Our guide and the staff were very friendly and polite, very recommended yacht! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fG1wc9

Really active and wonderful cruise!

We just returned to Wisconsin after a month in Ecuador and an 8 day/7 night cruise on Nemo III. We concur with another poster who describe the guide, Wilo, as wonderful. He is knowledgeable having been raised on the island of Santa Cruz, and is also educated and spent time as a volunteer at the Darwin Center in Puerto Ayora. He filmed us all each day on our hikes and snorkel adventures and provided an impressive video each evening during our briefing. He is happy to download the videos to your card or memory device at the end of the week, so make sure you have space available. Along with his ability to teach us about the islands he loves, he made it all so much fun! The boat itself was beautiful and kept spotlessly clean by the crew. Each day our cabin was made up during our first activity. Delicious, wholesome and plentiful meals were served at 7am, noon, and 7pm, and there was always a tasty snack when we returned from our afternoon activity around 4 pm. All dietary preferences were thoughtfully accommodated by the chef, who did an amazing job every day. Our crew was friendly, capable, and very safety conscious. I would disagree with a previous poster who didn't think adequate precautions were in place for snorkeling. We were all offered light weight safety vests to wear while snorkeling, which I accepted, not being experienced, even though I am a pretty strong swimmer. It helped me overcome my fear of deep water snorkeling for my first experiences. We were all reminded to swim with a partner, and the zodiac boat was always nearby watching for our signal if we wanted to come out of the water. We found the motoring overnight to distant islands to be very pleasant, though I am sure that the seas can change from season to season or week to week. We had very pleasant weather and thought the boat was very stable while traveling. We did sail when the winds were good, and it was awesome to be on the upper deck late in the afternoon heading to another amazing destination. We highly recommend the longer cruise if you can afford it because we saw such great things in both "halves" of the week. We enjoyed the western itinerary which reaches Isla Fernandina, and the west side of Isabela. We also really enjoyed our stop on Genovesea on our second day out, where we had the closest look at the most exotic birds, and many sea lions lounging on the beach. The hiking was strenuous for me and my husband...we are both in our late 60s, but we were able to accomplish and fully participate in all the activities. Make sure you have sturdy shoes; many people managed with athletic shoes, but I was glad to have the support of a hiking shoe. I also wore Teva sandals for wet landings, where you actually jump into the shallow water at a beach and go ashore, rather than getting off at a dock, which can often be slippery. Sunscreen and a good hat are essential! I have tolerant skin, and even I burned toward the end of the week and wore a long sleeved white shirt the last few days. The shirt is now trash, but it saved my skin. While we were there the temps were in the 90s Fahrenheit with high humidity, so light weight is good. Most of the time, on the boat, we were all barefoot. A sundress would have been nice for me in the evenings, but I managed with shorts and light tops. My husband lived in his swim shorts all day, and jean shorts and t shirts at night. We had cabin 5, right under the galley, so we always knew when to get up for breakfast. Ha! My tipp: Cabins 7 and 8 would be less desirable! We highly recommend Nemo III for an unparalleled Galapagos experience.

Recommended, BUT make sure of a few things first

We took a ‘8 day’ seven night cruise in early April 2011. We chose the Encantada on the basis of the itinerary rather than the facilities. It was the only boat available that was offering both Espanola and Genervesa Islands on the same trip and we were definitely pleased with the choice. We also went straight onto another boat – the luxury first class Millennium – that we organised as a very last minute deal when we got back to Santa Cruz, so we know how it compares to a catamaran. If you’re looking for a lot of space and great comfort is essential, then you probably should look elsewhere. All the cabins are a little cramped, and can be noisy when the boat is chugging along (but this was true of some cabins on the catamaran too). Make sure that you confirm which cabin you are going to be given and get this in writing before you leave. Cabin number 3 (the foremost of the five down-stairs cabins) has a really strong smell of petrol in it. We were in another one fortunately, but could smell it when we went in put our heads in the door, and the passengers who were given it complained of headaches and interrupted sleep. They asked to move cabins when some other passengers changed, but they were refused by the captain. The room opposite at the front downstairs also had a smell of petrol, but not as bad as room 3 (not sure of the number of this though). The boat, being single hulled, rolls more than the catamaran we sailed on later, so if you’re prone to sea-sickness you definitely ought to think about taking some pills before leaving. Some people who joined us halfway through our cruise complained that they would be staying in a hotel, rather than on the boat (after we left). As with any Galapagos cruise you really must check the itinerary before you book. Our guide on the Millennium told us that all the boats there now follow a two week rolling itinerary (or they will be doing so soon). So make sure you know exactly what you’re booking - we rejected a number of other boats before booking as our trip would have coincided with a stay on land or an excessively long time at Santa Cruz island. The advantage of the Encantada was that we felt that we were sailing in a yacht rather than cruising in a gin palace – we even had the sails up a couple of times. We could sit at the bow at night, enjoying the huge, star-filled skies and were accompanied a few times by dolphins fluorescing in the plankton in the bow wave and showing off with huge jumps (magical). The guide (Juan) was an excellent spotter and species identifier (of both animals and plants) and we did not feel rushed at any stage. He had a knack of making sure we were the last off the islands, which led to some great photos. He did struggled with complicated questions about the geography or physiology of the wildlife, but what we saved on the cruise could have bought us both smartphones and satellite internet access if we’d been that bothered. The food was excellent – at least as good as that which we were served on the luxury / first class catamaran that we sailed on immediately afterwards. The rest of the Encantada crew were definitely as helpful and friendly as those on the more expensive boat. As for the itinerary itself, Genervasa is definitely worth the long cruise northwards – the birds are fantastic (especially the day hunting owls) and we snorkelled with hammerheads there too. So definitely recommended, but avoid the forward cabins downstairs.

A great crew, guide, experience

Everyone was so helpful, friendly and courteous. We all enjoyed the cruise. The crew, captain and guide were so nice, kind and helpful. Our guide, Alex, was extremely knowledgeable on many topics and explained about plants, animals and geology. I would highly recommend this tour and this ship to others considering a trip to the Galapagos.

Not Luxury, not First Class but a very nice cruise!

We did the 6 day cruise from the 17th to the 22nd of September and I have to say none of us saw any of the problems mentioned on some forums online. Some parts of the boat may have needed painting but that is normal in my opinion seeing as it is a boat. The crew were absolutely wonderful and helpful and the meals were delicious with a lot of variety. We had so much to eat all the time. Eating out on deck was really nice too. The only negative part of the cruise was up to Sierra Negra as it was miserable weather but you can hardly blame the crew or guide for that. The seas were supposed to be rough but we had a relatively calm crossing for the entire trip. We got to snorkel with sea turtles, sea lions, rays, white tip reef sharks, iguanas and even some penguins, and that doesn't even cover all the beautiful fish. We were so active every day and felt we did a lot in the time we were there. All the passengers on the boat with us seemed very happy and I felt I needed to write this as having read the negative review a few days before getting on the boat I was a bit apprehensive. I would definitely recommend the millenium, and to us it was perfect. It is not a luxury cruise but it is worth what you pay for in my opinion. I hope that helps anyone considering this boat.

Great week on the Humboldt Explorer

I was reading some mixed (positive or negative) reviews on a forum and I wasn’t quite sure about what to do. In the end, dates were matching and I found more great reviews. So I did it, and loved it. The diving was exceptional, the service on-board was correct and the food okay. So what I would say is that I feel like the boat is putting the price high for what is it. It’s not bad, it’s even very good… but it not high-end either (like what the pricing would reflect). Just another opinion. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4srN8z

Wonderful experience

Wonderful experience, great group of people, we saw everything we wanted to see and more! So much fun, thanks a lot for all your support. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fG1wc9


Simply brilliant, impossible to fault anything! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/FMvKuy

The Sea Star and its crew were outstanding

The Sea Star and its crew were outstanding. We felt millionaires on the very comfortable yacht! The crew were so friendly and helpful. The food was amazing, and I loved the way they served it as a buffet so we could help ourselves. Perfect! I really couldn’t find any faults with this trip. Our naturalist guide was great, very knowledgeable and went the extra mile to make sure everyone saw animals we most wanted to. Including helping me to swim with the hammerhead sharks. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Y9kARw

Floreana was a pleasant Cruise

My wife and I enjoyed being on the Floreana. It was a very well organised tour with a lot of information and many activities. Age of passengers were very mixed, which made the trip very bubbly and entertaining. Guides could answer basically every question about the Islands and their history. Staff on board was very caring and kind.

Small but cozy

The Encantada yacht is small - definately among the smallest of the other Galapagos cruise yachts we saw - but very cozy. The crew were helpful, provided good food/drinks, and attended to every need that we had. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/PcipZS

Couldn't have been better!

Our trip couldn’t have been better. The crew was genuinely nice and the dive team was brilliant. Seems like they always knew which sites we were better on… we saw so many many marine life! That being said, we missed on THE big one… but everybody else was there from sea lions to turtles and of course, uncountable sharks, including Galapagos and hammerheads. Plus, we greatly enjoy our stay on the boat, as well as the land excursion! The Nortada is a smaller liveaboard and it was great to feel like an extended family sharing a passion leading to great moments. Loved it and would recommend 100%! That’s a once in a lifetime voyage! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fX5NB9

We had an amazing experience

Hello, Just to give a fair update about Nemo III. We did the 5 days Galapagos Cruise in August 2016 and honestly we had an amazing experience. The boat looked brand new, extremely clean, the staff was very nice and food very good. We even had home-made snacks twice a day with fresh juices. Cabins were nice and big (i mean bigger than on the other catamaran cruise i did) with good shower and modern toilet (again from a catamaran point of view !). Even the snorkelling equipment was very good quality. Honestly i was concerned after what i read below, but now i'm only convinced that these comments can not be about the same boat. So if you have to book it, go on, it totally worth it ! Feedback taken from Tripadvisor Forum: https://goo.gl/7wsGk6

Legend is legend!

I was on a 4 days Galapagos Legend cruise in July and I was very surprised by the organisation and personalize service. We stayed in a Junior suite which was great, much much better than the standard cabins. Some standard cabins are very dark and small. Junior suites have the panoramic windows so it is worth to pay more and get a more comfortable and larger room. This is such a unique destination and you will not likely return. Pros! - Great personalized service. - Knowledgeable guides. - Well organized tours. - Front desk staff was always pleasant and were willing to accommodate special requests. - All cabins have a computer screen with access to music (over 100 songs), movies (15 aprox. In English and/or Spanish), and full and detailed cruise itinerary (by day and exact times). - Daily briefings offered in the main salon. In short, I would definitely recommend. I just wish I have chosen a longer itinerary and packed a waterproof camera!

Can't be better

Boat&Cabin comfort - considering ship size, it was pretty great. i hardly felt any inconvinence. Crew service & friendliness - crews were really great. they were very friendly and they were ready to help you at any time. Food&Drinks onboard - Food were excellent. it was the best part of my voyage there. different menu everyday. i cannot explain enough but i would say that the best food on board i ever experienced(similan, maldives). in the refrigerator on second floor, beers, soft drinks were available any time. Diving & Dive guides - Diving was so great. the best thing was that you can play with sea lions. it was really awsome experience. lots of hammerhead sharks and whalesharks on almost every dives on darwin arch. the water temparature was warmer than i thoght so i didnt have any problem with my 5mm wetsuits. guides were doing their job good enough. Value for money - well.. it is lots of money guys. however i think the price is not that bad considering all those aspects above. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/YTJuEB

I can recommend the Golondrina. Not a luxury cruise but just fine for us!

My wife and I just came back from Galápagos and our trip in the Golondrina was great. It is a small motor yacht, but all 16 passengers were great, we had an amazing time. There's a slightly bigger yacht owned by the same company called Fragata. It is a bit more expensive, the social areas bigger, but cabins seem to be almost the same size. We were following the itinerary "Western Islands". Food was very good and the crew was pretty friendly.

Had a great time!

The crew of The Gallaven was great. The itinerary and accomodations were very good and the food was excellent and abundant. We had a great time (we don't get seasick). We will remember this great trip forever!!! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/w5LrhR

Nothing negative

We thought that everything was clean, the food was delicious (and plentiful), the guides were very skilled (as a scientist, it is nice to see things in reality I have learnt about). We were also very lucky with the animals that passed our way (no flamingo's though, i guess the guide forgot to book them ;-) ). So we don't really have any negative comments Feedback from: https://goo.gl/w5LrhR

Fantastic ship and cruise

My husband and I went to the western Galápagos on the Mary Anne during the first week of June 2016. Our guide, Fernando, was outstanding as were the entire crew. Fernando got us up at 5:30am but it was so worth it as we made an early morning excursion each morning when all was quiet and the conditions were optimal for wildlife shoots. Even on our excursions later in the day, we only once encountered another group on an island we were exploring, and this was Fernando’s doing as well – he kept in touch with other guides via radio and arranged it so we would not be in each other’s way. Our group was decidedly middle-aged, but ranged from one man in his 30s to another in his 70s. They hailed from England, Scotland, Switzerland, and the US – a marvelous group all around. I was worried about seasickness but the new prescription patch worked like a charm for me – I only needed half the patch. It blew my mind that after landing on Baltra on our first day we spent the next seven on uninhabited islands! A truly unique experience for a landlubbing urban dweller such as myself! The boat was beautiful and very comfortable. The coffee left something to be desired but that is the only complaint I have. The food was fresh and not too heavy. There was always something lovely to drink when we returned from hiking, snorkeling, swimming or just walking the beaches. If you’ve always wanted to go to the Galápagos, I recommend the Mary Anne – it is not the cheapest option but may be the best! Source: goo.gl/8svbiR

Best Trip Ever

Linda and I have returned from our trip. This was our best trip ever. The crew were all great; helpful, cheerful and informative. Eduardo was the director and very special. The guide, Harry, was terrific. And the ship was top-notch. We'd like to thank you for all your help. Also, thanks to galapatours. Everything went very smoothly for the whole time. Best Regards, Don

Expensive but worth every single cent

Wow, this holiday really punched a big hole into our travel budge! However, in retrospective, we fully agree that it was totally worth it! This surely will remain one of the most impressive holidays me and my wife have ever undertaken. At one point, when snorkeling, we saw a school of 15 hammerheads!!!!!


Great food, professional service and excellent diving. The Humboldt was amazing and the Galapagos are as beautiful as the reputation that precedes them. Recommending! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4srN8z

Wonderful trip!

It was a wonderful trip! The Fragata crew and captain were charming & yacht layout and facilities lovely with good cabins, dining area, 2 sun decks, bar and lounge - and free tea and coffee on tap. Meals good too with lots of salads and vegetables. Sincerest thanks for your help and good advice on my cruise. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Q5uR2Z


I just got off a 7 night cruse on the Origin. The crew, facilities, food and activities are flawless. I feel it's the nicest ship in the Galapagos. it's also the newest. Don't hesitate! Review from: https://goo.gl/xRB8zC

What an amazing liveaboard !

Words can't express what amazing liveaboard I have experienced in Galapagos. Galapagos Master is a first class boat with an amazing team of crew, from the moment you step on the boat you feel the warm welcome and friendliness of each staff member. Food amazing and what a variety. Warm towels and hot chocolate after diving. The guides have a wealth of knowledge which enabled us to see hammerheads, silky sharks, galapagos sharks, sea lions, whalesharks, mantas, eagle rays, mola mola and the list goes on. Added bonus is a land trip to see iguanas, sea lions and various birds.. Favourite dive site has to be Darwins Arch. Highly reccomend this trip and this boat without a doubt !!! From https://scubatribe.com/profile/galapagos-master


I can’t say enough about the Nortada! We didn’t experience any of the ill effects of El Nino that others have described. We were rather impressed with the amount of wildlife we saw, but then again, who wouldn’t be impressed with the Galapagos? Everything about the Nortada is pleasantly cozy. There aren’t a lot of other divers on board, and usually they are all quite experienced. The food is great and overall, everything is fairly social with the crew helping things along. I can’t wait to recommend the Nortada to all of my diving friends! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/s7Uo68

True Adventure

Great trip. Only the 1% can dive this with a 3mil suit. Pack a 7mil, plus hood,boots & gloves, if you have room take a 5mil. Dry suit not necessary. More room? Pack spare everything. Bring a USB thumb drive to share/gather pictures. A flashlight is helpful (no night dives allowed) to look in the nooks and crannies. Be nitrox certified. Bring cash - lots ($600-$1,000). Flight to San Cristobal has 35lb. limit per bag. Don't forget your alarm clock (a few 6:30am dives). 5 days without WiFi or cell coverage. Here is my wish list: Colored banding/netting on guides' tanks (divers too), swim suit spinner for drying, wash cloths, soap in shower, bananas, tank bangers, one "Life Line" per diver, hand sanitizer at buffet line, less time on land so we can get back during daylight (try packing in the dark), turn lumpy mattress. From https://scubatribe.com/profile/galapagos-master

Not perfect but great!

