Where does my Galapagos Cruise start? How do I find the ship?

Where does my Galapagos Cruise start? How do I find the ship?

All Galapagos Cruises start with a transfer from one of the islands' airports - either Baltra Airport or San Cristóbal Airport.

We highly recommend that you buy your flights to and from Galapagos from us at the same time that you book your cruise. This means that we can coordinate your arrival with the boat operators directly. By booking all our passengers onto the same flight it means you will all transfer together, and you can start your cruise experience straight away! 

Once you arrive at the airport in Galapagos your guide will already be waiting for you at arrivals and will pick you up from there. Transport to the ship, lunch, etc. is all included from here on, and there's no waiting around for all passengers to arrive separately! Because we book so many places to and from Galapagos, our flight prices are at least as competitive as booking with the airline direct, and most of the time they are actually cheaper. Ask us for a price for flights when you inquire about your cruise.

If you are flying in independently then you will need to arrange your own transfers from the relevant airport to the ship. You will need to transfer from Baltra Airport to Puerto Ayora, and from San Cristobal Airport to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

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