Espumilla Beach, Galapagos

Where turtles nest and flamingos gather

Espumilla Beach, Galapagos
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Espumilla Beach is located at the northern end of James Bay, a large bay on the northwestern coast of Santiago. This is a pretty beach that is fringed with lush green forests.

The beach itself is home to marine iguanas who feed among the rocks at either end of the beach, and it is a good place to snorkel, with visitors often reporting sightings of sharks, rays and octopus. This is also a nesting site for Galapagos green turtles.

There is an inland hiking trail here that takes visitors past a seasonal lagoon that's often bright green thanks to the algae in the water. Here you can find Galapagos flamingos and pin-tail ducks. The trail then loops through the arid zone, where you can see further bird species including Galapagos Hawks that often circle overhead.

Photos of Espumilla Beach

Highlights at Espumilla Beach

  • Green Turtles nesting site
  • Snorkeling with rays
  • A lagoon with flamingos and ducks

Possible Activities

Hiking, Snorkeling

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