The Majestic is one of the newer cruise ships in the Galapagos, with clean, bright cabins but some signs of wear already. Our guide was excellent and the food was fantastic. The crew was great although not perfect as we did have one mishap that resulted in a lot of phones and cameras going for a swim. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Xf8BrE

Amazing liveaboard experience

This was the best price to passenger ratio in the Galapagos. We had only 7 divers total and 4 in our dive group. Guides Jorge and Santiago were very knowledgeable and experienced. Crew was very courteous and kept the cabins and common areas very clean. Meals and snacks were excellent! We were well taken care of on land and at sea. I only docked one point because there was one dive where we were left in the open water for 40 minutes. A scary experience, but Santiago the guide handled it well. Also, rental equipment was expensive and I was charged $80 for a lost fin. Despite that, I highly recommend this liveaboard and had a wonderful experience with the guides and crew. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/HkqB1D

Nice diving experience in Galapagos

Underwater fauna: galapagos, silky, hammerhead sharks in big schools (30/40 animals), turtles, mola-mola, sea lions, dolphins. Challenging diving experience: cold water (16-20°C) and strong currents (also vertical) Recommended for: Challenging but amazing dives, land and underwater fauna, nice atmosphere in my diving group Feedback from: https://goo.gl/t2zbLm

Breathtaking experience

Darwin, being able to see so many Whale Sharks. The food was always at great standards and usually very tasty. Everybody was very nice and attentive. The cabin was spacious and comfortable. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/YTJuEB

Great experience

The Encantada yacht was really great. The crew were friendly, and ran the yacht efficiently. Rooms were cleaned every morning whilst you were out on activities and the boat was given a good clean early every morning. The food was lovely, fresh and filling, and they were generous with their portions and with making snacks after our activities. Our guide was also great, very friendly and good humoured with very good knowledge of the islands, things always ran on time and without problem. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/2x4XEF

Beyond my expectations

From start to finish the trip was beyond my expectations, the guide and the staff all worked so hard to keep us happy. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fG1wc9

Best experience ever

This review is to thank you for helping me with the trip of a lifetime! My trip was like having a front row seat on the best nature show on earth. Ocean Spray was a really comfortable ship and everything went as expected. The crew under Alex worked tirelessly to make sure we were always comfortable and often took special care of me being a lady traveling solo.The guide, Morris Garcia, made the trip fun, exciting and educational. His in depth knowledge is beyond impressive and passion for nature and animals contagious. I liked Galapagos so much that I may be going back! Thank you again, Claudia

Loved every minute

What a fantastic trip! We spent 7 nights on the Nortada and loved every minute. The diving is out of this world. Admittedly, it is expensive, but it is a once in a lifetime kind of trip. We thought it was more than worth the money! The boat is in great condition and the staff were friendly and helpful throughout our stay. We can’t recommend this trip enough! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/s7Uo68

Social experience!

We were nervous beforehand that our visits would be too crowded with people but in the end that wasn’t an issue – there were just 11 people together with our guide so the visits still felt intimate enough to get close to the wildlife and not be rushed. We actually enjoyed being with so many people aboard the ship as it was a very social experience. Thanks for the recommendation! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/xWRwxP

Great ship!

The Legend is a very comfortable and stable ship – great way to get around the Galapagos islands for a land-lover!!! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/xWRwxP

Unforgettable Galapagos cruise on Isabela II

The Isabela II cruise experience was way beyond my expectation. I took the cruise Jul.25-29 2016. I have never done a small cruise like this before, but I found that 40 people was actually a pretty good size. At the end of the tour, we got to know our fellow tourists and definitely formed some friendship. The crew would go out of their way to help you with whatever you need, with a warm smile from the bottom of their heart. The naturalists/guides spoke perfect english, and were so knowledgeable, not only about animals, but also about plants, geology and even stars. We had a stargazing session with the lead naturalist Dennis, It was a night I'll never forget. I also want to mention Vivi, who is the most passionate guide I have ever had in my life. Her knowledge of and love for the Galapagos really touched me. Food on board was decent. Extra drinks and wines were not too overpriced. The cabins are very clean and timely maintained. Turn-down service every night. When I was doing research for the trip, I saw somewhere online people have mentioned motor noise, I brought noise cancelling headphone, but didn't really need it. The only problem we had was there was no laundry service on board. No washing machine either, but there is one dryer. I would definitely recommend Isabela II to all of my friends and family. Because of the exceptional service I received on Isabella II, I wouldn't hesitate booking another trip with Galapatours. These guys really did a wonderful job.


The Nemo yacht was spotless and extremely well run, safety was paramount but so was comfort of guests. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/KjdgKB

Wonderful time aboard Nemo II

We had a wonderful time aboard Nemo II for the last 2 week. The sights, the crew and guide and the food was fantastic. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/gchmDs

Wonderful week on board the Nortada

Hi there! I just want to discuss the quality of the Nortada here. I was lucky to be one of only 6 guests on board so the crew outnumbered the guests quite significantly. Even though El Nino had reared its ugly head, we saw so much including countless mantas, schooling hammerheads, Galapagos sharks and various stingrays. We even saw a humpback whale in the water!! While diving in the Galapagos was magic, the dive masters really made the experience wonderful. The briefings were always detailed, and when divers were separated by the heavy current, the pangas were always available to come and get them. The food was great too, even for the vegetarians on board, and the crew was up for anything. They tried to fulfill every request. I had a wonderful week on board the Nortada! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/s7Uo68

Unforgettable Galapagos cruise

Tip Top IV was really tip-top as we say in German! The crew was working like a swiss clock, the food was among the best we had on our entire trip through South America (and we have been travelling for five months already!) and the excursions were great! Our guide Camilo was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and every snorkel excursion as exciting as the first one when we saw a big Galapagos Shark! :)))) Thanks, Tip Top, Thanks Galapatours!

Amazing Diving Expedtion

Amazing trip. Unbelievable place. Breathtaking experience. If I add, that everything was prepared and routed by professional staff. By people who love what they are doing... what else? Feedback from: https://goo.gl/FVQYzg

Experienced staff

Unfortunately, our trip on the Nortada was negatively impacted by El Nino. We knew what we should be seeing but weren’t because the water was too warm. Fortunately, we were traveling with the Nortada, and the crew suggested we change course to better our chances. They were right! We saw a mola mola, hammerheads and manta rays after heading in a different direction. The food was delicious of course, but vegetarians should be prepared to eat a lot of tofu. As a final tip, the rear cabins are a bit noisy. Try to request a forward cabin if possible. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/s7Uo68


Amazing diving, crew was outstanding. I could say a lot of great things about this trip, it's pricey but well worth the money. The only negatives (and they are very minor, nothings perfect), we had a plastic bag fly off the boat and would have expected the crew to put a bit more effort into retrieving it especially in a place like the galapagos and the final minor thing is that we felt the toilet bin could have been changed more regularly. Apart from that, great diving, we saw whale sharks, hammerheads, turtles, marine iguanas (one of the coolest dives). Our guides were great, very knowledgeable about all of the wildlife in the galapagos. Would recommend this to anyone who can afford it, amazing trip. From https://scubatribe.com/profile/galapagos-master

Amazing experience

It's been a couple of weeks since we finished our Galapagos trip and we are now in Peru. I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for helping us organise our trip on the Darwin. It was absolutely fantastic and we loved everything about it - the islands, the boat, the crew, the guide Tamara was fantastic and all the other people on the boat were great too. Walking all the islands and seeing all those animals and the snorkeling is probably one of the best experiences we've had anywhere in the world, and we have both travelled a LOT! Source: goo.gl/uHrt94

Extraordinary trip

Hi! We took a 7 nights trip on the Nortada to go diving around the Galapagos Islands. We, a couple in their 30’s, are advanced divers with about 100 dives each. Diving with the Nortada was great, it’s our first liveaboard experience and we will sure try this formula again. The crew was amazing, very caring and leading us through informative briefings. I assume you know about the diving it self, let me just say that it is just like everybody says: extraordinary! We felt the El nino impact (summer 2016) but still we’ve got plenty of friends in the water. The set up on the boat it great, everything is neat and we particularly fell for the family-like ambiance on-board. We’ve had so much fun and were lucky to get well along with every fellow divers. Also, for those it may concern, I am vegetarian and I’ve had no issues at all. The food was simply amazing, and diverse enough. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/FTd4PC

Convenient Hotel with Nice Rooms and a Delicious Breakfast Buffet

The Garden is very conveniently located to the port of Puerto Ayora (maybe two blocks). It has nice rooms and some separate apartments for larger parties. The staff are very helpful. The breakfast buffet is delicious and a great way to start the day. The pool is a nice respite at the end of the day. The ping-pong and pool tables are also good for family fun. As in all of the Galapagos archipelago, internet is available but spotty. There is a good internet cafe at the base of Baltra Street. Review from https://goo.gl/AhwP29

July 2016 trip on the Seaman Journey

This trip was perfect—start to finish! It was my second cruise in the Galapagos, the first being 2 years ago. The first time I was satisfied, this trip was outstanding. Three things made it special. #1 The crew is 100% dedicated to passenger care and work so hard to make sure every passenger has a great experience. It is evident from their smiles, laughter, and good humor that they love working here. Karen, housekeeper, panga driver, and folder of whimsical towel creatures and Joel, the bartender and explainer of cuisine were especially kind to my teenage granddaughter. #2 Our guide, Leonides, is knowledgeable, speaks excellent English, and timed our shore excursions to capture the light and ambiance for great photos. “Off-duty” Leo is a fun guy, teaching us salsa dance and doing cannonballs with the teenagers from the 2nd deck. #3 The boat is spacious, clean, and has plenty of hot water. The amenities made us feel pampered: hot beverages after snorkeling, a constant supply of dry towels on the pangas, cool washcloths after shore excursions, and even a “Cross the Equator Happy Hour” on the bridge with the Captain and complementary cocktails. I know it is a luck-of-the-draw, but our fellow passengers were a delightful mix of internationals and Americans who brought out the best and were outstanding travel companions.

Galapatours + Galavens = Highly recommended

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most wonderful week in the Galapagos Islands. Erick Ortiz and Geno could not have been better tour guides for us. Their knowledge, expertise and patience with us and the rest of guests was magical. Luis was wonderful as the cruise director and made us feel welcome at every point on the trip. We feel like we were very lucky to have the guests and crew for our B excursion. We cannot wait to save up enough money to do the A trip with Royal Galapagos. The accommodations were good. The food was delicious. The guests and crew were friendly and wonderful to get to know and the wildlife and island environment were out of this world. Thank you, again Galapatours, for helping to make our experience the best vacation we have experienced. Visited in July 2016

Best dive experience of our lives!

Seeing such an abundance of sea life all in one trip was simply epic! We had underwater whiplash as everywhere we turned there was more sea life. We have never had an experience like it, and wouldn't be disappointed if we don't. Diving Wolf and Darwin islands is next level! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/YTJuEB

Wonderful experience!

everyone was excellent and the food was delicious. The experience as a whole was wonderful Feedback from: https://goo.gl/aAFeSA

Perfect tour!

I want to thank you for arranging a perfect tour for me. I know you did not have control over who the other people would be, but it all, on all fronts, was perfect. The itinerary was sensational and the boat fabulous. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/k21yP4

Great week on the Humboldt Explorer

I was reading some mixed (positive or negative) reviews on a forum and I wasn’t quite sure about what to do. In the end, dates were matching and I found more great reviews. So I did it, and loved it. The diving was exceptional, the service on-board was correct and the food okay. So what I would say is that I feel like the boat is putting the price high for what is it. It’s not bad, it’s even very good… but it not high-end either (like what the pricing would reflect). Just another opinion. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4srN8z


We had a wonderful cruise on the Mary Anne, the boat was very comfortable and the crew and guides could not do enough for us. The food was excellent and there was plenty of it. We would highly recommend the Mary Anne. Source: goo.gl/zHrCF3

Galapagos Master

Galapagos Master vessel was operated and maintained well while we were on the boat. The help that I personally received was excellent and would recommend the boat to any of my close friends who are divers who want an experience that is amazing. Only a couple of things worried me on the diving trips firstly not enough time was allowed for our first shake down dive and it was a little rough as well.Secondly on one of the dives a causal response to a shark annoyance could have lead to a different experience. I would recommend this vessel and location to experienced fit divers who can look after themselves well in moderate current and surge. From https://scubatribe.com/profile/galapagos-master

Nemo III provides a great mix of adventure and luxury.

I've had a week at home to relive the week on the Nemo III with a birdwatching tour group. Yes, cabins are small (this isn't a cruise ship), but they are well-designed and meticulously kept. We were in them to sleep, use the head, charge electronics, and change clothes. The different designs include some with a bunk and double, some with twins, some doubles. Yes, Cabins 7 & 8 are at the stern, entered by a hatch with stairs into them, and are right by the engine. On a 74-foot boat, there's not much that isn't near the engines or the anchor chain. We had a good week with no rain and no rough water. Most navigation (on the National Park Service-determined itinerary) was at night. Distances were not great. The jib was used once; mainsail never. The 6-man crew and NPS guide were excellent. The food was varied, tasty, and very nicely presented, served buffet-style. We ate at tables al fresco at the stern, and dined on linen in the evening. Some in our group snorkled and reported positive experiences. All of us enjoyed hikes on various island to see birds, iguana, geologic formations, vistas, and more. This boat is well-suited for eco-travel in the restricted conditions of the Galapagos. when in the panga (zodiac), we always wore life vests, as required by the national park regulations. There is common area seating in the salon, the dining area at the stern, atop adjacent to the wheelhouse, and on deck at the bow. Nemo III provides a great mix of adventure and luxury. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/7wsGk6

Your best choice for a Galapagos Cruise

We did a 5d/4n cruise on the Encantata--the crew was great and the guide, Juan was exceptional with knowledge, energy and charm to keep a very mixed group entertained and informed. There are 12 clients on the boat and we chose it to avoid the crowds of larger boats when they "disgorge". Most of the inland touring places and the snorkel areas were relatively small so a group of 30+ would overwhelm the site and spoil the experience. We saw that happen as larger groups followed us. Kudos to Juan again for getting us up and about maybe 15 minutes ahead of the other boats so we always had a great experience. As an aside--snorkelling is at least 50% of the experience so make sure you can do it before you come. A minor warning is that with this boat you have to be okay with some rocking and rolling--a lot of the transits were with following seas so lots of movement. We are boaters and had no trouble. One couple brought a 1.5 and 3 year old--this is not a safe and relaxing environment for that small of kids--and that would apply to all boats and the type of explorative activities that are the key part of such a trip. We had cabin 1 which was great for having a window in it --but was more prone to the boat movement being behind the captain's station and a little noisy in the mornings if you are a light sleeper. We would choose the same one again. Also bunk length was 6'2" --fyi One last point is that despite it being a sailboat--it does not sail, it motors everywhere due to schedules and the way the rig is presently set up. Still looks great in pictures. We will recommend the Encantata as the best choice of a Galapagos cruise.

Extremely satisfied

We were extremely satisfied with all levels of service on the Tip Top IV. The captain, crew and guide were very professional and pleasant. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/CFL4G9

Magnificent cruise

i just spent a week on the Daphne with other guests from all corners of the planet. Everyone was really happy with the boat, the staff and the guide. Espanola Island was on the itinerary and was magnificent for the wildlife and pristine beaches. I am not one to write reviews unless I really feel strongly one way or the other and, think that my comments will help people make a decision.Everyone on our boat thought that our guide Carlos was fantastic. Source: goo.gl/ckpgrP

Seaman Journey was perfect

We had just left the Seaman Journey from a 7N trip around the western part of the Galapagos islands. It was just wonderful, the crew did a good job and took always good care of us, the hiking and snorkelling trips were amazing and the food was delicious. And -what was also very important- we had a really good group with good conversations and a lot of fun. We would definetely book this ship again.

Good but not excellent

We took a 5 day/4 night cruise in May. The guide, Jairo, was very good and very knowledgeable, the group on our boat was very nice, the wildlife is very interesting and the overall experience is unique, BUT be aware: the Fragata yacht is NOT, as advertised in many agencies and sites, a first class boat. There was not enough food, in the shower there was hot water only about 20% of the time, the snorkeling equipment was poorly kept. The captain and crew were very nice, but the owner should give them what to work with. Who heard about not giving enough food when people are on vacation, on a boat? As I wrote- the overall Galapagos experience was good, but value for money - the Fragata is not!

