Ballena, or Whale Bay, Galapagos

Landing site for early whalers and pirates

Ballena, or Whale Bay, Galapagos
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  • Striking vistas

  • Beach quality

  • Difficulty

  • Snorkeling Quality


This is one of the quieter and least visited sites in the Galapagos. Ballena, or Whale, Bay has a beach with green sand, caused by the high percentage of olivine crystals present here. This is also one of the few visitor sites in the Galapagos which is more open, allowing visitors to wander somewhat freely and explore for themselves.

Behind the beach is a hill, and the climb from the inland side is easiest to enjoy fine views from the top. It is thought that Whale Bay is so-named because it was a popular point for the whaling vessels to weigh anchor while their crews headed inland from here in search of fresh water. It's thought that in the 1800s this beach was the head of the only trail into the highlands of Santa Cruz. The crews would return to the semi-circular beach with water and with their prize of giant tortoise, which were easy to catch and were a good source of meat to stock up with for their journey back to their home ports. In fact, the small group of tortoises that live near the beach have been found to be Pinzon tortoises, and their presence may be the result of escapees from the whalers' clutches scurrying away from the beach.

The beach is good for snorkeling, and if you keep your eyes skywards you may also spot Galapagos Hawks circling overhead.

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Highlights at Ballena, or Whale Bay

  • Green sand beach
  • Views from the hill
  • Snorkeling

Possible Activities

Hiking, Snorkeling

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