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Smaller More Intimate Luxury Cruises In Galapagos

A selection of the best small luxury Galápagos cruises

Can I charter a small luxury cruise vessel in Galápagos?

Yes, you can! And here at Galapatours we can facilitate this ultimate option for you.

Many of the small luxury vessels in the fleet are available to charter, and this will give you a truly unique and personal Galápagos experience.

Chartering a small luxury Galápagos cruise ship can be the perfect way to celebrate a milestone anniversary, or special family occassion.  With just you and your friends and family on board, the ship will become a luxurious home from home as you receive unrivalled levels of service and learn about the Galápagos and its extraordinary wildlife in complete privacy.

Small luxury Galápagos cruises are in demand for charter, and so you must book early to avoid disappointment. Speak to one of our expert advisers today to find out more about charter rates and our recommendation of the best vessels that will suit your needs.

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What our customers say about their adventure

What an unforgettable trip!
Our guide, Raúl, was extremely knowledgeable about all the birds, animals and history of the islands. Although I did not participate in snorkeling, others did and got a lot of great underwater pictures. I saw the giant tortoise, blue footed and red footed boobies, volcanic formations and other animals only found on the islands. My 7 days - 6 nights was just a perfect amount of time.
Galapatours picked the perfect route for us
The best vacation I've ever had. Everything was so well coordinated and the crew members did an amazing job. My partner and I had the most wonderful first vacation experience together. Luis, our host on the boat, was extremely energetic and very entertaining. The tour guides, Victor and Enrique, were also fabulous. It was amazing how much experience they had on the history and science behind Galápagos.
Galápagos was amazing!
We had a lot of fun on the Nemo III! The group and the pace of the trip were perfect for our young family. The crew was great and helped keep the trip interesting and exciting for our kids. Our guide kept the hikes engaging for our entire family and make the trip a truly memorable event for everyone.

What are the advantages of a small luxury Galapagos cruise?

There are several, but of course the main advantage is that your Galápagos wildlife experience will be the most intimate. The smaller Galápagos cruise vessels only carry between 12 and 16 passengers. This means you can visit the islands as one small group.

Because the maximum number of visitors per Galápagos naturalist guide is 16, larger vessels take several parties to each excursion. This means that you will be waiting to board and disembark your zodiac (or panga) to and from your ship. It also means there will be many more people at a time at each visitor point.

By choosing a small Galápagos luxury cruise you will not only spend more time exploring the islands themselves rather than waiting for boat transfers, but you will have a truly intimate wildlife experience. With only 16 fellow guests, each visitor site will feel uncrowded and peaceful.

With only one naturalist guide on board a small luxury Galápagos cruise you will also get to know them, and they will get to know you! This continuity and familiarity means that smaller boats offer guests the chance to really gain a deep understanding of the Galápagos from their guide. Conversations and stories started on your excursion can continue over dinner (and beyond!) and there's a real sense of bonding on board.

If you think you would prefer a more intimate Galápagos experience and would still like all the comforts of luxury accommodation, a smaller cruise could well be perfect. Speak to one of our Galápagos expert advisers today and they can help you with a selection of small luxury Galápagos cruises that could be ideal for your needs.

What facilities can I expect from a small luxury Galapagos cruise?

There's no doubt that smaller ships can't offer quite the range of facilities that some of the larger vessels can. However, a small luxury Galápagos cruise can be even more luxurious!

Larger ships can offer additional features like a gym, children's area, and a range of accommodation options. However, a small luxury ship certainly isn't a sacrifice! Indeed smaller Galápagos boats tend to offer levels of comfort and intimacy that larger ones simply can't compete with.

On small boats the accommodation is exquisite. Most offer large double staterooms as a minimum, and many provide all-suite accommodation. You will enjoy standout features like a private balcony, luxurious decor, entertainment systems, luxury en suite bathrooms, and more. Many of the small luxury cruise ships are purpose-designed and built for Galápagos, meaning their layouts have been carefully planned to maximise your comfort.

Away from your stateroom or suite you will find delightful communal areas, inside and out. All of our small ships have expansive sundecks, most with an al fresco bar, and many with a rooftop jacuzzi pool. Thanks to the small number of guests you will enjoy more space per head than on larger ships, and can always find a quiet corner if you wish to relax in peace.

The crew on board a small luxury cruise boat are always hand-picked for their levels of service and attention to detail. The small number of passengers means that the ratio of crew to guests ensures the most personal of experiences, and you will get to know your crew, and they you, quickly. This brings a whole new dimension to your luxury experience.

In short, then, by booking a small luxury Galápagos cruise you are not sacrificing many features compared to a larger ship, and in many ways you gain the benefits of a much more personalized and intimate luxury experience. Speak to one of our Galápagos travel experts today about our range of smaller luxury cruises now available.