Everything well organised and fantastic crew

We stayed on the MY Nortada for 7 nights. We really enjoyed it. From the start of the trip everything was so well organised and the crew were fantastic. Every dive was well prepared and our equipment was always prepared too! Overall, I think we dived 19 times and saw so much! Hammerheads, sea lions, barracuda, turtles, rays and even some feeding marine iguanas! (A highlight!) Each dive was amazing, all different but all exciting! The boat itself has everything you need for the week, plenty of space to relax when required and luckily we didn’t experience any sea sickness (others did…). Cabins are comfortable and the food was delicious and varied! Would definitely recommend this trip to this amazing place to everyone! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/s7Uo68

Just wish I could have stayed longer

Thanks to the Captain and crew of the Santa Cruz II. They made the trip so enjoyable, and the guides provided excellent information and interpretation. The food and accommodations were top notch, and the excursions, including snorkeling and interpretive hikes, were fantastic. The daily briefings kept us all informed about what was coming up, and the cocktail socials were great opportunities to unwind and relax while enjoying the scenery. A most memorable trip of a lifetime!! I just wish I could have stayed longer :) Feedback from: https://goo.gl/4rcFvB

The staff was phenomenal

Our trip to the Galápagos Islands on the Santa Cruz ll was beyond any and all expectations. The staff was phenomenal! All the guides were kind, happy and especially knowledgeable! Our Frigates guide Roberto was of course the best however . I will highly recommend this line and that everyone take this trip of a lifetime. Everything you hear is true! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/2p2JwY

Trip report: 11-Day Diving Aboard Galapagos Master

My wife and I recently returned from 11 days on *The Galapagos Master*, a 16-passenger liveaboard vessel whose itinerary includes Wolf and Darwin Islands. The first thing to say about Galapagos diving is… Well, okay, the *first* thing to say about Galapagos diving is how incredible the fish life is. More on that in a minute… The *second* thing to say about Galapagos diving is to talk about the temperature: temperature descriptions generally say something like “60-76F” and you might think “Well, I’ll plan for the middle of that estimate: 68F.” But that’s not right: the diving here is 60F *or* 76F, depending on where you dive. And even though almost exactly half the dives are in water that was in the mid-70s, the “feel” of the water temperature was determined by those in the 60F area. So 7mm hooded wetsuits and I envied the one person on our boat who dove in a drysuit. (My wife says her 5mm with a 3mm hooded steamer and a LavaCore was also okay, and she had more flexibility on the warmer dives.) The other thing, for me, is gloves. I never wear gloves since in general I have no need to touch the reef. But in the Galapagos the large majority of dives involve tucking in to rocks and holding on in strong currents. Additionally, at Darwin, Wolf, and Cabo Douglas (Fernandina) there was surge. And the rocks are covered in barnacles. I didn’t wear gloves for the first several dives and my hands got sliced up. Dives are limited to 50 minutes. We were all diving nitrox and spending the majority of our dives at 60-80’, so I thought that duration was good: long enough to linger when the sights were good, short enough so that air consumption wasn’t a limiting factor, and brief enough that no-deco was very manageable (I had a few 4th dives where I was deco-limited.) In the cold water at Cape Douglas (marine iguanas) and Punta Vicente Roca (molas and penguins) the dives were shorter — 40 minutes. (The water *was* cold, but with the marine iguanas my max depth was 19’! I would have happily spent more time with them.) Each buddy-team was given a DiveRite audible alarm powered by their low-pressure BCD inflator and a Nautilus Lifeline GPS/VHS radio. We never had any cause to use either, but the Nautilus, in particular, struck me as a showing a good concern for safety. ## Itinerary and Diving Our 11-day itinerary was: board the boat in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal. Same day we had a 20-minute check-out dive in the harbor: cold, poor vis, just a chance to get your weight correct. (Some sea lions came in and played with us, which was fun.) 2nd day was a dive apiece at Mosquera and North Seymour Island. I thought these would be more “check out” style, but actually the dive at Mosquera was excellent! First hammerhead of the trip, a big school of mobula, schools of barracuda, steel pompano, big blue-spotted trevally, “some kind of bonito.” Our 2nd dive, at North Seymour, was apparently more-commonly a highlight, but we got somewhat skunked. We did a brief land excursion on North Seymour and, for me, it was one of the highlights of the trip — our only chance to see nesting blue-footed boobies and frigate birds. We saw several males displaying, a few pairs “dancing,” and even one sitting on an egg. (I’m kicking myself at missing a post-dive-trip day-trip to Isla Lobos from San Cristobal to see more breeding birds.) Then we steamed for Darwin Island. We apparently got a late start for this, leaving North Seymour at 4:30PM when we were “expected” to get out of there at 1:30PM. (But that’s a little confusing to me, as we may have dawdled an extra 30 minutes or whatever on the land expedition, but the overall schedule was set by the boat.) The upshot was that we didn’t arrive at Darwin until 8:30AM and dove immediately. The next 4 days (2 at Darwin, 2 at Wolf, 4 dives per day) were amazing. Warm, with occasional hints of a thermocline, moderate-strong currents (I think once we had a spot with something like 2 knots), *insane* density of fish. Jacks, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, yellowfin tuna, smaller tuna… just amazing. Visibility was not “murky” but it was definitely “hazy.” Maybe 25-35’-ish total, but things at the limits of visibility were definitely more silhouette-y than defined. So even though there was *tons* of wildlife, you would really only very-clearly see maybe 3-4 close passes per dive. Our panga (“Jaguar Sharks!”) was quite experienced (professional divemasters, marine biologist, etc.: with just over a thousand dives, I was by far the least experienced). I think on a difficulty scale of 1-10 for recreational diving, this was 7-8 stuff: cold, currents and surge, limited viz. This would not be a place for divers uncomfortable with their gear. Additionally, particularly at the south side of Darwin’s Arch, if you drifted away from the group and were not in the panga right around that 50-minute mark, you could get close to some extremely dangerous wave breaks. The dive guides knew the topography and drifts very well and if you paid attention to the rules and stuck with them, it was all fine. But again, it was the type of place where a mistake that separated you from the group could get very serious, very quickly. I could go on for thousands of words detailing the diving, but suffice it to say that it was great. There were endless schools of predators such as jacks and bonito as well as reef fish such as creole fish. The sharks varied depending on the specific dive location and time of day, but typically you’d settle in at 3 or 4 stops along the reefs and *usually* when you settled in, some amount of hammerheads and Galapagos would come by. Sometimes, when the current was strong, you’d be in a perfect situation where the hammerheads were slowly making their way up-current and it was just an unending conveyor belt. Another fun thing to do at Darwin was to drift past the boat on its mooring: there must have been 20 silky sharks swimming along in its eddy and if you could hold on to a panga line or get into the eddy at the stern of the ship, you would just be surrounded by silkies. The islands and birdlife of Darwin and Wolf were fascinating to observe with binoculars from the stern of the ship. After Darwin & Wolf, the diving was one location per day, usually with a single dive site dived only 3 times per day. In our case, we often dove, 7:45AM, 9:45AM, 11:45AM. Generally diving did seem to deteriorate as the morning progressed, so the only way I’d change that schedule would be a dive *before* breakfast, but that was never presented as an option to us. I think there was one more day when we had an after-lunch dive. Fernandina had a beautiful deep-dive to see horn sharks and red-lipped batfish (coldest dive, with 58F on my computer and 95’ of neoprene compression). After that, we did 2 dives in 5 meters to see marine iguanas feeding. Absolutely amazing. I do want to say that when we first got in, I experienced the most powerful surge of the trip: the surge was so strong that it caused my octopus to freeflow and then, even with a good grip, I got peeled off a rock and pushed a solid 10 yards. Again, this is a situation where a less experienced person could make a serious mistake and try to re-grip rather than accept spending the next few waves being washed back and forth. Another highlight of the trip then occurred: while crossing from Fernandina to Isabella I spotted a pod of orcas in the distance. They approached the boat and checked us out for ten minutes or more, swimming right alongside the boat, tilting on their sides to look up at us, etc. As with the iguanas at Fernandina, the next two days were destination dives as well: one day to see molas (ocean sunfish) and penguins (snorkeled with one) and the next to see pelagic manta rays. These were fine and again the walls were beautiful, with abundant black coral and bushy brown gorgonians teeming with long-nose hawkfish. Then a long cruise to Cousin’s Rock near Santiago and the final 2 dives of the trip. I feel silly downplaying any diving that involves a cave filled with white-tipped reef sharks and sea lions but compared to the other diving on the trip, this was anti-climactic. The final half-day of the trip involved a bus ride to a farm in the Santa Cruz highlands to see giant tortoises. This was quite good: they were free-ranging and it seemed more natural than seeing them in pens. As a reminder of the threat of introduced species, I was bitten by a fire ant as I watched a giant tortoise. Then we went down to Puerto Ayora and spent several hours, having a couple drinks and lazily shopping for souvenirs. The bus picked us up at 6:30PM and got us back to the boat near 8PM, where we had a final cocktail reception where the “tipping” occurred (more on that below) and then dinner. (Again, this was a case where the schedule was set by the boat, so the fact that we were all starving by the time we were fed near 9PM seems like something they could adjust.) The next day we were back in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and taken off the boat at 830AM. The [official itinerary] describes the cadence as an early dive, breakfast, morning dive, lunch, and two afternoon dives. That’s not at all how ours worked: first, we never had an opportunity to dive before breakfast and on 3-day dives (most days not on Darwin and Wolf) we often did all 3 dives before lunch with only 45-minute breaks. That was fine, since diving was generally better in the morning and getting in and out of a cold wetsuit is a pain. ## Accommodations The *Galapagos Master* is the former *Deep Blue* (so you might search for other reviews under that name). There are 4 below- and 4 above-deck cabins. We had an above-deck cabin but I do not think they were worth extra: the windows did not open and being that far above the center-of-gravity of the ship may have made the motion a little more obvious. Other than the standard shipboard reaction of “Oh my god, where are we going to put all our stuff?” the two things that stand out are the beds, which were very uncomfortable (pads over wood, with two single beds pushed together so that the rails created a “chastity bump”), and the electric toilet, which was absolutely incapable of clearing solids (if you know what I mean) with anything less than 4-5 flushes. Toilet paper goes into a container at the side. There is a salon where the in-door socializing happens, with a big-screen TV with HDMI inputs, so it was easy to do slideshows or watch movies from computers. The mess had one large table and a few smaller ones. It was well-configured for socializing. The sundeck was the major socializing place, and once clearly sported a bar and chairs, but only one chair was attached. Instead, you just lounged along the rails. I’m not a “foodie” and I thought the food was fine, but I think there was a little eye-rolling from some more refined people. There was always a salad and some amount of vegetables, and then usually a fish and a meat dish with some starch like potatoes or rice or plantains. Often meals started with a soup and there was always a dessert. There were two vegetarians on our trip and the galley seemed to be able to accommodate them well enough. Soft drinks were complimentary, beers were $3 apiece and cocktails and spirits were $6 apiece. Bottles of wine were $25. The dive deck was quite good, with individual stations along the rails, a wetsuit cleaning-tank and rack in the middle, 2 hot-water hoses with shower nozzles, and a large cameras-only tank. Under the tanks were cubby-holes with milk crates in which you kept your miscellaneous dive gear. Up a few steps from the dive deck was a passage with a long camera bench with 2 air blowers (well, 3, but one wasn’t working). On the other side there would be post-dive snacks and hot chocolate or ice tea. A nice thing were post-dive towels, neatly labeled with your station number, so you would be assured of getting one. On the first day our nitrox was a little low, at 29+, but mostly we dove around 32% O2. Again, I thought the nitrox vs. time vs. depth balance was just right: you ended the 4-dive days close to deco-limited but I never got close to depth-limited. ## “Tipping” This is a pet peeve of mine. I’m from the US and I tip well because I know that, when “tipping” is a big part of how workers make their money, workers get absolutely screwed. Our trip had people from the US, England, and Germany, all of which have vastly different attitudes and expectations about tipping. And although “it’s absolutely up to you” there is a “recommended 10% tip” on your $600-a-day-per-person dive trip that is “an important part of how the crew make money.” This is total BS! If a fair wage for the crew amounts to $60 per day per guest, charge $660 per day and make tipping truly optional. As one guest from England, who was not prepared to tip in cash (which is the only way), said “Half the trip fee goes to the cost of fuel for the ship. Why am I paying 10% of the fuel cost for ‘service’?” Also, “tipping” this way creates perverse incentives. After safety, the most important role of the diveguides is to enforce the conservation rules, but that’s made more difficult when you rely on “tips” as a major part of your income for the trip. Which brings us to… ## “That Guy” One of the things we got ready to board the boat is that “there’s always one guy.” In our case, he was a German who fancied himself a “photo-journalist.” What that meant was that in his mind, because he made a few thousand Euros per year from stock photography fees, he was justified in breaking the rules: he didn’t stay in a line so that all divers were at an equal distance from the skittish hammerheads, he dive-bombed other photographers, he *pushed* my wife out of the way when she had the temerity to videotape a marine iguana with “just” a GoPro, and, worst of all, he would swim up to skittish animals such as hammerheads or mola and blast them with his strobes. He was *clearly* out of line time-and-time again, and the dive guides never confronted him. This became a topic of every post-dive talk and we talked to our dive guide about it. He spoke at dinner about the importance of obeying the no-harassment rules and the dire consequences of breaking them. Then again, at breakfast the next day, he reiterated the importance of not chasing the animals. And then, an hour later “That Guy” bombed a Mola and chased it away. Back on the panga, the other divers were saying stuff and when it became clear that the dive guide wasn’t going to say anything, I gave the guy both barrels. The upshot? Well, he didn’t dive with us anymore, but essentially he got a private dive guide and (according to reports) had a great time swimming up to and blasting pelagic mantas. Such behavior will continue as long as the rest of us divers, whether photographers or not, tolerate it. We all want to see the animals as well as possible, we all paid a lot of money, we all would love a photo. But sometimes nature doesn’t accommodate our wishes. What we do in those circumstances is the test of our character and, if you label yourself a “photographer” (much less a “photo-journalist”), a test of your ethics. Don’t be “that guy.” Review from: https://goo.gl/WKX1yp

Galapagos Liveaboard

A really wonderful diving experience - especially Darwin and Wolf. Good staff to client ratio and staff fully OK. Very clean and comfortable accommodation. Only downside - add-on rental kit to supplement our own was overpriced. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/rEu3QK

Thank you so much for the fantastic trip you built

Dear Galapatours team, We had THE BEST TIME on our vacation! The Galaven cruise was perfect from start to finish! You got everything started with your great communication and information about the cruise. We were able to fly in to Quito on Saturday night and we toured the city with a taxi driver all day Sunday. We rode the Teleferico to the top and viewed the city, we visited the Mitad del Mundo (original site) and also saw the new GPS accurate Mitad del Mundo museum (much smaller but the tour and scientific examples were terrific!). We also saw the beautiful volcano valley of Pululahua. It was a wonderful day of sightseeing! I'm just sorry we couldn't meet you (hopefully you were not working on Sunday anyway!). Our Avianca flight to SCY was great and we loved our one day and night sightseeing in San Cristobal (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) before our cruise began. Then the best part of the trip was when we boarded the Galaven and met our wonderful crew. They were so accommodating and friendly and professional. In particular, our chef Senor Washington prepared so many delicious and delightful meals for us. Our boat drivers Wilmer and Augustin were excellent, our housekeeper Maria was wonderful, our cruise coordinator Luis was great and our 2 nature guides Pato and Xavier were terrific! Of course we owe our safety to our great captain Jose Figueroa and his mechanic Carlos, too! Everyone was absolutely delightful....what a wonderful crew! We filled out our comment cards and said lots of positive things about our vacation. The only negative thing I had to say was about the $50 fee for the wetsuits...considering the temperature of the ocean, I felt that the wetsuits should have been included in our cruise fee. They are a reusable item (like the mask, fins and snorkels) and do not have to be replaced after our use. I know that was a common feeling among the passengers---there should not have been a fee to use the wetsuits. I hope to someday return to the Galapagos Islands and enjoy Itinerary A! Maybe in about 3 years we will be able to return. By then the new boat Infiniti will be in operation. Luis was telling us about some of the features of the new boat. Although the Infiniti sounds wonderful, I was absolutely 100% satisfied with the layout of the Galaven and the accommodations. Of course, we loved our cabins--#9 and #11 and we were happy to have such large windows to look out from! So, in closing, thank you for your great communication and for everything you did to get us signed up on our cruise and booked into such lovely cabins for the week. Un abrazo desde Atlanta, Kathy Keramidas Visited in June 2016

Very good trip

Hi! We just spent 8 days on the Floreana on the Northern circuit. We had a very good trip and have seen a lot of wildlife. The boat is well-maintained and clean. The crew was very helpful and friendly. The only disappointment was the naturalist Victor. He didn't volunteer a lot of details on the nature and reacted crankily to questions. We would very much recommend the Floreana but try to get another guide. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/FKVXjw

Really happy with the Nemo II

We were really happy with the Nemo II and the crew--all of them were really friendly and fun. We even had a little salsa party on board one night when we were anchored for the night! The food was impressive- so much work went into every meal with soups, ceviche, and even roast pork. Also I should mention that we had two birthdays on board and the cook made two birthday cakes, frosted and decorated! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/2ZguCP

Exeptional Cruise

This was a truly exceptional cruise. Everyone on board was a great fit, the crew and guide were wonderful.

Affordable Diving in Galapagos

I stayed on this live-a-board during my recent visit to the Galapagos (July 12-19). The Astrea is not a luxury cruise, but an affordable very comfortable live-a-aboard with an exceptional cook, outstanding crew, and awesome guides. Just to name a few of the events experienced, we dove with whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, galapagos sharks, mola mola, orca whales, dolphins, and playful sealions. If you are looking for an affordable diving experience in the Galapagos then book a week on the Astrea. Everything a diver needs to enjoy diving the Galapagos you will find on the Astrea. I booked my Astrea tour through Dive the Galapgos. They were awesome in setting everything up including flights from Guayaquil to Baltra. I highly recommend booking your Galapagos trip on board the Astrea.

