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Un aperçu de l'ensemble de la flotte et comment choisir le meilleur navire

Size matters: Choosing the right ship

There are currently over 70 different ships offering expedition cruises in the Galapagos. As each ship caters to a different clientele, we strive to understand the philosophy of each ship and crew in order to best match you with the trip that best suits your needs, taking into account your interests, fitness level and budget.

Note: As independent agents, we at Galapatours don't have any ties to specific operators. We won't be afraid to make specific recommendations based on your interests, fitness level, budget or age. Check out our recommendations below and contact us for more information!

Which ship should I pick?

According to Galapagos regulations, no more than 16 guests can land at any one time. Our most important tip is to choose your boat wisely. In general, the smaller the boat, the better! Larger ships can offer more comfort, larger cabins and amenities such as restaurants, jacuzzis, saunas and swimming pools. Larger ships are also more stable in the water.

Here is another way to categorize ships: By category. We decide between cruises in the Buget, Mid-Range, First Class and Luxury Category. All ships in Galapagos will meet very high standards in terms of service on board, food, and, especially, the high level of their guides. The differences between the ships lie mostly within their cabin size and amenities, such as Jacuzzis, Sauna etc.

Our recommendation

Our recommendation: Go to the page Galapagos Expeditions: Dates & Prices and filter for your desired travel date. Then, use the filters to narrow your choice further down, for example by ship size, ship category or amenities that you'd like to see on board.

Still cannot decide? Let us help you!

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