Witch Hill, Galapagos

"Witch Hill" hosts a stunning coral beach

Witch Hill, Galapagos
  • Fauna abundance

  • Striking vistas

  • Beach quality

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The brilliant white coral sand beach at Witch Hill ("Brujo Hill") is, in our opinion, one of the very best in the Galapagos. The hill itself is the remains of a volcanic "tuff cone" - one made up of compacted volcanic ash and debris. This was one of the first sites where Charles Darwin made landfall on his famous journey here on HMS Beagle.

This is a wonderful place to see many Galapagos species, both in the sea and on the land and in the air. Among the creatures you are likely to see on a visit to Brujo Hill are Galapagos Sea Lions, marine iguanas, pelicans, and Galapagos Blue-Footed Boobies. It's possible to walk right along the beach at a leisurely pace, taking in everything around you.

We really recommend you snorkel here, and if you do you'll be rewarded with likely sightings of Galapagos rays, green sea turtles, sponge coral and a wide range of beautiful fish. If you aren't a swimmer, then a panga ride will still let you see plenty of wildlife thanks to the crystal clear waters off this stunning beach.

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Highlights at Witch Hill

  • One of the best beaches in Galapagos
  • Wide range of marine and bird life
  • Wonderful snorkeling

Possible Activities

Snorkeling, panga ride, hiking

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