You get what you pay for

I have just returned from a week on the Fragata and our experience was better than some of our fellow travellers. We had cabin 9 which was fine although its best not to think too much about where the thick blankets have been! But other cabins had problems with termites, fleas and plumbing. The food was fine and there was enough - but there were only 13 of us. They need more food if the boat is full. Our guide was a disaster but he was an emergency replacement at very short notice and doesn't normally work on that ship so its not fair to judge the fregata by his performance. In summary, the Fragata is not luxurious but mostly its ok and I suspect its much cheaper than some of the other boats. It should be.

Affordable Diving in Galapagos

I stayed on this live-a-board during my recent visit to the Galapagos (July 12-19). The Astrea is not a luxury cruise, but an affordable very comfortable live-a-aboard with an exceptional cook, outstanding crew, and awesome guides. Just to name a few of the events experienced, we dove with whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, galapagos sharks, mola mola, orca whales, dolphins, and playful sealions. If you are looking for an affordable diving experience in the Galapagos then book a week on the Astrea. Everything a diver needs to enjoy diving the Galapagos you will find on the Astrea. I booked my Astrea tour through Dive the Galapgos. They were awesome in setting everything up including flights from Guayaquil to Baltra. I highly recommend booking your Galapagos trip on board the Astrea.

Not much food. Otherwise, really great!

We did the 6-day cruise around Isabela on M/S Encantada. I wouldn't call it a 6-day cruise, though. It leaves in the evening of the first day and returns early in the morning of the first day, so just 4 days of program. For me that was enough! I saw every day so much I was finally happy to return to Santa Cruz. (I still did a scuba diving trip the next day.) All the snorkeling spots were simply amazing, and some of the islands we visited on land were also great. The crew was friendly, and our guide, Andres, had an answer to almost any conceivable question concerning the nature. Food was really good and there was mostly enough - take some snacks with you just in case.

This boat was amazing!

This boat was amazing! It is a brand new boat. The service, food and naturalist were top notch! Don't look any further, if you are considering this boat, book it today :) (Review from TripAdvisor)

So glad with took the Darwin

We had a great time aboard the Darwin. The yacht was quite luxurious, the meals were great and the staff really friendly. This Galapagos cruise was definitely one of the highlights of our year of travel. Source: goo.gl/22LfaE

Can highly recommend

I was on board in January, it is a great boat! Cabins are huge with panoramic windows. The crew is awesome. The food was really good. It has a great variety of dishes, so you have many options. Cruise director always make me feel welcome and always attentive to passenger’s needs. For me the best part of the trip was snorkeling many opportunities to do it, we saw sharks all the time, great experience!! It is worth it!!

Almost excellent

We'd love to give it excellent, were it not for engine/generator noise, which seemed inescapable, though one got used to it. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/rmaur9


This cruise/tour was exceptional! The staff was very attentive, anticipating our needs before we realized we had one. The tour was very well organized. They kept us very busy, we got to see and do a lot, without feeling overwhelmed. I would highly recommend this trip. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/1EDxmj

The only way to see the Galapagos Islands

We took the 5 day cruise on the yacht La Pinta and it was fantastic. Very well organised crew and a great range of activities including sea kayaking, glass bottom boat and snorkelling, the best way to experience the wildlife and wonders of the Islands. Very sociable experience and knowledgeable staff who made the cruise all the more enjoyable. Cabins were clean and all we needed and there was a good selection of food to choose from. A very special experience and the holiday of a lifetime. Visited September 2015

Eine wundervolle Erfahrung

Meine Frau, unsere Zwillinge und ich buchten eine sechs-Tages Kreuzfahrt in den Süden. Es war eine fantastische Erfahrung - wandern, schnorcheln und Kayak Touren, es war alles dabei. Ich werde nie wieder vergessen, wie wir mit Seelöwen um die Wette schwammen und die Schildkröten im Wasser beim verspeisen von Algen beobachteten. Es mag zwar teuer sein aber die Galapagos Inseln besucht man nur ein oder zwei Mal im Leben. Eine tolle Zeit, die uns die Besatzung, der Guide und die Extras an Bord der Petrel erst ermöglichten. Quelle: https://goo.gl/a7GLSR

Eine gute Mischung Abenteuer und Entspannung

Die Reise hat uns sehr gefallen. Der Reiseleiter Morris verfügte über großartiges Wissen und konnte super Englisch. Auch Carlos, der Kellner, und der Rest der Besatzung konnte hervorragend mit uns kommunizieren. Alle waren sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend. An Bord gab es eine gute Mischung aus Passagieren zwischen 20 und 60 Jahren aus aller Welt. Das Essen war abwechslungsreich und es wurde großzügig aufgetischt. Nach jedem Ausflug gab es frische Fruchtsäfte und einen Snack, wie Chicken Wings, Empanadas usw. Die Galapagos Inseln sind ein wunderbarer Ort auf Erden. Falls Sie planen dort hin zu reisen, genießen Sie es. Quelle: https://goo.gl/NJZTPw

Unforgettable Galapagos Cruise on Majestic

We were on board the Majestic yacht for seven nights in February 2016 where we had an unbelievable experience. Captain Marcello and his wonderful team made our dream trip exceptional in every way. They were enthusiastic, so friendly, always smiling and nothing was too much trouble. They worked together as a team, helped us in and out of the dingy, and were very minded to our security. One day there was a birthday. We arrived back on deck late afternoon to find the crew had filled the dining area with balloons and were ready to make dinner a festive special birthday. I was impressed by the chef who managed to produce different dishes taking care of my food allergies of gluten and lactose. Billy our naturalist guide so professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and a wonderful caring person. We felt blessed that he was on board. He always was ready to share and answer questions however trivial. We were not rushed and Billie gave us plenty of time to wait for the right moments to take our photographs. Hikes and snorkeling were simply perfect. He made every effort to ensure we had an unforgettable experience. Thank you, Galapatours! Visited in February 2016

Had a wonderful time

This review came super late but better late than never! My husband and I went on the 8-day itinerary in June 2015 and had a wonderful time. At the time it was still the cruise's initial operation but we thought everything ran smoothly. Itinerary - I loved the itinerary and was able to see all the things I had on my wish list! One thing I didn't realize till I got there was that that the itinerary were all heavily regulated and if the weather sucked on one day and landing is cancelled, there would be no easy substitution. With that said, we were able to do everything as planned except for one snorkel because of water condition, which didn't bother me at all. Equipment - My husband and I brought our own mask, snorkel and fins (which we always do as we are divers). You use this so extensively during the trip that I'd recommend everyone to get their own. Our group's equipment looked like they were in decent shape, You get your own numbered mesh bag from day 1 and are supposed to store your gear in there to avoid mixing up with others. Food - I had worries about the food before, but I was totally over thinking. Food was excellent. Breakfast and lunch are buffets and dinner is served. Lunch and dinner always come with dessert. I can't recall any repetition in food served (if you count bacon and eggs in breakfast then yes). What I love the most was the fresh iced juices and snacks ready on the deck whenever we got back from excursions (usually afternoon)! A nice treat after walking/snorkeling under the sun. I loved hanging out on the deck reading and bird watching. I was lucky enough to spot a rare find - Mola Mola while enjoying the view from the deck! I only found out it was a mola mola because a crew member yelled that when I was puzzled at what that shark/fish looking thing swimming by our boat was. All the staff including our naturalist Freddy were fantastic. Not a single thing I can complain about. Always smiling and happy to help. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/JCj57u

Very impressed

We travelled from Quito to Guyaquil, then spent a week on La Pinta in the Galapogos. From start to finish we could not have been looked after better. Transfers were smooth and well organised. My nervousness as a passenger had been passed on and our drivers were excellent - not one eyes closed moment! Both of our guides on the mainland were knowledgeable and friendly and the itinerary worked smoothly. La Pinta was equally well organised, our cabin was very comfortable, the meals superb and the island visits fascinating. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff on La Pinta - I have never written such an enthusiastic review, they were that good! Visited November 2015

Best cruise ever

We just returned from a week in the Galapagos onboard the Passion. It was a wonderful experience. The crew was a joy. And like true professionals, they took care of us in style every minute of every day. There was only one other couple onboard, so the 4 of us had all (I think) 13 crew members to ourselves. And like good stage performers, they performed as if to a full house. Our Guide Fernando was a PRO. He took us on each island and lovingly shared his animals, plants and geology with us. He was a dive master for years (I’m an avid diver although we could only snorkel on this trip) so he pointed out the penguins, sea lions and fish with great glee and passion. He also headed a conservation group so he was very protective of the animals as he should be. It’s a very aggressive schedule. Each morning we toured an island. Then we came back and had breakfast. Next often a snorkeling trip. Then lunch and then another island and maybe another snorkeling trip. We never had a spare minute. You won’t be bored, but you might be tired. The trails on the island are often quite challenging. But the crew was great about helping us. I thanked them for saving my life, as in one location, two crew members came ashore to support us as we crossed the rocks at the landing site while two others helped us on and off the Panga (Zodiac) and another piloted the Panga so it was against the rocks as each of us entered and exited. I share this so you’ll know that you will be helped. Not sure how a ship with a large group handles it all. But at all times, on and off the Yacht, wet or dry landings, the crew was 100% marvelous. The suites were great. Frankly better than on most full size cruise ships we’ve been on. We had a king bed, 2 bathrooms and a nice tub and separate shower. All very nice when we were leaving early in the mornings... We had the VIP Suite. There was also a bigger suite and 4 normal cabins, each with a nice bathroom and tub/shower. The common areas were large and the entire ship was spotless. I saw some reviews that noted that the cabins were made up often, but that they never saw anyone do it. I guess they do it while we’re off the ship. Our room was always clean and they even folded the clothes that I left on the bed. We ate breakfast and lunch on deck under a canopy on deck. And dinner was in a very nice dining room on a spectacular alabaster table. Even the centerpieces were new every day. The food was really great. Perfectly cooked and never repeated, except for breakfast where I ordered the same type of eggs each morning. One night our guide Fernando made dinner and it was fabulous. Very much like a whole catfish that we get at a restaurant we like in Los Angeles. I wish I could remember all the crew names, because they were all cheerful and wonderfully helpful especially getting on and off the boat several times a day. but I do remember Roberto who handled serving us meals. He and the rest of the crew were second to none, the best we’ve had. And as an example, I drink a lot of diet coke and soda water. There was always a bottle nearby. All I had to do was look up. It’s not an inexpensive trip. But I’d be hard pressed to think of any way that the service or accommodations could be improved. Book the Passion. You’ll be glad you did. Source: goo.gl/Sgxqwd

Galapatours + Majestic = What a holiday!

Hi Angela I am not sure where to begin. The ship was beautiful. I loved the public space. Plenty of it. Jacuzzi was a little bit of luxury. On the top deck it would had been good if there had been more shade for the sunbeds. It got a bit hot on deck. The food was excellent with plenty of choice. The crew worked nonstop. They were friendly, helpful and provided a first class service. The crew certainly made my birthday a very special occasion which will be a birthday I will never forget. The cabins were small on the lower deck but cabin number 5 is the largest and we were certainly grateful for that. We were a little bit disappointed about the lack of information on their website. No idea if water was free (it was) they served juices which were also inclusive. It would have been handy to know that the boat supplied a hairdryer and some idea of the cost of drinks and tips. We did have windows on the lower deck just too high to see out! The window sill was useful as an additional shelf for personal possessions and clothes. Not a lot of space to store two suitcases. You can just about get them under the bed, just little bit of additional information proves very useful. The guide on board was extremely knowledgeable and flexible. We never felt rushed and he did his utmost to ensure that we fully benefited from each and every trip. The itinerary for each day was clearly laid out on a white board with what to wear and take. So well organized so we didn't waste any time. The islands visited gave us an excellent opportunity to see a wide range of sea life and birds. It was all so close and made taking photos so easy. It was amazing to wake up every morning to a different view and a new adventure waiting for us. The other thing we would have liked to have done on Santa Cruz was to spend a little more time shopping and a bit of time in the evening there to enjoy the street life and live music. We felt seven day trip was spot on. I am so pleased we didn't do a shorter trip as we got to see so much more and never once felt we had had enough. To travel so far, and to such a unique place I am pleased we made the most of it and did a full week. Best wishes, Paul Visited in February 2016

Fantastic staff

Hi All My husband and I just came back from our trip to Galapagos in January 2016 and I thought I'd add to the reviews of the boat here. We did the 8D7N itinerary B Firstly, yes, there isn't much room inside the rooms to dry things (and we travelled in wet season). We ended up using the rails that are used to stop the blinds from banging about. We also bought our own pegless clothesline which we strapped to the lounge chairs on the upper deck and it worked a treat (I'm pretty sure most of our cruise group put them on their 'things to buy' list as well!) Rooms are huge- lots and lots of room but we didn't use it all that much except for sleeping. The break in the middle of the day was great for napping and a lot of our group used the lounge to watch Galapagos DVDs or just share photos Food- I love food and the chef did not disappoint on any day. There is plenty of food and lots of variety. As previously mentioned by others, lunch and dinner always begin with a soup and breakfast and lunch is a buffet. We never had a bad meal and I never left the table feeling anything less than full and I love eating! Staff- All fantastic. Angel managed the service for the guests and did it impeccably. No request was too much and he was often greeting us at the end of our day excursions with fresh juice and nibbles which were very welcome after a long walk or snorkelling. The cleaning staff would have our rooms made up and ready between us going to breakfast and coming back to get changed for the morning activities- it was amazing. Different towel animals each day were also a great touch. Don't worry too much if you're on a panga trip and the guide is in the other boat, the first mate, Andre, is just as knowledgeable and knows where to take you to see great wildlife and for great pictures. A few people complained that the panga driver wouldn't always go close enough to animals for a good photo but there are rules on how close you can go, and I'm glad the panga driver chose to put the animal's welfare first. Equipment- Snorkels and masks were plentiful and some sets looked newer than others. Only two people from our group hired the wetsuits ($15/ day). Remember to bring shampoo if you don't want to have to defog your mask the old fashioned way Guide- Our guide, Jorge, was fantastic. Really knowledgeable and patient with the whole group. He seemed to really enjoy the trip as much as we did and made the airport meet up easy. He did mention though that the guides on each boat tend to be move from boat to boat. Sea travel- I think the choppy night navigations surprised a few of the people on our boat. The upper deck where we were pitched quite badly from side to side. I found it quite soothing and had no problem sleeping but quite a few of the others found it hard to sleep, so be prepared! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/JCj57u

Awesome in every respect

Having just returned from my Galapagos travel, I wanted to compliment your discerning management and staffing aboard the Majestic MV. Each member of her crew was professional, welcoming, courteous and helpful. The cabin was immaculately prepared and maintained; the meals were beautifully created and presented, and our phenomenal educated naturalist guide Peter helped not only my enjoyment of Galapagos but furthered my education and passion for your archipelago. My only suggestion is that you not change a thing! Awesome in every respect; I am looking forward to my return to not only Galapagos but the Majestic and her phenomenal crew Feedback from: https://goo.gl/nKqXCP

Very good guides, ship staff and RIB drivers

The best way to get a comprehensive tour of the Galapagos. Very good guides, ship staff and RIB drivers. Make sure you have extra time afterwards to relax in the Galapagos or when returning to Ecuador. The itinerary is not overcrowded, but there is an exceptional amount to see, photograph and film! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/ARUXYB

8 days cruise

I was on the Galaxy for an 8 days cruise in June 2015, with my son. The Galaxy 2 and its entire staff are stupendous.. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/HvBGzh


We just came back from a trip with the Floreana, 1 week north itinerary. I can support previous comments: very positive thing is the food, very varied, healthy and tasty. There is little space in the cabins but it is fine for a boat in this category. We also had Victor as a guide and were very satisfied, he is very knowledgeable and helpful. For the north itinerary one needs to know that there is quite a lot of sailing at night/ in the evening: so if you know you are sea-sick it might be better to chose another boat/ itinerary with less distance covered. We were very satisfied and can recommend this boat. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/1Qjxbq

A dreamy trip

Excellent crew, sumptuous meals and an island excursion like no other. After calling this yatch home for five days, I highly recommend this tour. For us, this was an experience of a lifetime! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/gTyA3S

Great Ship for Cruising the Galapagos Islands

Our group of 15 on an OAT trip were on the Tip Top IV for four nights. The ship was excellent. The food was very good. The ship was very clean. Remember this is not an ocean going luxury cruise liner. The cabins are small, and when the boat is moving you must be careful when walking around. Fortunately most of the cruising is done at night when you are sleeping. The seven crew members were all very pleasant and extremely helpful. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/gTyA3S

Comfort and luxury

We recently returned from an amazing cruise on the M/Y Passion. The ship, the crew, the service, the food and the islands were all wonderful. We can’t say enough good things. We were a multi-generational family group, twelve in total, including two grandparents, four parents and six children (ages 4 – 13). The crew effortlessly handled each and every one of our needs, from serving a “children’s meal” in the evening to making sure that there were snorkels and wetsuits for all. Our staterooms were kept impeccably clean and the entire ship was immaculate. The excellent service from the crew allowed us to relax and enjoy being together as a family, more than on any vacation that we have experienced. The ship is extremely comfortable and large enough that there is plenty of room for everyone, including twelve crew members. There is a lovely outdoor dining area on the upper deck where we enjoyed numerous meals and spent countless hours enjoying one another’s company. The living room area inside the ship has a large television and comfortable seating for all. And the moment we sat down to watch a movie our cruise director, Roberto, appeared with popcorn for everyone, as if anticipating our needs. The staterooms are all expertly appointed and large enough for adults and children alike, each with an en-suite bathroom. The food was fantastic, the best we experienced in Ecuador. Our chef, Anna, created interesting and delicious meals and would cater her menu to the tastes and needs of our group. Every meal was thoughtfully prepared and expertly served. The landscape and wildlife of the Galapagos was also incredible. Young and old alike were amazed at the creatures we saw on land and that we swam with in the water. We were all thrilled the first time a penguin swam with us while snorkeling and when the sea lions would play it was even better. The children are still talking about the experiences they had and the memories from the trip will last a lifetime. Our exploration was as impactful as it was due to our guide, Sandie, who was wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the flora and fauna in the islands, including the ability to speak sea lion. She expertly introduced us to all of the wonders of the Galapagos and skillfully balanced the needs of the different age groups. She willingly snorkeled with some of the younger children while their parents explored deeper waters. She took time to explain the history of the islands and the animals so that everyone could understand. She diligently sat on the deck of the ship, scanning the seas for whales, dolphins and other wildlife. The level of guide provided by the ship assured us that this was a first class operation in every imaginable way. We were truly privileged to have spent time on the M/Y Passion. It is an outstanding ship with an energetic and creative crew. The owners have made every effort to ensure that the passengers have a most enjoyable stay on board. Our entire party would all highly recommend the M/Y Passion. Source: goo.gl/EzFbRj

Would definitively choose it again

I would definitely choose Golondrina for my next trip to the Galapagos islands…" .-Ida Pettersson – Sweden Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fG1wc9

Nortada liveaboard - Amazing!

