What is INGALA fee? What is the TCC? What is the TCT?

What is INGALA fee? What is the TCC? What is the TCT?

These are all the same thing! In short, this is a small fee that is paid to receive a "transit card" that authorises you to visit the Galapagos Islands, and ensures that you return again at the end of your trip.

Introduced in 2012 by INGALA, the Ecuadorian government department that administers the Galapagos, the Galapagos TCT is designed to help control unauthorised immigration to the islands, whose fragile ecosystems are already at risk from human activity.

You must go to the INGALA booth at the airport in Ecuador (Quito or Guayaquil) with your valid plane ticket to Galapagos. After paying the 20 USD administration fee you will receive your TCC ("Transit Control Card"), also known in Spanish as TCT Galapagos ("tarjeta de control de transito"). You then turn in your card at the end of the trip. The system tracks all non-resident movements into and out of Galapagos. In most of the cases it is possible to prebook this service if you have booked the national flights together with your Galapagos cruise. If you have prebooked this card, a ship representative will meet you at the airport and give you the Transit Control Card.

Please note the INGALA booth at the airport only accepts CASH payments and most importantly, please keep the Galapagos Transit Control Card safe for your flight back.

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