What diving equipment should I bring for my diving cruise?

What diving equipment should I bring for my diving cruise?

We encourage you to bring your own equipment to the Galapagos wherever possible. As a minimum, you should bring your own dive watch and any dive gadgets you like to use. You should also bring a valve adapter suitable for DIN valves. Unless you prefer to dive with a weight-integrated belt, you won't need to bring your own weights and weight belt.

The water in Galapagos is a unique mix of warm and cold, thanks to the archipelago's location at the confluence of several currents. Water temperatures across dive sites you will visit can vary between around 18C up to 29C. Our recommendation is that you use a 5-7mm wetsuit with hood and booties all year round, particularly as water conditions in Galapagos are constantly changing.

Some dive equipment can be rented from your dive boat operator, but you MUST reserve this well in advance. Please do not travel assuming you will be able to hire everything you need if you have not had confirmation in advance - you may be left bitterly disappointed.

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