Spent 7 nights on the Nortada Yacht at the start of Nov 2015 ...............Wow! ..... what a trip! The diving is managed by Tip Top Dive, and you can also book through them. The boat is tip top (no pun intended :) haha), the diving gear is quality, the staff are friendly, professional, and will bend over backwards to help you, and the safety was excellent. I really could not fault it at all. Oh .... and the diving itself was simply fantastic! Yes, its pricey ... its a liveaboard and you're in the Galapagos .....so what do you expect! To my mind, the cost was well worth it as you get to visit dive sites like Wolf and Darwin, which you simply can't get to on day trips as they're too far out. Here's a few more details in case you want to know more: Pros (in no particular order!): 1) Safety - You really get a sense from the Dive school and Dive masters that safety is key. For a start, there are only 4 divers per dive master - I hear on some other boats in the Galapagos this can be up to 8. We were lucky that 1 guest brought his own dive master as he was less experienced, so we had 1 dive master between 3 of us. The equipment is good quality, and you don't need to do anything as the crew prepare it for you and dismantle everything after your dive. There is a briefing before each dive, including a presentation on the TV to give you an idea what to expect and what to watch out for. 2) Staff - Everyone was so friendly and up for a chat when they were around (being able to speak a bit of Spanish is handy!). Our "waiter/general first point of contact" Francisco was really helpful and seemed to know what you wanted even before you asked. The crew were very professional. You barely saw them in the lounge area or the upper chill out deck, and you knew they were busy keeping everything ship shape for you behind the scenes. The cook was a real character .... how he managed to produce such good food from that little kitchen I don't know! And our Dive Master Santiago really knew what he was doing (with 5,000+ dives I guess you would!) and he led us to some great sites. I felt totally safe and comfortable diving with him. 3) Amount of guests - The boat only takes 8 guests (2 to a cabin) so not as big as some of the other liveaboard options in the Galapagos. Or if you charter the whole boat it does sleep up to 12, but I can imagine you really want to know your fellow passengers well if that's the case, as 3 to a cabin is very cosy! We got lucky in that it was a quiet week so only 4 guests ... we got a cabin each! Each cabin also has its own bathroom. 4) Diving - it goes without saying really! :) We did 18 dives altogether (including 2 night dives), so just short of the 20 advertised. Saw hundreds of hammerheads (a sight I will never forget!), turtles everywhere, schools of barracuda, seal lions, mola mola, lots of rays including 3 or 4 mantas.... Only had 1 disappointing dive trying to find the marine iguanas feeding ...... Nada ... nada ... nada! I guess they weren't hungry! I also enjoyed the presentations that the dive master Santiago gave on the marine life and the islands in general. There are even some books on board about the Galapagos for you to learn more. There's 1 land visit to Bartolome, stunning views, don't miss it! And you also go out on the dingy a few times to get close to coast, so that you can check out the many birds, Sally lightfoot crabs, sea lions, penguins and iguanas. 5) The Nortada - the yacht itself looks like it's had a refurb fairly recently. There's a nice sun area out front to relax after diving (when you're not navigating), and a spacious deck up top. Cabins are cleaned daily and to be honest the whole yacht was always kept clean and tidy. There's a selection of DVDs if you want to watch a movie in the evenings. Cons: 1) Sea sickness - I don't usually get sea sick so I only bought "just in case" tablets in Puerto Ayora. You do some long navigations and the waves often hit side on, so lots of swaying! I was the only one out of the 4 of us to feel sea sick, but that's still a 1 in 4 chance! I recommend you get some stronger tablets from your doctor back home as you never know if it will affect you. Nortada crew ..... a big THANK YOU to you all for such a fantastic week....... It really was the trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend it to anyone considering diving in the Galapagos. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/GFVd25

Excellent tours

Excellent tours in galapagos islands! Five days were not enough aboard the cruise Feedback from: https://goo.gl/ct34Wh

Just amazing the Passion

I was one of the fortunate few on the maiden voyage of Yacht Passion through the Galapagos Islands.It was a 1st Class experience for me,unforgettable in many ways. Fiddi,the captain,focused on comfort detail,quality diverse food experiences and truly professional guides educating passengers on the unique historical/wildlife on the Islands .Fiddy has many years of experience of taking passengers through the Islands,and it shows.The ship was very clean,well prepared and attention to first class luxury a priority.I would highly recommend the yacht Passion to anyone travelling the Galapagos Islands. JoeForzani [Calgary Alberta Canada] Source: goo.gl/Nup9aP

Excellent choice

I just want to emphasize on the Passion crew's professionalism and attention to detail. 1) The crew really places their customer needs as a top priority. They know that we are traveling to the Galapagos to see wild animals, and would even stop the cruise's navigation to do just that! We were lucky enough to see a shark and sea lion feeding frenzy during our navigation, and the captain actually stopped the boat for about an hour to let us observe the phenomenon. 2) Not only will you receive fresh towels coming back from each excursion, but depends on the activity! Cold when snorkeling, here's a warm hot hand tower to warm you up! Sweaty after an excursion? Have a nice ice cool tower to wipe your face. And snacks that the guest would receive after each excursion aren't your typical nuts and crackers, but rather hot meals prepared fresh from the kitchen. It's the attention to detail that made the Passion so wonderful. 3) There was another incident where we navigated past a lobster fishing boat. And without the guest requesting, the crew arranged a deal with the lobster fisherman to spontaneously change our dinner menu to surf and turf. Just another one of the numerous examples of placing guest's priority as their own. If price is not an issue, the Passion would exceed your expectations for your once in a life time Galapagos trip. Source: goo.gl/ChFjZW

The Passion is extraordinary

Just spent a week onboard Passion in the Galapagos. We had no idea what to expect but the trip was extraordinary. The boat: Whilst you can visit the Galapagos without a boat, many areas can only be reached by boats and in some cases by a larger vessel that has the range and supplies needed for a multi day journey to the outer islands. Passion is simply a spectacular Yacht. She used to belong to an Englishman (UK travelers will not need adaptors as the original brass sockets are still there next to new US style plugs) but was recently refurbished in Italy. The boat fits 12 people; there were only 9 of us. There are several decks of common space: Large living room featuring a huge TV and the assorted DVD collection, a large bar/chilling area, two separate outdoor lounging places, and two dining areas (indoor/outdoor). Basically you can always find your own spot to relax on your own. Of the many boats we saw while anchored in the central islands none compared in terms of size/passenger or outward look and feel. I saw 4 cabines: numbers 2 has a double bed with a lot of room around it, number 4 has two beds with an amazing marble period bathroom, a massive room in the back and one all the way in the front (make sure you don't get sea sick for that last one). The service: The boat was spotless impeccably maintained! There are about 10 staff members excluding the guide and in our case the host and hostess. The rooms are cleaned several times a day but we never bumped into the guys that do it. I think there is a ghost with a mop somewhere on board. Food was very good! Best we had in Ecuador. There was something different every meal. Even breakfast has a different Ecuadorian dish every morning. Drinks are prepared by Roberto who doubles as a waiter and is simply amazing with his ability to make you feel like no request is bothersome or complicated! Even the minute details like the way the tender drivers handle the waves so you stay perfectly dry. The itinerary: Visiting the galapagos is heavily regulated. This means on the one hand that you see very few people on your trip but one the other that despite the best efforts of your guide you can't make many changes to it. The way it works is that you get to either visit the east of the west islands on our trip. If animal life is what you care about the east is better because you get to see the red footed boobies and the albatros. We did the western itinerary and were thrilled: it's designed so that each day brings new surprises. The routine: Each day, we had breakfast followed by a visit on land with our guide. In our case her name was Carolina who was as knowledgeable about the island as she was lovely. She used to work for the Darwin research center where she accumulated an encyclopedic knowledge of the island as well as a respect for nature (as long as you are not an introduced specie). When you get back on board you get a fresh towel and snacks before you go snorkeling. After that you get lunch followed by a second excursion more snacks and diner. You are free to skip any of the activities you don't feel like doing. Excursions last about 2 hours with some longer hike. Overall, if you want to visit the Galapagos and can afford it this is the best option. Source: goo.gl/ahxQWs

Extraordinary Galápagos Islands

Tip Top IV .... 7 days in September during an active Humboldt Current. Hundreds of Blue Footed Boobies, also a magnificent feeding frenzy one afternoon. Sea lions, marine iguanas, Sally-go-Lightly Crabs, penguins, flamingos....climbing volcanic cliffs & trekking on lava, birds walking at your feet...and so much more. We rarely saw another human on the uninhabited islands....it was as though we were on a planet not yet inhabited by humans. 97% of the Galápagos Islands does indeed belong to the abundant wildlife. It is theirs, we are simply visitors. Have travelled rather extensively, Machu Picchu, Malta, archeological dig at the Temple Mount, all over Israel & Jordan (do not miss Petra),Egypt.. ascended Mt.Sinai in time to watch the sunrise over the desert, all over Turkey, lived on a primitive houseboat in the Amazon, Far East. So many other adventures.... and Galápagos on the Tip Top IV was yet another treasure to remember. Go off season on a 16 passenger boat. And read the incredible stories of the first settlers. Tip Top owner (deceased) was the first recorded birth on Floreana. Read all about the intrigue & watch the Netflix documentary "The Galápagos Affair".... there is actual black & white footage. Always do some pre-trip research to enhance your travels. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/EBhtBM

Excellent experience on the Beagle

The crew and guide were excellent. A fantastic experience... Our trip on the Beagle was fantastic, the crew were great, the food was excellent and Martha (our guide) was wonderful. A really amazing experience. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/XiAmQe

Truly memorable

Our trip on the Passion was an excellent experience. This can only happen where a number of key elements are brought together to deliver a top quality product, in this case for an entire trip. We experienced the result of a first class organization, a top quality vessel, a professional experienced crew, availability of proper equipment and resources, great food, amazing cook, all coming together to provide the best comfort and safety of the passengers. That was achieved expediently. There is a lot more merit to the quality of our experience considering that we decided to join the trip on a short notice. We received immediate response and help to arrange airline tickets, handling of documents, local flight connections, transfers. We felt that our needs were being anticipated and resolved in record time, including the temporary loss of my suitcase on a flight I had arranged. The Passion crew, took over the process of recovering the suitcase and tracked it until it was delivered to Galapagos. This type of care was evident in all aspects of this wonderful, memorable trip I would like to go back.... but only on the Passion. Source: goo.gl/ChFjZW

Sehr schöne Erfahrung auf der Nortada

Im Zeitraum vom 31. Juli bis zum 7. August war ich Gast auf der Nortada. Wir hatten das Glück nur 5 Gäste zu sein, so dass uns die Crew mit 6 Personen zahlenmäßig überlegen war. Patricio, unser Guide, hat uns am Anfang auch wegen dem schon vorher genannten El Niño Effect gewarnt, das Wasser ist wärmer und das beeinflusst die Unterwasserwelt. Aber wir hatten weiter Glück, von den 18 TG waren 2 (!) weniger spektakulär, was immer noch Seelöwen, Seepferdchen, Muränen, usw. beinhaltete. Der Rest war vollgepackt mit unzähligen Mantas (einmal 15 Minuten keine 5 Meter von uns in der Cleaning Station), Hammerhai-Schulen, Galapagoshaien, Seidenhaien, Schwarz-/Weißspitzenhaien, verschiedensten Rochen (ein Adlerrochen hat mich aus Versehen gestreift...), Seelöwen, Walhaien (mind 2 bei jedem der 4 TG bei Darwin), Delfinen (eine Schule mit 50+ Tieren, wahnsinnige Erfahrung), sogar Buckelwale. Ein Kormoran hat ein paar von uns beim Sicherheitsstopp angeknabbert, das blinkende Silberzeug an der Ausrüstung war zu verlockend... Man hatte sehr oft die Qual der Wahl wo man hinschauen wollte - die Adlerrochen die vor einem schweben, der vorbeiziehende Manta, der Galapagos-Hai im Hintergrund, die Schildkröte, der jagende Seelöwe... Patricio hat uns zwischendurch auch auf Kleinzeug aufmerksam gemacht, wie den red-lipped batfish oder die winzigen Seenadeln. Die meiste Zeit hingen wir allerdings in 20-25 Meter Tiefe in den Felsen und haben die Show genossen! Essen war gut und reichlich, auch für mich als part-time Veggie. Entgegen des vorherigen Berichtes allerdings ohne Tofu, dafür für jede Mahlzeit eine andere leckere Beilage. Sicherheit wurde groß geschrieben, die Briefings sehr ausführlich. Ich war allerdings sehr dankbar dafür, nachdem mich eine Strömung dann doch mal von der Gruppe getrennt hat (war meine eigene Schuld, die Panga-Fahrer hatten aufgepasst und mich schnell eingesammelt). Insgesamt war das Tauchen anspruchsvoll, wir hatten keine absoluten Anfänger unter uns, ich war mit 65 TG die mit den wenigsten TG. Wie schon vorher geschrieben wird keine Rücksicht genommen, wer beim Einstieg nicht direkt mit runter kommt, bekommt je nach Bedingungen max eine weitere Chance. Wegen der doch zum Teil sehr starken Strömungen allerdings nicht immer. Länge der TG war zwischen 35 und 55 Minuten, alle tiefer als 20 m. Die Crew war für jeden Spaß zu haben, auf individuelle Wünsche wurde wenn möglich eingegangen und der Zeitplan hielt noch Überraschungen bereit. Für Fragen war immer Zeit und es wurde viel rund um die Inseln und Tierwelt erklärt. Ich hatte eine großartige Woche auf der Nortada, habe mich rundum wohl gefühlt und atemberaubende TG mit schlichtweg hammermäßigen Begegnungen erlebt. Es fällt äußerst schwer das mit Worten zu beschreiben! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/pRrBww

Every diver's dream!!

