Do you have any hotel recommendations for Quito?

Do you have any hotel recommendations for Quito?

Because of the timing of flights from Quito to Galapagos, most international travelers will need to stay overnight in Quito on their arrival, and again before departure. Here are a couple of Quito hotels we recommend - our team always uses these before and after our regular visits to Galapagos to check on the Galapatours fleet!

Hotel Cayman -
This Quito hotel is located in the midst of the hip Mariscal district of southern Quito. Here, you're right in the heart of all the action, with plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs within easy walking distance. This makes a great base from which to explore the wider city, too. Our tip: make use of the $2 taxis to explore further afield.

Hotel Antinea -
This nice hotel is right in the historic center of Quito and within easy walking distance of all the old town sights and amenities. Our tip: if walking through the old town in the evening, keep valuables like cameras or purses out of sight, as some visitors have been victims of "snatch" thieves.

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