Very comfortable, a lot of fun, good service and a great experience!! Additional costs for fuel does not make sense to me, should be included in the overall price. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/YTJuEB

Nice trip

I understand the Beagle will soon be undergoing a re-fit / refurbishment so will be even better. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/rmaur9


Having spent 8 days aboard I can thoroughly recommend the Tip Top IV yacht – paying the extra compared to some other First Class options was well worth it in the end. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/CFL4G9

Once-in-a-lifetime trip

We just returned from an 8 day trip on the M/Y Galaven in the Galapagos (9/8-15/15) and I can't speak highly enough of the boat, the crew and our naturalist guide. The Galaven is in the "comfortable" class of boats and the accomodations are simple and adequate. The crew makes this boat special. Each one of them is trying hard to assure that you have a memorable voyage. The food is outstanding with a breakfast buffet and several choices for lunch and dinner. I don't know how they produce this in such a tiny galley! The crew provided lots of help with gear and getting into and out of the pangas at each stop. My wife needed some additional assistance in/out of the pangas and getting onto the islands and they really planned, helped and looked out for her. Our naturalist, Daniel Sanchez, really made the trip. A Puerto Ayora native, he is warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the islands, geology, history and wildlife. We had contact with several guides from other boats who were not nearly as outgoing. We had 13 passengers for the first 4 days and 14 passengers for the last 4 days, from 5 different countries. All were friendly and likeable people and we mixed conversation groups at each meal. We had brief problems with water and electricity, but the crew immediately repaired them. I would highly recommend this ship and especially our naturalist. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/foVV61

Highly recommend this

We booked the Encantada Galapagos along with some friends in August and everything was beyond our expectations. The staff is very well taught and went to great lengths to make sure our stay is lovely. I highly recommend to check and double check the weather; we were lucky and caught 7 incredible sunny days with mild wind. This was the first time we rented a boat so I was a bit afraid but now I can’t wait to go back next summer, highly recommend this! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/h5MuFq

Everything was amazing

Everything was amazing, food, sights, fun, our guide was excellent, he spotted many creatures that we did not, entertained us and was extremely knowledgeable. The food was very tasty and full of flavor, thanks so much for this wonderful experience! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/fG1wc9

Wonderful experience

My girlfriend and I just spent 8 days on the Daphne Yacht on a Western itinerary. To give you some idea of our expectations, we are both about 30 and normally travel mid-range. 1. The Daphne boat was great. Tourist superior class was fine for us and for the others. Water was hot, the 'bunk-bed' cabins were big enough, and everything was comfortable 2. Snorkel equipment was fine. I am 6ft3, and my girlfriend 5ft, and we both got a wetsuit and fins that fit. If you need a small mask then you may wish to prepare for this yourself. 3. The boat crew - worked really hard and were polite. Excellent staff 4. Food - great! 5. Great mix of other tourists, all like-minded and we got on really well. 6. Some of the things we saw were fantastic! Loads of turtles, sharks, rays, sea-horses, octopus, sea snake, crayfish, and of course loads of iguanas, sea lions, birds and many many others Source: goo.gl/3JRaRu

We LOVED the ship, the crew, and the whole experience

We returned yesterday from our trip on the Galaxy II. Thought I would chime in here with our observations about the vessel. First... We LOVED the ship, the crew, and the whole experience. Highly recommended. We were on itinerary D, the western islands. Our naturalist, Freddy, is superb. Cabins: Same minor issues that Cindy described. Still not enough hanging hooks in the bathroom for drying wet swimwear. The dresser drawers have been screwed shut in some cabins; I suspect because the dresser drawers slide out when sailing in choppy water. Beds are very comfortable. I could have used another blanket because hubby likes to keep the room cooler than I do. Bar: Prices have increased since February. Beer is $4, wine and drinks are $12. Stairs: Hand rails have been installed. I can see that this would have been an issue; thankful that it has been fixed. There is no webbing along the back of the boat, but there's at least 6 feet of deck between the stairs and the back stair area so I suspect that the risk is mitigated by that amount of space. We never worried about it. Provided equipment: Never saw the hotel slippers so they may have been discontinued. Didn't see the walking sticks at all; I'd have used one on a couple of our walks. Wetsuits were used by most guests (August is cooler than February). If you wear an unusual size, bring your own. Beach towels are a bright yellow, which attracts wasps on islands that have them. Hoping that the company switches to a different color. Meals: Delicious! Fresh juice several times a day. I didn't hear anyone comment about the size of dinner. A note to the cilantro haters of the world... there is an herb in Ecuador that goes by a different name but has the same soapy taste to the super-tasters. It was used heavily, to the dismay of my cilantro-sensitive hubby. We had at least 4 vegetarians in our group of 15 and they seemed satisfied with their food experience. The chef whipped up a delicious birthday cake at the last minute which was very much appreciated!! Sea travel: August is a choppy month. When traveling at top speed in rough waters, the boat pitched, rolled, and vibrated. People on the upper deck reported that their beds moved across the room. Nightstand drawers rolled out, causing them to tip over. According to the guide, the boat is going into dry dock for two months to investigate how to alleviate these issues. The boat may be too light for the size. That being said, I'd sign up for another week as long as I was still on the lower deck. Can't wait to return to explore the other islands! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/z4uFCn

Amazing Trip

The boat was incredible, small but confortable and with a great atmosphere. Crew was polite and efficient. No words to describe the trip: from snorkling with the sea lions to tracking and visiting the turtles, everything was superb. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/ApuxdE

Astonishing snorkeling!

We took a four day, three night tour on Treasure. The accommodations were excellent; as an early riser, I enjoyed our small private balcony each morning, for peaceful contemplation of the sun rise and the rocky shore of our 'island of the day'. The ship is in excellent condition and the crew is constantly cleaning the deck, windows, etc. Our bed was made, bathroom cleaned, and room tidied by the time we returned from the first activity of the day. The dining room, arranged in four tables seating four passengers each, was next to a lounge area with comfortable sofa seating and a variety of informative texts on the birds, fish, and fauna of the Galapagos. Meals served buffet-style generally included two proteins (often one fish, one other), 1-2 starches (a rice and a potato dish), 3-4 vegetables/fruits, and a dessert. At most of our meals, at least one of the entrees was super fresh fish/seafood option. The chef is very talented, especially with delicious soups - a common first course for lunch. I particularly enjoyed some of the Ecuadorian specialties on the menu. Water, coffee, and tea were available all day in unlimited quantities; in addition, juice was served with meals. Those interested in sodas or alcoholic drinks could order them at any time from the bar, but they were very expensive. An unexpected and welcome surprise were the snacks and fresh juice waiting for us on the deck after every excursion. Very welcome! The ship traveled between islands during the night, generally, so the heaviest rocking motion occurred while we were sleeping. If you are prone to seasickness, get a patch. We generally had three off-ship excursions daily (i.e. a two hour hike on an island, then back to the ship, after lunch snorkeling, then back to the ship, then another landing with a hike). The guide, Harry, in addition to being very knowledgeable and loquacious about the flora and fauna of the islands, was very careful to describe the type of landing and hike difficulty carefully, so that we could prepare. One person in my group was a seventy year old woman with a very sedentary life style; both Harry and the crew made it possible for her to participate in every aspect of the trip; they carefully helped her to board and disembark the panga/zodiac, provided a walking stick and a helping hand walking over torturous lava rock. Even those of us on the short cruise (four days) had the opportunity to snorkel with the sea turtles and sea lions. Treasure has wet suits in a variety of sizes that can be rented for the duration ($25) so you don't have to bring one. The itinerary included the species that we most wanted to see - blue footed boobies (nesting, courting, and diving!), frigate birds, land and marine iguanas, and the sea turtles and lions. The turtle breeding station felt like visiting a zoo, and not at all what we expected, but the island hikes and the snorkeling were astonishing. The passengers on our trip ranged in age from 7 to 70, from Holland, the U.S., Ecuador, and Australia. Everyone had a marvelous time, ate well, and took excessive amounts of pictures. Highly recommend!

It was wonderful

We took the SE itinerary including Genovesa in July, and it was wonderful. The yacht is beautiful; sleek and fast with lovely wood in the public areas, and the crew is outstanding. We used the flippers and wetsuits provided by the ship, but we had snorkel masks made to our eyeglasses prescription. We may well never use them again, since we've only been snorkeling a few times in our lives, but it is absolutely worth the price even if you use them only for your Galapagos trip. The Galapagos is the single most expensive holiday we've ever taken, but it is worth every penny. And that goes especially for the Beluga. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/E93tNs

We were pleasantly surprised

We just spent a week on the Beluga visiting the Tower itinerary (Genovesa, Espanola, Sombrero Chino and Santiago are not to be missed) and we were very pleasantly surprised and pleased by the whole experience. We are not the type to go on cruises and have rarely travelled as part of an organized group, but that is really the only way you can see the Galapagos. Juan Tapia, our naturalist guide, was amazing and we learned so much from him. He speaks excellent English, is very experienced and knowledgeable about the islands (an expert birder on our trip confirmed that he made not one mistake in his identifications), and has an enthusiastic, but low key personality that is perfect for his line of work. In fact, the whole crew was lovely and worked with professionalism and pride to make our time in the Galapagos enjoyable. The Beluga is not a luxury ship, but the boat is extremely clean and comfortable, including the cabins and bathrooms (great porthole in our shower so you can bathe and look out at the sea), and the open deck was a lovely place to relax as we travelled from island to island. The food was prepared with care and was quite hearty, at times even excellent, though of course no one goes to the Galapagos for the cuisine. I would definitely recommend the Beluga if your focus is on experiencing nature without leaving all of the creature comforts of home. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/E93tNs

Great time on Majestic

Just returned from a 7 night cruise round the Eastern islands on Majestic. had a GREAT time, the itinerary includes Genovesa which is just magic, no trouble with sea-sickness, the snorkelling was great, the food, crew and guide were also great. Try and get an upstairs cabin if you can, the lower ones are definitely smaller, and a bit cramped to store stuff, but we had a great time and thoroughly recommend it. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/TJPtv5

Trip was OK

We have been on the Millennium catamaran in May 2015 for a 6 days cruise. We were 14 people on the boat. The rooms were fine but needs maintenance. We were very surprised to learn that the owner is Swiss. The maintenance of that boat does not meets swiss standard. The pictures on the website do not reflect the reality. However, for the price we paid, it was OK. The food was abundant and excellent. After every landing, we had drinks, biscuits and fruits 2 times a day. The staff was very nice and friendly, in particular the guide an the bartender. We had the feeling that this company has financial problems. Some of the staff complained that they were not paid in due time. Anyway, we had a life time cruise. When we prepared this trip we envisaged days trips from Puerto Ayora but the cruise is definitely the best option to see Galapagos. I would definitely recommend Millenium but do not consider this as a luxury cruise. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/D6bsqP

Ich würde die Nortada insgesamt auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen

Wofür die Nortada nichts kann ist, das unser ´Trip of a lifetime´ leider nicht das war, was wir erwartet haben, weil gerade ´El Nino´ strömte und das Wasser viel zu warm war. Nett für Frostbeulen wie mich, aber leider auf Kosten der Unterwasserwelt. Statt Schulen von Hammerhaien haben wir auf drei TG jeweils 2 gesehen, sonst keine. Auch von den großen Fischschwärmen war nichts zu sehen und statt Mola molas sahen wir bei Punta Vicente Rocca nicht mal die Hand vor Augen Wie gesagt, das ist die Natur und da kann keiner etwas dafür, aber es ist natürlich ein wenig frustrierend, wenn man weiß, was man sehen könnte und dann immer nur hört ´well USUALLY you can see ..., but unfortunately it´s El Nino´.... Unser Guide Patricio war aber redlich bemüht, unseren Trip trotzdem so toll wie möglich zu gestalten und hat auch die Route geändert (was in Ausnahmefällen anscheinend geht), um größere Chancen auf mehr Unterwasserwelt zu haben. Aber nun zu den einzelnen Punkten: - Essen: war reichlich bemessen, Nachfassen war kein Problem. Auch das Vegetarier-Thema ist keines mehr - ich habe das vorab bekannt gegeben und zu jeder Mahlzeit wurde für mich extra gekocht. Sehr Tofu-lastig und ehrlich gesagt wäre ich auch mit den sehr leckeren Gemüsebeilagen/Salaten zufrieden gewesen, derer reichlich vorhanden waren (keine Rede von trockenen Kartoffeln oder Reis mit Reis. - Handtücher: diese wurden in der Zwischenzeit mit den Kabinennummern und zur weiteren Unterscheidung mit A und B versehen und jeder weiß, welches Handtuch ihm ´zusteht´. Damit gibt es keine unhygienischen Verwechslungen der nach jedem TG bereitliegenden Handtücher mehr. - Guides: hier war die Jungfernfahrt anscheinend besser ausgerüstet. Bei uns kam auf alle Taucher (wir waren nur 7) 1 Guide, nicht einer auf 4. Habe ich aber ehrlich gesagt nicht schlimm gefunden, ich hatte nicht das Gefühl von ´Rudeltauchen´. Jorges Bruder Eduardo war auf unserem Trip auch dabei, hatte allerdings keine Guide-Funktion, sondern hat als ´Schlusslicht´ ein wenig mitgeholfen (was aber nicht wirklich nötig war, da großteils erfahrene Taucher). - Stichwort erfahrene Taucher: was ich als absoluten Negativpunkt werten möchte, was aber nicht spezifisch mit der Nortada zu tun hat ist, dass ein Taucher mit war, der seinen Tauchschein eben erst in der Tasche hatte und nach 20(!!!) TG zertifizierter RESCUE DIVER war. Ihm ging regelmäßig die Luft aus, ohne dass er es überhaupt gemerkt hat, er hatte keine Ahnung, wie lange er wie tief getaucht ist, weil er seinen Computer weder bedienen, noch lesen konnte (´when are they going to tell us how long and at what depth our dives where?´). Da fragt man sich schon, was so jemand in einem Gebiet wie den Galapagos-Inseln verloren hat und warum der von TipTop diving die RD Zertifizierung erhalten hat - ist ja schließlich auch mit einer gewissen Verantwortung verbunden. Und ich möchte hier keine PADI-Diskussion lostreten, für mich stellt sich einfach nur die Frage, warum die so jemanden mitnehmen - Geld hin oder her. Spricht nicht unbedingt für sie und ist auch für die anderen, erfahrenen Taucher mühsam. Insgesamt würde ich die Nortada aber auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen, es ist ein kleines, gemütliches Boot mit einer netten, bemühten Crew. Achja, eins noch - die Heckkabinen sind relativ laut, da nahe dem Motor. Da viel über Nacht navigiert wird empfiehlt es sich, Oropax einzupacken bzw. nach einer Bugkabine zu trachten - hier hört man zwar manchmal Ankerkettengerassel, das ist aber leichter erträglich, als das ständige Motorengeräuch. Da es nicht das hunderprozentig perfekte Erlebnis war (auch, wenn nur Kleinigkeiten gefehlt/gestört haben), gibt es nur 4 von 5 Flossen, ich würde jedoch jederzeit wieder mit der Nortada auf oder eher rund um Galapagos tauchen (wenn ich das nötige Kleingeld hätte ) Feedback from: https://goo.gl/hf5qC2

Wonderful time on the boat and on the excursions

We just came back from the 8 days trip on the Millennium, and here is our review: We had a wonderful time on the boat and on the excursions! When we arrived at the airport, Enrique, our guide for the trip was waiting for us, and he is the nicest guy! Ask him anything about the fishes/birds/islands/currents/history, he knows everything about Galápagos! He was always very polite and good humored and adjusted the programm to passengers wishes where possible. Then there's Billabong, the barkeeper and waiter: He always made everybody laugh with his jokes and was very forthcoming. The whole crew was always very helpful. And the food: Wow! Delicious like in a 5 star hotel, and lots of it. We saw almost every animal there is to see on the islands: The birds, 30 sharks, rays, sealions, a penguin, iguanas, giant turtoises etc. We can recommend this boat and crew to everyone. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/D6bsqP

Road Scholar Galapagos Tour on Board Yolita II

This was a wonderful experience of a lifetime to get up close to all kinds of animals. Best for those who snorkel because that is a daily activity. The boat is comfortable and the head in each cabin is larger than I expected. Food is good. The cook does well with a small kitchen, and he accommodates dietary restrictions. Yolita II travels both at night and during the day with considerable pitching, rolling, and engine noise, but nobody in our group of 16 was seasick. The temperature was in the low 80's, but sun protection is mandatory at the equator... the sun is intense! Bring a broad brimmed hat, sun screen, and dark sun glasses. Snorkeling equipment may be rented. We were on board for a week. If you are a typical tourist, I would suggest that a 4 day tour will give you enough of a chance to see most of what you want in the Galapagos. A shout out to Road Scholar. They have the best tour guides! Their tours are taken mostly by seniors. https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowUserReviews-g294310-d1899606-r279628624-Galapagos_Natural_Life_Day_Tours-Galapagos_Islands.html# Review from https://goo.gl/S6zZk5

What an unforgettable trip!

I traveled in the Fragata in late February with my cousin, we spend 8 days in it and I think we really got to know the Galapagos Islands thanks to good service good attitude of the crew and especially the vast knowledge of all animal species plants and the territory of our guide MIlton. My cousin and I arrived at the airport in Baltra from where our journey began in the islands when we were received very friendly to take the boat, I think the service was espctacular. Once we got on the boat the crew took us to our cabin, 9, which is on the top floor, and were surprised. It was really nice , clean, the bed was comfortable, and the bathroom was perfectly clean as for the boat in general, was in very good shape, the upper deck was very nice, which is half covered by a sun awning, perfect to rest between activities or get a tan. the food on the boat was for me a good sorprise as taste variety and quantity was always satisfying for us, the snorkeling experince that the Fragata yath offers is a unique experience and also the hikes were really nice, I think i achieve to see all the wildlife I had in mind when traveling to Galapagos.

Beluga Review

My wife Sally and I did the Western itinerary from the 1st to the 7th May. I wont go into much detail about the wildlife as its covered very well in this forum but its safe to say it was everything and more than we had hoped for. The Beluga carries 16 people in 8 cabins. Everyone on our trip seemed pleased with their cabin. The toilet and shower were large enough and there was shower gel and shampoo in dispensers that were regularly refilled. Breakfast was 7 o'clock every morning and we were on our first trip of the day at 8. It generally lasted a couple of hours and we then went snorkeling for an hour before lunch was served at 12. We had a couple of hours to relax before we went on our next trip or snorkel which generally took us up till 6ish. Afft every excursion we returned to fruit juice and nibbles. Dinner was served at 7 and we normally had the briefing about our plans for the next day just before or after dinner. The food was always delicious with fruit, cereal, eggs, cheeses and toast for breakfast. Lunch was soup followed by a course of fish or meat with vegetables, salad and a dessert. The evening meal was as filling as the lunch and no one had a bad word to say about anything we were served. All juices, water, tea coffee were included. The crew were absolutely first class in everything they did. They were very professional in the way they went about their jobs and were always smiling and willing to go the extra mile to ensure we had the best opportunity to see the best of the wildlife. We read a lot of reviews on a lot of boats but could not have been happier with our choice. Everyone of our group said they would use the Beluga again and if we are fortunate to return to do the eastern itinerary this would be the first boat we would look at. It was as close to perfect as it possibly could be. It also helped having a great group and this comes from having only 16 people to share our experience with and i would recommend trying a smaller boat. We saw a couple of the larger ships and im not sure you can get the same feeling as you get with a small boat. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/E93tNs

Wonderful ship

Just took our second tour on The Majestic, it is a wonderful ship with an outstanding crew. Our naturalist, Lola, is just the best. Knowledgeable, charming and fun. What an experience! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/TJPtv5


Tauchen war einfach nur toll. Die Guides haben nach anfänglichen Problemen ihren Job gut gemacht.Ebenso waren die Landgänge sehr schön.Essen war abwechslungsreich und reichlich und von guter Qualität. Insgesamt punktet das Boot insbesondere durch die geringe Gästezahl, was sich beim Tauchen sehr positiv auswirkt. Da vom Zodiak aus getaucht wird, sollten diese auch über Einstiegshilfen verfügen, sonst wird es anstrengen für die Crew. Aus meiner Sicht ist die Nortada empfehlenswert. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/f6yotK

Superb experience!

We had a superb experience on the Millennium Catamaran: the boat, the crew, the food, and especially our guide. The 16-passenger boat was well maintained and clean. We chose a suite which was deluxe, with some fine woods in the décor. Our large bathroom had a reasonable shower and sink with lots of counter space. The dining room on the mid-deck was equipped with tables for four. Another dining area on top deck was enjoyed when weather and sun were appropriate. Food was ample and quite good, with enough choices for everyone. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, salads that were safe (the greens had been washed in filter water), and nice variety in the meats, fish and sauces. Bar service was available at dinner, with prices similar to good restaurants on land. Thoughtful touches: a glass of chilled fruit juice was offered as we took off our snorkeling or hiking gear after an excursion. Ship systems worked well: Toilet, adequate shower, comfortable bed, good AC. The filtered drinking water was quite drinkable. Not one of our 12 passengers got sick that we knew of, even though all ate lots of salads. My wife and I had no problem with sea-sickness. However, we had to develop our sea legs. Not a problem when the boat was anchored, but while motoring between islands, we had to move carefully in our cabin. The engine noise when going at high speed between islands was significant, but the captain chose an ok compromise on when to go at high speed. The Crew: The crew of 9 were effective, thoughtful about guests, and very pleasant. I was the oldest person on board, and the crew members offered me a helping hand getting in or out of the zodiac boats or over rough spots on the lava trails. The entire crew was quite eager to make sure that the clients’ needs were met. The crew spoke mostly Spanish, no surprise. But those who dealt directly with clients knew enough English to function well, and with the others, their bits of English and my bits of Spanish made it possible to communicate effectively. The Guide: Guide Enrique was superb. His English was very good, his knowledge of the Galapagos was very deep, and he made sure that our diverse group of clients aged from teens to 70’s all had a good trip. He was very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna, and about the geology and history of the Galapagos. During any excursion, Enrique was good at making sure that nobody lagged too far behind, but otherwise everyone was free to set their own pace. For me in particular, Enrique made the Galapagos cruise feasible. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/DuRiY4

Positive experience

just got off the floreana april 2015. had a good trip. the boat isnt fancy but clean and nice. the cabins are small but that is true of most boats. there are only bunk beds and all cabins have their own bathroom with good sized shower. the food was really, really good and beyond expectations. the southern itinerary was good and they accommodated the clients well. crew were good but didnt speak english so had a hard time being really friendly. our guide was viktor and he was fantastic. fluent in english and super informative. what you have to realize is that the guides and crew change on all these boats so the experience may vary. viktor often works this boat but not always. the floreana is owned by a family and has for a long while. this gives it some consistency. all in all a positive experience on a budget type boat. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/1Qjxbq


I did go on the TipTop III first week of January and stayed on top deck. We had a small double bed which my wife and I enjoyed, though I did need to stretch over her to get out. We had great views out the window in the morning when we woke up, but we spent little time in the room. I had no problem with sea sickness as I feared because the patch and bracelet worked. Probably the patch would work well on ts own, but I was really over cautious. We had some mildly rough sea at night and so we did bang around a little getting into bed or going to the head (bathroom) late at night The size of the ship was great for us. We had a fantastic group of people and there was generally a place to go to be alone when I wanted that. The sun gets hot and sunscreen is essential. My BIG warning is on itinerary #2 we lost a half of day picking up other passengers mid trip. It was awful, so check that out before booking. Otherwise great trip. I have a fuller review elsewhere on TA if you search TipTop III Feedback from: https://goo.gl/PWFRWP

Eden Yacht Review, Feb 2015

I traveled aboard the Eden on their 8-day Itinerary "B," 22 February through 01 March 2015. I traveled with my father, and counting us there were 13 passengers (the yacht carries up to 16). I have to say it was truly the trip of a lifetime. I've told all my friends about it. Basically, we saw everything we'd seen on all the nature documentaries over the years. The wildlife was abundant and unafraid (be sure you stay more than 6 feet away in accordance with the national park guidelines). Every day we would see amazing wildlife, and in the evening we'd talk about how we wished we could see [whatever animal], and then sure enough the next day we would see them! Galapagos sea lions, Sally Lightfoot crabs, and marine iguanas were everywhere. We also saw quite a few penguins, frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, land iguanas, lava lizards, flightless cormorants, green sea turtles, and giant tortoises. Less-commonly-seen on our trip but highlights nonetheless were Galapagos fur seals, eagle rays, stingrays, reef sharks, a Galapagos Hawk, ocean sunfish, and even a sperm whale! Expectation management: this is not a luxury cruise. It's not about relaxation--it's about sightseeing and exploring the various islands you'll visit. You'll be waking at sunrise and having breakfast, then immediately getting in the panga (rubber boat) for shore to hike for an hour, followed by an hour or more of snorkeling. Then it's back to the boat for lunch while you travel to the next stop for more of the same. That being said, it's much better than a larger ship, because there is no waiting in line for meals, tours, etc., you avoid crowds on the islands and the snorkeling spots, and you get to know everyone on the yacht. The cabins are small but you're not going to be spending much time in them. There is an indoor common area for passengers, with several natural history books so you can identify what you're seeing (though I had brought some of my own as well), and lounge space on deck, both sunny and shaded. The food was EXCELLENT. The small size of the yacht (compared with larger cruise ships) means if you're prone to seasickness, you probably will be sick more than once during your trip. Though the seas are generally fairly calm during the time of year we traveled, almost half the passengers were sick at least once. Even so, there were no complaints as the overall experience more than made up for the temporary discomfort. It can be difficult to sleep if it's a night where the yacht is underway and the seas are rough. The crew were outstanding and friendly. Our guide, David, was extremely knowledgeable, humorous, and very personable. I can't recommend this cruise enough--if you prefer DOING things more than relaxing, and don't mind close quarters and a more intimate experience, this is the trip for you. Quelle: goo.gl/B9jJ5U

The biodiversity is out of this world!

In terms of comfort, the boat was really above expectations. The jacuzzis and the sundecks are quite comfy as well. The guide was Cristian and he was super informative and funny. The food was sometimes different but tasty and I indeed did the southern islands in the 5n/6d, the biodiversity is out of this world. Although I do want to check the northern islands and more of Isabela as well next time. Anyway, when it comes to the nature and wildlife, everything will be above your expectations for sure! Review from: https://goo.gl/GEi7jE

7/6 cruise on the Treasure of Galapagos

Just completed a 7/6 cruise on the Treasure of Galapagos and felt the need to provide an updated feedback. The catamaran shows some signs of time and tear but still in good conditions, functioning, and perfectly kept clean by the crew. Rooms are large and comfortable. Due to the Noise from the A/C I needed earplugs at night. We were lucky to have Harry as well for which I can confirm all positive comments seems so far, on high I would add a perfect English, a broad knowledge, a passion for the Galapagos, an attention to the group and individual needs and preferences, adapting and not following necessarily a rigid standard protocol. I can confirm that some effort is required to have that tub filled in. Also on the food, do not eect variety, quantity, or anything fancy. Is a small boat and I think the chef does miracles given small kitchen and limited tools and space but....the cruise line should improve his budget. In any case we had always great ingredients quality, salads, steamed vegetables, rice, curry or stews and more. No one got sick, on the contrary many arrived sick and I think the good diet, the exercise, the great company and overall Galapagos experience, almost 100% cell free, made all of us much healthier body and mind at the end of the cruise. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/hQWEKs

Die Nortada is ein prima Schiff mit einer guten Crew

Ich habe bei meinen etlichen Urlauben auf allen 5 Kontinenten noch nie solch vielfältige Tauchgänge erlebt. Wo auf der Welt hat man innerhalb weniger Stunden Tauchgänge bei 18 Grad und bei 28 Grad, wo auf der Welt kann man während eines Tauchganges weidende Meerechsen, tauchende Blaufußtölpel und Kormorane, spielende Seehunde und skurile Kleinfische (á la Lembeh) sehen? Es kann aber auch passieren, das man um 06:30h bei 30 m Sicht 8 Mola Molas sieht und 2 Stunden später am gleichen Tauchplatz bei 3 m Sicht fast von einem Seelöwen gerammt wird. Tauchgänge mit gefühlt hunderten von Galapagos und Hammerhaien (maximal auf einem Foto 28 gezählt) und mit einer Schule von Mobulas (geschätzt mindestens 200 Tiere) beim Sicherheitsstopp sind Erlebnisse, die sich in die Sehrinde einbrennen. Das Tauchen war einmalig und verdirbt einen für die meisten anderen Spots unseres Planeten. Dabei haben die Galapagosinseln auch über Wasser viel zu bieten: Riesenschildkröten und Finken, die auf jeder Insel anders aussehen. Nebelwald oder Mondlandschaft, alles das kann man hier auf engstem Raum sehen und wurde uns von unserem kompetenten Guide Patricia nahegebracht. Sie lebt seit 20 Jahren auf Galapagos und ist spürbar in ihre neue Heimat verliebt. Zum Boot: Für eine Jungfernfahrt ist überraschend wenig schief gegangen. Die Crew wirkte eingespielt und hat einen sehr guten Job gemacht. Das aufgrund eines Werftfehlers der Anker verloren ging (und nach einer Woche wieder geborgen wurde) sei nur eine Anekdote am Rand. Der Kapitän (hat vorher bei der Buddy Fleet gearbeitet) war souverän und hatte sein Team auf nette Art im Griff und war sich auch nicht zu schade mal die Fenster zu putzen. Da wir bis auf 2 Tage ruhige See hatten war das Ein- und Aussteigen aus den Zodiacs kein wirkliche Problem, aufgrund des Einstieges am Heck (die Nortada ist relativ schmal und schwankt recht stark) möchte ich dies jedoch nicht in der kalten Jahreszeit bei richtig rauher See erleben. Die aus der Gruppe vorgetragenen Verbesserungsvorschläge wurden so gut es ging und zeitnah umgesetzt. Die Belegung der Nortada sollte aufgrund des recht kleines Tauchdecks und der ungeschickt angebrachten Klimaanlage in den Kabinen 8 Personen nicht überschreiten. Die beiden Rettungsinseln (eine davon ging während der Fahrt mal versehentlich über Bord und öffnete sich nicht)sind mit dicken Tauen und Packbändern zusätzlich verzurrt, ich weiss nicht, ob sich dies in einer echten Notsituation schnell genug klarmachen lässt. Es werden jdem Taucher Funkgeräte mit einer ´Nortada- Frequenz´ und einer Seefunk Frequenz ausgehändigt, was einem bei Wolf und Darwin ein zusätzliches Sicherheitsgefühl gibt. Ich durfte weltweit schon auf etlichen Safaribooten unterwegs sein und würde den Nortada Standard mal mit der gehobenen Mittelklasse in Ägypten vergleichen. Dies betrifft Salon, Sonnendeck und Kabinen. Die Verpflegung war okay, nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Die Portionen waren meist ausreichend, gel. hätte man sich aber auch noch einmal Nachschlag gewünscht. Für mich als Vegetarier war es nicht ganz so befriedigend, da vegetarische Küche in den meisten Fällen bedeutete, einfach die Fisch- oder Fleischkomponente wegzulassen. Manchmal wurde dann zu den trockenen Kartoffeln (die Soße war fleischhaltig) für die Vegetarier (in der zweiten Woche immerhin 3 von 8)noch trockener Reis als Entschädigung gereicht. Das akzeptiere ich auf einer günstigen Ägyptensafari, aber bei dem Preis der Galapagostour hätte ich da mehr erwartet. Fazit: Es war ein toller Urlaub, von dessen Eindrücken ich noch lange zehren werde. Die Nortada ist ein prima Schiff mit einer guten Crew. Einige Dinge, z.B. die Verpflegung könnte noch nachgebessert werden. Ich befürchte, am Preis- Leistungsverhältnis wird sich nichts ändern. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/f1jVyu

Wonderful time

We just returned yesterday and had a wonderful time. the ship personnel were extremely helpful and took great care of us. the guide Harry was very good. we had the best time ever thank you thank you. The boat was excellent and we couldn't have asked for anything else. It was a grand time. Fun Fun Fun!!!! We hope to come again sometime. The snorkeling was top notch, the food was great, the wildlife sightings were awesome. It worked out great the boat had balconies as my dad and another older gentleman on the second half the week stayed behind at times and could see lots of marine wildlife when the excursions were to hard for them. The crew made sure everyone had a great time. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/nW1x7i

Nice crew and food

We just came back from Ecuador/Galapagos a week ago. Our trip included seven nights on the Tip Top III. The crew was great as was our OAT guide, Veronica. The food was good. Our cabin was on the top deck. The alternative was the lower deck, where the engine and anchor-chain sounds are the loudest. We were there during the Panama Current, which is warmer and accompanied by calm seas. Sea sickness was not an issue for us, even on the top deck. The intense heat and strong equatorial sun were another story for us, however. We also found this 16-passenger boat a bit claustrophobic. If we were doing it again (which we wouldn't), I think we'd opt for a larger vessel -- with bigger cabins and more options in the way of public spaces. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/PWFRWP

Großartiges Tauchen in kleinen Gruppen

Wir waren bei der Jungfernfahrt der „Nortada“ vom 20. Februar bis 6. März 2015 auch dabei. Das Tauchen war großartig, mit einem enormen Tierreichtum. Wer vor sich Mondfische ins Objektiv genommen hat, konnte hinter sich die Hammerhaie, über sich die Mobulas und neben sich die Seelöwen übersehen! Aber alle Tiere schwammen ja regelmäßig wieder vorbei. Fazit: Das Tauchen war sensationell, ist mit nur acht Tauchern in zwei Gruppen mit je einem Guide für die Galapagos-Inseln einzigartig. Wir würden jederzeit wieder zwei Wochen mit der „Nortada“ reisen, wobei es angesichts des jetzt beträchtlichen Preisanstiegs – wohl durch den Euro-Verfall bedingt – leider erstmal in fernere Reiseplanungen rückt. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/tofesz

Spectacular dives

It was a great "maiden cruise" with spectacular dives! Thank you! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/EvN8sV

Unforgettable experience

Me and my wife were on the maiden cruise. It was an unforgettable experience. Thanks to Jorge, Patricia and Solon as guides and the whole crew we were able to do the best dives of our life. Jorge was very open to tips and advice and Nortada did everything to improve during the whole trip. Keep on like that! We were eight guests and did not know each other but all were experienced divers and fun to be with. We plan to come again. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/hkeaug

Thanks for the Galapagos experience

Amazing trip with a great boat and a fantastic staff. The whole day there is so many attention of all the guest’s. The breakfast, lunch and dinner where great, fresh fruit drinks the whole day. We are so glad that we make the choice of de Nemo 2. A stable boat!! not to big, cozy for 10 to 14 people. The snorkel tours & hikes where wonderfull. Thanks for the Galapagos experience…. Will Dekker & Cornelis van Berge December 5 till 12th

Ich würde jederzeit wieder mit der Nortada fahren

Das Boot hatte mit uns vom 20.02.2015 bis 06.03.2015 seine Jungfernfahrt. Es is hell und freundlich eingerichtet und bietet für 8 Taucher viel Platz. Getränke wie Tee, Cafe oder Wasser stehen ständig kostenfrei zur Verfügung. Soft-Drinks, Bier und Wein müssen bezahlt werden.Nach den Tauchgängen gab es immer entweder einen frischen Obstsaft oder heissen Kakao und dazu kleine Snacks. In der ersten Woche waren das vom Koch frisch gebackene oder gekochte Kleinigkeiten, in der zweiten Woche leider meist Kekse aus der Schachtel. Das Essen war durchweg gut bis sehr gut und keiner musste hungrig aufstehen. Die Mengen waren jedoch knapp bemessen. Für Vegetarier gab es immer die Gemüsebeilagen, aber ein adäquater Ersatz für die Fleisch- oder Fischgerichte war oft nicht da bzw. es wurde eine kleine Schüssel Reis gereicht (selbst wenn es Reis als Beilage gab). Da muss noch nachgebessert werden. Auch Brötchen und Croissants waren nicht immer ausreichend für alle acht Gäste da. Als letzter negativer Punkt: der Handtuchservice nach dem Tauchgang war schlecht. Die Handtücher wurden zwischen den Tauchgängen nicht trocken und man wusste nicht, von wem das Handtuch zuvor benutzt worden war. Und es gab nur einen Satz der Deck-Handtücher pro Woche. In der Kabine wurden die Handtücher jedoch alle drei Tage gewechselt. Sehr positiv zu bewerten ist, dass Jorge A. Mahauad, Manager und Miteigner der Nortada, die erste Woche als Guide mit dabei war und viele unserer Verbesserungsvorschläge sofort aufgriff und umsetzte. Das Tauchen war fantastisch! Körperlich manchmal durchaus anstrengend (Strömung, Dünung bis auf 20m, ...) aber mehr noch, weil es so viele Sinneseindrücke zu verarbeiten galt! Wo man hingeschaut hat gab es entweder Schulen von Hammerhaien oder Galapagoshaie oder Mantas oder riesige Schulen Mobulas, oder Adlerrochen, Schildkröten, Muränen und riesige, schier endlos scheinende Fischschwärme. Dazwischen auch immer wieder freche Seelöwen. Unglaublich, fantastisch, genial! An Punta Vicente Rocca dann auch noch Mondfische. Acht an der Zahl! Hatte ich noch nie zuvor gesehen. Pilotwale und Delfine gar nicht zu erwähnen .... Unsere Guides, Patrizia, Jorge und Solon haben uns bestens betreut und ein hervorragendes Auge für Grosse wie kleine Schätze bewiesen. Patrizia, eine Schweizerin, die seit 20 Jahren auf Galapagos lebt, ist ein besonderes Lob auszusprechen. Sie führte auch die Landexkursionen und gab hervorragende Briefings, die auch erweitertes Wissen zur Entstehung der Inseln und der Meeresströmungen anschaulich vermitteln konnte. Solon´s Spezialität sind Drift-Tauchgänge. Nicht so ideal zum Fotografieren, aber dafür sieht man mehr. Vor allem die Hammerhaie kann man so an Wolf - Landslide um sich herum haben. Die Wassertemperaturen lagen auf der Westseite von Isabella bei 17 bis 18 Grad. Ansonsten hatten wir 26 bis 27 Grad Wassertemperatur, jedoch auch Strömungen in denen die Temperatur plötzlich auf 20 Grad fallen konnte. Für Frostbeulen also 7 mm, ich hätte mal besser nur den 5 mm Neoprenanzug mitgenommen. Im Herbst und Winter fallen die Wassertemperaturen dann auch schon mal auf 11 Grad, wie uns Patrizia berichtete. Der Bleibedarf ist höher, als zum Beispiel im Roten Meer oder Indopazifik, wobei ich das nicht alleine auf den Salzgehalt zurückführen möchte, sondern auch auf die spürbare Aufregung vor den Tauchgängen Zwei bis vier Tauchgänge am Tag waren möglich. Letzteres bedeutet jedoch um 5:30 Uhr aufstehen, drei Tauchgänge vor dem Mittagessen und einer danach. Das Mittagessen wurde zwischen 13 und 14 Uhr gereicht. Der letzte Tag-Tauchgang musste aus Sicherheitsgründen spätestens um 15:30 Uhr begonnen werden. Nacht-Tauchgänge waren nur bei Wolf möglich. Insgesamt kamen wir so auf 38 Tauchgänge. Das wirklich geniale an der Nortada sind die kleinen Gruppen. Vier Taucher pro Guide! Da kommt der eine oder andere Hammerhai auch schon mal so nahe, dass man ihm Salz auf den Schwanz streuen kann! Vorsicht ist geboten in Bezug auf die Trinkgelder. Auf Galapagos geht man von der amerikanischen Trinkgeld-Gewohnheit aus, also 10% des Reisepreises! Wenn es weniger gibt (wie bei uns Europäern üblich), dann gibt es lange Gesichter! Letztendlich lasse ich mich nicht zwingen Trinkgeld zu geben und schon gleich gar nicht in dieser Höhe! Mein Fazit: Der Service ist in asiatischen Ländern bei deutlich niedrigeren Preisen einfach besser. Trotzdem würde ich jeder Zeit wieder mit der Nortada fahren und auf jeden Fall auch wieder zwei Wochen! Wenn die TipTop Diver unter Jorge dran bleiben mit den Verbesserungen, dann wird aus der Nortada ein super Safari-Schiff! Die Jungfernfahrt darf man jedenfalls als sehr gut und erfolgreich bewerten. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/Qc1ygR

Excellent crew but room for improvement

I was greatly relieved not to have to share a cabin; it would've been cramped and difficult. The initial briefing (by the owner?) was short and unsatisfactory but I wasn't feeling great. Beagle is showing its age. I was disappointed we didn't sail but motored everywhere. The crew were excellent. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/rmaur9

Beyond my wildest dreams

November 2014. I did not know what to expect when I decided to go to the Galalpagos Islands. We, (my sister, her husband and I) arrived in Santa Cruz I was amazed. From the airport and on to the Tip Top IV it just got better and better. The site seeing was wonderful. The snorkeling was the best. Swimming with the Sharks, peguines, sting rays, sea loins was beyond any dream I could ever have. The food was delicious and the the crew took very good care of all of us. The bedrooms were big enough for two people. The beds were comfortable, Tui De Roy and Martin were exceptional. They both gave us excellent information. I would love to go back. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/EBhtBM

Loved it!

I just got back and I loved it. great boat and crew. Our guide Billy was the best. if you go plan for the 8 day uninterrupted itinerary and an upstairs cabin. Take 2x's the sunscreen you think you will want and the biggest hat you have. I was just looking up flights to go back. hahaha There is a wonderful excel spread sheet that lists all the boats with active links. I was on the Athala 4 years ago and just didn't like their itinerary as well this time and glad I saved the money. The majestic is just as wonderful and my son and I had the best time. Whatever you go, plan for 8 days though as the first and last days do not count for much. know that going in and you will be happy. Tell Herman, Omar, Carlos, Andres, Bryan, Miguel, Wilson and El Capitan that Debbie and Nathan said hi and miss them already. It was just so much fun. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/vX2VV5

Could not have been a more perfect experience

The Galapagos Legend could not have been a more perfect experience. Our 8 day trip took us to 9 islands, guided by expert naturalists. The ship is one of the largest, 90 passengers, and I highly recommend the larger ship. The waters were calm, but we had gentle rocking that troubled a few passengers - a smaller vessel would have been uncomfortable. If you are traveling with children, there is a much greater possibility that there will be other kids aboard. The cabins were spacious and comfortable- our triple didn't feel cramped at all. The food was excellent and abundant - buffets for breakfast and lunch, menu options for dinner. The deck areas were very attractive, great for grabbing a book and getting some sunshine. The schedule runs like a well-oiled machine. The day begins at 6:45 and closes with an after-dinner lecture by one of the naturalists. In between are outings on land, in a zodiac, or snorkeling from a beach or in deep water. Guides are always present. I can't say enough about the staff - the guides were so knowledgeable and personable and helpful -- we were most impressed. The ship staff was equally wonderful, everyone speaking excellent English. This time of year, early January, was ideal. The days were warm with mixed sun and clouds, the water refreshing, a wetsuit not needed. The air conditioning on board was entirely adequate. I had some qualms about this trip - it's expensive - but it was worth every penny. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience -- don't miss it! Feedback from: https://goo.gl/45T4zY

The best way to see as much as possible in a short time

I was aboard the Isabella II boat in the first days of January 2015 at the Galapagos Islands. The cruise was an amazing experience. I'm used to large cruises and this only had 36 passengers on board. I enjoyed it a lot. Cabins: normal size, two single beds, a small couch, a desk and a chair, plenty of cabinet space, normal sized bathroom with a shower. There was no TV, which I thought would be a problem, but it wasnt at all. There was a radio channel with loudspeakers in the cabin that you could turn on and off. The cabin had a window that looked to the corridor and the ocean partially. For safety, you cant lock the doors from the inside, only from the inside. Ship: A nice lobby area with a bar and plenty of couches, medical room, one restaurant with enough seats for the entire ship. Food was good. Buffett breakfst and lunch, which once was served on the sun deck. Dinner was seated and two options for main course. Not fancy dinning, like on large cruises. There was a mini gym, a whirpool and a nice sundeck with a few loungers and plenty of tables. This is what the day looks like: early wake up around 7am, Breakfast from 7.30. First excursion or activity around 9.00 (snorkeling, kayaking, hiking). Back to the ship for lunch around 12.30. Second activity/excursion around 3pm. Dinner at 7ish. There are no shows or entertainment on board, but there was a karaoke night that I missed. Every night there was a briefing about the next day. Snorkel gear and wetsuits were available. Wetsuits were for a nominal fee, but they didnt charge for them at the end. Great naturalist guides on board and during the excursions! They had a huge knowledge and made the tours really interesting. Im not big into animals or plants and yet I enjoyed it a lot. All in all, great experience. Its a much active holiday than going on a cruise in the Caribbean. Bring a laptop with movies if you want to watch something in the evening. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/NCDp1F

Trip report Angelito part I-: the boat

We were on the ANGELITO July 17-27, 2014. Since I tend to be long-winded I have decided to divide this report into two segments. The boat and the itinerary. THE BOAT- The Angelito is a 16 passenger boat that was refurbished in the fall of 2013. They did a great job. All eight cabins are on the main level - four on either side of the boat divided by a central corridor. Six of the cabins have two single beds. We had one of the two " matrimonial" cabins. All the finishings and furnishings in the cabin are wood and give the cabin a nice rustic touch. There was plenty of storage in compartments over the bed, under bed and in a small dresser. Since the compartments are drawers you cannot actually put your luggage under the bed. We had purchased collapsible dufflel bags but one still did not collapse enough to store away. All cabins had private bath and A/C. We only used the A/C at night. The bathroom was small but functional. The toilet flushed like a regular toilet but as with most boats toilet paper was discarded in a bin next to the toilet- emptied once daily.( twice would have been nice) Hot water was always plentiful even during high demand times like right after snorkeling. My favorite part of the cabin was the picture window. We always had the window open at anchorage and sometimes during day navigation. Opening the window was the first thing I would do in the morning to look out and marvel where we were. The cabins were typically tidied up during our first excursion. There never was a shortage of clean towels. There was a safe in our room where we did keep our money and passports but not having locks on our doors and even keeping the doors open sometimes was not a big deal. THE FOOD - Plentiful but not fancy. You will definitely not starve or loose weight! Meals are served buffet style in the main salon on the first deck. The first deck also houses the kitchen and the bridge. The main salon is also where the nightly presentations about the following day's excursions take place. There is also a small library and bar in the main salon. Beer and sodas are kept in a refrigerated case (honor system and tab settled on last day $3/beer, $2 soda). Meals were taken at two tables set for eight. The last evening for the farewell meal we were all seated at one big table. A typical breakfast consisted of some type of eggs, toast, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt and meats and cheeses. Lunch and dinner were quite similar except we almost always had soup at lunch. The buffet always had rice, chicken or fish or pork, two vegetables and a type of salad. Dessert was always served with both meals. And then in between we always had snacks after each land excursion usually some type of juice ( leftovers from breakfast ?) and fried bananas, ham and cheese sandwiches, empanadas etc. You get the idea- you will not starve- unless of course you are a picky teenage boy ( if we had brought ours along they might have starved). THE CREW. They were fantastic. You spend a lot of time getting on and off the boat and in and out of the panaga. The crew are invaluable in providing assistance. They effortlessly kept the boat clean and running and provided superior service. They worked together as a team and really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Even the captain would be on the deck to help with wet suits and snorkel gear. Felix the cook and Omar the bar tender and salon attendant really stick out in my mind. Our guide was Efrain. He was great. His English was good and he was always enthusiastic and helpful. Recommendations for tipping for a 8D/7N cruise was $70/passenger for the crew and $30-40/passenger for the guide. Based on the service we received the tips were well- deserved. THE PASSENGERS- Since it seems some ships cater to a certain demographic I will mention the passenger composition. Since we did 10 days we actually were with two different groups. The age group was teens to the 70's(the first group) with 30's being the predominant age group. Both groups had a mixture of US and European travelers. Couples were the predominant type of traveler although we had three solo travelers in our second group. The first group had a family of five which included the teens and grandmother. The second group had a large family of seven which included a six year old. We ( in our 50's) were the oldest in that group. Regardless we were all well-traveled, passionate about being in the Galapagos and gelled like one big family. So in summary we absolutely loved the Angelito- the boat, the crew , the whole experience. We would go again in a heartbeat! I will work on part II next.... Source: goo.gl/ymP9Kg

Amazing luxury yacht

Amazing luxury yacht Feedback from: https://goo.gl/PJJmUW

The Daphne was great

We were on the Daphne in May 2014 and had a great time. It's a great boat with a great crew. We lucked out and had the suite on the upper deck. The guide was great (they rotate) and the wildlife amazing. The food was good, but too much eggs for breakfast for our tastes. They provide masks & fins for snorkeling, but I recommend bringing your own mask if you have one. We booked it as a last minute deal while in Quito about two weeks before and got it for about half the price. Source: goo.gl/PYQZkB

Galápagos Islands aboard the Monserrat

This was a tremendous trip for us. We were on the boat for 3 nights and 4 days. The wildlife and the snorkelling was amazing. Like other trips in this area, breakfast 7.30 and then off for a half day excursion . Back for lunch and then away again either snorkelling or walking on the Islands. So many photo opportunities! The guides are knowledgeable and friendly. Our highlights were snorkelling at Kicker Rock and walking on Floreana Island - albatross and chicks, iguanas, sea lions, blue footed boobys, nasca boobys, hawks, and more. As a couple a double bed would have been nice but there aren't many cabins with that facility. The boat travels occasionally at night, so a bit of noise and rocking. Wonderful friendly and helpful staff. https://www.tripadvisor.in/ShowUserReviews-g294308-d2195807-r233840628-Galapagos_Experience-Quito_Pichincha_Province.html# Review from https://goo.gl/mqJRwE

Greet Crew and reasonable prices onboard

Did late September Early October. Supposed to be the off season but the weather was great and there were no other groups at our beach and wildlife landings. Did two sectors the first less than half the ship full the second about two thirds. It does make a big difference it moving people because the ship does not dock anywhere even at pickup. All are zodiac transfers so if you are not up to embarking and disembarking pump up boats think if this is for you. There are wet and dry landings. Wet means the zodiac backing into a beach and you alighting into about knee deep water. Dry mean nose into what can be a slippery landing. Snorkels fins and masks are free but wetsuits cost about $10 a day depending on length of hire. I don't think they are really necessary the water temp is around 20c in September. The ship upped anchor at 2-4am a number of times and this can be heard pretty well everywhere on the ship, the engine is also noisy particularly on startup. Logic tells you higher cabins toward the back are least effected. This to me is a small sacrifice for the wonderful experience. There are four different 3-4 day sectors available and I can comment only on c and d and of those d is my pick. You see most of the highlight fauna on both so any more than one sector is a bit of an indulgence but the vessel is very pleasant so once you settle in it is just nice being there. A couple of tips, if you use the ships snorkeling gear it comes in a net bag. Do not store anything you own that is not water proof in it the crew has a habit of dunking it in the sea to get the sand off. Also make sure you have good walking shoes some tracks are just boulders. For most beaches the sand is soft and foot ware is not needed but a pair of flip flops are handy. As many others have said the crew are great as is the food and drink prices are very reasonably for a live onboard, beer about $4 with tax and wine under $25 by the bottle $6 by the glass. All up a wonderful experience and well organized. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/od5DQP

Had a great time

We stayed on Floreana Yacht in May 2014. We had a great time cruising on the south Itinerary for a week with Fabian as our guide. We are both in our early 40's and have a young outlook so we're worried we would be stuck with a group of oldies. We needn't have worried. The group was a good mix of 40- something's to young 20-something's. Luckily we all got on well together as there is not much space aboard the yacht! The food was fine, nothing amazing but for a tourist class cruise it wasn't too bad. There was always hot water available for showers and drinking water is free. To be honesty, you're there for the wildlife, not the accommodation. You're not paying for luxury so don't expect luxury. However, the rooms were clean and the staff were really friendly and trustworthy. Our guide was great. Really enthusiastic about the wildlife. The itinerary was good. We saw lots of different landscape and wildlife. Tipping is not such a big deal at he end. I think we left $100 in total. Most of our fellow travellers were backpackers and didn't have much spare cash for tips so we were probably on the generous side, although it doesn't sound much. Any specific questions, just ask. Feedback from: https://goo.gl/wquRWk

Great experience on the Fragata

Just returned from a 4 day